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  1. MO Wilkerson deactivated for Saints game

    Some of the responses in this thread only make me shake my head.
  2. Head Coaching Candidates

    If you do not see improvement on this team from last year, at least to date, then you are probably on the wrong site. I think that may be the case anyway.

    I just sent them an e-mail "For a good time, read Jetnation.com".
  4. At least you can admit that you were wrong on "malcontents". As well, you are predicting what will happen, rather than stating what has happened. That is a step in the right direction for you.
  5. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    My bad. Sorry
  6. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Frazier is a FA, he can't be traded.
  7. Listen, as I have stated many times, I will not make base my decision on Bowles until the end of the year. This manic up and down of each week with this fanbase is honestly, tiring. A season is a valid, objective sample size to judge from. Last week, the Jets won, and the defense performed poorly. The common recurring theme of comments seemed to be "Bowles is a defensive minded, he gets no credit for that win". This week, it was the offense that was abysmal, and a new theme is "Bowles is accountable for everything, how can they manage an offense like that". Yes, the performance was abysmal yesterday. But, how many bad showings has this team had this year? As I have said, Bowles has some seeming good qualities, along with problems. They need to be weighed together. Again, I will defer to year end to make my call and judge things as a whole. The way the team responds off this week will be a large piece of that.
  8. How do you take the word "malcontents" out of that article? It said some players don't "prepare well". I take that more as they have a poor work ethic or do not practice the way they should play. My goodness, sometimes stuff like this can't be made up, with the amount of ignorant statements
  9. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    I am sure you were sitting here this offseason thinking "boy, I hope that the Yankees trade for Stanton, that will make my Red Sox hopes warmer". Yeah, you did that. To correlate The Yankees roster at the ARod trade, to the Yankees roster of today, are 2 different things. To correlate the temperament of Stanton to ARod, creates an even wider chasm. Stanton hit 59 dingers in a spacious Marlins park. What he may do at Yankee Stadium will be interesting. I am also interested to see what the Yankees gave up, and I guess their want to be under the luxury tax was just a ruse.
  10. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    Monty Hall would love Jets fans. Jets fans are always willing to trade for what is behind door #2. Because door #2 represents something that possibly, may be, far greater than something they have now. Even though there are no guarantees given with that panel slide, it is exciting and it sure beats what they have now. Because, because, it has to. Jets fans believe in Jack and the Beanstalk. Because beans can grow into something great. And it represents a shortcut to building your way to the sky. Even though the odds of just any bean climbing to the clouds are minute. Dreamers, we are dreamers.
  11. Goodell for another 5 years.

    That means he will oversee the ruination with the big strike looming.
  12. And that doesn't even account for the times he sh*ts the bed
  13. Oh, I believe that he will have a good 3-4 year run. At least to ASU standards. But it was awkward that he seemed to know know what ASU's mascot is.
  14. Edwards appears to not know that the Sun Devils are ASU's mascot. And other nuggets related to delegation.
  15. The weird thing is, all the experts on this site (and elsewhere) did not predict that. You cant have one without the other.