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  1. LOL, good job preventing the Russians from hacking into the site. Congrats, Max.
  2. So far so good! The NYR are rolling, as they prepare for their Canadian West Coast trip.
  3. Putting up 7 goals against San Jose is a good sign!
  4. They looked good against the Isles, who are a pretty good team.
  5. Reyes had been doing great. Bruce= cuddyer
  6. Prayers up for your wife and Kam.
  7. Nice report. Keep up the good work!
  8. We're about ten days away from the beginning of the playoffs- the second season. IMHO this Ranger team has been up and down and not as talented overall as last year's team, or the year before that. But, it is going to be interesting to see how the final standings go, and what the first round matchups will be.
  9. Nice win on the road against the Caps!
  10. Nice comeback win against the Wild. Philly today in a matinee. It's going to be a MAD SCRAMBLE for the playoffs this year. Washington is sitting pretty, and so is Florida, to a lesser extent. After that, it's a dogfight for playoff position.
  11. Lammons could catch, run and block. He was a very good TE and gets my vote.
  12. He's more trouble than he's worth. And he needs to seek help, imo.
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