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  1. Every corporation in America uses fuzzy math when reporting profit. What are hidden are bonuses and empty expenses.
  2. These are things that I have gleaned from reading several Jet books for that era. I cant specifically say who, said what at this point, but those stuck out to me. The drug rumors with Marino were there (as well a knee injury), and I can assume that is what scared the Jets off Warren Sapp too-Although I never heard that directly.
  3. Walt Michaels' son, played linebacker at Kutztown. The reason Bruce Harper was a Jet is because Harper played at Kutztown at the same time and recommended him to his dad that he would make a great Jet.
  4. Hard to believe, 2004 is another era too. The NFL would defintiely take control now. It may be because of that game.
  5. One correction. The 1982 team (mud bowl year) was a strike year. The Jets did start 1-1 that year, and then the strike hit. They expanded the playoffs, and the Jets made it as a wild card at 6-3. 1981 was the 10-5-1 team, and that was the team that came out flat against Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs, and fell behind early. They almost rallied to win at the end, but were intercepted at the goal line.
  6. I am not positive that NE did not cover the field BEFORE the game. Not sure what game you are talking about. The NFL takes control of these things now.
  7. Absolutely. But, the Dolphins should have had a tarp on the field, as required by the rules. They did not even have one, as they thought it would affect the grass. If that game was played in this day and age, the NFL would have been involved in care of the field, and they would have a tarp brought in. Just the way the NFL was in those days.
  8. If you don't believe that the mud played a part in how that game was played, you either have forgotten, or did not know how the Jets operated in 1982. The Jets relied on speed and cutting (Walker, McNeil). The mud totally negated the ability to use those weapons.
  9. Yeah, Woodley rushed for almost 50 of those yards as the qb. The Dolphins used Franklin (a fullback) to just plow ahead for short yardage gains that day. The Jets, on the other hand, relied on McNeil, who needed to cut and have footing. The mud played a huge advantage for Miami.
  10. It certainly did in a large way. Because of the mud, the downfield passing game (which is what the Jets were) was non-existent. The Jets had a match-up advantage of speed, and the mud helped negate that. Really, as much as I recall, the Jets were not much of a screen passing team. and that is where Duhe wreaked his havoc that day.
  11. The Jets were never, never going to draft Marino. 2 main reasons: -The Jets were very straight laced and wanted to be aligned with the NFL office ideal of players (Jim Kensil influence). There were drug rumors (well founded) about Marino at Pitt. -The Jets were very leery of players with knee injuries (they were spooked by the Namath situation), and stayed clear of medical red flags. Team Doctor James Nicholas had a large voice as to what players should be cleared to draft.
  12. There were some problems there. I loved Michaels. but he played a large part in his own demise.

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