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  1. He's a well spoken and seemingly stand up guy, get off the field and into the booth and enjoy your millions.
  2. This is as bad as buttfumble night, and I was at the stadium for that one.
  3. My nonna used to fry me pizza dough for breakfast but instead of sugar she'd make a simple marinara and put it on top of the fried pizza.
  4. When the Pats lose it makes me smile.
  5. So true, watched the Dallas game and on a Dak 5 yard completion I was like "wow, that's really nice."
  6. I think they make it down there in time to spike and get the tying field goal. Still can't believe how far Allen threw the ball, dude is not normal.
  7. Davis was too busy pulling on Sauce's jersey (to get a flag or separation, IDK) rather than trying to get his hand out on time to make a two-handed catch.
  8. Allen bailed on the pocket too soon, had Diggs open for the first down.
  9. Didn't some players say something about him being dirty last year?
  10. We should keep the players that are good at football. Quinnen seems to be good at football so keep him. Also, extend Sauce now to get him cheap, he also seems to be good at football. 😃
  11. He's playing with house money, very loose.
  12. That sweater is from my youth so does that make me vintage?
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