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  1. Regardless of what happens with Gase, it's already well established that the Jets are highly dysfunctional from top to bottom.
  2. Nice write up but Special Teams killed the Jets in other ways. Twice Montgomery took the ball out of the end zone and failed to reach the 20. Both times there was a holding call and the Jets started a drive from their 7 yard line rather than the 25. Absolute stupidity.
  3. When he gets back into the general population, ask him to punch Incarcerated Bob in the throat. Thanks in advance.
  4. LOL Garrett. On his best day he is mediocre.
  5. Call within the next ten minutes and we will include a second Flowbee for free, just add S&H.
  6. The NFL is business like any other business. No business owner wants to hire someone that is as polarizing as Kaepernick and would alienate half of the fanbase. As a business owner, that is their right, no way Kap ends up back in the league.
  7. Colt 45 was the go-to for a quick buzz back in the day.
  8. ......and you are the banned poster formerly known as ?????
  9. The article said that the Redskins had the 14th ranked pass D. The Jets also have the #1 rush D, so take that for it is worth.
  10. Darnold was facing criticism and being doubted by fans and the media for the first time since joining the Jets and probably figured that he needed to grab the bull by the horns and be more vocal about being put in a position to succeed.
  11. I read an article this morning making a case for the Ravens as the best team in the NFL. One of the main reasons, apart from the stifling D was their elite (their words) run and pass blocking O-line.
  12. It's kind of like getting your ass kicked at school on a regular basis and then going out to the schoolyard and beating the crap out of the smallest kid you can find. You feel pretty good about yourself afterwards.
  13. Kaepernick thanks scouts from Washington, New York Jets and Kansas City and says: “When you go back, tell your owners to stop being scared.” How can the owners not be scared when they hear about the Kunta Kinte t-shirt? Obviously the whole shirt thing was calculated, not just a case of throwing on the next shirt in the rotation. Trying to subtly paint the narrative with himself as a slave and the NFL/owners as oppressors seems like a self sabotaging move. IMO, maybe this millionaire should consider that the comparison trivializes the horrors that actual slaves had to endure.
  14. Thanks for the info, looks like Austin will get a lot of reps with Hairston out. LOL at the rep.
  15. 1) I want to see Sam do well with no mistakes 2) I want to see Sam do well with no mistakes 3) I want to see Sam do well with no mistakes 4) I want to see Sam do well with no mistakes 5) everything else
  16. LOL. Good to see you here brother, it's been a while!
  17. A glass half full guy might say that the Jets have only had one letdown this year.
  18. Ouch, 3 west coast road games WTF? Went to KC a couple of years ago, that was a great experience despite the pitiful display by the Jets.

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