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  1. TS-Who is to say that the player(s) that th eJets are enamored with at 26, have the grades to be where they are at 47 and 57? You woudl rather they reach at 26, to say that they sat tight, rather than parlaying the pick into inaother player, a pick and the ability to still get the players they want? We don't have the luxury of knowing how their draft board is stacked, and it is premptuous to fully comment otherwise
  2. [quote name='" Scott, we have had this conversation for three years and I assume that you're talking to me directly. I defy you to point out where I have been proven "wrong." Donnie Henderson? Where I was pissed at the embarrassment of the SEARCH process that was going on in which legit DC's laughed at us while Terry conducted his search through the media? And then we end up with the fourth choice in Donnie Henderson? Has Donnie worked out? Yes. Was the DC search conducted in a humiliating, embarrassing fashion? No question.[/quote'] TS-The only areas that I can point out where you have been wrong, is by extremely UNDERestimating the Jets win total the past 2 years. Other than that small oversight, nothing jumps out at me directly :wink:
  3. That was so obvious that I can't believe RS would reach that far. C'mon RS, bash the trade, but don't use noncomparable instances to prove a point.
  4. MAY have been cut. Essentially, on value, teh Jets gave up a 3rd round pick here
  5. I said this the night of teh Pitt debacle. We really need to see how the Dyson situation plays out. Otherwise, other needs are too great
  6. "you are never done dealing" If he were the 49ers he would take a qb-would not say who Said both qbs would be good players
  7. Got a good player We feel draft is strong in the 2nd and 3rd Allows the Jets to be flexible Allows them to "play poker"
  8. RS-We don't have the luxury of seeing the Jets draft board and how they have it stacked. While you mention players that are projected around that area for 26, who is to say teh Jets do not have other players of equal talent (their evaluation), that will be there in the second round for them? Woudl you rather that they sit at 26, take the player they have evaluated equal, then take that "reach" pick, only to have "experts" like you say "they could have had that player in teh second. How do you win you are against that type of reasoning, and worse, that type of uninformed opinion?
  9. I honestly did not see much of his Raider days, but I liked him at BYU. He had very good pass route running abilities and knew how to get open. It is a factor that he comes from a pass happy offense such as BYU's
  10. Was the Mark Gastineau story. Nice to see little interviews with Bobby Jackson, Joe Fields, Klecko. etc. One thing that I did not realize, and I guess I had my head in the sand, was that the real reason that Gastineau skipped out with Brigitte was that he was aware that there were going to be reports on his steroid use to come up. They claim that Gastineau's nuts were as small as peanuts One reviled guy
  11. Because, it is very possible that there is no deal to be had with teh Raiders at that time. Once the Jets delay, they move onto another trade partner.
  12. TX-I think it is fair to say that Jolley is aplayer that Bradway likes. I can assume that he feels he is a player that will make his team better, and he feels the deal is one that will benefit the team as an overall aspect (the picks). Whether that is true, I understand is debateable. Now, let's talk about timing. You see TX, the Jets are NOT the only team that the Raiders can trade with. There are other teams that they can move into the first round, without havin g to deal with the Jets. Granted, the other trade partner might not have Jolley included with it, but lets make the assumption (as it has been widely reported) that the Raiders were hot to move into the 1st round. Now, keeping this simple for you, teh Jets have a deal in principle with teh Raiders, they like th edeal that they have, they know that the Raiders are looking to moveinto teh first. Gee TX, WHY do you think they concluded the trade today? get it?
  13. OK TX-Tell me-Who is a GUARNATEE to fall to 26 in thsi draft? Thsi drfat is bereft of sure talent beyond number 10. It has been a while since I have seen such limited talent in teh back end of a first round. My prediction earlier this week was to expect more trades in the first round than any draft in recent history. That may come true. Justin Miller?-5/10.5 CBs do NOTHING for me-I can get a return man in round 5. Heath Miller?-Slow and injured do not add up to first rd grades for me Matt Jones? PLEASE get off teh high horse TX and throw the crystal ball talk away and talk FOOTBALL> Try it-you might like it
  14. I will trump you-ANybody who makes Conference Champiuonship matchups in April is a fool
  15. I swear, some people on this site are more of a fan of trying to be the first to say "I told you so", no matter how many times they have been proven wrong in the past, only to come back time after time, to have the temper tantrum.
  16. Uh oh, Now who will tell us what a bust Robertson was to draft? Oh wait a minute, all of thsi scouting can be done via newspapers and message boards, which is exactly what people have done to scout Jolley.
  17. The words STUD and the draft position #26 are diametrically opposed in this draft. Get a grip
  18. I have had quite enough of 5-10 1/2 Corners getting outphysicalled in this kleague. To call Miller a sure shut down corner is a mild long shot
  19. OK, I give in. Please, now tell me what absolute, can't miss stud is sitting there at 26? And if you tell me Matt Jones, I will hurl.
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