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  1. Jetmo-Your posts contain so many inaccuracies I don't even know where to start. "As his record clearly shows"-Ummmm-He has a WINNING record. That is clearly? Say what you want about some of teh things he has done, but a winning record is now an indictment of a coach? I can't recall Herm ever talking about black QBs and teh need for them in teh league-I would like to see a link to that. Either way, he has commited to Pennington, and from all I know of Chad, he is pure caucasian. No harm no foul to teh Jets. You seem to claim that Herm and co screwed up one Quincy Carter-You may want to check his previous transcripts-He was screwed up way before he came here. You also might want to check out the Casey situation. He was absolved of any guilt. PSU did not even suspend him. Aside from those factual errors, you did ok
  2. Jetmo-Not to belabor it, but your intial post was about PET PROJECTS. While I am not sure that the QB's named were any kind of special project that the Jets were counting on to have lasting effects to their final roster, you would have to certainly admit that Brandon Moore is a project that I as a fan am happy that they turned attention to. Point being, all "projects" will not stick. Sometimes (see Moore), they can have huge upside. To say that Herm has NO BUSINESS handling projects would not be a fair statement from what we have seen of Moore.
  3. Casey, Blackwell, et al, were brought in to absorb snaps during training camp. Maybe they were brought in to give the Jets defense a look at a mobile QB in camp, as a way to practice against those schemes. Who are we to say. BVut to be criticizing the level of QB brought in as teh 4th and 5th is a bit obtuse. In regard to Moore-You claim that he was labeled a starter when he came here? You may want to re-check that. He was not even an O-lineman when he was brought here Nor was he even drafted. Brandon Moore is the DEFINITION of a project
  4. Gotcha Things that go wrong-Totally Herm's fault. Things that go right-Herm had nothing to do with. And while we are at it, what the Hell is Herm helping kids out in California for? He is coach of the NEW YORK Jets. How stupid is he? And why even help kids? That does NOTHING for teh Jets
  5. Yes, He will show up in the injury reports daily, with minor ailments that will list him as "doubtful"
  6. Yup, That freaking Brandon Moore experiment-What the hell was that about?
  7. The Jets have LIED to Blaylock since he has been on this team. They PROMISED him 3 pillows in his bed, while he was only given 2. I don't know how Blaylock can look Herm in teh face, and I am sure that he snickers behind his back. Heimerdinger is just trying to pad his HC resume by giving Martin the ball so much in camp. He clearly is Dinger's pet, and why wouldn't they give Blaylock teh ball more when they haven't seen what he can do?
  8. Why would you like to have LT and PH on your team, obviously, they have furthered their teams no further than CM has. Are you denying that you EVER said stats mean NOTHING, get us to the SB? Why the criteria shift? Change the criteria all you want Sav, but it has been YOU who has done the dancing..... Reporting inaccuracies.... Somehow insinuating that Receiving TDs by a RB are NOT as good as Running TD's (why would you try and state you were ONLY trying to talk about rushing TD's?)... Sorry. Odd, when you misreport LT's numbers it is a "typo" , you have crucified others in getting facts wrong-I guess mistakes can only b e allowed by you, huh Sav? Have a great dinner.
  9. You said "all I care about is teh Jets winning a SB", alluding you don't care what individual stats were. NOW, you deny that???????????? So you would rather that the Jets have a back like LT or PH, and achieve LESS? That is essentially what you are throwing out. Backpedal, backpedal
  10. Sav-Your math is atrocious. Check LT again. Ypour agenda is showing BTW-How did those teams perform during teh years in comparison to teh Jets/ I thought you were ALL ABOUT the end result-meaning how the teams finished. Now you are showing me players stats on teams that have done WORSE than the Jets during teh time period we are talking about. You just changed your agenda again Keep trying
  11. So, do receiving TDs count LESS than rushing TD's now? When did that start? Would a RB that caught 20 TD passes be less valuable than a RB that ran for 10? It's ok Sav. You say that you want FACTS all the time and want to jump people when they get them wrong, but you just so happened to skew a number down 10%, or so, and ironically that skew was to your side of the argument. By the way you said he "scored" 7.5 TD's, not "ran" for 7.5 TD's. No big deal.... Just pointing out your error Next
  12. 7.5 TDs/year in his tenure with the Jets? Don't think so. Close, but no cigar
  13. ahhhh, the jock from Lamont has barely been left cold, and the sniffers have some new meat
  14. Glad to know that you are Curtis' conscience now Sav-As I have told you many times, it is ok to have an agenda. Please, do not make up statistics, or post incorrect statistics, or tell us how a player thinks to further that agenda. Furthermore do not put words in other peoples mouths. And whiule we are at it, don't put anything in your mouth either
  15. So now CURTIS is directly responsible for teh Vinny achilles injury? Next thing I know, you will have pictures of him leaving British subs with a napsack. Excuse a player if a team is going to offer him overwhelming money? What woudl you do Sav, go with a team with Bill Parcells that is offering you huge money,. or stay with a team with Pete Carroll that is regressing? Which would you do?
  16. Man, these networks and magaziines are going to make this guy an egotistical maniac (as if he isn't there already). The man has no class at all. He doesn't care who he pisses off (which I don't mind so much). He is just glad-handing his players all the time and calling them everyday-Smart move on his part. What I don't agree with is his approach to contracts: -His basic premise is that if you are one of the elite performing players in the NFL, you should be paid as such, regardless of where you are in the contract. He says the system is BS because the players org and the owners came to the agreement that money is not guaranteed and they can be cut anytime, He says that he does notfeel he should have to prescribe to dumb rules. Naturally, he gets asked that if a players performs BELOW his salary level, if he should then be subjected to a pay DECREASE. Of course they shouldn't, they are jeopardizing their lives on every play, and who knows when they will have a career ending injury. The man is just plain crass, and he is not afraid to be labled that way. And in this world where sport stars think they are bigger than life, he will treat them that way and will be largeley succesful. Regardless the amount of players he uses for his own agenda.
  17. Through all of the agenda driven rhetoric that this board is populated with, I will trust the opinion of one that IS football educated:Bill Parcells. Parcells traded for this player by giving up one thing that I think he holds dearest to his team-Draft picks. Parcells made this player the key component of one that he felt could win a championship with. Parcells is an admirer of his work ethic. Parcells is an admirer of his play. Parcell could NOT give a damn about how many TDs he scores. Parcells coul NOT give a damn about how many yards he gains. Parcells wants players that will help his team win. Say many things about Bill Parcells, and among those is his ability to pick talent BEFORE he has it, leaves something to be desired. BUT, his abilty to see and admire talent and the other intangibles in a player that he has in his fold, is second to no other coach that I can think of. And that he chooses Curtis Martin and has paid the prices for Curtis Martin that he has, leaves you with no doubt what he thinks about the player. If that is good enough for Parcells, that is good enough for me.
  18. All is good my friend. I just want to keep you on your toes :wink: I have NEVER said that Martin is in the class of Jim Brown or other greats. I do beleive he will rank in teh top 20 of backs I HAVE seen. That covers 32 years
  19. Sav-Try and not take yourself so seriously. You can have an agenda, that is fine. Just the same, others can have their opinion. You want to throw out numbers and act like those are the only things that matter. And, when you get thrown something that goes contrary to your agenda, you ignore it (remember when I told you about Martins yards on 3rd and 6+, and you said "Where? I would like to see that"). When that happens all of a sudden the aganda shifts in other directions For once, don't vbe the old codger that is never wrong And again, please don't put words in my mouth that I NEVER wrote.
  20. Get ready for incoming from Sav. And then when you challenge him on it, he will dance around his point
  21. Their defense will be outstanding. The LB unit will be reminiscent of the days of yore. Dan Connor is a true stud. The questions remain about O-line, how much Robinson can progress at QB and can tehy integrate the young talent at WR. 8-3 is a possibility. I hesitate to go higher than that. That woudl be a good start in reclaiming some former glory
  22. Sav-n't resort to making things up just to backpedal your way out of something you can't defend with facts- Show me where I said Martin had less draw plays than Jordan. Show me where. Man, stick to teh truth, will ya
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