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  1. Scott Dierking

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    It's not crazy. A little premium, but that is what a qb you want costs.
  2. Scott Dierking

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    According to the "JJ draft chart", value works out as thus: Jets overall # 3 =2200 Redskins #15, #46, #76,96 = 1,816 I am not sure how to value future picks. So you are not far off.
  3. Scott Dierking

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-draft-could-redskins-find-trade-partner-in-jets-in-an-attempt-to-land-dwayne-haskins/ By most metrics, the New York Jets have been the most active team in the NFL since the start of the league year, spending big money in free agency and completing a trade for two-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman Keleschi Osemele. And they are far from done.The Jets have let it be known that they are open for business with the third-overall pick in the draft, and I wouldn't be surprised if, for the second year in a row, they complete a draft pick swap well before the actual selection process begins. A year ago, if you recall, they made an aggressive, proactive move to deal with the Colts to move up to third overall to be in position to take the second quarterback in the draft (either Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, depending on whom the Browns selected with the top pick). Now, with Darnold in tow and perhaps on the cusp of a breakout season, the Jets are ready, willing and eager to move down out of the third spot to secure more draft capital. MORE NFL 2019 NFL Mock Draft: Here's what happens if you pick guys based solely by college careers League sources say Washington is already among the teams sniffing around, and with pretty much every GM in the league wholeheartedly convinced that QB Kyler Murray is going first overall, and San Francisco likely to take its top defensive player on the board second overall (early money is on pass rusher Nick Bosa), then the Jets very well could be sitting pretty with that third pick as an avenue for a QB-needy team to jump ahead of the Giants(sixth overall) to land Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. There is a readily-accepted drop-off in the quarterback class beyond that, and while the need is not as robust as in some past years, it only takes one team to make the move. Would the Jets really be open to dropping down all the way to Washington's pick, way back in the middle of the first round (15th overall)? Yup. I truly believe so, for the right price. And that price would be steep. The Jets would be sacrificing a sure-fire blue chip prospect potentially in the process, but in a draft where some evaluators I've talked to believe there are 12-14 non QBs with absolute first-round grades, the Jets could still be in position to land one from that group even all the way back at 15. Redskins owner Dan Snyder has made such blockbuster moves before (RGIII, anyone?) and his quarterback situation is arguably the most bleak in the entire league, with Case Keenum and Colt McCoy being rented for a year and with Alex Smith unlikely to ever play again, but due $54M in guarantees. If Snyder falls in love with Haskins through this process – and, I'd point out that Haskins played prep football in Snyder's backyard and that his mentor, Shawn Springs, is a former Redskins cornerback whom Snyder thinks very highly of – then he will do whatever he thinks has to do to get him. History has shown us as much, and I hear Washington is very much intrigued by the strapping pocket passer, and you just know that Snyder would take some joy in leap-frogging the NFC East rival Giants in the process. And, I will reiterate, this is not a situation where the Jets are inclined to believe the best deal has to come right before the draft. And patience is not exactly a hallmark of the Bruce Allen reign as head of Washington's football operations (losing, however, would be). So keep an eye on this one. Outside of the Giants and Skins, it's hard to figure anyone else makes the jump. Some execs I've chatted with believe John Elway may be open to moving up for Haskins – his pact with Joe Flacco is on a year-to-year basis at this point in the contract – though, personally, I tend to think he does not go that direction. Miami seems to be targeting the 2020 draft to solve its quarterback riddle – at the very least, giving away a bunch of picks to leap up from 13th overall would shock rival GMs at this point – and Jacksonville is paying Nick Foles like he is on the franchise tag the next two years, so grabbing a QB in the top-10 would run counter to their win-now ethos (even if winning now seems like an impossibility to their counterparts). It's been a while since Snyder has done something splashy, and his fanbase has become among the more beaten-down and hopeless in the league (for good reason), and getting a buy-in from them wont be easy. Moving up for a potential franchise QB who threw 50 TDs a year ago at Ohio State just might help with that.
  4. Scott Dierking

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    With the QB's you just have listed 10 players at 4 basic positions.
  5. Scott Dierking

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    Depends what the Jets draft board looks like. We all have different draft boards. I know I do: 1. Miles Sanders Penn State 2. Amani Oruwariye Penn Sttate 3. Conner McGovern Penn State 4. Sharif Miller Penn State 5. Ryan Bates Penn Sate 6. Kevin Givens Penn State 7. Nick Scott Penn State 8. Trace McSorley Penn State
  6. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports the Redskins are "very much intrigued" by Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins. The Jets at No. 3 overall are reportedly open for business and would be more than willing to trade out of that spot after landing Sam Darnold last year. The Redskins are said to be one of the prime candidates to come up should Kyler Murray and Nick Bosa go Nos. 1 and 2 in the draft. Washington's quarterback situation is bleak with Case Keenum and Colt McCoy on year-by-year deals and Alex Smith (leg) unlikely to play again. The Skins would seemingly have to leap the Raiders and Giants at Nos. 4 and 6 overall for a chance at Haskins. RELATED: New York Giants , New York Jets , Washington Redskins SOURCE: CBS Sports Mar 20, 2019, 12:55 PM
  7. Last year, he wanted Rosen. Imagine the fun he would have if that actually happened. He is good if he does not have to offer context to solutions.
  8. That is really the way to look at this.
  9. Stay away from the fan forums
  10. Scott Dierking

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Macc could really make his life so much easier. All he needs to do is purchase the rights to PFF, and every time he is about to sign a player, mark their score up on the site, and voila, he will be declared genius on this site
  11. Scott Dierking

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Someone needs to check on the availability of Bill Russell. Stat!
  12. Scott Dierking

    OL Stefen Wisniewski will visit the Jets today

    The Center is the offense's box safety.
  13. His dad was a nose tackle in the league for a few years
  14. Scott Dierking

    OL Stefen Wisniewski will visit the Jets today

    This is actually true. I watched the same thing.

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