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  1. Also, close, but no cigar. https://polstats.com/#!/titles Boston CelticsChampions in 17 of the 70 NBA Finals= 24.3% Montreal CanadiensChampions in 24 of the 96 Stanley Cup Finals= 25.0% New York YankeesChampions in 27 of the 112 World Series= 24.1%
  2. You play .500 Ball on the road, and play .667 ball at home, that gives you 95 wins. That is what good teams should aspire to be over the long haul. A 5-5 trip is fine at this time.
  3. Apparently, he has not revisited expectations for our other top 5 picks in a draft
  4. Angels have ben slumping a little lately. Would be happy with a .500 road trip. After this trip, only one more series out west, and that is against Oakland. Nice to get those series out of the way and not have to do them during the dog days. June is a gauntlet of a schedule though.
  5. Maybe he was discriminated against due to a handicapped son? Or, New Mexico?
  6. So, how are you guys doing on this Bitcoin thingy?
  7. What is Bellichick's all time record vs rookie QB's +1 game?
  8. It really was almost like a non event for me. I knew at the end of 5 innings what was going on, but never felt “anxious” about the event. Weird. As you watched the game, never did you say this is a masterpiece in process. Phillies were fouling so many pitches. It really was some bad hitting and approach by them. Mist pitches thrown in a no hitter in history. Just a weird game in a sport where you always see something new.
  9. Rather than having to value every single draft pick, because they needed to just get bodies, they were able to use this draft to target the exact players they want as Jets. When you start with zero, as Douglas did on this job, you have little wiggle room to but to fill holes with anything. That changed this year. It actually is a process.
  10. The most boring no-hitter I ever watched. But, a good win.
  11. He is a Ray Knight type. Gives you good at bats and stitches together a line-up. Hopefully the power emerges.
  12. Why set your goals so low? Goal should be 17-0. Let the season play out and then we make pronouncements as to what can be improved.
  13. First piece of the puzzle is an owner that gives them the tools in order to succeed and a checkbook to fulfill their wishlist. God only knows how much other GMs were hamstrung by ownership vetoing moves or setting a tight budget/
  14. Well, if he could have shown some continued baseball skill, they could have eaten 95% of the salary and trade him for a usable part. He actually has looked like a good clubhouse presence. Maybe some young team would take a flyer on him and use him as a platform for their younger players to emulate. I doubt that happens.
  15. He and Ben Simmons seem to have some things in common. I hope not.
  16. This is exactly what they appeared to do. They seemed to neuter him and told him to focus on high percentage completions to limit turnovers. Results of the game be damned. Building confidence and setting mechanics. Of that ilk. We will see what that now turns into.
  17. Stinks we lose that draft pick.
  18. Really, you have to give a bullpen 4o games to figure out what you truly have. Already, just in the Mets pen, we have seen wild fluctuations of performances in individual relievers. This was an off spring, with less ramp up time than normal. That affects relievers the most. Right now the Mets are smack dab in the middle (15th) in mlb bullpen ERA (6th in the NL), and 15th in MLB bullpen WHIP. Let it play out, and then see which teams may be sellers around deadline time. Although there may be fewer sellers because of more playoff eligible teams. Real interesting decision coming up this week as rosters get reduced by 2 players. Mets NEED to cut Cano. Will be eating a lot of money there. Jankowski is needed in the outfield and played well.
  19. Easiest thing to address, once trading deadline comes.
  20. It is rare when a starting pitcher seems to have an effect on an entire ball club. Scherzer knew he needed to go at least 7 innings yesterday. With the double header, and injured starters, he knew that the team needed in innings not only to win yesterday, but allow them to have bullets to win in the next days, rather than a totally depleted staff. Megill fought yesterday also not only to keep them close, but to give them innings. Scherzer and Buck together have added true credibility to professionalism in this dugout. The zoo appears to be done. They seemingly have changed the culture. Let’s see if they can hold it together. BTW, the Bassitt signing seems to have given the staff the same kind of look that Bob Ojeda did with the ‘86 Mets. Bassitt is the right handed version of Ojeda. Someone that can throw all kinds of pitches, spot them, and still not afraid to spot the fastball. It is a great, different look from some of the other Met hard throwers.
  21. Yup, not an Ebiketie fan, and I watched him lots. Not in that spot.
  22. Like a boulder being compared to a glacier.
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