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  1. Lots of facial hair on this team. It will take Wilson about three years to grow enough of a beard to fit in.
  2. The hypocrisy of Kaepernick is out in full bloom and his martyrdom will take a hit. Apparently Davis is the only NFL owner that is not a plantation owner.
  3. If you get to announce one of the day 2 picks, make us proud!!
  4. If you die of old age, who the hell is going to have the energy for 72 Virgins?
  5. I was going to type an original, witty response like "how about meaningful games in September or October", but I've already been ninja'd about 15 times in this thread.
  6. Sean Penn must be pissed. His threatened temper tantrum was completely negated thanks to "The Slap".
  7. So Will Smith doesn't have problem with a guy having his wife's cooch in his mouth, but does has a problem with a guy having her name in his mouth? Go figure.
  8. No big deal, we have a dumpster fire at MetLife every year.
  9. How dare you use facts to ruin a perfectly good argument.
  10. Chelsea has a really good run of success over the past decade plus. At least their fans will have a lot of good memories to fall back on when things turn to $hit under Woody.
  11. The whole stigmatism thing should be a non-issue, I'm sure all of us use an incorrect word once in a while. As far as everything else, you are assuming that all of the critics are white which I'm sure is not the case. Just look at the Wilson criticism which is coming from all races and ethnicities of Jets fandom. The same people are jizzing their pants over the thought of Amari Cooper becoming available so...... The concerns about dedication to football may or may not be valid in a discussion about any potential Jets draftees but while there may be an occasional a-hole in the crowd, Jets fans see only green when discussing their team. How else would you explain why so many white people love a team that is 70% Black players?
  12. You are so off base with this comment. Jets fans just want good, winning players that eat, sh*t and breathe football whether black, white, latino, asian or even if they come from Mars.
  13. The "bent over a table" look certainly doesn't hurt either.
  14. Obviously he must be cancelled because everyone is outraged by something that will be forgotten in about 12 minutes . As a coach he needs to set an example for college students and shouldn't be slapping anyone but maybe the punishment should fit the "crime". Suspend him for two games and then get ready for March Madness.
  15. The threshold for financial pain will be different depending on your stage in life in most instances. For me in my early 60's, it is a bucket list item. I told my son that if the Jets make it we will try go the game no matter what (within reason). I would be comfortable with up to $5k per ticket but probably would get caught up in it and go higher. Of course after the Jets get their asses kicked I would probably have buyers remorse. I would like the opportunity to have said remorse though.
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