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  1. Was at the game yesterday and Hicks just looks lost and overmatched out there. He could barely make contact...no idea what he's doing but it isn't baseball.
  2. I think the FQB mega contracts have changed the dynamic in the NFL. It seems like the new model is gaining more traction: build the team first then get the vet QB and try to win in the limited window. You saw both the Bucs and Rams win Super Bowls and Indy has a great team with their 3rd vet QB in 3 years trying to win it all. Denver didn't bother drafting another QB, Cleveland got Watson but gave him a mega-contract so they don't really count. I think you'll see Miami make the same move next year and bounce Tua for a vet rather than drafting a QB. If the OL is as good as advertised and Wilson/Moore/Hall are studs then this team is a vet QB away from competing for the AFC in '23. With the crazy contracts being paid to WR's it's almost like the $ allocation has changed and the GM's realized there is a point of diminishing returns with QB pay.
  3. Seems like the plan is to give Zach every chance to succeed but to have a ready-made offense for a vet (Jimmy G or Tannehill maybe), if Zach doesn't take a step forward.
  4. so many young guys contributing it's going to be a crap shoot. Is Garret Wilson more jamar chase or n'keal harry? Does Becton come back nasty or stay puff? Can zach play in the nfl? can anyone play LB? The Jets season has basically been over by Halloween for the last decade and over by October for the last 5 years. Now they know they have to beat some good teams to have meaningful games in November, if they can't do that then we get another off-season super bowl.
  5. this schedule is fake news....Vikings in England week 4 which I am pretty sure gets them a week 5 bye. @ seattle 1pm is also a hard no.
  6. Agreed. The jets now have 3 players who can score any time they touch the ball from anywhere on the field. Last time they had that was Toon, walker, McNeil.
  7. This team is in desperate need of lb’s. Great draft so far but the lb’s are terrible.
  8. I’m cool with adding to the OL, JD just has to figure it out without always needing 1st rounders.
  9. Lol, this entire board spent the last season lamenting Zach Wilson’s inability to process information and read defenses. The 3 years before that it was all about how Darnold could read a D and needed to scramble to be effective.
  10. The jets need two starting outside linebackers so I’m not sure the safety as much of a priority as everybody makes it out to be
  11. I am burnt out from the Jets season being over by October. In the off-season becomes the only thing of interest. Our Super Bowl is in April
  12. I still believe if all the OT's are there at 4 then JD gets a decent offer to move back.
  13. Is Wilson at 10 better that much better than Olave at 35? It's possible that Olave is gone by then and they have to move back up to rd 1 to get him....but same point.
  14. Kind of feel like if all the OT’s are available at 4 the jets move back.
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