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  1. Admitting you have a problem is at least a first important step. Washington, on the other hand.....
  2. Hate to say it, but Jeter is legitimately building the Marlins the way they need to built. They have a heck of a farm system right now. particularly with pitchers.
  3. Legitimately LOL'ed. How hard would it be for us as Jet fans to bring this class action suit against the Johnsons? Look at our evidence.
  4. Honestly, this feels like a shot across the bow to all NFL teams of what may happen. Sure there is not much to this. League has stuff they need to work on though, in less than their normal cavalier attitude. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Dolphins owner Stephen Ross could be forced to sell the team if the league's investigation into ex-coach Brian Flores' tanking allegations are proven true. Quite the Super Bowl night news dump. "Stephen Ross would face severe discipline, up to and including Ross losing the team by a vote of fellow owners, sources say," is the exact wording of Rapsheet's report. Commissioner Roger Goodell did hint at such a fate last week, saying "if there were violations, they won't be tolerated," and "I do believe that clubs do have the authority to remove an owner from the league." We are still a long, long way off from that, of course. 81-year-old Ross has vehemently denied Flores' allegations. Even if the league's investigation turns up some troubling details, it might still not be enough to force a sale. Fans need look no further than the owners' decades of protection afforded to Washington owner Daniel Snyder. What is clear is that Ross is in no ordinary pickle. SOURCE: NFL.com Feb 14, 2022, 1:44 AM ET
  5. What was Kiamesha Lake like in the summer?
  6. My friend's son is a Berrios clone. 11/21/21 - WR Danny Kittner, rSr/2023, Mary, 5-09, 177 (DS#61 WR) + More + 2021 NSIC OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (COACHES): #11 Danny Kittner (WR, 5-10, 187, Jr., Gilbert, Ariz./Higley HS), University of Mary,...Leads all NCAA divisions in catches (128), receiving yards (1,723) and all purpose yardage (2,251) and is second only to teammate Luke Little in receiving touchdowns (18)...Shattered NSIC and UMary records for catches and receiving yards in a season...Set NSIC and UMary record for catches in a game (19), established a new UMary record for receiving (284) and all purpose (378) yards in a game and tied the Marauders single game record for touchdown receptions (4)...Cracked 100 yards receiving and scored a touchdown nine times...Posted three 200-yard receiving days and scored multiple touchdowns in a game five times...Kittner's season totals are among the greatest ever in NCAA Division II. He is 3rd in catches, 5th in receiving yards, 5th in catches per game (11.6) and 6th in receiving yards/game (156.6). - Northern Sun Football
  7. Player plays great. GM signs to an extension. Player plays sub-par to previous performance. Fault the GM. Sometimes these things make me wonderful how some of you navigate the every day workplace.
  8. My bad in that I did a poor job creating the topic title. The subject is about the NFL though. I defer.
  9. I always feel for these athetes the most.
  10. Welp, this topic was moved to the baseball forum, for some unknown reason. It is now a dead topic.
  11. Why even play the games then. Just let computer simulation happen.
  12. Respect what you are saying, but your scenarios do not equate with each other. One is by happenstance. The other is by someone already pre-directing the decision. It is a matter of competitive integrity.
  13. Let me rephrase it this way, your favorite football team has a chance for playoffs. They must win and another team has to lose for them to get in simultaneously. The team that must lose is facing a squad that has been told to "lose". You ok with that and feel it is fair?
  14. How do you feel about ownership supposedly telling coaches to purposely lose games?
  15. They cost the Redskins a playoff spot by that "tank". Yeah, Pederson said that. <wink,wink>. He will want another job in the NFL.
  16. The biggest thing is the NFL has a small degree of of uncertainty regarding perceived balance of competition. If you poll football fans, you will have a small percentage of fans that say games are "fixed". If you poll certain football fans, you will have a slightly larger percentage that say teams "tank" for picks. With bed that the NFL is laying in with gambling sites, this becomes a major problem for them. I am just trying to help an NFL image problem here. BUT, as son as you do go to a lottery, there will be people that say the lottery is fixed. So there is that.
  17. Because I don't really think teams are "tanking" for slots 11-15. SOS determines lottery slots now for ties.
  18. You can wight the system as heavily as you want that equates fairness. Maybe it only is that the worst that the #1 team falls is to the #3 overall slot.
  19. If you are talking about bottom 10, it would probably be a 4-13 or 5-12 team. And they would have .5% chance, or so
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