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  1. I thought pinnock had promise as a rookie and in camp this year, very disappointed he’s gone. It may be time to think about converting hall to safety, he doesn’t seem to have the speed to be an nfl CB.
  2. Still trying to understand letting Pinnock go with such week safety play.
  3. Garrett Wilson is the best player on offense, please figure out how to get him the ball. Thank you.
  4. Conspiracy theory: Saleh doesn't want a QB controversy when Wilson comes back and thinks that while Flacco is bad, the running game and defense are good enough to squeak by at 2-2.
  5. I don't understand some of the roster management so far this year. Seemed like Pinnock (2nd year player) continued to improved and contributed on specials and he's now active Sundays with the Giants while our safeties were toasted vs. Baltimore specials were anything but.
  6. Jimmy G with a full year to let his shoulder recover, Tannehill, or Mariota. There's talent on the team but it doesn't matter if we get nothing from the QB position.
  7. and the worst of it is we know with absolute certainty that this CS is going to play the flacco statue when there are 2 much more mobile qb's available. another season with basically nothing to look forward to
  8. Down 21 points in the 4th quarter and the offense was huddling up and running the play clock down like they were up 3 scores...the whole offense was low energy from start to finish led by captain low energy himself. Flacco looked like he was moving in slow motion all game...dude needs a redbull or something.
  9. If my grandmother had balls she’d be my grandfather.
  10. If the team had just run wildcat all day today they probably score about the same or more. The offense just can’t be the same next week. Put strevelerwood back there, pound the ball and find a way to get the ball to Wilson and Moore. You can’t run the same o with Flacco and expect different results. It was just hopeless and that’s not where this team should be
  11. Offense looked like a bunch of random plays with no real plan. Could be any of a bunch of factors but that’s what it looked like to me.
  12. The offense was just boring AF and couldn’t convert a 3rd down to save their lives. Just was not a professional offense and they have legit speed and game breakers. Balt was I their 3rd string OT too so the injuries aren’t a valid excuse
  13. Check out ‘the four foundations of golf’ great book to lower your handicap. I have a job, kids, and life and the game is more fun with better scores since reading that book.
  14. When you’re upside is 24-9 you freaking go for it. Saleh playing to not get blown out is trash. The analytics say go for it so go for it.
  15. All of the young coaches go for 4th and inches after the Wilson catch and run. Saleh didn’t challenge the spot, or even consider going for it. Wrong guy to lead the team forward, period.
  16. Have not had an offensive identity since ground and pound. It’s like a bunch of random plays and never a cohesive drive. But I totally agree that it’s been about a decade and doesn’t make any sense
  17. Wtf is wrong with this team, down 3 td’s and running the clock down
  18. Flacco is just hopeless. At least streveler can give you a ray Lucas like offense
  19. I am so tired of watching Corey Davis drop passes. Just play Wilson already
  20. Team is hanging in there so far. The penalty was an awful call and the int sucked but we can definitely win this game.
  21. Wouldn’t want to be flacco’s Achilles
  22. Another kinda stupid thread covering the same topics. If anything, I’m most worried about the lack of defensive team specific, week to week game plans. On paper we should have the players to slow down the ravens 1 dimensional offense, if we give up 30 it’s all on saleh.
  23. Saleh and JD are both safe, first scapegoat is Ulbrich - as jet fans we’ve seen this movie.
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