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  1. You could apply that argument to every former head coach with a losing record. Gase included.
  2. He did have a fair shot, coaching the Bills to a stellar 17-31 record over the course of 3 years.
  3. We can talk about injuries until the cows come home but I have had season tickets since 1984 and this is unquestionably the worst Jets offense I have ever seen. Even Bubby Brister managed to put some points on the board. As limited as Falk is, Gase did not put him in a position to succeed and I would expect that an "offensive genius" would come up with something creative to at least get past midfield once or twice.
  4. Well, you still need to answer for dumping your tix to a Fins fan in 1987.
  5. Is this what Chris Johnson meant when he said Gase was "coaching to where the game is going"?
  6. I'd still rather have Darnold who MAY be a franchise QB. You can't pass the opportunity to get one. Macc would have just screwed up the 3 picks like almost every other non first round pick that he made.
  7. As always, when faced with a fork in the road, the Jets go down the wrong path. Business as usual.
  8. You are what your record says you are
  9. Thank god the Jets didn't hire McCarthy with his 6 division titles and and .618 career winning percentage. Who needs a dinosaur like that when you can have someone that "coaches where the game is going".
  10. Still plenty of time for the typical Garrett underachieving mode to kick in.

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