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  1. Nursing homes have elderly who can’t care for themselves, so most likely some underlying condition or compromised immune system but those numbers are astounding. my big question for those who want to ‘keep it locked down’, is what is the difference between next month, next year, and now? What is going to be the big change between an arbitrary July date and tomorrow? I don’t mean that in a snarky way either, but what is going to change? The medical system is not even close to overwhelmed so the curve has been flattened, but now the goal posts have been moved. So what is the difference between opening now and opening next year?
  2. Check out ‘white lines’ before you decide. I couldn’t decide if it was serious or a parody of itself - one of the worst shows I’ve seen on Netflix
  3. I live in va as well. In a state of about 9M people we have about 1400 deaths to date, 1000 of which were over 70 years old and mostly concentrated to nursing homes. We have 0 deaths under 20, and 42 total deaths under 50. 42 deaths under 50 in a state of 9M people. Why are we closed? today, a 10 yo girl was run over by a car in Arlington because she wasn’t at school where she belonged. we shut down everything and accomplished nothing. The virus is still here, the health care system was never at risk of being overrun, and flattening the curve was achieved 2 months ago. The states that are opening aren’t seeing an exponential increase in deaths, in fact most are declining. After 3.5 months of covid the mean age of death from the virus is 80, while the life expectancy in the US is 78.2 years. These are all facts, not politics or opinion. now that va is partially opened people are jamming into every place imaginable - probably a bad idea but a result of the draconian shutdown that accomplished nothing.
  4. I could be way off on tua but he seems like a Pennington lite to me. Soft tosser who benefited from the talent around him. I’m not an expert but I could have seen him being ok in a dome but he is going to suck in the afc East because he can’t break a pain of glass with his arm. Maybe I’m missing something but he’s more detmer than young. Not seeing his game translate to the nfl.
  5. I own a small business and getting the PPP loan was a sh*t show but it came through. The American economy will come back but it will look different. Restaurants will be basically wiped out, drive in theaters will come back, movies, airlines, and retail will undergo a major restructuring. I’m not afraid of the virus but I still won’t feel comfortable flying for a while. Manufacturing will move way from China but remain mostly in asia with critical capabilities coming back onshore or near shore. Things will change but we are still the best game in town. The sooner things open the better obviously. 50% of jobs are from small business so this is a huge problem in the short term but American ingenuity is what makes us special and we will survive.
  6. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. literally millions of people have sacrificed their lives and died for the words above. The ‘models’ that are guiding decision making are not peer reviewed and have serious flaws. Ny has made just about every wrong decision and is the skewing the rest of the country’s numbers. 30M people have had their livelihood taken away based on decisions based on fear not data. The data doesn’t support the fear, the fear is guiding decision making and America is ceding it’s rights without disagreement, which scares me much more than a virus that kills 1 of 10000 people without underlying conditions.
  7. Maye is a stud, hopefully this is a leak to help with extension negotiations
  8. so driving is dangerous and we’re better off at home? I guess we should ban highways to ensure there is no risk. The virus was scary, there was no data. Now that there is real data it doesn’t support the extent of the statewide lockdowns. We should be protecting the at risk and engaging in moderate distancing not shutting the country down and destroying the welfare of 20m+ people.
  9. I don't think so. I downloaded the data from the CDC website. The NYT is selectively referencing NYC - which is basically ground zero for the worldwide pandemic. The entire US is down year-over-year. Follow the link that I provided to the CDC website and download the excel data yourself. If you can find a flaw in my #'s I would be happy to admit the mistake. It would be funny but not surprising to see the NYT just making things up. I can tell you for sure that one of us is wrong, and I took the data directly from the CDC website where it's available to everyone. Here is the exact #"s: 2018-19 - week 13 - 56,672 | 2019-2020 week 13 - 52,285 Week 13 is the last week of March. They start at week 40 for year which is the first week of the government FY - first week of October.
  10. Sweden, which did not lockdown the country, has the same death/million as Rhode Island. Right about the middle of the pack. Their plan was to incur the bulk of their deaths rather than prolong (i.e flatten). I cannot reiterate this enough, flatten the curve results in the same total deaths it just takes longer. Sweden is taking the spike upfront to get it over with - and they are still in better shape than about 1/3 of the 50 states.
  11. we shut down the country based on an internet meme
  12. https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/fluview/mortality.html follow the link and you can download the dataset. It has total deaths by week since 2015 and the numbers are generally the same - even this year.
  13. I don't want to get sucked into this again but this is again a post based on fear not data. there is so much wrong with your post: 1. The data is showing a 15-25x infection rate compared to positive tests so your mortality rate is off by a huge factor. The real mortality rate is probably around .2-.3% across the entire population: however, the mortality rate for under 18 w/o underlying issues is basically 0. The mortality rate for 18-45 without underlying conditions is abut 1 out of 10000. Based on those numbers the best approach is to isolate THE AT RISK and let the immunity spread through the non at-risk herd. Isolating the entire country is a disaster of a plan and you are seeing it as the virus is literally wiping out nursing homes that are being forced to accept COVID+ patients. NYC has literally wiped out entire nursing homes with this asinine policy. 2. You need to accept that you can't hide in your house forever. Once you accept that reality you realize that mitigation is about protecting the at-risk but not quarantining the country. The initial "slow the spread" was designed to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed. the HC system is not overwhelmed and not even near capacity so now it's time to protect the at-risk but WE NEED the non-risk people to build immunity. 3. You would think that bodies are piling up in the street based on all of the fear and reporting. Would you believe that deaths in the US for March and April are DOWN about 10% from 2019? That is a fact, you can download all of the datasets on the CDC website. Overall mortality in the US is down this year, there is no disputing that. 4. The virus is more of a regional issue than a national one. Nebraska and NY are totally different and the mortality rate of NY is 50x that of Nebraska. Sweden which took on a mitigation strategy has the same rate as Rhode Island which is "stay at home". A one size fits all is the wrong approach. 5. Flatten the curve still means the same # dead, it just takes longer - you do realize that right? the virus is here. it sucks that it's here, I hate that it's here, I wish it wasn't here. My wishes don't change the reality which is that the virus is here and it's not going away. Everyone needs to accept that. Now the question is what do we do going forward? You know my exit strategy - protect the at-risk with utmost urgency, prioritize PPE for the at-risk, and at-risk caregivers. For the people that aren't at-risk - the 1 in 10000 - if you're sick stay home, wash your hands, and don't touch your face. It's easy to sit on the internet and sow fear that is not based on fact or data. What do you suggest that we as a country do? What is your exit strategy?
  14. I’ll respect your site max but that’s not what the data says. Social distancing is slowing the death rate but the end result is the same. The virus sucks and I empathize with everyone effected by it but the volume under the curve is the same whether it’s steep or elongated. That’s just math. Now back to the NYJ
  15. No offense taken, other than the pine bluff part but it’s all good. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

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