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  1. Joke is on us. LaCanfora knows nothing and gets paid for it. We know nothing and think we are big shots on an opinion site.
  2. Adams on NFL Network

    I disagree. And that is fine.
  3. Adams on NFL Network

    I am not saying that is the reason that he was the #6 pick, nor that justifies his draft spot. I am saying that it fills a role on a ball club. Small? Yes. But necessary. As much as I hated Rex Ryan, he took care of this for the team. He deflected attention to himself, which helped take some pressure off the players to have to be a media monkey. That helps. Is it huge? No. But the the Jets have had too many shrinking violets. And in this market, it is a necessity. That is all.
  4. Adams on NFL Network

    Do you disagree that this franchise has needed more out front lightning rods? Can't tell if this is your JN court jester act, or real talk.
  5. Adams on NFL Network

    You know what has actually sucked about the Jets during many tenures-Is someone to be out in front and taking the heat and deflecting attention. On many teams, that is a necessary element and allows many other teammates to fall within their own comfort zone. In some cases it is the head coach. And that is not going to be Bowles' style. We should be glad that at least someone is taking that lead. Regardless of his play.
  6. Breer's Mock Draft

  7. Hard to follow here, I know. Without proper guidance of knowing the plan, it is difficult to judge it either positively or negatively.
  8. Exactly, you have no idea what his thinking is. It is fine to speculate and all, but you would be just wrong.
  9. How do you know that Mac views this as a 2 qb class? By your own analysis?
  10. In order to judge if there is a flaw, we don't have all of the information required: How does Macc have his draft board stacked, and how does he feel in comparative terms, the qb prospects? Is he comfortable with his #3 qb prospect? It is very premature to find fault in someone's plan, when you don't have the details of the plan. Ultimately, the success will be determined on who is picked, and how their career pans out. As it should be.
  11. I have to admit, that was just plain funny.
  12. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    Steve Young retired because of concussions, but that is not a reason not to draft Rosen
  13. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    When I hired Managers for departments, I generally took them right out of college. There was nothing within the company, nor its culture that they could learn from.
  14. Good Day to be a Jets fan

    So wait, winning and losing is NOT based on any particular emotion that I am feeling at any particular time? Interesting. And what percentage of fans feel this way? Just asking for source quotes in my upcoming book "Fans, and what they are thinking, and why my mom looks at me funny".