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  1. LionelRichie

    Peter Schrager mock

    a team with no starting C or RT may want to trade down and build an OL to protect their franchise QB
  2. LionelRichie

    Bell Reality Check

    Best rb AND wr this team has had in over a decade. I’ll take my chances for 13m/year.
  3. Any chance osemele plays RT? I’m pretty sure that’s where he played in Balt and college.
  4. LionelRichie

    Who is Plan B at center?

    interesting perspective. I would thing RT is more important given that from what I remember the Jets don't have one at all heading into the off-season.
  5. Agree in principle but not entirely. By incorporating darnold into the process you are accomplishing a few things at once. 1) you are letting the HC know that darnold is THE guy and your job is to build the O around him. There’s no excuses for ‘he doesn’t fit my system so give me a chance with my guy’. 2) darnold is now personally invested in making the relationship work as he had ‘ownership’ in the process. Whether his input mattered is irrelevant, he was part of the process so he should fee empowered.
  6. It just looked like the rams offense was overwhelmed and quit. From the QB to the star RB to the OL to the HC, the offense just quit. Pathetic
  7. LionelRichie


    when you drink excessively you start to confuse TV shows you've watched with real life
  8. LionelRichie


    for all the talent on the rams offense they look remarkably like the jets tonight
  9. LionelRichie

    Gase Interview: Pro Football Talk

    I listened to the entire interview and remarkably little was actually said. Jets are going to put in work, darnold wants to learn, you can now do 3-way Skype, lots of travel involved with coaching interviews.
  10. As long as he confinues to have a backup safety cover deandre Hopkins 1-on-1 Tampa will be just fine
  11. LionelRichie

    the naysayers are planting the seed

    Williams is overrated as a DC. Somehow the bounty gate actually made him into this defensive genius. In reality, his teams have underachieved their talent levels at almost every stop he’s made, including Cleveland last year.
  12. LionelRichie

    Dowell Loggains Hired as OC

    I think you give Bowles too much credit. Watching the pats double cover Hill last week reminded me of just how bad Bowles was. He tried to cover a top 3 WR with a backup safety. Rex always has a game plan specific to the team he played. Bowles was just plain awful.
  13. LionelRichie

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    I like Funchess and he won't break the bank.
  14. LionelRichie

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    At least the jets aren’t bringing a knife to a gunfight next year. We finally have a qb that can put up points
  15. LionelRichie

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Pretty sure rex beat the pats* in the playoffs

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