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  1. Exit Only. Didn’t realize this thing required an owners manual, it usually just has a mind of its own.
  2. Doubt we see becton again this season. He is going to have 10 months to get in shape for ‘22. No more excuses.
  3. 90s ny knicks strategy....we could bring Oakley in as assistant OL coach to show how it's done
  4. 1. I expected the Jets to lose. I expected the DB's to get eaten up by a good Panthers WR group. Was pleasantly surprised by how well the DB's played, obviously getting down to the 3rd string safety was a problem. 2. It was criminal to put that sh*t OL out there with our rookie franchise QB. To let him take such a beating with the same JAGs on the OL from last year is totally unacceptable. 3. Find a way to protect Zach or roll the Captain out there to take the beating, they just cannot afford to ruin this kid.
  5. Don’t hold your breath for the NYJ to get that call….ever
  6. I’m not worried about the results or the record, just destroying our rookie QB a la David Carr who was never the same.
  7. exactly. on pace for 100+ sacks of our rookie, franchise QB is not a thing going forward.
  8. I would bet even $ that we don't see him again this season. I hope he uses the rehab and time away to shed 30-50 lb's otherwise this is going to be a wash, rinse, repeat with him.
  9. in fairness, I think they expected Lewis to be the starter which brings with it its own set of questions. Overall a total JD failure to have this poor of an OL with a rookie QB and 3 years to build it. This is how you ruin rookie QB's. If the OL was going to be this bad they should have just signed a vet QB and let Wilson watch rather than watch him get killed every week.
  10. Zach is going to turn into David Carr if he takes this kind of beating every week. There is no way that this can continue. I will never understand how JD can allow the season to start with GVR and McGovern on the field. Totally inexcusable.
  11. that's what really burns my ass about it. We finally have a franchise QB and completely hamstring him with no OL to effectively run the ball or protect him. GVR + McGovern were both terrible last year and yet here they are again - totally inexcusable.
  12. I was impressed by the kids in d. The cb’s were fine, the rookie LB’s were fine, the whole D was fine. They are putting the foundation in this year. The OL is an embarrassment.
  13. Wilson is going to have growing pains but he is definitely fun to watch
  14. We are hanging right in there. Wilson is going to be fine, the OL is worrisome
  15. Byron leftwich is going to be a great HC. Not ready yet but he’s going to be great.
  16. Somewhat unpopular here, but it makes you appreciate the Rex gameplan in the playoffs where Brady was completely befuddled.
  17. I’ll be happy as long as it’s a fun team to watch lose. Watching over paid players not give an f was terrible, let’s see what the kids can do and keep Zach safe
  18. I like the way Saleh is positive about Wilson's play, doesn't insult the backups, and doesn't go all Rex fanboy over 2 quarters of PS football. I know it's an almost throwaway question but he handles it about as well as you can.
  19. lol, you may have watched a few practices but you clearly know nothing about football. everyone knows that you gameplan practices.
  20. Hard to argue with the jets on this one. What happens if you sell all the tickets and don’t finish your payments ?
  21. Preseason with new staff and new players = 1 long tryout. The d won’t be good but it won’t be as bad as it looked last night. The coaches are still trying to figure out who is going to play. It’s definitely going to be ugly but at least we have a lot of picks next year to fix the holes
  22. Any chance they don’t want to use the real short yardage play-calls in preseason?
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