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  1. Exactly this. People here seem to be mistaking physical ability with the ability to repeat and command.
  2. My personal take is that he does not totally enjoy his current beat, and with that in mind, sometimes "freelances" on his own with opinions and agenda issues in order to provide click bait and get his name out there. Face it, the Daily News, and newspapers in general are a dinosaur. The staff was cut ridiculously in recent years, and Mehta is on a life raft. It is not a career trajectory in his current position. All that said, he was candid with insight here.
  3. Follow up on this, give the Mehta interview a listen. It provides some clarity to this issue and Bates specifically.
  4. I encourage everyone, regardless of your opinion of Mehta, to give this a listen. Fact of the matter is, he is an "insider", and provides views in this interview that are cogent, without bias and provide interesting insight. Glenn does a tremendous job, but I will provide one bit of constructive criticism. Ask your questions without your own qualification of what you feel the answer may be in your own opinion. Mehta is your guest, he is considered the expert because of his "inside" position, so allow him to comment without the positioning of the question of what your opinion or what you may feel steer the answer. The audience cares less about your opinion, and care more what the guest has to say. Please take this minor criticism in the manner that it is given-providing you input based on my listen. Great job overall and well worth the listen during this dead time.
  5. I probably have him confused with Morton....... But anyway
  6. According to reports, he was a somewhat wanted commodity this off-season. At least at a couple of locales. Taking a job in NY, with a rookie qb (he knew that going in), is certainly not the definition of "no pressure". He is going to either make or break himself with this position.
  7. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    This thread really belongs in the "fantasy sports" forum. There is a reason for the delineation
  8. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    Yeah, but those fantasy draft positions. Cause for concern. At least by this thread.
  9. This really doesn't make any sense. If, as you say he was waffling whether he really wanted to be in the NFL as a coach, why would he then put himself in a situation where he is being forced to run an offense he doesn't even believe in? Does not add up.
  10. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    Unless I am mistaken, the SB has been held every year, at least to my most recent recollection. Imagine the turmoil in the NE Patriots front offices as having only 3 players in the top 6 rounds. Why we, or anybody, care about what some lackeys at SI opine related to projected football stats is quite interesting.
  11. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    Wait, so you will be happy with ONLY playoff appearances? I have you marked down.
  12. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    The litany of SB trophies on the mantle of those fantasy studs is impressive.
  13. I agree that Kizer was an absolute abomination at QB, but Jackson did not favors by giving him complex reads post snap, that were just too complex for his skill level and experience. He certainly could have helped the kid by dumbing down the system, or taking away some of the guesses of disguised coverages with some pre-snap read options.
  14. Scott Dierking

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    To be fair, 3 of those players were not even on the Browns last year.
  15. In my opinion, the hallmark of a poor coach is losing the close games. The Browns lost 4 games last year by 3 points of less. A number of those were marred by poor and curious late decisions on the HC that took the Browns away from any chance of winning.