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  1. Green DNA

    OTA Pictures

    That's some industrial sized brace on Teddy's knee.
  2. Green DNA

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    The only troubling part of the article was the Jets communications czar of all people asking Mac "where you at"?
  3. Sports betting has been legal in the UK in what seems like forever and the fans are as passionate about their soccer teams as they ever were. The only difference I see is possibly the fantasy betting where team loyalty is sometimes secondary to the fantasy team. Gambling overall may not have a huge effect on loyalty but you will definitely be more pissed when the Jets give a late FG or TD and cost you some money.
  4. Green DNA

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    It sucks not to be able to have the stubs, or basically the whole ticket since they started scanning. I collected stubs to some great games going back a lot of years across multiple sports. They have basically killed that hobby for this generation of kids.
  5. Green DNA

    2018 Road Trips

    If it's an issue, the overflow can crash in the RV. How big is your septic tank?
  6. Green DNA

    2018 Road Trips

    Chicago sounds pretty good unless the Jets are already in the toilet. It would be good to see the famous NJ on his home turf.
  7. Green DNA

    2018 Road Trips

    Or you can fly and the travel time is 30 mins to a max of 3 hours.
  8. Green DNA

    Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    Wearing a F**K Trump hat is different than wearing a Hillary 2020 sweatshirt. If you don't think that this is an issue for a meddling owner like Woody then you haven't been paying attention. While little brother has been handling the day to day stuff, it is still Woody's team. Politics seems to affect business when it comes to kneeling for the anthem, just ask Seattle. I want Rosen, but it's the Jets we are talking about here.
  9. Green DNA

    Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    People are not paying enough attention to this. Woody is Trump's ambassador to the UK, a fairly significant cushy job. Woody is going to get grilled by his boss if his team drafts the guy that wore the **** Trump cap and given how things seem to work, Woody would soon be the ex-ambassador. Will Woody choose to preserve his cushy job or will he choose the future of his team? If Rosen is on the board and the Jets take Mayfield or Allen (most Jetsiest move) we will have our answer.
  10. Mostly an expectation of future potential based on past performance. Guys picked on potential based upon intangibles, great combine numbers and "only" fixing footwork are not what you are looking for at the top of the draft.
  11. Having watched the Jets draft for probably too many years, the one word that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb is "potential". Screw potential, if you haven't seen the guy perform well in actual games, do not draft them, period. Vernon Gholston had potential, Hackenburg supposedly had potential and has done nothing. F#ck potential.
  12. Green DNA

    Josh Allen

    You draft a top 5 pick based upon performance on the field and not potential / intangibles.
  13. Green DNA

    I'm back...........

    Welcome back, its been a while. Good times in Miami, we almost had a couple of brawls before we even sat in our seats. BP was at that game also.
  14. Maybe if Geno wasn't the most situationally unaware QB in the league he would have a job.
  15. The Jets didn't make an offer to a JAG linebacker. Shocker.