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  1. First time in the history of the NFL that the draft is clear in January
  2. Jordan Stout? Hahahahahahahaha. Large booming leg, terribly inconsistent. Will kick every kickoff through the endzone, if that is your thing. Maybe someone works with him in the NFL and helps him in this area. He can be in this league as a punter. That is really where he is very good. Reason #27 why I hate Coach Franklin. He took fg kicking duties away from Stout in the Bowl game. The announcers gave the reason Franklin said he was getting tired having double duty. WTF!!!!!! He had not kicked in a month in a game. First FG of the game, a short shot, new kicker promptly shanks it
  3. If it harms the Bills in some small fashion, I am all for it.
  4. Agree with everything you have to say here. And then I can point to Tom Brady who lost his 2 best WR's, and his top RB, and is still swimming along (although I think it will not be easy now). And, he is always the outlier. And this all gets back to my simmering point which I have yet to manifest fully yet, each qb, each situation, each person is different. Enough with the comparison games that make proclamations that are because of x, y will =x. It is lazy and stupid. And Spermy, you are not the source of these.
  5. Does the premise still hold true that any team that lost to the Jets during the regular season, has never won a SB? That used to be a long lasting putdown, and I have lost track of that.
  6. One would have to assess though that Murray looked like an entirely different qb once Hopkins went down. The difference in stats and just watching those games was stark. And you cover this in part. Murray's qb ratings with Hopkins this year: 1. 121.0 2. 117.6 3. 93.1 4. 120.3 5. 104.1 6. 129.0 7. 121.3 8. 67 (Green Bay) 13. 136.9 14. 72.1 (Hopkins hurt near the end of the game) Murray's ratings after the injury: 15. 72.9 (Detroit) 16. 85.9 (Indy) 17. 105.5 (Dallas) 18. 96.1 (Seattle) 19. 40.9 (Rams) Coi
  7. 1. Mom's meatloaf 2. Saturday night at Izzy's and smoking a bowl. 3. Paid Holiday's. 4. Acing the math test.
  8. You have to weigh the draft value chart with the talent value that you assess. The 2 have to be connected. You can't be stubborn and take a guy that you feel may be there later.
  9. Yeah, but at least many of us have the sense not to take as what is said here as gospel. At least I hope.
  10. Guess you didn't watch the video. You will understand through the irony of your username.
  11. I am unsure the veracity of his story, but glad that for some reason I smoked 3 Winston cigarettes while watching.
  12. The Athletic's Connor Hughes considers impending free agent S Marcus Maye "highly unlikely" to be re-signed by the Jets. It sounds like it will be a mutual decision. Maye was slapped with the franchise tag last offseason, collecting $10.612 million for six games of action before suffering a torn Achilles' tendon. He also was arrested for DUI last offseason. Maye was borderline-great in 2020 but will now be a 29-year-old (in March) coming off a serious injury. He'll be signing elsewhere. SOURCE: The Athletic Jan 19, 2022, 3:42
  13. I just finished episode 2 of a Joe Montana docuseries that is on Peacock. It is fairly well done, and to see some of the obscure footage and hidden gems of that era has been a real treat. A recommended watch. The climax to episode 2 is "the catch" against the Cowboys, which has been chronicled almost as much as the Jet victory in SB with the Namath guarantee. The one obscure piece of this story that I had never heard, or more likely forgotten, was that Tom Brady as at this game. As a 4 year old, and it is his first football memory. And somehow, someone captured that image. TB with a sad f
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