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  1. The point REMAINS-could they not have drafted the same player later and converted the pick into something more? It is ultra nitpicky comment, but based on some of the comments here the last couple of days, one that needs to be asked
  2. How did I fall asleep for 3 minutes there? Some kind of drone
  3. The genius tag is getting to him. He now wants to prove he can win with inferior players and will draft them in that order. It keeps the "genius" label intact
  4. Now, if I were one to question a team's moves, and b e ultra critcial without knowledge of a plan, I COULD write-Coulkdn't they have traded down and still got this guy later? Don't they understand value?
  5. I think they have had 3. Didn't they go to the Bowl 10 years ago?
  6. It's a good pick. I actually think they get a little value
  7. Agreed-They are doing everything within thier power to give him weapons. I guess this finally makes the Peerless Price experiment look silly
  8. As much as I hate to admit it, Michigam is a football factory and their players come very prepared to play in the NFL
  9. Just my feel in watching both players. I saw Jackson probably 5 or 6 times, while I saw Smith maybe only twice. I tend to think that SEC Corners coming out tend to fare better overall, on average than Big 10 CB's. But that is a generalization, and one that OI don't think fits in this case. Again, JMO
  10. I totally disagree- You have to be able to chuck at the line with leverage and control your body. Tall CB's that are athletic are much preferable over shorter ones. JMO
  11. Marlin Jackson is a ball Hawk and positions his body very well. I know one thing, I did not see any WR's running by him, so his speed can't be that poor. He is a FOOTBALL player
  12. That would have been my pick if we were still at 26. If he is sitting around 35, I say we should make a move for him. Give a 4 next year
  13. He is 5-10 standing on a phone book. He does not fit Bradways prototype CB-He likes them tall and physical. Note that Aaron Glenn was ridden out (partly due to salary). The Jets, typically, have been very careful NOT to select players with scrapes with the law.
  14. Justin Miller is SO MUCH NOT a Jets player, it is silly. Bradway DOES NOT want undersized corners. Neither do I
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