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  1. bowles is the only HC I’ve ever seen punt from mid-field down 2 scores with 6 minutes left.
  2. funny thing about bowles - he sounds a lot like parcells when he talks. the big question to me anyways is whether he has big bill's intellect for the game. while bowles has always sounded like a coach he hasn't been able to show it on the field. this year is a big year for him. darnold is clearly the future, what bowles does with him is going to dictate whether or not he's around to see it. if bowles can't show he can field a top 10 defense (why he was hired) and develop darnold, then we'll see an offensive minded HC take over next year. the entire franchise now comes down to "what can you do with darnold" whether anyone wants to admit or not.
  3. LionelRichie

    Bates Says Darnold Could be Week 1 Starter

    Darnold is the starter, period. They have McCown in case Darnold crashes and burns during preseason but barring disaster the job is his. McCown is a nice safety blanket if Darnold sh*ts the bed during the season. You can always plug McCown in to hold the fort for a few games while Darnold regroups but we should all rejoice that Darnold is the Jets QB for the next 15 years.
  4. LionelRichie

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    I read the entire thread and all I came away with is ‘how the hell did the NYJ get darnold at pick 3’?
  5. Unless darnold lays a turd in training camp he is the week 1 starter. the Jets didn't draft darnold to sit and you don't get any better from the bench. this team will take it's lumps but the goal is '19 and beyond and a i don't see how a hackshirt season benefits darnold.
  6. LionelRichie

    Petty Cut

    The trade talk was a bs transparent attempt to remind the league that Petty was still in it. Teams are clearly not concerned there will be a bidding war for Petty’s services.
  7. were all of the draft eligible OL taken in the first 2 rounds?
  8. LionelRichie

    Teams are trying to trade for Petty again

    Nobody is calling the jets about Petty. This ‘leak’ is just a transparent attempt by the Jets FO to remind the league that Petty is still on a roster somewhere.
  9. This is all the Jets leaking and promoting this rumor. My guess is there is almost zero chance a team would give up anything substantive for Petty. If anything, I see this as the Jets way of reminding the NFL that Petty even exists.
  10. LionelRichie

    So we got a QB....

    Jets should be set at QB for the next 15 years. in the last 15 years we've had something like 13 or 14 QB's, now we should have 1. that in itself is amazing.
  11. LionelRichie

    Macc beclowns himself, no one notices the irony

    In a QB driven league the GM of an NFL franchise was comfortable with a depth chart that goes McCown / Petty / Hackenburg. I don't care if Watson never plays another down in the NFL, you can't take a Safety at 6 ahead of potential franchise QB's.
  12. Macc's pre-draft presser: “I know everybody seems to be locked in on that. I don’t know why,” Maccagnan said. “We actually may take a safety this year. I’m just joking. The quarterback is such an important position. There’s always going to be a focal point that this may be a position of interest for us, but we’ll see how it plays itself out.” The same guy who passed on both Mahomes and Watson to draft a Safety is now making funnies about it. It's like Macc is literally making fun of himself for taking a Safety at #6 last year with both QB's on the board and the opportunity to move down.
  13. I'll wait for IncarceratedBob to chime in with the real scoop before forming my opinion.