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  1. As for the months of May, June, and July, you are that casual baseball fan. I get it. I suspect many Yankee fans are. The whole tension of the draft and free agency from football is the most tense in terms of spill over. It is ok that you are not a hardcore Yankee fan. Just when the playoffs time is. It is really ok.
  2. So, am I to guess you became a Jets fan 5 years after they became a Yankee fan? Yeah I am sure. That seems likely. You never seem to show up in this forum until the Fall. When I guess the "true" Yankee fans come out of hibernation. Even though you tell us you watch "every game" during the season, yet can't even name 3 players of a team that you played 4 times in that season. Your slip is showing, Miss.
  3. You are correct, the idiots do ruin it for the entirety of the fanbase that are not. Each fan base has their own. The particular idiot in this thread chooses to measure his own worth by the team that he roots for, as if it has some socioeconomic status. It is a shame that a few bad apples have to spoil the bunch.
  4. In your other answer in this thread, you said you watch "every game the Yankees play with your sons". You do know that they play the Mets 2 series every year? And you can't name three Mets? My point that you don't know the game appears to stand. You watch standings, as I thought.
  5. Spending money does not equate to being a better fan. Glomming onto a successful franchise does not give you reason to gloat and give you reason to put down other fans that actively chose NOT to root for your team. Honestly, I am surprised to hear you say you even watch baseball games. I was convinced by your commentary here, that you were even aware that the ball is round.
  6. The government allowing Microsoft and Apple is upsetting also.
  7. We will know more things about Sam Darnold the QB in next week's game than we did this week's game. How will he bounce back. That is the best way to begin judging a qb at this level.
  8. What @SAR I is telling us that he does not follow baseball, except to stop in the sport in October to see if his team that he chose as a bullied child to make him feel good, still may be playing, Just affirmation.
  9. Rather that Wheeler signs elsewhere, so the Mets get a higher first round pick in return
  10. Yet, oddly, you seem to bring up the Mets in dialogue in this board, when they had no piece in the discussion at all, until you bring them up. Others appear right, you are that kind of Yankee fan. The kind that makes real Yankee fans, the ones that did not just glom on to the team for vicarious reasons of grandeur, look bad.
  11. Vegas lines are a representation of the betting public’s amalgamated “feelings” about teams, so there is some truth there.
  12. I guess Bill Parcells quit on the Jets when Vinny was hurt in the opening game of the ‘99 season and the scaled back the offense tremendously for a green Ruck Mirer, too. The Francesca premise is ridiculous.
  13. Yes, because Luke Falk was the answer the jets were providing at the QB position in August.

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