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  1. I have a bigger problem with Robbie flapping his arms and taunting Ravens fans after scoring a touchdown when his team was still down by 3 touchdowns
  2. I always thought that the guy with the 90 foot RV was the other half. LOL. Everyone is at different stages of their lives and careers so the perspective on spending money varies greatly. My point is that everything is relative. If you can spend $5 grand on something that is gone in a week, $8 grand over 10+ years is easier to justify.
  3. I fully paid the $8 grand total for 2 seats in Mezz A, not as an investment but more to guarantee playoff tix when the glory years kicked in. Still waiting on that one. They are in the first row so I can usually get most of my money back on the tix, but I am also considering giving them up. The PSL fee, while annoying is not a huge financial consideration. If I go on a cruise or a weeklong vacation I will spend $5-8 thousand for the week and and then it is gone, so viewed with that perspective I still have the seats after 10 years and am fully aware that the PSL is worthless (actually eliminated now).
  4. There were a ton of $6 UD seats on stub hub.
  5. Actually, your seats are going up. That's a different email list.
  6. How about a rebate? The Jets have consistently failed to provide value equal to the cost of the tickets. If I paid for any other form of entertainment or service which delivered the same value relative to cost as the Jets, I would have made a change long ago.
  7. Its was more of a Frank Zappa reference, no way in hell I'd move to Montana
  8. Regardless of what happens with Gase, it's already well established that the Jets are highly dysfunctional from top to bottom.
  9. Nice write up but Special Teams killed the Jets in other ways. Twice Montgomery took the ball out of the end zone and failed to reach the 20. Both times there was a holding call and the Jets started a drive from their 7 yard line rather than the 25. Absolute stupidity.
  10. When he gets back into the general population, ask him to punch Incarcerated Bob in the throat. Thanks in advance.
  11. LOL Garrett. On his best day he is mediocre.
  12. Call within the next ten minutes and we will include a second Flowbee for free, just add S&H.
  13. The NFL is business like any other business. No business owner wants to hire someone that is as polarizing as Kaepernick and would alienate half of the fanbase. As a business owner, that is their right, no way Kap ends up back in the league.

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