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  1. Johnny Mitchell was more talented than all of them.
  2. Really thought Major Harris was going to be great.
  3. If you’re as athletic as Snake playing basketball or surfing, still not worried.
  4. No one is afraid of a movie geek named Doug.
  5. The dude in the black trunks lost that fight.
  6. Grew up on Eastern Long Island. Spent 4 years in Falcons country. Spent 13 years in Bucs country. Spent 8 years in Panthers country. Now live in a weird crossroads of Eagles, Ravens, and Redskins.
  7. Of course, after I move away.
  8. He’s still here, but I forget his new username.
  9. Or Braylon Edwards dragging two Patriots into the end zone.
  10. Destined to be a Patriot.
  11. I already have a sizzle reel. It is currently in the hands of law enforcement in Jupiter, Florida.
  12. It hasn’t been announced. This is a rumor posted by Marvez.
  13. Guess it’s ok to beat up a woman, god forbid you criticize a coach.
  14. The only thing I know for sure: Isabella from UMASS will be a Patriot.
  15. I forget what it’s called, but there’s a movie with Steve Zahn and Christian Bale of this.
  16. Why not Gordon or Patterson if you’re going to put an offensive player out there?
  17. Bob Horner Dale Murphy (watched a lot of tbs) Griffey Jr. Nettles Pedro JR Richard Vida Blue Mike Schmidt Mo Vaughn Nomar
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