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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but I have a few of those things stuffed in a drawer somewhere. It was just a little sarcasm about the generosity of the Jets towards their STH.
  2. So basically the "package" is just parking tickets and a yearbook. Why that needs a special Jets box is beyond me, just put it in an envelope. No "gift" either unless that arrives separately. I'm gonna miss those Jets lanyards!
  3. My favorite is the guy who occasionally wears a 2 sizes too small Yankees t-shirt that runs from an angry dude wearing a Steelers jersey. I can't tell you more, after all it is an inside joke.
  4. He was respected and came highly touted, but was a miserable failure. The Jets never had a winning record and appeared in one playoff game (off an 8-8 season) during his tenure. I'd say he fits in well with the sorry bunch you listed.
  5. Do you mean the Dick Steinberg that selected Blair Thomas over future Hall of Famers Cortez Kennedy and Junior Seau with the second pick in the 1990 draft, then got outmaneuvered for Brett Favre the following year? I'm hoping for better than that with Douglas.
  6. Lololololol. Please provide the "knowledgeable" insight into wasting a second rounder on a stiff that never took a single solitary snap in the NFL. This by a guy who didn't even take a second look at Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. Lololol. Please enlighten me and the many other Jets fans that are scratching their heads at the incompetence.
  7. Macc drafted Hackenberg in the 2nd round. This alone makes him possibly the worst GM ever. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I don't care what he wears as long he has a cap with a bill big enough to cover his eyes.
  9. How great would it be if the prostitute was on video pegging him?
  10. Lots of excuses being made for Gase in this thread. As Parcells said, you are what your record says you are. Right now, Gase is a losing football coach, no excuses! I hope he becomes a HOF coach, but he needs to show improvement quickly, especially now that he has a potential franchise QB.
  11. What's next, velcro in baseball mitts?
  12. The gloved are the modernized version of stick-um. They definitely give receivers an unfair advantage.
  13. We have had a "culture change" every 3-4 years for the past 20+ years, with every new coach coming in with a great message, saying all the right things and raising expectations. This regime is no different. Talk is cheap, we need to see results.
  14. I would be happy with a Director of Football Operations at the top of the organization with the GM (not Maccagnan) reporting to him. This way critical franchise altering decisions are made by a guy who is an actual football person and not a trust fund country clubber.
  15. I wouldn't hang my hat on this, the Jets were 14-34 over the past three years, not exactly a difficult team to beat.
  16. Definitely makes me feel better about the Gase hire
  17. What??? Not because the game passed him by? shocker.
  18. To be honest, they don't do much better on the east coast.
  19. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people watching the presser looked into Gase's eyes and saw their own mortality.
  20. The Jets have been giving us the finger for 50 years, why change now?
  21. I think it more a matter of being a trust fund beneficiary that was plucked off the tennis court at the country club and next thing you know he's running the Jets and being thrust in front of tv cameras. He's counting the minutes until he can go back to playing backgammon and sipping mimosa's.

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