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  1. If you are an athlete, particularly a superior athlete, most of them do not care about where they go. They just want to be recognized as one of the best, and then act as a catalyst and a difference maker for an organization. It is the fulfillment of a dream, one that they have worked for the majority of their young lives where they have been in competition with similarly skilled athletes and been ranked at their positions the entire time.. To be recognized as one of the very best, and for the first time (well, at least for the majority of them) to be rewarded significantly, is a dream co
  2. In that case, your reading comprehension needs help. I was pretty clear, and you then twisted it into I presume your agenda. All good.
  3. I said nothing of the sort. What I said is that majority of QB coaches were not former NFL QB's. And, as such, they process the game a little different than those that have actually played the position. And that does not mean there is a detriment to either. What I actually was trying to convey is that a young QB having access to BOTH may be beneficial. A coach is only allowed so much access to a player. If you can room a veteran qb with a rookie, that rookie can glean knowledge and tips much more of his training camp. And also develop a confidant to converse in a players way. War, d
  4. He was the qb of the football team. I follow. Not my wife.
  5. There is less than a 1 percent chance we go 2-14 again in 2021. I guarantee it.
  6. Majority of coaches in the NFL never played the QB position. They could not tell you the thought processes of deconstructing a play, because they have never experienced it. HUGE difference.
  7. An actual playing QB can help him interpret the play book, discuss on the field what they are seeing on the field. Discuss their experiences of adapting to the NFL. Sometimes you can learn more from a peer than you can your boss. When I brought new employees, I assigned them a "buddy" to guide them through, rather than their boss.
  8. How do small hands relate to an occluded front? This I may trust you on. On second thoughts, nah.
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