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  1. If it helps eliminate the 53 players, 53 taxi's kind of pervasive nature that is part of some teams, I think it can be a helpful team building exercise. Just do it correctly.
  2. In an almost throw away comment during yesterday's broadcast, we can understand one huge but subtle difference with the Mets under Cohen. Gary referred how much more packed the flights are now, with there being more trainers and analytic people in tow. We can not appreciate how much the Mets underspent under the Wilpons in their last decade, just to cut corners.
  3. This may be the most resilient Met team since, well, I guess the Valentine Mets Series team. Nothing seems to shake them.
  4. Mets use the 'shift" second most in baseball. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/visuals/team-positioning More intricate to this discussion, and I don't know how to research this, is how much do teams pitch to their shift? In as much, how many teams are defeating their shift by pitching against it? Converse of this, is how much the Mets seem to beat the shift. Credit has to go to Eric Chavez here, and the approach hitters are taking. When was the last time Mets were top 3 in the league in runs scored? That and the 2 out approach has been awesome. One rule change which seems like it will be implemented is the pitch clock. Last report that I saw in the minor league experiment, is that they were shortening games by 20 minutes. I am sure the mlb players will find a way to screw this up.
  5. Alvarez still has work to do on the defensive side. He will not turn 21 until November. When was the last time the Mets had a great catching prospect? Tood Hundley? St least they turned Ed Hearn into David Cone.
  6. Hernandez told Orosco, "If you throw another Bleeping fastball, I am going to kill you". Ah, a time when closers went as many as 3 innings.
  7. There are all kind of lists like that. Doesn't make them right. Or even relevant. There is just so much subjectivity because of era and how much baseball has changed. For the 20's, Ruth absolutely has to be considered the best baseball player of that era. Everything else is guesswork when putting it into the context of "all-time greatest". Much like with football and quarterbacks and comparing stats from the 60's to modern day. It is an impossible patchwork. First random ranking without Ruth #1 https://clutchpoints.com/updating-and-ranking-the-50-greatest-mlb-players-of-all-time/ 2. Babe Ruth Stats: 182.5 WAR, .342 AVG, 1.164 OPS, 2214 RBIs Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 2, World Series x 7 The chalk number one pick for almost a century, Babe Ruth is somehow not overhyped. The Babe was an incredible hitter and pitcher and, most importantly, an incredible winner. His 182.5 WAR is easily the best on this list and hardly touched by anyone. He is deserving to be number one on most all-time lists and his prowess is still almost indescribable. 1. Ken Griffey Jr Stats: 83.8 WAR, .284 AVG, .907 OPS, 1836 RBIs Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 13, Gold Glove x 10, Silver Slugger x 7 This is, potentially, a controversial pick, but Griffey Jr has earned this ranking both on and off the field. The Kid, as he was known, changed baseball forever. He played with a swagger and power the sport had never seen before. He was one of the greatest hitters ever, he could hit for average and for power and he has the prettiest swing in the history of the sport. He is also a top defensive center fielder ever, right up there with Willie Mays. He was the first player to be unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame. Griffey Jr was an incredible ambassador for the sport and he remains that to this day. Ken Griffey Jr is the best, and most important, player in MLB history.
  8. 1. This is a thread about all sports. 2. I can argue that Ruth is not the best baseball player of all time, but it is all subjective. Nothing is a slam dunk in these conversations because of subjectivity and the great differences in eras.
  9. There are many lists that do not have Ruth at the top all time. Too many to publish here. Jim Thorpe. Bo Jackson. Michael Jordan. Muhammad Ali. All are on the top of various lists. Ruth was an excellent baseball player and the forerunner of what Ohtani is doing now. Ruth is an all timer. But please with the hyperbole.
  10. Also, close, but no cigar. https://polstats.com/#!/titles Boston CelticsChampions in 17 of the 70 NBA Finals= 24.3% Montreal CanadiensChampions in 24 of the 96 Stanley Cup Finals= 25.0% New York YankeesChampions in 27 of the 112 World Series= 24.1%
  11. You play .500 Ball on the road, and play .667 ball at home, that gives you 95 wins. That is what good teams should aspire to be over the long haul. A 5-5 trip is fine at this time.
  12. Apparently, he has not revisited expectations for our other top 5 picks in a draft
  13. Angels have ben slumping a little lately. Would be happy with a .500 road trip. After this trip, only one more series out west, and that is against Oakland. Nice to get those series out of the way and not have to do them during the dog days. June is a gauntlet of a schedule though.
  14. Maybe he was discriminated against due to a handicapped son? Or, New Mexico?
  15. So, how are you guys doing on this Bitcoin thingy?
  16. What is Bellichick's all time record vs rookie QB's +1 game?
  17. It really was almost like a non event for me. I knew at the end of 5 innings what was going on, but never felt “anxious” about the event. Weird. As you watched the game, never did you say this is a masterpiece in process. Phillies were fouling so many pitches. It really was some bad hitting and approach by them. Mist pitches thrown in a no hitter in history. Just a weird game in a sport where you always see something new.
  18. Rather than having to value every single draft pick, because they needed to just get bodies, they were able to use this draft to target the exact players they want as Jets. When you start with zero, as Douglas did on this job, you have little wiggle room to but to fill holes with anything. That changed this year. It actually is a process.
  19. The most boring no-hitter I ever watched. But, a good win.
  20. He is a Ray Knight type. Gives you good at bats and stitches together a line-up. Hopefully the power emerges.
  21. Why set your goals so low? Goal should be 17-0. Let the season play out and then we make pronouncements as to what can be improved.
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