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  1. LionelRichie


    That was one of the most impressive NYJ drives in years.
  2. LionelRichie


    Lack of discipline is astounding.
  3. LionelRichie

    Why Bruce Arians is so bullish on Jets future

    I think Bowles may actually be a good defensive football mind and likely a good DC. Basically Rex without the bluster. Punting from midfield down 2 scores with 4 minutes left is not a great football mind. I think the whole HC thing is too much for Todd but defensively he’s probably fine.
  4. LionelRichie

    Buster Skrine to IR?

    Addition by subtraction
  5. for the denver broncos....after going toe-to-toe with the KC Chiefs they are underdogs vs. NY Jets.
  6. LionelRichie

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    Amazing that no where in bowles playbook is there a defense to stop the short crossing route. hopefully the next HC has a play for that.
  7. Bottom line is this team is just killing time with bolwes. He may ultimately be a good coach, he may not. It doesn’t really matter because he has no ability to develop a franchise QB. You see Payton, McVay, Pederson, Reid, McCarthy and then there’s Bowles. There is no chance that he can develop Darnold. We need a guy to take the reins and work with this kid to help him become great. The sooner that happens the better. There is no chance it’s bowles so the team should move on sooner rather than later.
  8. I like the team names. They should relegate the Jets to the AAF if they keep playing like crap.
  9. LionelRichie

    Ok I rewatched the game... Sam was fine

    I am personally so tired of watching Bowles try to run out the clock with 30+ minutes left. This reminded me of the Matt Moore Mia game last year and bolwes just doesn’t learn.
  10. LionelRichie

    The more I watch the Jets

    Tannehill's completion % was alarmingly high. It's reminiscent of just about every QB who'd played against the Jets since Bowles took over and he now has the best secondary that money can buy (or draft). The players play the game but some of it has to fall to coaching and scheme.
  11. Myers really? He's the first kicker i can remember who consistently puts the kickoff through the endzone. I would say Charone Peake for specials. you only hear his name called for the 1 block in the back penalty he seems to get every game and he just hasn't progressed as a WR. Offense - ardarious stewart. Defense - Skrine is a an easy pick, but so far i have been totally underwhelmed by trumain johnson. I expected a shutdown corner for $16M / year and I just haven't been impressed so far. Hopefully that changes over the next few games.
  12. this is a terrible post. everyone on this board loves the jets. you don't spend time on the internet if you don't love the team, sure we may disagree about some of the decisions but we all want to see success. this team hasn't won sh*t in 30+ years, so maybe, just maybe we are right more than wrong when we disagree with the decisions that get made.
  13. I have no problem with revis looking for more money. the big issue is revis lack of effort his last year with the jets. that's the deal breaker for me and most fans. careers are short and go your cash, just put the effort in and we will love you forever.
  14. LionelRichie

    Mandela effect?

    easy to say that the jets will suck. clueless to say to say the jets go 0-16 when they play dolphins 2x, bills 2x, and browns.
  15. zone blocking in the run game looked great. the entire OL was moving as a unit and the rb's were looking for the cutback lanes. my biggest concern with the OL is depth - this team is 1 injury away from Qvale protecting the franchise...not good.

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