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  1. The thing is that he even screwed up the uniforms, they are clownish looking.
  2. Great! Just look what he did with Peyton Manning.
  3. This is the most important word in your post. We don't know what the Jets think of these guys. IF you don't believe in either one, you can't force it and pray that they work out.
  4. Love the Oor Wullie! The Broon's can't be far behind!
  5. I agree, and he is number one on this USC NFL QB list. It's not an impressive list though. https://www.thesportster.com/football/ranking-the-usc-trojans-quarterbacks-who-played-in-the-nfl/
  6. USC never produces good QB's. Oh wait, that one is true.
  7. 0-7 in the playoffs is a losing record in meaningful games according to the math that I know. Lewis is perfect at coming up small in big games, so there is that. 131-122 is 9 games above .500 for his career. If you want average, then Lewis is your man.
  8. Regular season coaching record: 131 - 122. Thats a .518 winning pct, barely above .500. Playoff record 0-7. That's a .000 winning pct. If they hire him, my 36 year run as a season ticket holder will come to an abrupt end.
  9. He worked well next to Becton. Not sure about his pass blocking but he looked good on the "every run" clip above.
  10. It's laughable to see all the posters that were splooging all over themselves when we drafted Darnold, talking about how they knew he was bad at USC. Revisionist history at its best.
  11. Did Jamal just drop a massive deuce on the field? No wonder they traded him.
  12. Bad luck and bad memories is one thing (or two things), having a cartoonish uniform that looks like $hit is another. Just another bad decision by this sad sack franchise.

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