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  1. They were true visionaries, they just had it backwards. Both PSL's and medallions are worthless these days.
  2. Coach Mike Leach

    Brilliant! Nothing he said was untrue.
  3. Why is the venom directed towards Cox, he met a chick and banged her, good for him. He has no moral obligation to do a background check on her marital status or anything else. She on the other hand is a cheating bitch that went on a business trip and banged a football player. She is the one that went off the rails, this is 100% on her.
  4. Introduce a VIP membership @ $55 a pop. Problem solved.
  5. Your Garage After Winning LOTTO

    The probably needed a better accountant. Just effin' with you. LOL.
  6. USMNT not going to World Cup

    The purpose of injury time is to stop the BS time wasting, trying to preserve a lead with fake injuries. From that perspective it works. It just seems as if the amount of time added is arbitrary, although I'm sure the 4th official on the sideline is keeping track.
  7. I was at the game in Foxboro where Mo Lewis knocked out Bledsoe, it was two weeks after 9/11. I remember being quite happy to see this no-name QB Brady come into the game. What a dope, I have been unhappy ever since.
  8. Something has come up and I can't make this game. I have a pair in Mezz A, Section 205A, Row 3. Face value is $151 and I will let them go for $75 each, basically a buy one get one free. I put them on stubhub, but if you want to avoid their ridiculous commission, PM me if interested.
  9. The Cowboys have won 2 playoff games (both wildcard games) since 1996. The Jets have had more success in the playoffs over the past 20 years, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good argument. ** Disclaimer: This does not mean that the Jets don't suck and their owner is not clueless
  10. You are easily satisfied. The moon has a better view of the field than the upper deck seats in MetLife. I sit in Mezz A and have to go through a maze of corners and disjointed escalators to get to my seats. The place is also a firetrap and if a quick evacuation is needed there will be major casualties as the crush of people leaving under normal circumstances is scary. I have been to a lot of stadiums around the league and MetLife is the most poorly designed stadium I have ever been in. The architect should be blacklisted.
  11. OLine > Franchise QB

    Ummm, No!
  12. Will MetLife be this bad?

    Bad team plus exorbitant ticket prices = empty stadium.
  13. Mass Evacuations

    Old school!
  14. Mass Evacuations

    No porn?? WTF?? Stay safe!
  15. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Obviously the Pats giving the points