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  1. Lol, I remember the raiders running 17 consecutive times vs the Ted Cottrell / Herm D.
  2. AVT is a freaking savage. I can’t believe we got him after drafting zw.
  3. No chance this is a finished product this year. I’m just looking for speed, talent, and hope.
  4. Watching JD operate this off-season makes you wonder about 2020. it really seems like JD's focus was clearing the deck (Gase included) and in hindsight he didn't put a lot of effort into the team last year. It certainly seems like there is a clear vision and plan...just seems like Gase wasn't part of it and the real effort starts now. I am cautiously optimistic that at least one of Zuniga or Clark fit the Saleh/Lafleur profile and just redshirted last year with Gase/Williams.
  5. Last year was a rudderless ship with Gase. This is an organized team with a real plan. JD, saleh and lafleur are all on the same page with each and every pick
  6. Looking forward to the Lawrence vs Wilson game already
  7. Best interior OL in the draft, this team is building a foundation not just making random picks like they have for the last decade
  8. I ******* love saleh. This org is going to lift you not the other way around.
  9. Another starter at #34 snd we are definitely Italy starting to suck less. would love to see a legit TE to pair with mims
  10. Left side of OL is beast and will be together for a decade.
  11. Everybody knows safeties win championships
  12. I think the plan is to win in the next 3-6 years and you need a QB on a rookie contract or early in the 1st extension. If they took the SF package for #2, built the team, snd went 8-8 then what do you do next year? The qb’s coming out don’t look great and you are now stuck 2-3 years into the saleh tenure. I think the plan and view is that this is the ‘rebuild’ starting saleh’s first day and the Jets now have a 4-6 year window to win.
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