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  1. 1) It’s Bolivian not bolivia 2) when he opted out didn’t he say something about taking the year off to find his flame or some other such nonsense? Doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to play ball anymore.
  2. Watson would have to redo his contract or it’s a non-starter. 13% of the salary cap seems to be magic #. Anything over that and teams are too constrained to win it all. Mahomes new deal doesn’t kick in for another year, will be interesting to see what happens to KC when they can’t afford to pay anyone except mahomes.
  3. removing the workout warriors from the mix and relying on film + college coach input will probably improve the drafting process. The 'small school' guys are definitely going to be harder to evaluate and it will be interesting to see what happens if this process ends up better.
  4. Doesn't seem like he wants to play football anymore. What happens if he just fades into bolivian and retires?
  5. It’s tough to gauge anything from a press conf but I actually like saleh so far. Staley says he’s going to ‘feature’ his best players and out them in the best position. Wow!!! Why didn’t Lynn think of that??? Saleh is coming with a system on both sides of the ball. He’s going to make the most of what we have and replace the guys that don’t fit. Rex had a fit on d and a slogan on O. Saleh actually has a plan so now we’ll see if it works.
  6. Lafluer is picking the rb that best fits the system. After 2 days as HC the one thing evident from saleh is that he is committed to a system on both sides of the ball.
  7. I did listen to the Kay interview. Saleh said specifically that he had a type of player that fits both the Offensive and Defensive schemes and the would tell JD + JD's staff exactly what he was looking for. What I took from that is that JD + staff are going to scout, assemble profiles on players they think fit the scheme, there would be a lot of collaboration, but ultimately it's Saleh who is in charge (i.e. setting the draft board, prioritizing FA's). Free Agency is definitely a collaborative effort. I'm sure Saleh has players he likes but they need to fit into the cap + salary structure that JD has in mind. Same is true for draft day trades. It definitely sounds like a partnership but I think Saleh gets his way on most key decisions.
  8. I just listened to the Saleh interview and it appears to me that Saleh is the king of this org and Douglas is part of his staff. I think this is the structure that Douglas also wants, manage the cap, find the players THAT FIT what Saleh wants, and I think their vision is aligned. My take is that this now Saleh's team and Saleh's org and I'm pretty sure that Joe D is on-board.
  9. I think one of the biggest #'s in the NFL is the % of cap space that a QB consumes in a given year. If you look at the the last 20+ years I think the max cap % is in the 12-13% for a super bowl winning QB and usually less than 10%. I would trade 3 1st rd. picks for Watson if and only if he renegotiated his contract to salary at 12% of the annual cap. That would allow the team the financial flexibility to build around him. I'm sure his agent would say no but it's innovative and would show a commitment to winning not just $. Otherwise the math just doesn't work. You are going to have a playoff QB but won't win any SB's. At > 13% of the cap you're better off passing on Watson + building a great team and trying to win with a QB on a rookie deal, a reclamation project like Tannehill/Mariota, declining vet (Stafford), or Journeyman
  10. Imagine the faith these guys have in Saleh to come to the NYJ. This franchise is where OC's careers come to die and Saleh seems to putting together a credible offensive staff.
  11. I don’t buy the Rooney rule nonsense. The Jets have hired 2 black head coaches and both aaron Glenn and bienemy are legit HC candidates. The Jets are looking for what, in their mind, is the best candidate for HC. Their judgement has historically be awful but I can’t imagine JD interviewing people because of the color of their skin. It’s actually a little insulting to Bienemy + Glenn to insinuate that.
  12. I remember watching Bienemy run at Colorado 30 years ago. He’s been around football his entire life, both at college and NFL levels. I’m sure he can run an entire program. I don’t even think it matters that he doesn’t call the plays at KC. In fact, I think it’s better if the HC isn’t calling plays during the game. Maybe he brings Kafka with him, maybe he already has an OC in mind. Personally I’d rather see EB get a shot with this miserable franchise than see Marvin Lewis or Mike McCarthy type.
  13. So much of being a good HC is based on ability to build a staff. Seems like Glenn would really struggle with that but overall would be pretty excited to give him a chance vs. the flavor of the month coordinators you typically see.
  14. No, I mean playing RT at all. If I’m Sewells agent I tell the Jets to stay away, my client is a franchise LT and isn’t playing RT.
  15. Biggest problem I see with Sewell is that you can't play 2 LT's and the financial difference b/w RT + LT is too much to force one of them to move. I totally agree on the cheap QB, we'll see what happens with this year's playoffs but I think the highest salary cap % of a SB winning QB was in the 12-13% range. The cheapest QB's in the playoffs this year are Ravens, Chiefs, Bills which all rank near the bottom of the NFL.

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