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  1. This stupid rumor was started on an ESPN fan forum with a supposed quoting from Clayton. Unfortunately, teh word Cleveland word spelled wrong repeatedly in a blurb that was supposed to have originated from Clayton. I can't believe thses tools picked this up and that this has propogated so long. It was a false rumor about 2 weeks ago
  2. You gotta love the Pat fans. I could tell you legions of posts that I saw deriding Bill Bellichick upon his hiring, after his bleak first year, as well as at the Milloy cutting, following the bad year after the SB. Now, because the "Genius" has won three, through a magical mystical progression of "genius osmosis" through Gillette Stadium, the FANS have now all become geniuses and can tell you precisely what is wrong with EVERY OTHER football team in teh league. The day in teh sun is certainly fun for some, and I will not take that away from them. But some, I fear, have been in the sun too long.
  3. None of your analysisan be done on the past 3 years of rosters? Pretty shoddy analysis. You claim teh Jets don't have competition at positions, and teh coaching staff makes it so, yet offer nothing in terms of evidence
  4. I can only assume, then, that your point is without merit. You refuse to say who wthe Jets should be starting in place of teh starters they currently have. Anyone can say-Competition breeds a sense of urgency from players. You make that generalization like you have some insight on teh Jets, yet fail to characterize with any specifics.
  5. That was on HBO, and I recommend others watch it. Ewing was simply amazing in some of that footage. Hoya paranoia was real. Villanova had some guys doing snow too. That was a classic SI expose that came out a couple of years afterwards
  6. Ok for what I believe is the 3rd time in this thread-Quit with theh protyope pat GM answer of "competition creates urgency", and tell us specifically who should be starting over whom? YIKES
  7. We drafted his dad (I will never forget a quote from a taxi driver "The Jets drafted some dame at RB), so we might as well drfat him. Nice burst from Barber on the outside. He can move a pile at times to.
  8. For the folks scoring at home, this is etiquette rule "D" in starting a forum-Shower your posters with praise and extol their comments :wink:
  9. Since you were at ALL of teh practices, exactly WHAT back-ups deserved to start over what starters?
  10. And how he once nursed a wounded 'possum of his teat.
  11. Oh, I thought this was going to be about Frank Grimes, of The Simposons character fame (Grimey). He passed away a while ago
  12. Exactly WHAT has Lamont Jordan showed that now automatically makes as a "savior of franchises" Just because you are a pats fan, does not make you automatically correct on every football opinion that is grey at best.
  13. Garb-Need I remind you, that it was YOU that was ready to CAN one BILL BELLICHICK immediately after the Lawyer Milloy dumping.
  14. Yeah, we know Parcells does not covet players he is familiar with Nor would he EVER trade 2 first round picks for ANY player
  15. SJ-Great to see ya-Appreciate your perspective, although ours is always not the same.
  16. I was shooting for matching nipple rings, but jackets it is :wink:
  17. Max-That is fair-If someone does not like something, it is their right to not have to re-visit. To critique is downright crude. Listen, while I don't know many of you personally, and am far from the "in" crowd, the knowledge and quality that is represented here is far better than some of the games that are being played now. Sorry for my chirping
  18. This is really beyond silly. Excuse me, but this is like recess with both sides drawing a line in the sand. There just seems to be a lot of primping, and frankly, it is a little absurd. You know what, there is room for BOTH sites to co-exist. To me there is something that BOTH sites offer. When FOX came along, I loved watching Married with Children and Get a Life. Sure, I watched NBC, CBS and ABC a little bit less, but they were all a part of my entertainment attention. This notion that one is better than the other, or that one is more high and mighty is just damn ignorant. The chest beating is just plain dramatic, by now. You both offer something different. And, in the marketplace of ideas, that is a GREAT thing. There are plenty of Jet fans to go around, as well, there are plenty to be shared. I am not making a stand for one over the other, moreso a stand for both. Excuse me for going off on a tangent. I probably will be banned on both sites now
  19. The reason they are building a new stadium is so that they can have luxury boxes and charge a premium for them. As well, they (WoodY) are looking to increase the value of their franchise. PSL's are just the fringe benefit they get
  20. I like Orlovsky. He is one tough kid and helped put that program on the map. I hope someone takes him. He would be a fine back up in thsi league
  21. Right-You are stuck with the conundrum of paying large money to a very good RT, OR you are paying large money for a mediocre LT. Giants are in a tough spot. Bad signing overall.
  22. I actually read it in a Yahoo sports blurb, which linked it back to Fanball.com which said it came from teh Daily News. I am too lazy to go back-Sorry
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