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  1. NYP: The Whispers around Giants’ No. 2 pick

    Exactly what they would say if they wanted Allen.
  2. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    I read the entire interview on ESPN and the kid comes across as a world-class douche. I get that he's a kid and he throws a beautiful ball but he is definitely more Cutler than Rogers. As the future of the franchise I would pass, even though I am in love with the way he throws a football. To survive in NY you need to learn from Jeter, stick to sports, never say anything controversial, and perform in big spots. Rosen literally has an opinion about everything and he's not shy about sharing it.
  3. Lamar Jackson's Pro Day

    Green Bay would be perfect for him.
  4. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    Every fleeting thought in your mind does not need to be its own thread.
  5. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    Rosen looks like he was put on earth to throw a football - just not lead a football team. mayfield would be fun to root for as a fan. How can you not love the kid.
  6. Still trying to understand how we have a box safety in lieu of mahomes or Watson.
  7. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Are you seriously saying that Jamal Adams was the best player in the 2017 draft? He probably wasn’t even the best safety. In a QB league we took the 2nd or 3rd best safety. Awesome.
  8. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    The jets ‘tank’ is all bs used as an excuse for front office mismanagement. The jets had 2 options in the ‘17 draft: 1. Watson / mahomes at 6 2. Trade down and load up for ‘18 (darnold/Rosen) Nowhere in those options did draft box safety exist. If the jets traded with either Houston or KC they would be sitting in great position in the draft. Same holds true if they had taken one of the top QBs. Macc is fundamentally a fence sitting pussy who can’t go all-in in any direction.
  9. Trade Up Now or Wait For The Draft?

    Pretty sure the Eagles moved up to #2 and were happy to sit there an wait for the 2nd pick. Macc is such a pussy that I could totally see the Jets moving up to #4 and taking whichever QB is left.
  10. ftiz part deux

    this is a new level of ineptitude from this team and front office. The only reason I somewhat paid attention in '17 was the hope of '18 which is now gone IN MARCH - a new low for this franchise. regardless of missing out on Cousins I simply can't understand how this team signs 2 vets in a single day - an FU to the entire fanbase who has been desperate for a franchise QB since Namath.
  11. Interesting Tweet

    already saw this movie when it starred Fitzpatrick instead of McCown. Can't wait until summer when Falk is on field #4 throwing balls to the net and getting no reps because "we already have josh and teddy".
  12. The potential silver lining?

    The ultimate FU to the franchise and fan base is going to be watching Macc trade next years first rd pick to move back into rd 1 to draft a DT.
  13. ESPN: Keenum to sign with the Broncos

    I think elway is trying to get the best of both worlds. Win now with Keenum and draft a franchise qb at 5.
  14. Mark Gastineau was crying on radio station.

    Pretty sure Gastineau is getting like 500k per year as an NFL Pension. When you say he should be ‘taken care of’ how much more than 500k annually do you think is fair?