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  1. The jets turnover GM’s every 3-4 years so this is the opportunity to interview for the 2022 position. Take the interview and get on the radar. It’s also not a dead-end. Everyone seems to land on their feet to fail again. When you look at the track record (not including Carroll) HC’s and GMs seem to suck just as bad elsewhere as they did with the Jets
  2. not quite. This team needs to improve dramatically from the last 3 sh*t shows but w/o a Center and CB the playoffs may not be in reach this year. Draft board and value are words that should only be used when you have a Center and 2 starting CB's.
  3. "on paper" is a myth. The value in a market is determined by what buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept. I am sure the Jets contacted 28 teams to unload Lee and this is the best that they could do. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Macc had a slightly better draft day offer that he rejected to save face for yet another bad draft pick but Lee's value dropped significantly once the Jets signed Mosely so he's worth what they received in return.
  4. Once they couldn't move Lee during the draft you had to know that there was basically no market for him. A 6th is better than nothing and he likely would have been cut during camp. Another failed NY Jets draft pick. I wonder what pres thinks about it.
  5. This certainly seems to be true. I could see CJ participating in the off-season planning and continually listening to Gase ask Macc "who is going to play Center?"
  6. random draft thoughts: 1. Macc clearly wanted to move down and ended up with Q. No-brainer of a pick but the real issue is that no one wanted to move up. If this was a "generational" player you figure that someone would want to trade up, so NFL GM's think as a whole that Q isn't that much better than the next available DT. 2. BPA - what if a C or OG is never the best player available in any given draft? what if it lasts a decade? you end of with Jonnatan Harrison as your C... 3. Polite - I have no issues with the pick. it's a 3rd rd pick and his play is better than his combine. He can't be any worse than Macc's other 3rd rd picks. 4. Wesco - can they bulk him up to an athletic OT? 5. Edoga - OL is a definite need, hopefully the kid can play. 6. Lee / Leo - no trade market whatsoever for these 2. No surprise they are still on the team, I guess with Leo the thought is that Williams will somehow get more out of him. Day 3 is always aggravating with Macc. He tries to get cute and show how smart he is with these mini-trades instead of just identifying talent. The kid from Rutgers is a bit of a head scratcher. I doubt he ever makes it to the NFL so that seems like a bit of a waste. Other than that, it is what it is. 6 years of drafting futility has created this mess, not sure 1 draft could fix it with a great GM. I hope these moves work out, still not sure there is a plan.
  7. before training camp, bag of balls
  8. Gase is heading into a season with backup C and no starting RT
  9. the DT heavy draft highlighted why there is almost no market for L Williams.
  10. 15-3 is probably too much of a jump
  11. a team with no starting C or RT may want to trade down and build an OL to protect their franchise QB
  12. Best rb AND wr this team has had in over a decade. I’ll take my chances for 13m/year.
  13. Any chance osemele plays RT? I’m pretty sure that’s where he played in Balt and college.
  14. interesting perspective. I would thing RT is more important given that from what I remember the Jets don't have one at all heading into the off-season.
  15. Agree in principle but not entirely. By incorporating darnold into the process you are accomplishing a few things at once. 1) you are letting the HC know that darnold is THE guy and your job is to build the O around him. There’s no excuses for ‘he doesn’t fit my system so give me a chance with my guy’. 2) darnold is now personally invested in making the relationship work as he had ‘ownership’ in the process. Whether his input mattered is irrelevant, he was part of the process so he should fee empowered.
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