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  1. True. One outlier in his play calling career.
  2. So basically he will be doing the same thing that Hackett did with Green Bay, his only moderately successful seasons.
  3. A lot of the hate comes from the media. The headlines always used to read "GIANTS LOSE, jets win". They call the Giants BIG BLUE!! while the Jets are called Gang Green, in homage to a flesh killing bacteria. The only 2 times I have ever rooted for the Giants was against the Pats in the SB. Other than that, Fock 'em.
  4. I came across the LZNam business card the other day. You gave it to me when we were at the Jets game in Miami, which if memory serves me correctly almost devolved into combat.
  5. I'm sure "charlie" has fond memories of your time together lol.
  6. We just had to have Adam "coaching to where the game is going" Gase over McCarthy when McCarthy openly wanted the Jets job. Good times!
  7. He turned down $50m per year in September. How much do you pay him for his one career playoff win without hurting the rest of the team? Obviously the Ravens are getting tired of all of the winning that Lamar has brought them.
  8. So don't get Jimmy G because he is always injured but do get Lamar even though he is always injured. What am I missing here?
  9. and you will need to win the Powerball in order to meet his salary demands
  10. ....and turned down a 5 year $250m extension with $133m guaranteed before the season. How much do you pay for a guy with one playoff win?
  11. If someone was one of the "best" of a motley crew it does not make them good. Hackett was a horror show.
  12. Just having the system in place does not guarantee success, you need to have the right play caller. MLF seems to lack situational awareness and it gets a bit frustrating watching the team line up in an empty set shotgun on 3rd and 1 every single time.
  13. I saw the thread title and mistakenly thought there would be some spank bank material in here.
  14. Looks like a classic case of copulatory tie. Someone needs to throw cold water on them, it definitely works when dogs get stuck together.
  15. I guess the Ravens have gotten tired of winning all those SB's with Lamar at QB.
  16. Yet some who mention this are drooling over Jimmy G who happens to get injured every year.
  17. Flacco will light it up in his swan song, going out on a high note while screwing the Jets over in draft position. Impossible? unlikely? If you have been a Jets fan for any length of time, you know this is the outcome because that's how we roll.
  18. He consistently gets no push, we can do better.
  19. What does he envision the STH retention rate being after Woody prematurely decided to raise ticket prices prior to the SOJ epic collapse?
  20. The Jets have a tried and true tradition of mostly drafting the wrong guy since the 1970's.
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