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  1. Stupidity does not deservr to be read 3 times ;)

  2. Cashman said that he would go to the press AFTER a decision was made. That is WRONG in any circle of life. You try it sometime, see how long you last. It is fine and admirable to disagree with your boss or a decision. But after the decision is made, you better be on board, and not telling tales outside the org.

  3. And, you do not threaten your boss to tell the media that it "was the Boss' idea". If the boss makes a decision, you either go along with and get with the program, or leave. You don't whine about it.

  4. Your Queen just got taken. Look back to the original thread- No one ever said that it happened, Cashman threatened to tell the media, to frighten George, per Klecko. That is WRONG. If your boss makes a decision, do you have the luxury to go and say "I will tell the stockbrokers it was YOUR idea" if it goes wrong. Of course not. That is BS

  5. Miss you. Please stay in touch.

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