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  1. That might be one of the shortest NFL careers in history. It still might be enough to pick up the occasional chick here or there.
  2. Maybe the breakout of hostilities in the locker room? The prison break doesn't apply as Wilson isn't eligible for free agency.
  3. break·out /ˈbrākˌout/ adjective 1.suddenly and extremely popular or successful Not really making the connection here.
  4. I would probably rent a house in the meantime rather than keep my family in a hotel room for six months.
  5. You can't start Wilson and pull him if he plays poorly. If White comes in and plays reasonably well, that will create a huge QB controversy that will last all season and maybe offseason. Start White and it is much, much easier to pull him if he doesn't play well. If he does continue to play well, then you ride him and see where it goes. You may still end up with some controversy but with less of a media and fan frenzy.
  6. There are lots of kids in Africa rocking this hat and the Pats perfect 19-0 season T-shirt combo.
  7. Woody forgot to mention "now on sale on newyorkjets.com"
  8. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree apparently.
  9. Bart Scott made a Josh Rosen reference at the opening of the post game show. Lol.
  10. The Eagles preferred Reid Sinnett over Joe Flacco. Just sayin'.
  11. Do you and Ira have some inside info on Salah being gone after next year?
  12. So we have a 4 page thread discussing the opinions of an old man from Staten Island who spends most of his life waiting on hold after calling in to multiple radio shows. Jets fans are just as beaten down as the franchise is.
  13. The way things are going, there could be 3 teams (Jets, Giants, Eagles) with 2 picks each in the top 10.
  14. Then what happens to the PSL investment gold?
  15. Last time he did that it ended up in case of mono.
  16. Yet Joe Buck was continually slobbering all over Adams' knob.
  17. Geno was on track to screw the Jets over just as he did when he played here. Luckily he reverted to just being Geno.
  18. Mangini did the opposite of climbing the career ladder. What comes after TE coaching job, Assistant Equipment Manager?
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