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  1. the risk is that Wilson gets PTSD from the beating. Entering '21 with van rotten + mcgovern as 40% of the protection for the franchise QB was totally inexcusable. So far wilson looks resilient but there is a long way to go. agree with everything else re: playing the kids and building a foundation, but you simply have to protect the franchise once you make that commitment. you can fix the cap before ZW gets a 2nd contract but you can't fix Zach if he gets twitchy from all the hits.
  2. Zach is totally screwed lining up behind McGovern and van rotten and he knows it. I hope ‘22 has a real OL to give the kid a chance.
  3. Ultimately, Rex Ryan is going to be the Billy Martin of the NYJ. I could see him hired and fired a few more times.
  4. Yep, that's pretty much how it works. If they offered Linsley more $, he probably comes here. There were several FA's who are an upgrade to van rotten, yet van rotten and McGovern are 40% of the team protecting our #1 asset. You can fix the cap later, but you cannot allow Zach to get shell-shocked in yr 1. I expected the team to suck, but I expected JD to protect the franchise.
  5. I have no problem with the young coaches learning on the job. The only issue I have with this team is the franchise changing commitment to a rookie QB and then fielding such a sh*t OL. You can't have Wilson starting behind BOTH van rotten and McGovern. That is simply inexcusable, especially with a system guy like Linsley being available in FA. My biggest concern is that Wilson gets ruined before he gets started. He has definitely regressed since the beating he took in week 1.
  6. You think this would get covered in the OL film session, not a great look throwing your rookie LG under the bus to deflect blame on twitter.
  7. that's what my biggest problem is. JD knew they were drafting Wilson and leaving the OL such a mess is criminal. Everyone says Linsley wasn't coming here. He got $62.5/5, if we offer 75M/5, he's a NYJ. Sure we'd lose a little cap space but the cap can get cleaned up before ZW needs a 2nd contract and it's more important to protect ZW than to save a few $ on the OL. You cannot have an OL that includes BOTH mcgovern + van rotten.
  8. The roster is total garbage so it’s really not all on saleh. The 1 big criticism I see is the neutering of Zach today. You don’t draft Wilson to be a game manager; let the kid throw it and live with the mistakes.
  9. The roster is trash, they are literally signing guys off the street wand playing them on D. 2+ years from JD and this can’t happen.
  10. This team is trash, maybe there’s a plan but JD has been here 2+ years and there is legit no talent on the field. Convince me that JD isn’t a fat Idzik .
  11. Pretty sure the plan was to start Lewis with Clarke as the backup and GVR either 3rd string or cut. Not that that was a great plan to begin with but losing both Lewis and Clarke didn't do the OL any favors
  12. Exit Only. Didn’t realize this thing required an owners manual, it usually just has a mind of its own.
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