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  1. If you can play football prepare to be drafted by the Jets
  2. I'm not referring to the numbers reported, there are more than enough local sources for that. I'm referring to the information about the disease, symptoms, facts fallacies and ways to protect yourself. Unless the Chinese have manipulated that also. 😉
  3. Interesting thread. Almost entertaining if it wasn't such a serious topic. Posters range from very chill to paranoid to tin foil hat type of stuff. Lost in the nonsense are some very rational, well thought out, factually correct posts. Don't rely on your friends, neighbors or JN posters for info about the virus, go to a reputable source: https://www.who.int/ Stay safe.
  4. LOL at Brady checking out Hernandez' package.
  5. If he is like Uncle Peyton then great, Uncle Eli, not so much.
  6. The 1st round safety is obvious, but with 12 picks there is no need to pick a (mediocre) pass catching TE in round 2. Your argument is that Idzik sucked less because he picked his terrible players in a more appropriate draft slot than Mac.
  7. I met Roger Staubach on a flight from Dallas to NY. He was sitting across the aisle from me and his wife was sitting at the window next to me. I asked him if he would like to switch seats, which of course he did. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then I left him alone. Nice guy. I also stood at the adjacent urinal to Don Shula's in Miami airport. Needless to say, no words (or glances) were exchanged no matter how hard he tried to get my attention.
  8. Actually, I did read your post, I just disagree with your premise. In 2014, with 12 picks: 1st round pick was a strong safety (Pryor) - positional value?? 2nd round pick was a TE (Amaro) - positional value?? 3rd round pick was an already injured CB (McDougle) that was an accident waiting to happen In a deep draft for WR, he waited until the 4th round to pick.... Jalen Saunders, a (terrible) punt returner and Shaq Lawson. Idzik was just as clueless on positional value as big Macc.
  9. What was the plan when he went 1 for 12 (8.3% success rate) in the 2014 draft?
  10. What a difference a day makes. There were a number of Lamar knob slobbering threads here before the game and now he's a bum. LOL.
  11. I used to hate Brian Cox with a passion. When he came to the Jets I loved him.
  12. I'm a big 'Gers fan back to the John Greig / Sandy Jardine days.
  13. Don't cloud the issue with facts!
  14. Is that tickets sold or the number of people that go through the turnstiles? The eyes don't lie, there were a bunch of empty seats at most of the Jets games. Then again, from the looks of things on tv, there are a bunch of empty seats in every stadium.
  15. Bienemy has some sort of sexual assault issue in his past. I am sure that is a concern for some owners.
  16. Cunningham Park, big lovers lane parking lot back in the day, or so rumor has it.
  17. If he gave you any draft pointers, ignore them and move on.
  18. For clarity, please post an approved list of Jets boomer opinions next to a list of millennial opinions. Just to make sure that everyone stays in their respective lane. Thanks in advance.
  19. Gase was also the coach when we were 1-7. Just sayin'

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