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  1. 11 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    Thanks for the info. Is that a new rule… part of the Cohen rule changes? That sucks!

    Then I’d probably try and bring back Nimmo and deGrom at Sherzer money for 3 years. No more than 3 however. If he wants 4+ then bye

    I was not aware of it either. It was installed in 2017.

  2. 9 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    Receiving 1st round picks for the declined QO from Nimmo, Basset and deGrom while still hitting FA hard to keep in WS contention is a must If we are looking to rebuild the farm system, 4 1st rd picks would help. Spending Steve's $ doesn't concern me as much as rebuilding a thin farm system. to keep competitive.

    I'd like to keep all 3, but in the grand scheme, it may be more prudent taking the picks and going to $350 mil

    We love you $teve!



    Nope. Because the Mets went over the luxury tax this season, any players that sign elsewhere and were tagged with the qualifying offer, the team would receive draft picks after the 4th round as compensation. 

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  3. The rebuilding of the infrastructure continues. These are under the radar moves that can create an organizational philosophy. Both of these guys have very good credentials. Albert and Jagers. 


    SNY's Andy Martino reports that the Mets have hired Jeff Albert as their new director of hitting.

    Albert had been serving as the Cardinals' major league hitting coach since 2019, but he left that job on his own accord shortly after their season came to an end in a Wild Card Series loss to the Phillies. St. Louis was prepared to make Albert a multi-year offer to return, per team president John Mozeliak. Now the 42-year-old native of Rochester, New York heads to Queens to presumably work in more of a development/oversight role in conjunction with existing MLB hitting coach Eric Chavez and assistant hitting coach Jeremy Barnes. Eric Jagers was also recently hired to be the Mets' new director of pitching.

  4. 1 hour ago, EM31 said:

    If Joe Douglas were ever to get fired I think he would be on the market for about 2 minutes tops.

    If he has a 5 year tenure that is the same trajectory he is on now, I would suggest that the Jets elevate him to a position of EVP of Player Personnel, just as his mentor (Ozzie) was.

  5. And just so I get my just praise in this thread, everything was put in motion with my ask for Neil Glat to step aside:

    Less than a month later, Douglas is hired, a true football blue blood placed in a position where he is empowered with the on field activities.

    A little over 3 months after the post, Neil Glat in fact does step away. 

    The Jets finally positioned things correctly. 😉

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  6. 34 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    A few got close, but no, of course not.

    I think you understand that comment really means "he's made some bad moves too, especially in Free Agency".  I don't think the current success means we should forget several poor earlier decisions didn't happen.  It's all part of what we evaluate, the whole package, and that evaluation evolves as time, and new moves, plays out.

    My own personal equation is that football GMing is graded 65% on the draft, and 25% on free agency and trades and 10% on staff and hires. Again, this is a personal equation and I respect that others will see it in other ways.

    My thought is that you make your culture and build your backbone of a team on young players and the culture that you engrain in them. For that, Douglas is a B+ or an A- in that piece. His first draft, for whatever reason was not a boon. But, since he has, at this short view hit home runs, if not a grand slam or two.

    Free agency, if you satisfy quotient one (drafting) is just a supplemental piece to the process where you get unicorns that you do not have fit on your team. I would consider Mosely this type. As hopefully the core young Jets show more, free agency will be more and more specific and the Jets will not need to cast as wide a net. As with most GMs, FA for Douglas has been a mixed bag. 

    The final piece of team building, hires and personnel, seeming Douglas has done well. I know he has boosted analytics and personnel scouting. Seemingly, that has paid off. Saleh is still an unknown, but trending very positively.

    Of course, we all want to "see how this plays out", which is a lot more positive that "he needs to be fired now". 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    He's meaningfully better than any of his recent predecessors.  No question IMO.

    Far from perfect, but a hell of alot closer to it than say, Mike Mac was.

    He has earned more time in the job and some patience in my book.  I'd like to see how this story continues.

    Has there ever been a "perfect" GM?

  8. 1 hour ago, Bowles Movement said:

    This thread has not aged well.  The posters that have been calling for Zacs head ought to come back here and read the stuff that they have posted about Douglas.

    It is not all the same people that have called for Douglas, that have called for Zach. That is an oversimplification.

    Sport (whether as a player, or as a builded of a team) is a difficult challenge for a firs timer. There are far few that get out of the gate early. 

    Personally, I have jumped to judgements early in a career or a tenure. Quite often my initial guess based upon my "trained" eyes was off. This is a reason I do not try to cast early suggestions. I still fail.

    This being a message board, I understand the want to make pronouncements. But I would advise to not dig in so hard. 

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  9. 9 hours ago, doitny said:

    show me the ex HC who says Zach or any young player will be a bust. 

    they never do. 

    i bet if asked about Trevor, Fields, Lance, Mills, you name the young guy they say the same thing.

    there is probably an ex HC who thinks if Sam Darnold gets another shot he will be good. point is these endorsements mean nothing. they all say the same thing.


    Not everyone is on the Justin Fields and Trey Lance train this season. 

    One of the people doubtful on these two second-year quarterback’s successes is former Rams coach Mike Martz, who led the team to one Super Bowl title.

    Since Martz also worked for the 49ers as an offensive coordinator in 2008 and for the Bears as an offense coordinator in 2010–11, he was asked his thoughts about the performances from the two quarterbacks during their Week 1 matchup while speaking on The 33rd Team.

    Needless to say, the now-retired coach is not a big fan of either Fields nor Lance.

    “I’m just shocked, shocked at the Bears,” Martz said about Fields. “I mean they took this quarterback, they went up and spent a lot to get him, and he was. ... Less than remarkable would be the kindest thing that you could say about him. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a bad performance by a quarterback in his opening performance of the season like that. He was just completely awful.”


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  10. 4 minutes ago, SoFlaJets said:

    It's one of the things you pick up on when you don't drink and watch the games you have a tendency to remember small slights like that-it was during a post game chat JetNut

    Recently, Esiason speculated that Cowher "loves" Joe Douglas and that would mean he may not necessarily rule out the Jets. This was during the Adam Gase departure.

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  11. 1 hour ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I like hearing stuff like this about ZW but I'm still skeptical about these types of predictions.  A sky high ceiling but he's throwing for 100-150 yards a game in year 2?  I guess it's not fair to expect every QB to develop at the same pace but guys like Mahomes and Herbert roared onto the scene.  

    You are shorting him a bit. He is averaging 200 yards passing per game. Not great, but an uptick.

    Interesting CBS graphic comparing Wilsons first 18 games vs Josh Allen.

    Zach Wilson 18 games played:

    55% (291/525) completion percentage

    3382 yards



    70 QB Rating

    54 sacks taken

    Josh Allen’s first 18 games played:

    56% (287/509) completion percentage

    3398 yards



    72.5 QB Rating

    43 sacks taken



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  12. Just now, PorP said:

    Not really about his play yesterday,  MLF changed the plan/ calling and it fit Zach well. They obviously worked on his escape to be lateral or forward too. 

    I'm confused in that everything I saw before was telling me he was fearful and avoiding contact.  

    Then one of his runs,  he dropped his shoulder and faces contract like a champ.  That is not a fearful move. 

    I guess humans will remain a mystery to me. 


    People that watch players on tv and ascribe emotions to those players , are often wrong.

    It is like the phrase "game face".  Sometimes it is ridiculous.

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  13. 28 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Where do you rank Zach right now?  Is he "elite"?  Is he "excellent"?

    To me, he's a young QB that is growing but still hasn't even hit his stride yet.  On most of his good weeks we hear people say that "he didn't have good stats but he didn't need them this week".   Prior to yesterday's game, the majority of the forum was very down on Zach.  He plays 1 solid game and suddenly you're not allowed to say he still needs to get better?

    So a work in progress? That is my crazy analysis.

    I get the need for site histrionics, but this is the same message board that brought us:

    -Fire Joe Douglas

    -Fire Jeff Ulbrich

    -Fire Robert Saleh

    Sometimes it is smartest to just say "let's see what we got here". But what fun is that, right?

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  14. 4 hours ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

    Too soon for blanket apologies @Jetsfan80

    Wilson played well

    But it was one game and LaFleur mostly kept things simple and limited the potential for implosion with 25 pass attempts.

    Since it was a divisional game, it was actually 1.5 games.

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  15. Just now, Barton said:

    Right. He was incredible today with his 154 yards. 

    He managed the game and did a good job there. Nice win. He played solid. He's also not the reason they won today. 

    There is no NFL game that I know of that was won with 22 vs 1. 

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  16. 4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    I'm so glad to be wrong!!!  Zach looked like a real QB today against the # 1 defense, and we friggin WON.  You were right and I'm sorry.

    Serve me all the crow you'd like and post everything you've got for the next 2+ weeks here.  lol.  


    @football guy @Hal N of Provo @FidelioJet @SuicidalSince98 @JETS SB @Gastineau Lives @Jets723 @slats

    Big man move there. But need to see this consistently before any commitments are made. They stopped the running around thing and gave him a little protection. Game balls to secondary and O line.

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