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  1. The defense looks better without the tiny lb
  2. He must read the forum and is concerned about draft position
  3. Watching darnold gives me hope at end of another dismal season
  4. LionelRichie

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    Rex summarily beat rivers and would do it again with these jets in the playoffs. Don’t hijack this thread. It’s about Whisenhunt not rivers.
  5. LionelRichie

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    He took the cardinals (jets of the west) to the the super bowl. He’s the best option. Ps. No rivers isn’t elite. Brady and Rodgers are elite, rivers is good
  6. Haven’t seen a jet more open in years. And rivers isn’t exactly elite Someone talk me out of it.
  7. LionelRichie

    Chiefs-Chargers Thursday Night Football

    Let’s hold off on the Andy Reid proclamations. His teams have historically let down in the playoffs and the game is just different in the cold. That being said, watching Mahomes make plays is amazing. He does things you’ve just never seen before and he just looks like he’s having fun out there.
  8. I just always assumed there was a league rule precluding the jets from playing a home playoff game
  9. I would definitely prefer an experienced HC who specializes in offense. My top 2 right now are Whisenhunt and McCarthy. I want to see darnold develop and will take perennial contender as a floor any day of the week.
  10. LionelRichie

    Tanking only matters when you need a QB

    Didn’t Tampa pull their starters at halftime while winning their last game of the year to guarantee the #1 overall pick? Pretty sure Indy did something similar when sucking for luck
  11. I honesty don’t know that much about McCarthy but his game management, especially in the playoffs, seemed to be suspect. The packers definitely had more opportunities to make it further with a generational QB McCarthy didn’t so much lose control of the team as he lost control of Rodgers. A change of scenery will be good for him and he would be a big improvement over Bowles and would certainly be good for darnolds development
  12. Would like to see Ken Whisenhunt on the list
  13. It's not luck, it's a function of the dysfunction of this franchise. The NYJ is where OC's go to die. If you are a smart, up and coming QB coach or offensive mind why would you ever come to be OC of the NYJ? Bates wasn't the first choice. Hell he was probably the only guy who would take the job. Essentially a lame duck HC, little talent, and a history of 1 and done OC's.
  14. this team just plain sucks, period. you can blame bowles, blame mac, blame the players...doesn't matter they just suck top to bottom and are no fun to watch right now. enjoy the free sunday afternoons and wait for july.
  15. LionelRichie

    Todd’s post pats presser

    I resign as HC of NYJ

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