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  1. Or, an injury was a day to day and week to week kind of thing. And they had to continue to monitor it. You know, not guess at it. All the while not telling the public that. Or, the Jets and the player knew all along and did not want to give upcoming opponents ample preparation time for either qb. You know, keep them kind of guessing. Or, the Jets are being very cautionary with someone they have vested interest in succeeding and staying healthy. You know, acting out of an abundance of caution. Or, the Jets feel that the kid qb that have so much invested in, really did not have a proper ramp up in preparation fir the season, and because he has shown flashes of spiraling when things go bad in the past, want to give him the best chance to get out of the chute strongly.
  2. Oliver Stone would struggle with creating some of the theories presented on this web site. Great job guys.
  3. Wait, you and Max hanging around a bunch of people in Steelers jerseys? Color me "in" on that one.
  4. I have actually met Jon Matlack. He is from the town I currently reside. On a whim, for my son's high school baseball team, I reached to him and asked if he would want to come back to town and talk with the boys. etc. Immediate answer "yes". Great man and accommodating with his time.
  5. I can sense your shivers from here. It's ok, you always have the 90's. It is going to take Cohen about 5-7 years to take the Wilpon stench totally away, but the groundswell has started . Much work to do. The Jets should only be so fortunate to have an owner that cares about the results on the field.
  6. Nothing. But it does signal the first big swing in NY as to how the Mets are taking over from the Yankees as the dominant sports franchise in the city.
  7. Division winner still is a slight advantage: -You can set up your pitching for round 2, while presumably the wild card round winner will not have as favorable opportunity. -Home field advantage in the divisional.
  8. I admit the Braves are in my head. Hope the Phillies do some damage against them.
  9. Scherzer has said that some of his arm issues at the end of last year was the Dodgers doing exactly that.
  10. Well if we want something to shoot for, somehow walk into the last Braves series 4 games up. That way all they have to do is win one game against the Braves, and the NL East is clinched. No tiebreaking games this year. Winner of the regular season series takes the tiebreaker, and one win against the Braves would give the Mets that claim.
  11. His numbers are good as you suggest. Still just high A ball. While it would have been nice to keep PCW, the Mets also have Alex Ramirez, also at high A ball, who is a top prospect at CF.
  12. If preseason has taught me anything in my life, it is that one absolutely should hug preseason stats and consider them valid. It has been one of the top NFL predictors.
  13. The Mets appreciate the Trevor Williams part of the trade.
  14. This seems a little early to be doing this stuff.
  15. It is a subjective exercise. Personally, I would put him ahead of Ryan, also. It is close. Also Mangini. Again, close.
  16. I have no dog in this fight. One thing I do know, the Jets have only won a division title in their less than lackluster history. Herm Edwards owns one of those titles.
  17. I guess the trading away of Keyshawn Johnson and dismissal of Al Groh actually taking over for that team somewhat dilutes that chess theory.
  18. Personally, I have no interest in ASU football. I do know that they have had decent attendance and a mediocre record. That seems to be the PAC in general. There were many here that wanted Herm run out on a rail at the end. And, he had run his course with this franchise. BUT, he deserved a lot better than what he received from many, particularly on this board. His teams were disciplined. They often were often in the top 5 in fewest penalties and in turnover margin. That is a sign of being drilled and disciplined. He had his faults, no doubt. In game management and on the feet thinking were not his forte. And his team suffered from those lapses. BUT, he is is Halas-like in comparison to what the Jets had recently in terms of coaching. The biggest gripe that I have of the end of the Edwards era was the way the Jets bungled compensation for him. The Chiefs obviously tampered. The Chiefs obviously wanted him. And he had several years of a contract left with the Jets. In some circles, and in similar circumstances, The Jets would have received better compensation because of those facts. But Woody being Woody, and Bradway being Bradway totally botched leverage that they had and their combined business acumen brought back a 4th round draft pick. All the while compensation for a coach had already been demonstrated by the NFL. Just another example of Woody being a very poor businessman and bowing to league pressure and taking it. And those reasons (ownership ineptitude), along with a zillion others just like them that circle around the poor management of this club, is why we are here.
  19. There would be parades scheduled and statues erected if the Jets somehow managed to have the record that Herman Edwards had while with the Jets, now.
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