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  1. The way things are going, there could be 3 teams (Jets, Giants, Eagles) with 2 picks each in the top 10.
  2. Then what happens to the PSL investment gold?
  3. Last time he did that it ended up in case of mono.
  4. Yet Joe Buck was continually slobbering all over Adams' knob.
  5. Geno was on track to screw the Jets over just as he did when he played here. Luckily he reverted to just being Geno.
  6. Mangini did the opposite of climbing the career ladder. What comes after TE coaching job, Assistant Equipment Manager?
  7. Brian Costello's next assignment: Covering the 10th Avenue Street Fair.
  8. In for the obligatory Rusty Kuntz mention.
  9. Yes he was! It would have been a total mismatch with Savage69, Nightstalker and you on our side. That was before we even got to our seats, lol.
  10. Why would people complain about a glass of champagne?
  11. Oh man, terrible news. I remember my son and I having breakfast with you and Savage in Ft. Lauderdale before the Jets-Fins a few years back. Really nice guy with a great sense of humor. RIP Savage69!
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