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  1. Your 2 paragraphs are in direct conflict with each other and you can’t have it both ways. The long term solution was available if the team went 1-15 (with a loss to Cle). Fitzcown is a recipe for wash-rinse-repeat.
  2. Rosen will win multiple super bowls with the NY Giants. I am ready to roll the dice with Baker Mayfield. unfortunately he will never see the field with Bowles as HC.
  3. Great post. The problem isn't taking a chance on hack - the problem is not seeing the flaws and passing on Watson & mahomes to let hack 'develop'. If you roll the dice on hack then you roll them again on better prospects rather than going with a safety.
  4. It’s not rocket science just look at the franchise tag by position.
  5. No, but if you pay cousins or jimmy G you can draft part of an OL and use wilk’s 17M to buy the rest.
  6. Breer On Josh Allen

    Still can’t believe the giants are getting Rosen.
  7. remember how all you heard from the eagles last season was "chase daniel" gives us the best chance to win?
  8. major improvement from bowles as he didn't punt down 12 with 3 minutes left.
  9. team just isn't very good on natural grass
  10. do they even practice the onside kick ? that was horrid.
  11. looking forward to hearing how Josh gives us the "best chance to win" at 4-10.
  12. I've been watching this game for 30+ years.
  13. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    it's more of a theme with macc - his 1st rd picks so far are DT, ILB (tiny), S - none of which are impact positions in today's NFL. if i was GM I probably would have rolled the dice on WR consecutive picks after lee. my big problem with Macc was the '17 draft where we could have traded down and added an '18 1st or taken mahomes or watson. both of those QB's would have provide hope to a fan base desperate for a future. right now the team is overachieving but at best treading water. this team needs game changers - QB, WR, OLB, OT. what has Macc done to address those positions? we have a $17M JAG at DE, $6M in revis sitting on his couch, and $6M in dead money for TB's backup QB.
  14. yet a police officer is 18x more likely to be shot by a black man than he is to shoot an unarmed black man. statistics are a powerful thing. 'merica' in general finds it hard to take coddled multi-millionares seriously when they claim oppression. in a 24 x 7 x 365 media world you inherently have a platform for protest or to have your voice heard. there are over 10,000 minutes in a week, the NFL asks you to be stand and salute the people who sacrificed everything so you could live your life of luxury. all things considered not much to ask.