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  1. Next 11 games are crucial. Mets get a mediocre pitcher vs the Reds today, face a depleted Marlins team for 4 games , then face a Phillies team for 3 games that has trouble naming a starter after Wheeler and Nola, and then get 3 games against a very depleted nationals squad. Must go at least 7-4 over this next stretch, or better 8-3. After that, it is then 13 games against the Giants and Dodgers. Have to walk out of the next 11 games with a 6 game game bulge or more.
  2. Mets fans hate to hear this, but Diaz is a top 5 mlb closer this year. There are no more shut down closers that finish every game. Williams fortifies the pen in a long role, if everything works out. He would push a lot of roles back as a long man.
  3. Season revolved around deGrom always. There was not a pitcher on the market (Scherzer was not coming to NY), that was a top 1 or 2, with the possible exception of Berrios. And I would not pay what Toronto gave up for Berrios. Hopefully Baez makes Lindor more comfortable and better, and vice versa. Question is, would he take a discount to stay with the Mets next year? Then the Mets have options, can trade JD Davis, QO Conforto, and can bring back some pitching.
  4. Trevor William. Not a lot to see there. Probably just a middle guy once everyone gets healthy. Baez can play 3rd also.
  5. Crow-Armstrong gone. That is a bit of a shame, but the Mets pitchers have to be delighted to have a combo of Lindor-Baez in the middle. That will be fun to watch. Also, maybe this is the igniter that gets Lindor going.
  6. Good news for the Mets is that they have 11 games left vs the Nats this year. But, they need to take advantage.
  7. Nats did the right thing, especially if they had talks with Turner, and were not getting anywhere in terms of an extension. Scherzer could still come back and sign with them. The Nats farm system was one of the worst in all of baseball and they helped fortify that. Keibert and Gray are 2 big pieces. The Strasburg news this week was troubling, but you had already gotten everything out of him that he had in him. Be happy with the ring and enjoy the rebuild.
  8. The fastball must be pretty straight (and it looks straight from the camera's eye) because it is certainly firm.
  9. Retired 3 years ago at 55. Haven't gotten bored yet. See my son's baseball games, go to the mountain house more and more, see more concerts and do things with the family I never had time for before. Do a little bit of consulting and project management to keep my mind sharp, but the happiness is off the scale.
  10. You probably are not going to make it once people start to visit this board more. Just saying.
  11. I don't think the Mets have had this deep and strong of a bench since 1986. Off the top of my head, that bench was: -Mazzilli -Whomever was not playing in the platoon of Dykstra/Wilson -Whomever was not playing in the platoon of Backman/Teufel -Whomever was not playing in the platoon of Knight/Johnson -Whomever was not playing between Mitchell and Santana -Hearn -Heep
  12. I checked on 2 other clubs that I know have burned through pitchers, their situation is pretty comparable to the Mets: Mets-16 pitchers to start a game Marlins-15 pitchers to start a game Dodgers-14 pitchers to start a game. Again, I only checked those three teams, as I know they had burned through a bunch. It is an epidemic throughout the game. The Mets may be at the highest extreme, but not by much.
  13. Happening all around baseball, not only the Mets.
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