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  1. You can see that this line-up consists of some professional hitters now. Guys that are are not afraid to get deep in a count and work a pitcher.
  2. Dotson can hunt and locate a ball while in route better than many collegiate WRs I have seen. The hands are exceptional.
  3. Amy GM that closes down negotiations because of a previously perceived bad deal (on their part), is a fool and should be fired. You take the best deal, even if you were swindled in the past.
  4. Let's play the game again. What would YOU be willing to give to Seattle to secure Metcalf? It can't be a "swing and a miss" if he tried and the perceived ask was too high. That was a "couldn't reach like minds". Me, I do not give up more than this year's 10. And that is with a new contract in tow for DK. Can't be a rental. Again, what do you feel is fair to the Jets to give up?
  5. AVT was considered a possible TRex. 32.13"
  6. Very impressive and you have done an excellent job here. I say all that, but I feel it is incomplete. YES(!!!!!), "what" is very important. But, we (and I am looking at YOU, Mr Warfish, because you have adroitly exhibited football team building acumen) need more. "What" does not suffice in this case. That is because, our own GM who will get praised or criticized will be graded by "Who". JD will not have the leash at the end of next season to say , "well, I tried to get Wilson a WR to compliment his style, I just picked the WRONG WR. Oh well, I still believe the positional analysis need was correct, better luck to me next time". Nope. Doesn't have that luxury. Nor should. OK, let's sharpen our probe. And examine the exact "WHO" fits our team that will create a difference. Me? I don't know. The only analysis I have given on this board, based upon watching players on a repeated basis over their career is: -Johan Dotson would be tremendous early round pick in the 2nd for some team. His hands, his route running, his ability to change on the fly of a route and meet the ball are exceptional. He is what the Broncos wish KJ Hamler was. -Arnold Ebikitie. A while ago I gave a synopsis of this PSU DE. I saw he was being projected as early as the early 2nd round. Personally, I would not take him before the 3rd round. For me, he was often a one trick pony with his moves, and NFL OT's will pick that up. He has quickness, a fair motor, but not necessarily great. Maybe he got poor coaching at Rutgers before PSU, and is just learning the game. I don't know. But he feels like a project. That's all I got.
  7. WHO is that player in this year's draft? I do not know personally.
  8. Playing softball is a hilarious euphemism for sex.
  9. The last time a team CHOSE to go defense first in OT? 36 OT's ago. When Mike Tomlin elected to play defense, because Duck Hodges was his QB. That should let you know how much coaches feel that going offense first is a distinct advantage.
  10. Don't sleep on Jahan Dotson as a real breakthrough type receiver in this class (not in the top of the 1st round though). He is the one receiver which I watched more than any other (Penn State), so I do have a bias, but he has some unique skillsets which would serve the Jets well. His intangibles include: -Great route runner. - He does not need a perfectly thrown ball (I am looking at you Zach). He can adjust on the fly and has great recognition how to get a ball that is off his route. -Great hands. His hands are tremendously strong and just appear sticky. -He can run in pads. He ran a 4.43 at the Combine, but he looks faster than that when it relates to the field.
  11. People that play in a land of make believe, hold a celebration of themselves so that they can regale each other and tell each other how wonderful and important they are. Why should we even care?
  12. NFL specifies we dress 46 players for every game. If he is better than man #45 on last years roster, I will consider it an upgrade. When you don't start with much, a little bit helps.
  13. Did not watch this at all, BUT- Did the cameras pan to the Smiths immediately after the joke? If so, how did they know to do that so quickly. Not saying this was staged, but at least the crew would have known this was coming (reaction). Maybe I am wrong.
  14. Oddly, most of the best teams have smart ownership and are well managed and well structured.
  15. That is a great oversimplification, ant only partly true. Cap space can be reflective of many things: -The relative age and maturity of the roster (and yes, this can be reflective of poor drafting in the past). -How much they have "kicked the can down the road" (restructuring contracts in the past, and finally have to pay the piper). -Lumping some structures into specific years, knowing that they can face one lean year, with a huge ability to fill need in the next year. -Poor free agent pick-ups and having to eat guarantees that went unfulfilled through the life of a contract. And more. In the NFL, as in life, a fool and their money are quickly parted. The Jets have been that fool in the past, pinning hopes on luck and catching the right wave. Usually a fruitless exercise (although I must say the Rams did it well this year--but they were well positioned). Douglas recognizes where this team is, and he has invested in young players, leadership types that is they work out, can remain with this roster past their initial free agent contract. That is needed because of the poor drafting in the past. Yes, you are correct to a degree, but there is much more, and a lot of it should depend on where your roster is at any particular point in time.
  16. Unless...... You don't have it. Ask the Giants how they have loved their offseason free agency spending to improve their team and fill spots.
  17. Here is a partial list of players Parcells inherited upon coming board as coach GM of the Jets. And these were just the starters on the '96 team. Not all were great, but many were building blocks. After, I will allow you to tell me who Douglas inherited. And we can then discuss and compare. Are you brave enough to do that? Has Douglas been great? No. Has he been middle of the pack? To be determined. Has he rebuilt this team in a methodical manner that is painstaking in time? Yes. But that is what is needed. He does need improvement this year, as he has seemingly pushed some chips in. But it is a process. And the process has to have an end game. And he is about at that point. But to compare this to what Parcells inherited is idiotic. In no order: -Adrian Murrell -Richie Anderson -Wayne Cherbet -Keyshawn Johnson -Jumbo Elliot -Matt O'Dwyer -David Williams -Marvin Washungton -Hugh Douglas -Marvin Jones -Mo Lewis -Aaron Glenn -Ray Mickens Victor Green
  18. What Parcells inherited in building material, was FAR different than what Douglas inherited. Douglas had a demolition job. Parcells had a fixerupper. Not the same thing. You must be swell at cocktail parties
  19. All very true. But what do we talk about on March 17, before tipoff?
  20. So in this scenario when we are in a period of time where game results are unable to measure the relative success of the worth of the team, how are we to judge good moves vs bad moves? Asking for a friend on a ledge.
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