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  1. I for one can't believe he did not turn around this talent bereft roster in one offseason.
  2. I wanted Rhule at the time, but many of the other comments here are correct. Macc was still a problem. The hierarchy of football operations (ownership being involved) is the true problem. NO ONE has the opportunity for success here until they get a VP of Football Operations, with a system to scouting and analytics, that makes the true decisions. Been saying it for years.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/14/the-us-has-already-invested-billions-on-potential-coronavirus-vaccines-heres-where-the-deals-stand.html You really do need to follow the news. The government has invested almost 2 billion dollars in vaccine candidates, with the hope that they will hit. That means, if they meet FDA approval, they are ready for distribution. A distribution plan has already been published.
  4. Remember when Cannizarro threw a hissy fit when the Jets fired his boy Herm Edwards?
  5. They have already started mass production and have come up with some alternative solutions.
  6. That vaccine will be distributed by Astra Zeneca. My neighbor is a big shot at Astra Zeneca and had the J and J vaccine shot in May, with no side effects. I spoke with him approximately 5 weeks ago and he told me that the drug would be available for distribution October 19. That was before they had the "pause" about 2 weeks ago. So not sure what the new date of planned distribution is. As for the comments by someone here that you have to be "rich" in order to get a shot, that is untrue. The government has been funding research on a number of these drugs and subsidizing its distribution. The cost will be relatively minor. There will be a priority of who gets shots first, with the most vulnerable and front line people first. I was told that the Wilmington, DE area will get the very first distribution once they "go".
  7. What if I told you that the Jets do not care what their record is 2020? Or even <gasp>, they are losing on purpose.
  8. Are we protesting firing Adam Gase? So confusing.
  9. Precisely. Being able to audible on a simple run play after looking at the gaps in the d line is not rocket science.
  10. Questions: -What part of Frank Gores contract do you not like? -When was Frank Gore "off the grid"? It was actually Devonte Freeman that was "off the grid". He was unemployed and no teams wanted him. -Which RB has looked better for the Jets so far this year, Leveon Bell or Frank Gore? Answer these questions honestly, and it will create a window as to how you are focusing on entirely the wrong problem.
  11. Gores's 3.2 yards per carry along with his effort seem Sandersesque in comparison to Bell and his 2.3 per carry and hesitation at the line.
  12. He really is not. Leveon Bell is the BIG problem at running back. Gore actually fights for yards. Gore actually stays out of the spotlight and seems to be a positive locker room influence. Gore acts like a professional. Gore has a contract that is affordable and short in duration. I know you love to complain about everything when things are bad, but Gore is not the problem. Complaining about Gore is like being on the Titanic as it is going down, and complaining that the fish was a little dry at dinner.
  13. It is a stupid precedent. Firing before season ends allow the coach fired to begin job searching sooner, and not dangling in the wind. It also allows the team to move on and begin interviewing sooner, particularly if you are going to consider some college candidates. Just move on, and don't delay if you are going to do it.
  14. If you think Frank Gore is the problem with the Jets, you are just not paying attention.
  15. You must not remember the Lou Holtz, Kotite or end of Walton era.

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