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  1. TX-Maybe I wasn't clear-You ABSOMUTELY want every player in the fold. Again, I don't consider the 2nd round down to be that difficult to deal with-The precedents are there and are pretty hard and fast-Unless someone is being unreasonable, round 2 and down should be a slam dunk. Round 1 is where your holdouts will come from. Now, having the 32 pick should not be that hard. As I stated it is usually 1-15 that wait for the dominos to fall. I am not sure how many camps open today. My guess is that at least half the teams will have all their picks signed befroe they go in. The Jets should be one of them. The teams will usually wait until teh "last minute" to get these done to gain any leverage they have.
  2. Your remarks on the Jets are pointed, candid, sharp, and in many cases deserved. Sometimes you take a trite observation and blow it up into a huge deal, but that is the privilege of a rival fan, and certainly of a rival fan that has had the recent successes as your. Top the victor goes the spoils. Impressive still, is you can still be critical (rare times, yes) of your own club. There that is the end of the preamble-teh question-Where you as critical of your Pats, say 5 years ago and moving forward as you are of these Jets? Reason being, the franchises, up until that point, where not too disimilar. I am just wondering if there was "fair and equal" coverage by TX at that time on his team, or if there is more of a vociferous partisn opinion based on the Jets alone? Thanks?
  3. TX-I really don't consider 2nd round picks and beyond anything to ever worry about getting into camp. If you have a 2nd rounder (or lower) holding out going into camp, you either have a very obtuse draftee, a overly frugal club, a disjointed agent or something very haywire. Those picks are slotted efficintly and fall in order. It is those 1-15 picks that are the hardest to fall. Touting that the team at #32 and all their subsequent picks are in house in not a lot to toot a horn over. Neither will I be impressed if the Jets get their picks in. In terms of teh Jets and Pats, with where they drafted, they had BETTER get those picks in or something is wrong
  4. Signing the #32 pick is not ground breaking folks.
  5. TS you are incorrect. In order to have any "contract" both parties have to agree to teh premise. In this case , Abraham has not agreed to teh Jets tender. He IS NOT under contract. What he is UNABLE to do is play for any other team, but he is not under contract. By tendering,the Jets have allowed themselves to have sole negotiating rights. That is far from a contract.
  6. UMMMMM Sav-You can't fine a a player who is franchised and does not report to camp. You just CAN'T do it.
  7. 4h I disagree. Blocking schemes and cohesion on an offensive line can't be overrated enough. DE is often a game of one on one match-ups. I understand your point, but I would disagree that O-line is a plug and play position
  8. I have read before that Florio has some connections in teh Dolphins org., and may evenm be a fan of theirs, and likes to tweak Jet fans. Consider the source. The last sentence is hilarious. Pure yellow journalism
  9. I liked it beeter when there was not a face to go along with the veil of evil Way to pony up TX
  10. Walter Jones always held out on his FA tender till the last possible m0ment, and always was ready when teh bell rang. Not that the 2 are related in any way, but a player CAN come in, with an absence of work in casmp, and fit into a scheme and play well
  11. Jetmo-You realize that stuff isn't real dont ya?
  12. Wow-That just floors me. I was guessing 14 or 15. He does seem to have this one patch of grey hair, and I though the kid was just prematurely greying. I thought the kid had a pretty decent use of teh English language for a relatively tender age. It all makes sense now. I feel cheated in some way
  13. Rigs-Nice article, thanks for sharing that. Vande's style somewhat limits him. I saw many plays where they would have him fake attacking the edge as if on an option, and then drop back to pass conventionally in teh pocket. That is hard for a qb to do, and defenses caught onto it sure enough. If he is in Vande, he has to have a good head on his shoulders and be tough. I liked his moxie in pressure situations and he never seemed too flustered. He was constantly in a hurry up mode, when his team was out of it. Kudos to your team for recognizing him
  14. Rigs-Agree with your QB assessments. Charlie Whitehurst? He has nice speed and athletic talent, but a 1st rd NFL talent? C'mon. Cutler has a lot of guts at Vande. The kid gets smacked in the mouth and comes back on teh next play like nothing happened. He runs a hurry up well and is not afraid to fit a ball in a tight spot
  15. Did they lose Gaguili, or whatever that QB's name was? Weren't they Jeckel and Hyde team last year-awful to start and then a great finish?
  16. I can't see Young being a consistent QB on the college level, let alone the Pro level. He just doesn't have a quarterback presence. His eyes, his head, it is not looking downfield. He is looking to run and finding a seam. He is a heck of an athlete, I will give him credit for that. Tacklers seem to bounce off of him. I just don't like Big 12 QB's either. They just sdon't seem to have systems that are QB friendly.
  17. As impressive was the running of true freshman Hart. I swear, I saw that kid get at least 35 carries in a couple of games, and get stronger. I am not a Michigan booster, but if they get any defense, and these kids improve, they will be a handful
  18. Rigs-How do you feel about Henne? As far as pure QB talent, I would have to at least put him on par with Ainge. He certainl;y will be a better pro prospect. I cant see how Penn State let that kid slip through their fingers.
  19. The Big East is really a glorified Mountain West now. It is a Conference, much like the WAC was where if you have a Ty Detmer or a Robbie Bosco and a system, they can put up huge numbers because they don't have the qyality or size throughout the conference to stop them. East Carolina was the same for a few years with Garrard at QB. I would probably put MAC in front of the Big East in quality football programs right now.
  20. Louisville may score 400 points this year against this conference. God, I wish that the NCAA would get to the point of the Super Conferences: ACC, PAC 10 , Big 10 (11), SEC, Big 12 and let these other Mtn West type conferences battle it out for a wild card. The dreg conferences are slowly being separarted more and more. Unfortunately, the Big East is now a dreg conference in football
  21. EB-You are differentiating the end zone from the rest of the field. The only difference that the end zone has that all it needs in order for a TD to be called, is the nose of the ball to break its front plane. That is with the preseumption , and it has to be, that the player has established both feet in teh plaing field. In your end zone receiver scenario, the player has yet to establish possion anywhere on the field, which of course he must do to complete a pass.
  22. Let me help the kid out: When you cross the goal line and then are pushed out-YOU WERE ALREADY ESTABLISHED IN THE FIELD OF PLAY. In your example of the receiver-The receiver still has yet to establish (2 feet in the playing field with possesion) himself in the field.
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