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  1. The jets stink. How many Jets could start for Buffalo? any? This team lacks talent, you can’t even tell if gase knows what he’s doing or not. This mess was years in the making and basically year 1.5 of the 3rd rebuild in a decade.
  2. I’ve been a proponent of this move for years, I never knew the league could veto it
  3. This is just stupid. A properly fitted surgical mask, changed at regular intervals, with sterilized hands, and no touching of said mask certainly will restrict the spread of the disease for symptomatic people. that dirty rag that people pull out of their pockets to go to Whole Foods, not so much.
  4. yet another covid thread destined for a lock...so before it does I'll contribute. I have both kids and parents so I tune out the news and focus on the actual data. I happen live in VA which publishes data daily related to the covid. VA has about 9.5 million people. We have both high density population and rural counties and are fairly representative of the US as a whole. So far we have 2,467 deaths from the covid. 1,829 (74%) were over 70 years old, 1,325 of which were in nursing homes. 91 were under 50, 4 were under 30, and 0 under 20 years old. To put those #'s in perspective, in the 2018-19 Flu season VA has 4,395 deaths associated with the flu 6 of which were kids (which scares me as a parent). In 2019 we had no masks, no fear, and a vaccine yet we had almost 2x the deaths and we had kids dying. My mom is 70 years old so if she were to get the covid she would probably have around a 8% chance of dying. That personally scares me but it's still a 92% chance of survival for a 70 year old, so it's really up to each person if they are glass half empty or half full. I get that the Jets and Giants don't play in Virginia and I'm not picking a side, just pointing to the actual data which can all be found on the VA Dept of Health Website. Maybe NJ is dramatically different.
  5. What’s with the bras ? Is that a covid thing?
  6. This year’s version of deflated footballs, videotaping signals, and flukey headsets is going to be the ‘false positive’ at fox borough. BB has already get the test kits ordered for the opposing team.
  7. This whole thing is just Jamal trying to get a new deal with a big SB before the cap potentially goes down next year. Jamal is a great player, the best on the team by far. But he’s still a safety and he’s smart to try to cash in now before the cap collapses. not sure how this ends but the only landing spots are teams trying to win in 2020. Nobody is going to pay him with this cap uncertainty.
  8. I live in Virginia. The state provides very detailed #’s related to COVID-19. You can see from the stats that has disproportionately hit the elderly in long term care facilities. We have a state of 9M and so far we have zero deaths under 20 years old and 52 total deaths under 50. 65% of deaths were long term care facilities - meaning people who are elderly and can’t take care of themselves. The deaths don’t take into account pre-existing conditions but the #’s tell a far different story than is what’s being reported. https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/
  9. So, so wrong. clemson is a college town. They recently opened the bars (nothing to do with fed pressure ) and the results are that COVID is running rampant through the town and campus. A friend of the family’s daughter just graduated and she stayed there for the summer and is now Covid positive. She is mildly sick and totally fine. The kids don’t care and aren’t scared - it’s more inconvenience to them than anything.
  10. Nursing homes have elderly who can’t care for themselves, so most likely some underlying condition or compromised immune system but those numbers are astounding. my big question for those who want to ‘keep it locked down’, is what is the difference between next month, next year, and now? What is going to be the big change between an arbitrary July date and tomorrow? I don’t mean that in a snarky way either, but what is going to change? The medical system is not even close to overwhelmed so the curve has been flattened, but now the goal posts have been moved. So what is the difference between opening now and opening next year?
  11. Check out ‘white lines’ before you decide. I couldn’t decide if it was serious or a parody of itself - one of the worst shows I’ve seen on Netflix
  12. I live in va as well. In a state of about 9M people we have about 1400 deaths to date, 1000 of which were over 70 years old and mostly concentrated to nursing homes. We have 0 deaths under 20, and 42 total deaths under 50. 42 deaths under 50 in a state of 9M people. Why are we closed? today, a 10 yo girl was run over by a car in Arlington because she wasn’t at school where she belonged. we shut down everything and accomplished nothing. The virus is still here, the health care system was never at risk of being overrun, and flattening the curve was achieved 2 months ago. The states that are opening aren’t seeing an exponential increase in deaths, in fact most are declining. After 3.5 months of covid the mean age of death from the virus is 80, while the life expectancy in the US is 78.2 years. These are all facts, not politics or opinion. now that va is partially opened people are jamming into every place imaginable - probably a bad idea but a result of the draconian shutdown that accomplished nothing.
  13. I could be way off on tua but he seems like a Pennington lite to me. Soft tosser who benefited from the talent around him. I’m not an expert but I could have seen him being ok in a dome but he is going to suck in the afc East because he can’t break a pain of glass with his arm. Maybe I’m missing something but he’s more detmer than young. Not seeing his game translate to the nfl.

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