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  1. TX and I are actually authoring a book together. It is titled "A tale of 2 Forums". We already have numerous movie offers. We are currently deciding where to preview this book.
  2. The overall body of work speaks pretty well for itself though
  3. And yet, when I think of Brady, all I can envision is that little sissy underarm flip that cost him the Dolphins game
  4. Incognito-Didn't he get drafted in teh 5th round? :wink:
  5. Paranoia runs deep. Many times, when I am just in reading mode, I will not log in, and that shows me just as "guest" I am sure that there are many others that are doing the same.
  6. I am going to make a comment on teh Tom Shane/Matthew Modine TTRIBUTES: From the sig picture that Brenda has on her posts, if that is Tom with her in teh picture, he looks more like STAN LAUREL than he does Mathew Modine. Just my intial take
  7. I feel teh same disgust that I felt after going to my first frat party at Penn State. All I can do is shake my head leaving and saying "why did I ever go in there" :?
  8. This is officially the gayest thread I can remeber in my life. To help with my unease, I suggest instead of the "Girl Next Door", JN has the Girl on the floor"
  9. He was a leader in many ways-The first African American Co-Captain. he was a large part of the Philly sports talk scene and will be missed by many
  10. Pickens liked BOTH the Jets and the Giants growing up? Cut him now. He is certainly not a strong willed person. We will have none of that
  11. But, But , But, he is a FORMER first round pick. He HAS to be good
  12. I have the opportunity to see many Steeler games (my wife is a fan) and Scott was undoubtably the weak link in their secondary. When I would watch games with her family, and there was a TD pass thrown, inevitably , they would scream "Who was on him, Scott?" Inevitably, it was. I am sure BB will turn him into an all pro now
  13. I remeber the kid, the beginning of his freshman season, he struggled mightily with field goals and even soem extra points. He was a much ballyhooed kid coming from high school, and at Ohio State he was a babe in teh woods and had a bit of a problem adjusting. He did, though, very quickly. My only worry would be if he got off to a slow start. And yes, I wanted him in the 2nd round
  14. At about week 3 of teh eseason, there were some in the country that were touting Nugent as a HEISMAN candidate. yes, a kicker. he meant that much to his team
  15. Shows how much they know-They Heath Miller would be "cheaper"-Well, Miller will earn a first round paycheck and guaranteed money, while Jolley is earning close to vet minimum and teh Jets can cut him with no penalty.
  16. Interesting, Pat fans can crow all week about the value of teh draft and how you have to get true value, but then they go ahead and justfy the Manwich pick.
  17. I say 3 of the final 7 picks are O-line. Time to start re-stocking that area
  18. ESPN's bottom line sucks Why can't they do it like they did in teh past with a crawl across the bottom with all the picks in order, interrupt it to announce the new pick, pick up where they left off. No continuity
  19. With the re-gning of Reed, the Jets look committed to a rotation of DT next to Robertson. They can sitaution teh position rotating fresh bodies
  20. I like my kicker to come from Ohio State. Open ended stadium on one side with lots of wind. He is money inside of 50. Even outside of it
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