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  1. Green DNA

    Opinions on Marcus Maye

    He's not a bad player in the fourth round.
  2. That's all the Jets need is for Webb to play well and give us a QB controversy. Maccagnan's head would explode.
  3. Green DNA

    Did the NFL just jump the shark?

    That's exactly what the sport has become, the Arena League with a longer field. Of course the Jets have yet to realize that.
  4. $100 says Woody rubbed one out to her that night.
  5. She is smoking hot. Admittedly I am in my 50's.
  6. Green DNA

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Thomas also said the Browns can run the table. LOL
  7. Right about now Darnold is probably wishing Cleveland had taken him at 1.
  8. Jason Garrett is not dictating terms to anybody. He has a track record of mediocrity and will be an OC at best when he finally gets canned in Dallas.
  9. If I was Darnold I would leave the boot on for the rest of the year. Better to wait for some competent coaching and a decent line.
  10. Green DNA

    Randy Fichtner (PIT OC)

    Three Pro-Bowlers on Steelers O-line. Let's hire their GM instead.
  11. FOCO me???? FOCO me???? FOCO you!!!!!
  12. Green DNA

    ok fist things first

    JN has always been a little gay but the thread title takes it to a whole new level. Fist?????
  13. Green DNA

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    Thank you! I had the opportunity to go and jumped on it. Lot's of golf and beach since then. If I can survive the winter without going nuts, I am all set.
  14. Green DNA

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    Congrats SJ. I took early retirement in April and I highly recommend it!
  15. Green DNA

    Next Head Coach?

    There's no debating his success at the the college level, but maybe that's where he belongs. He is 67 and it is a little late in the game to get a second chance. The Jets should hire a coach 20 years younger.

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