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  1. Scott Dierking

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    Realistically- You do not want just have 2 candidates so that you can conduct proper due diligence, learn how others in the league are doing things and understand their ideas, as well create a little bit of bargaining position when talks come down to $$$$$.
  2. Scott Dierking

    Who is the best Jets beat reporter?

    There was a distinction between the beat and the guys and the columnists. And you rarely had to figure when lines were being drawn.
  3. Scott Dierking

    Who is the best Jets beat reporter?

    Yet some people take it and themselves so seriously here. One of your better pieces of prose here.
  4. Tebow made it a circus. Combined with Rex, it was a 3 ring circus. Tebow also solidified making football decisions based on marketing, rather that evaluation.
  5. Didn't watch, but the Tim Tebow acquisition was an absolute blow to this franchise. It was made because : a) ownership meddling in wanting a marketable player b) Rex loving the read option, because it was a defense he could not defend.
  6. Scott Dierking

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    It is difficult , in my mind, to say what the numbers will be. Will the layoff hurt? Will the rest actually help? Does he come back determined? What of the Jets o-line. It was a risk signing, but I don't think that great a risk with the 2-year out as you state. The upside outweighs the risk and is a nice security blanket for the young qb.
  7. Scott Dierking

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    What's your guess to Bell's numbers this year? Just curious Carries Rushing yards Receptions Reception Yards Fumbles
  8. Every move in any organization creates impact. Sometimes, in the sports arena, those moves are because of work ethic, attitude, or other things we as fans can't see on a regular basis. This helps set a tone and accountability within an organizations. Other players then learn what is acceptable and what is not and it creates culture. Just because we can't make sense for moves, does not mean that there is not purpose. Or, he is totally off a hinge.
  9. Scott Dierking

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Right. There really is nothing that can go wrong here as the Jets attempt to procure their guy
  10. Scott Dierking

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    You would almost have thought that prescient thoughts like these could have fit into any of the other Joe Douglas threads.
  11. Scott Dierking

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Wentz holds on to the ball too long, and has also been hurt scrambling.
  12. Scott Dierking

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Pepperidge Farms remembers
  13. Scott Dierking

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    Really for the best at this point. collect the insurance on him, and be done with him.
  14. Scott Dierking


    When Tyrion was readying the chairs for the council, I was so ready for this scene.

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