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  1. Wearing heels is how I ended up with 2 daughters.
  2. It takes longer than that for the rohypnol to kick in.
  3. You know what would be terrible? A Tom Shane RedTube show.
  4. Maybe, but you actually exist. So you win.
  5. What’s all that stuff on top of your head? Also, where’s the pic of Tom in his Baby Gap Jeter shirt?
  6. Should have installed it in the 6 cylinder Mustang.
  7. Those guys are locker room cancer in Single A ball.
  8. Thanks for putting that together, Phil. Had a great day despite the Jets.
  9. Plus, you get to see Max shove 47 burgers into his face. That’s worth the price of admission alone.
  10. The correct answer is Trick or Treat.
  11. That’s what life is, taking a series of losses.
  12. Good thing I bought a Steelers jersey, soy boy.
  13. That was Fred Jetstone. Also Darren Walls had a huge fan on this board.
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