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  1. I can't wait to hear Jamarcus Russell's thoughts about Wilson.
  2. He’s a bit stiff also. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Despite these comments, if Lawrence somehow ended up on the Jets, JN would be a Guinness Book of Records style circle jerk.
  4. People that don't pick up their dog's poop. Just because nobody is looking doesn't mean that you have the right to leave a dump in front of somebody else's house. Why turn your neighborhood into a huge unflushed toilet bowl?
  5. Thanks Sam, for not sending out an insincere "thank you" tweet.
  6. So OJ is taking a stab at being an analyst now?
  7. That was their choice, Sam chose not to. If anything, he should send out a tweet telling Jets fans to blow him after some of the stuff I've seen posted here.
  8. What Industry standard? Why do you think Sam is getting a "pass" for something that is strictly a personal decision? Who is in charge of determining whether someone gets a "pass" or not? What a bunch of nonsense.
  9. This would be to the Jets advantage. The value of the 2nd pick would increase exponentially if the Texans are locked in on Fields rather than taking whichever QB is available.
  10. The thing is that he even screwed up the uniforms, they are clownish looking.
  11. Great! Just look what he did with Peyton Manning.
  12. This is the most important word in your post. We don't know what the Jets think of these guys. IF you don't believe in either one, you can't force it and pray that they work out.
  13. Love the Oor Wullie! The Broon's can't be far behind!
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