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  1. Once they drafted him he was a sunk cost. Adams is not the reason this team sucks
  2. Yet on the same team, in the same secondary, and the same meeting room Trumain Johnson makes over 3x as much money. Adams is not the problem on this team. Yes, he was over drafted but he is not the problem
  3. Really is too bad the Jets never a had a chance to draft Allen this year
  4. This year’s schedule is super front loaded and other than a winnable Bills game, the record is about right. Most of us thought this was a 7-9 win team which is still very possible. The schedule is about to turn dramatically and while this team is still void of talent, the next 7 games are winnable and will say a lot about Gase and the team. Last night was brutal but if the jets are 7-6 or 6-7 after 13 games, does your opinion change?
  5. Hard to believe but if the jets beat Jax they would likely be favored in the next 6 games.
  6. panic is the exact right word to describe the performance last night. I think it's a combination of poor fundamentals and anticipating the jail break due to an atrocious OL. I believe that Gase is a good x/o guy and has a good football mind but Darnold needs to dramatically imrpove his fundamentals or his ceiling is going to be much lower than we hoped.
  7. I’m pretty much done for the year. At this point there’s really not even anything to build around and or look forward to. Hard to see the jets being competitive next year either.
  8. Our QB looks terrible, when does Darnold get back from mono?
  9. Jets don’t have a single player on O who could start for NE
  10. Adams, Mosley, and possibly Poole are the only jets who could start for NE. it’s a talent problem.

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