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  1. It all starts with stage 1. Take the difficult steps to move your life forward and put this behind you. Every day that you do that, is a day toward happiness and peace. All the best
  2. Turn the page. Get the premise of a settlement over and try to find the middle ground. Even if it is not middle ground you find, get the best deal you can and MOVE ON. Nothing is worth that torment. Forge a new life with your kids based on candor and honesty. Allow them to say what they think, then give your side.If they are worth it, find a way to reconcile and move forward from this day. If feel badly for you, but you need to pull yourself up and get away from what is troubling you, find the solution that works and stop wallowing. All the best.
  3. So sorry for this. I am positive he thinks exactly the same of you as a son.
  4. Strev in a wildcat formation allows them to have an extra blocker in a run game situation. That is all. And, it’s gives a defensive coordinator more to game plan for.
  5. What team is going to trade a 6 for a 3rd string NFL QB? He is worth more to the Jets than that late pick.
  6. No, more Stre is supplementing the run offense with a different approach. He is filling a small hole that is still gaping in losing Hall.
  7. So sensitive these days when backed in a corner. Young Tom had escape ability. Old Tom bares claws.
  8. Different look for the running game with what I guess will be a wildcat package.
  9. Wow, I have mostly been an observer on this site recently, and I have thought in casual observation that you had lost a foot off your fastball. Now that appears to be confirmed. But you always used to have that curve which you could fool posters with. That is seemingly now gone too. Let’s start with your opening salvo here—Wilson would be on the bench if he were a 4th round pick. Tell us why, because the only I thought that would be the case, is because they (GM and by extension the coach), feel the need to “justify” a decision. I am guessing a fireable offense for getting a crucial pick wrong (your acute analysis). Now you are telling that there is no pressure on the GM and coach to play that player, because it will be the player that they choose to replace that player with, that will then place that supposed heat? What??? I am guessing they are just keeping Zach in, b cause they find him cute? C’mon with this Tom. You are better
  10. Ummm, was Douglas on any hot seat? He is the one that has the direct liability for the Zach draft pick?
  11. For a coach and GM that are on a hot seat, they are are acting nonchalant in supporting this “awful” player for just well, appearances. Your logic leaks like a sieve.
  12. We are now at the point of criticizing QBs based upon plays fans think should have been turnovers, rather than actual turnovers. I consider that an improvement of the position to some degree.
  13. Your take is a great oversimplification of a complex issue. And as such, it is mostly wrong. Coaches and GMs play players that give them the best opportunity to win now. Particularly, coaches and GMs that are on a hot seat to produce now, or risk losing their positions. What you also ignore in your great oversimplification is that coaches and GMs also make decisions based upon what they see in talent and how that talent performs in practice compared to other talent. We as fans are not privy to that. So Saleh (and Douglas) need to win now. It appears that they think Wilson gives them that best opportunity. And, the fact is that is proven through the course of this season. If the knee jerk operation was to just insert high draft because, well, they are high draft picks, you would not have the Mims situation as it is. You probably would have seen a somewhat excusing of the Moore meltdown. You would have Hall introduced as your starting RB immediately. Alas, those things were not done with seemingly high value pick players. You are too good of a poster (did I just say that?) to make that lazy of analysis.
  14. The offense had many more upgrades from last year than the defense.
  15. Sauce has an effect on all levels of a defense. He locks down the primary on the secondary, giving options to other coverage. He allows more time for the line by giving them an extra tick to get the qb. He allows Linebackers to not have to range as much and provide other assignments. Tell me what great affect Breece has had enabling the passing game more (other than catching a pass out of the backfield, which I admit is a thing)? Bottom line, having a shutdown gives the defense more options rather than having a great running game dictates to another defense. Both great players and we are fortunate to have them, but a lock down cb is now a unicorn in this league and you force other teams to extra game plan away from them.
  16. I am unsure which side of your schizoid on-line personality is more bearable.
  17. Would a bowling ball with butcher knives be appropriate top 5?
  18. Looking at the playoff pairings after week 7 is like getting out the condom as you are pulling out of the driveway to go on a date. Far too early to predict.
  19. I am guessing that would be Flacco's fault then.
  20. Eagle fans were saying the same things about Jalen Hurts as recently as this past offseason. No, I am not comparing ZW to JH completely. But you can. JH has actually had more experience than ZW. Yes, ZW need to show more, He has just completed his 17th game. That is one season. He did not have benefit of a preseason. Although some of the experts on this site have given up on him, and I respect their opinion. I am of the mindset you do not make rash decisions and predictions at this point. They can be foolish in hindsight.
  21. Worrying about these things will apparently help. I plan on worrying enough for 2 people.
  22. In my day, that was known as a vacuum cleaner.
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