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  1. I once really liked Brett Favre in college. Is this the thread to do this?
  2. The NFL is about quarterbacking, primarily. Look at the teams that are all doing “well”. They have, by and large, top tier quarterbacks. It is a pretty simple formula. None of know what Zach Wilson will be. Certainly, no one on this board. 5 games, is nothing. What becomes of Zach Wilson, will be what becomes of the Jets. It is the largest downfall of the NFL in todays game The over reliant nature on one position. Hopefully, we have a much better sense as the year draws to a close. To make pronouncements, like some are, is a fool’s paradise. Carry on.
  3. Thank God that the bye week blather is just about at its end.
  4. When he was profiled on QB1, that was very obvious. Acts very entitled.
  5. Shifting Becton to a new spot, when he had not picked up his previous spot does not sound like a good idea to me.
  6. This thread should have ended with this brilliant piece of prose. C’mon guys, draft elite players before the elite players are gone. Duh, some of you guys are really stupid.
  7. For me, it will be whether the players have their “game faces” on at the end of the year. I will have to rely on your expertise for that brilliant analysis.
  8. And your supposition would be wrong. And that is ok. “Professional Fan”. How clownish
  9. Hymie has been with Woody since the beginning. His expertise as I am led to believe is business development. Not football operations.
  10. Since I have never interviewed any of these types, I have no idea. The fly in the ointment is the Johnsons hiring this position, granted. But it would be a good start. While I have your attention, Little Kevin, why don’t you answer the question I posed to you earlier in this thread—Who were the “foundation” players that JD inherited on this roster. I will wait.
  11. Fans that say “seeing excitement in players eyes” “seeing passion on the field”, pretty much are the earmark for me that, “this particular fan just has never played organized sports, nor understands what takes place”. Carry on.
  12. I was more speaking to you. Do YOU agree that would be a positive? When guys here “cheer” saving cap money, you can be sure it is ton spend it on a different player. Not to put in the Johnson’s pocket. Do you really need that explained?
  13. I have been saying it for over 5 years. I authored a thread here, and excuse as I forget the gentleman’s name “ xxxxxxx Please step Down”. Ironically, a couple of months later, he did. But the Jets did not fill the position with that type of overseeing of operations. Someone that smooths the patch for the GM, provides them with tools and information that help them do their job, and serves as a buffer between ownership and the position. It is not a unique idea, and many successful organizations do this. Are you really concerned about the Johnson’s spending a drop in the bucket more for t
  14. I get it now. You do not understand how message board work. It appears your take is to have your “look at me” moments, and to just reverberate those. Carry on.
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