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  1. Getting your Broken Lizard fix before 4/20?
  2. The Titan was a great idea horribly executed. Watching Sam Worthington try to emote with just his eyes is legit hilarious.
  3. How else do you butter your popcorn?
  4. And Syracuse into the Sweet Sixteen. Hahahaha
  5. Not really, Arrival is watchable.
  6. Just in time for the Jets to sign Jonathan Stewart.
  7. I left after graduating in 88. Grew up on Forge Road, on the river. It’s crazy how much it’s been built up. Route 58 especially.
  8. Just spent two weeks over Christmas with the folks in Riverhead. Been to the Birchwood lately?
  9. Quigley, former Jet, was the holder for the GW field goal. Thanks Mac and Bowles.
  10. My checks are bouncing anyway. So are my boobs.
  11. Look, Bohannon was in for that play. Thanks, Mac and Bowles.
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