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  1. I was not happy with the outcome of the Mets trade deadline non-deals. There was a need beeping for an additional lefty reliever. That said, I have no idea what others were asking. Is there a Cohen penalty that others clubs will not deal with given similar yields? I doubt it. Other side of the coin, as I looked at bullpen rankings this morning, the Mets have the third lowest bullpen ERA in the NL. That surprised me. Behind the Braves and the Dodgers. Let’s look at the new pieces the bullpen will be getting. Givens is a very solid reliever, yesterdays results none withstanding. We now have May back. If he just plays to the back of his baseball card, that will be fine. Once the double headers are over, Peterson will be going to the pen. As will Megill. And once the playoffs start, one more starter will be going to the bullpen. Those are a lot of pieces the bullpen did not have at the beginning of this week. But, I wish they would have landed a lefty specialist LFGM
  2. Mets are still paying for years of neglect to the system. Hopefully, this year's draft largely pans out and the near top 10 ranking they have solidifies.
  3. He is toying with batters at this point.
  4. Brett Favre Rich Kotite Vernon Gholston Stephen Hill
  5. It never made sense for the Nats any way. They traded for Keibert Ruiz last year in the Turner trade, and he is a well thought of backstop with a bright future.
  6. Oh, and the Braves have been exposed a little bit too. Give the Mets credit, as they seem to have some sharp advance scouts that put together some great reports on how to approach hitters. Olson has been exposed a little--And I know he hit a 2run bomb yesterday, but that was a missed location pitch. But damn, that Austin Riley is going to be a bear for years to come. Another Brave #rd baseman to torment the Mets.
  7. You are correct. They need a big, proven bat in the lineup that threatens power. That is the basis that the DH position was built upon. Dom is now a slap hitter that is blind at the bottom of the strike zone. Too many times he has been called out on 3rd strikes that clearly hit the bottom of the zone and walks away shaking his head. JD is the opposite. He can't touch anything hard at the top of the zone. And of course, pitchers know that. he is a mistake hitter. The law of averages has caught up to the Mets. They were outrageous in the first 2/3 of this part of the schedule with runners in scoring position. It was unsustainable, and it has caught up to them. They need a corner outfielder that is a masher as well. They have 2 center fielder 2 types in Nimmo and Marte. Canha is a very nice player, but the power is non-existent, so when you have that outfield alignment, you are short on power in your OF in comparison to what most other clubs have, Guillorme and Mcneil are somewhat a redundancy as well. Line drive hitters with not a lot of pop. Great to have one in the line-up, but when you put them together, especially with that outfield alignment your line-up does not scare anyone. They do work counts better than any line-up around. They get pitch counts up, so they have that going for them. I know the Mets are kind of stuck between winning now, and waiting for some of their kids to develop. But, you do not sign Scherzer to wait on kids. There is a small window here, before they retool a little bit. The Nimmo non-contract news is somewhat interesting. I wonder what they are thinking there? He is a great player and a baller, but they seem tepid on him. My BIG hope is that they let him go BUT bring in Trey Turner to play CF for them. I would be all in on that move.
  8. Nats have 2 decent DH types in both Cruz and Bell. They may be less willing to sell in division.
  9. Alderson, on podcast with Heyman today said the Mets are intent on adding: -A DH position. Said that he does not believe many teams will be looking for this type of position. Maybe, maybe not. -Bullpen arm(s). Says that these have a habit of coming fairly cheaply also. Not interested in selling off any prospects. Mentions what happened with Crow-Armstrong last year. Said they would rather take on contracts with money attached rather going the prospect avenue. Rare candid discussion with Alderson.
  10. We were discussing the revenues that the NFL will receive from the streaming services. That will be a fixed amount (probably escalating over the years of the contract). . The NFL certainly cares that these services will survive (they will, because there are smart people running them), but these things you bring up here has nothing to do with the NFL and what that will mean to revenues that are shared, which will bump the salary cap over a number of years.
  11. Article said Klecko played his entire career with the Jets. One of the saddest moments was seeing Klecko play against the Jets in a Colt uniform.
  12. It absolutely will bring in more revenue. This is not advertising dollars. This is a broadcast rights offer. The streaming services will be paying the NFL a contracted amount of dollars for the rights to broadcast. Advertising dollars are the streaming companies concern. Reports I have seen is that these rights will triple current broadcast rights.
  13. Were you able to bounce between several games simultaneously, as efficiently as done on cable or dish?
  14. There are risks on both sides. If the guaranteed money is good enough, it provides a hedge against injury for the player. Conversely, for a team, you are creating a risk by laying future money out there. For an investor (players), money that I can have today is more valuable than money I can get in the future. The famous Bobby Bonilla deferment actually cost him some money, if you do the math correctly.
  15. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/24/disney-apple-and-amazon-keep-waiting-as-nfl-considers-sunday-ticket-offers.html#:~:text=DirecTV paid %241.5 billion per,the upcoming 2022-23 season. Now would be a very good time to extend them. With reports that the NFL Sunday Ticket package will be sold to a streaming service (Apple (ughhh) Disney (ughhh) and Amazon appear to be the leading contenders) and that price tag will TRIPLE what the NFL currently receives, 2022 and 2023 salary cap dollars dollars are going to be much more valuable than 2024 dollars and beyond. Salary caps should incrementally increase with some huge jumps due to the new revenue. Smart clubs will start extending players that they know are a large part of the future. What that may mean for the Jets? Not sure if we have those players we are absolutely positive deserve that early recognition. As for watching games, streaming is a deterrent for me in watching. The hope is (and it really has to happen) is that the winning bidder will sell dish rights to Directv (or Dish), for those that live remotely and don't have reliable streaming. Like me that has a second home that I do not even have wifi in. Hate having to stream game, because the ability to jump from game to game quickly and efficiently is not as reliable as a dish or cable. That will be a shame. Should be a real game changer though, in how the NFL is structured in the future.
  16. If it helps eliminate the 53 players, 53 taxi's kind of pervasive nature that is part of some teams, I think it can be a helpful team building exercise. Just do it correctly.
  17. In an almost throw away comment during yesterday's broadcast, we can understand one huge but subtle difference with the Mets under Cohen. Gary referred how much more packed the flights are now, with there being more trainers and analytic people in tow. We can not appreciate how much the Mets underspent under the Wilpons in their last decade, just to cut corners.
  18. This may be the most resilient Met team since, well, I guess the Valentine Mets Series team. Nothing seems to shake them.
  19. Mets use the 'shift" second most in baseball. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/visuals/team-positioning More intricate to this discussion, and I don't know how to research this, is how much do teams pitch to their shift? In as much, how many teams are defeating their shift by pitching against it? Converse of this, is how much the Mets seem to beat the shift. Credit has to go to Eric Chavez here, and the approach hitters are taking. When was the last time Mets were top 3 in the league in runs scored? That and the 2 out approach has been awesome. One rule change which seems like it will be implemented is the pitch clock. Last report that I saw in the minor league experiment, is that they were shortening games by 20 minutes. I am sure the mlb players will find a way to screw this up.
  20. Alvarez still has work to do on the defensive side. He will not turn 21 until November. When was the last time the Mets had a great catching prospect? Tood Hundley? St least they turned Ed Hearn into David Cone.
  21. Hernandez told Orosco, "If you throw another Bleeping fastball, I am going to kill you". Ah, a time when closers went as many as 3 innings.
  22. There are all kind of lists like that. Doesn't make them right. Or even relevant. There is just so much subjectivity because of era and how much baseball has changed. For the 20's, Ruth absolutely has to be considered the best baseball player of that era. Everything else is guesswork when putting it into the context of "all-time greatest". Much like with football and quarterbacks and comparing stats from the 60's to modern day. It is an impossible patchwork. First random ranking without Ruth #1 https://clutchpoints.com/updating-and-ranking-the-50-greatest-mlb-players-of-all-time/ 2. Babe Ruth Stats: 182.5 WAR, .342 AVG, 1.164 OPS, 2214 RBIs Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 2, World Series x 7 The chalk number one pick for almost a century, Babe Ruth is somehow not overhyped. The Babe was an incredible hitter and pitcher and, most importantly, an incredible winner. His 182.5 WAR is easily the best on this list and hardly touched by anyone. He is deserving to be number one on most all-time lists and his prowess is still almost indescribable. 1. Ken Griffey Jr Stats: 83.8 WAR, .284 AVG, .907 OPS, 1836 RBIs Accolades: MVP x 1, All-Star x 13, Gold Glove x 10, Silver Slugger x 7 This is, potentially, a controversial pick, but Griffey Jr has earned this ranking both on and off the field. The Kid, as he was known, changed baseball forever. He played with a swagger and power the sport had never seen before. He was one of the greatest hitters ever, he could hit for average and for power and he has the prettiest swing in the history of the sport. He is also a top defensive center fielder ever, right up there with Willie Mays. He was the first player to be unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame. Griffey Jr was an incredible ambassador for the sport and he remains that to this day. Ken Griffey Jr is the best, and most important, player in MLB history.
  23. 1. This is a thread about all sports. 2. I can argue that Ruth is not the best baseball player of all time, but it is all subjective. Nothing is a slam dunk in these conversations because of subjectivity and the great differences in eras.
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