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  1. Imagine how stupid the fans are hat are Mets fans AND Jets fans?
  2. Of course it's both sides. Don't stick your head in the sand. Have you witnessed mlb contract negotiations in the past? The owners are equally douchey, if not more so.
  3. The owners started by negotiating in the media. Obviously, this irks the players. Each side of this does not have clean hands. The both have been despicable beyond preserving the national pastime at times. It is difficult to root for either.
  4. Recruiting at all levels right now is difficult. If I was a high school junior baseball player looking to get recruited right now, I would be panicked. Especially for fringe prospects.
  5. And the owners are just so huggable.
  6. You mean the Jay Ajayi that was averaging 3.4 yards per carry the season he was traded? And the Jay Ajayi that has played 7 games and had 55 carries in the last 2 seasons?
  7. The Documentary on Apple TV was well done and very interesting
  8. Schedule make did the Jets a big favor by having the @Seattle and @ LA games back to back. Go to Seattle, fly down to Cali and practice there for the week and be refreshed and ready. Should split those games.
  9. Home teams were to have a tarp to protect the field against rain or snow.
  10. There is a way to play the system of GM in the NFL. JD learned from 2 organizations that do it well.
  11. I would guess that teams that have greater positional needs overall would have a higher chance grading out higher?

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