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  1. FWIW, falk looks better than geno, sh*tpatrick, hack, petty, simian, and McCown.
  2. The bad footwork is fine for dinks and dunks but the deep ball is inaccurate. Otherwise he’s fine.
  3. I remember this offense from the waterboy. At some point they should take a knee 3 times and punt
  4. impressive press conference. you get the sense that GW doesn't care what team he coaches for he just wants to be a coach. he would have the same demeanor and philosophy coaching high school as he does the NYJ. like westhoff he is going to coach until he can't physically do it - the guy just loves football. i'll be interested to see how the pass rush and cb's perform in the games. you can tell that GW loves his players but how much homerism is there vs. reality? sunday can't get here soon enough.
  5. Sunday's game will be interesting... I don't think we have any idea what the Jets are going to be this year. They have glaring deficiencies at CB+OLB, the OL is a mystery, and nobody knows what to expect from Laveon. I expect the jets to play zone all game to mitigate big plays, keep allen in the pocket, and force him to make consecutive accurate throws to drive down the field. If the Jets can generate any pass rush at all with the front 4 the Bills are going to have a long day. On offense Darnold is special. He's the generational QB we've been waiting all of our lives for and as Jets fans we can't believe we finally have him. We are conditioned to expect the worst and Darnold has so far lived up to expectations. Jets and Bills are both ascending teams. The Jets roster is a mess and still 1-2 years given the Maccagnan drafting disaster. The Bills are building a nice program but Allen isn't Darnold and his ceiling is still a huge ?. I think teams will ultimately figure out how to attack the numerous Jets weaknesses but week 1, new HC + DC and the Jets have the edge at home. I think there's room in the playoffs for either Bills or Jets but not both so this game means a lot in the scheme of things.
  6. Douglas and Gase are new. We fans have been watching the jets muff punts for the last 5 years and Cannon cannot catch a punt to save his life.
  7. If I'm GW I focus almost exclusively on redzone defense and try to just hold teams to FG's. it's similar to parcells when he was here and what the Pats* do well every year - bend but don't break. If the Jets are last in yards allowed but somewhere in the middle of the pack in pts allowed I think the D could be good enough to keep the team in games. Everyone expects GW to blitz but I think this is a zone team that tackles well. I think you'll see zone blitzes but rarely will you see our CB's in 1-on-1. Keep the game in front, make the tackle, and be opportunistic with turnovers. It only takes 1 holding penalty or sack to kill a drive and other than the elite QB's it's just not that easy to march down the field and score a TD every time. 5 FG's + 1 TD is only 22 points and I think the Jets can score more than that this year. If they give up TD's they obviously lose but yards are not going to hurt them.

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