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  1. I guess the trading away of Keyshawn Johnson and dismissal of Al Groh actually taking over for that team somewhat dilutes that chess theory.
  2. Personally, I have no interest in ASU football. I do know that they have had decent attendance and a mediocre record. That seems to be the PAC in general. There were many here that wanted Herm run out on a rail at the end. And, he had run his course with this franchise. BUT, he deserved a lot better than what he received from many, particularly on this board. His teams were disciplined. They often were often in the top 5 in fewest penalties and in turnover margin. That is a sign of being drilled and disciplined. He had his faults, no doubt. In game management and on the feet thinking were not his forte. And his team suffered from those lapses. BUT, he is is Halas-like in comparison to what the Jets had recently in terms of coaching. The biggest gripe that I have of the end of the Edwards era was the way the Jets bungled compensation for him. The Chiefs obviously tampered. The Chiefs obviously wanted him. And he had several years of a contract left with the Jets. In some circles, and in similar circumstances, The Jets would have received better compensation because of those facts. But Woody being Woody, and Bradway being Bradway totally botched leverage that they had and their combined business acumen brought back a 4th round draft pick. All the while compensation for a coach had already been demonstrated by the NFL. Just another example of Woody being a very poor businessman and bowing to league pressure and taking it. And those reasons (ownership ineptitude), along with a zillion others just like them that circle around the poor management of this club, is why we are here.
  3. There would be parades scheduled and statues erected if the Jets somehow managed to have the record that Herman Edwards had while with the Jets, now.
  4. Grown men taking what football coaches say to the media seriously.
  5. I would suspect he will be lugging around a knee brace for at least the entirety of this season.
  6. Bone bruises are associated with ACL tears, patella dislocations, occult fractures, and contusions. For each injury, a unique pattern of bone bruising is found on MR imaging, which results from the acute trauma. When acute trauma produces a subchondral lesion with low T1-weighted and high T2-weighted signal intensity, the resulting bony contusion is best described as a bone bruise.
  7. What was your completion percentage after, and did you make better decisions?
  8. This is how Parcells learned. Rather than sate the media, give them as little as possible. Then it does not come back on you.
  9. It's a flip a coin type of thing as we don't know how his brain was processing. We can be sure that he is "pressing" in his mind. Pressing to make a play and quell a fan base. Athletes athlete. if he gets by a with a minor missing of time, maybe it is a blessing in disguise for that matter. That is how young athletes learn in those circumstances to have options.
  10. But there was media. I remember Chris Berman like it was yesterday. <wheels wheelchair closer to monitor>. And how dare you.
  11. Competitive athletes, particularly competitive young athletes, particularly competitive young athletes that feel they have something to prove, do not think: -This is a meaningless game. -Do the safe thing and live for another play. -There might be adverse consequences. There is not that processing. And that is the very large part of WHY they are in those positions in the first place.
  12. The lunatic fringe has grown slightly large, but I guess I can understand. I miss the halcyon days of the undefeated Browning Nagle preseason.
  13. The 3 items I do not come to this site for: 1. How to find a girlfriend. 2. Bitcoin advice. 3. Head coach commentary.
  14. Luck is the residue of design. What they did is modeled the approach that won the Giants 107 games last year. They chose players with certain splits, and rather than attempting to make them every day players, decided to use them in match-ups that take advantage of their splits. And that is what you are seeing. Only Lindor, Nimmo, Alonso and Marte are every day players now. Every one is is an interchangeable match up mash. What really works for this club that they are a TEAM. After most at bats, you see players coming back and talking to the on deck batter and then other players about what they saw at the plate in terms of pitch movement. The batters are really grinding every at bat and wearing down pitchers. Strider was correct, the Mets have a lot of soft contact. That is because they are emphasizing contact rather than trying to mash every pitch. If you hit the ball, good things can happen. Same with the pitchers. They hang out in the dugout together and talk. Credit Buck and Max for this approach.
  15. I believe that a condition for Douglas taking the Jets job, was that the ownership needed to upgrade the training and conditioning. How much they did? Who knows? But I have been on this site many times critical of the level of commitment given to the health and well being of their most prized assets. Acquiring good talent in an organization is only a small piece of the puzzle. A corner piece for sure, but there have to be many more connective parts. Nutrition guidance based upon an individual regimen. There is a science piece to this also. And then prescriptive individual care. Based upon pure numbers of what we have witnessed in the past, the Jets appear woefully short in this area. I have previously detailed what the Jets staff looks like to a peer team. It was embarrassing. Great ownerships invests in the data, infrastructure and science to the well being of their players. Analytics is involved. But, you have to make a commitment to that investment and continue to self evaluate. By appearances and results, ownership does not want to do that.
  16. Do people really take seriously, anything an NFL coach says to the media? It is public relations, not journalism.
  17. The coach takes his cue from what trainers tell him. He doesn't just come out and fly with medical info that he has no knowledge. You can trust that his is an informed pronouncement. He does not seem to fly off and spout things he does not know anything about, say like a Rex Ryan type. Jet trainers have been a problem for a long long time, and that has been a pattern. Point to ownership.
  18. I was not happy with the outcome of the Mets trade deadline non-deals. There was a need beeping for an additional lefty reliever. That said, I have no idea what others were asking. Is there a Cohen penalty that others clubs will not deal with given similar yields? I doubt it. Other side of the coin, as I looked at bullpen rankings this morning, the Mets have the third lowest bullpen ERA in the NL. That surprised me. Behind the Braves and the Dodgers. Let’s look at the new pieces the bullpen will be getting. Givens is a very solid reliever, yesterdays results none withstanding. We now have May back. If he just plays to the back of his baseball card, that will be fine. Once the double headers are over, Peterson will be going to the pen. As will Megill. And once the playoffs start, one more starter will be going to the bullpen. Those are a lot of pieces the bullpen did not have at the beginning of this week. But, I wish they would have landed a lefty specialist LFGM
  19. Mets are still paying for years of neglect to the system. Hopefully, this year's draft largely pans out and the near top 10 ranking they have solidifies.
  20. He is toying with batters at this point.
  21. Brett Favre Rich Kotite Vernon Gholston Stephen Hill
  22. It never made sense for the Nats any way. They traded for Keibert Ruiz last year in the Turner trade, and he is a well thought of backstop with a bright future.
  23. Oh, and the Braves have been exposed a little bit too. Give the Mets credit, as they seem to have some sharp advance scouts that put together some great reports on how to approach hitters. Olson has been exposed a little--And I know he hit a 2run bomb yesterday, but that was a missed location pitch. But damn, that Austin Riley is going to be a bear for years to come. Another Brave #rd baseman to torment the Mets.
  24. You are correct. They need a big, proven bat in the lineup that threatens power. That is the basis that the DH position was built upon. Dom is now a slap hitter that is blind at the bottom of the strike zone. Too many times he has been called out on 3rd strikes that clearly hit the bottom of the zone and walks away shaking his head. JD is the opposite. He can't touch anything hard at the top of the zone. And of course, pitchers know that. he is a mistake hitter. The law of averages has caught up to the Mets. They were outrageous in the first 2/3 of this part of the schedule with runners in scoring position. It was unsustainable, and it has caught up to them. They need a corner outfielder that is a masher as well. They have 2 center fielder 2 types in Nimmo and Marte. Canha is a very nice player, but the power is non-existent, so when you have that outfield alignment, you are short on power in your OF in comparison to what most other clubs have, Guillorme and Mcneil are somewhat a redundancy as well. Line drive hitters with not a lot of pop. Great to have one in the line-up, but when you put them together, especially with that outfield alignment your line-up does not scare anyone. They do work counts better than any line-up around. They get pitch counts up, so they have that going for them. I know the Mets are kind of stuck between winning now, and waiting for some of their kids to develop. But, you do not sign Scherzer to wait on kids. There is a small window here, before they retool a little bit. The Nimmo non-contract news is somewhat interesting. I wonder what they are thinking there? He is a great player and a baller, but they seem tepid on him. My BIG hope is that they let him go BUT bring in Trey Turner to play CF for them. I would be all in on that move.
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