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  1. Rex still terrible

    Taylor looks like a legit QB in this league assuming he can stay healthy for a full season.
  2. Only the colts game is left, $75 per ticket and free parking pass.
  3. Lets go Seahawks

    NFL needs to do something about the officiating, this game was clearly called to favor one team over the other. Was originally rooting for the Hawks but I found myself rooting for the Bills at the end, kind of like the Russian fans in Rocky IV (the Bills are Rocky in this analogy).
  4. At least we still have the tailgate.
  5. Bumping this but also taking a moment to say thanks to your comments. We already have a Jets sippy cup to make sure the kid grows up with a little pain from being a Jets fan.
  6. Bumping as I still need to sell these, would prefer to sell as a package but as originally mentioned willing to separate. Free parking pass included. Thanks, Raff
  7. I know, I've worked 36 of the last 48 hours trying to get it done in time but it's not looking realistic for tonight so I don't want the tickets to get trashed and figured someone will enjoy.
  8. Btw, I can electronic deliver thru Jets site.
  9. 2 seats in row 7 in sec. 337, $20 each and $10 for parking pass.
  10. And here I thought I was at the top because so many people wanted my tickets! Thank you for the kind words. Two weeks early could mean me getting to go to the Bills game!
  11. We're expecting our first child in December and since my tailgating partner may be giving birth I'm selling our tickets for December/January. Two seats in section 337 (about 35 yard line), row 7 seats 13 and 14. December 5th Monday night against the Colts December 17th Saturday night against the Dolphins January 1st Sunday afternoon against the Bills. Face value is $103 but I'm asking $75 per ticket plus free parking pass to anyone that takes all 3 games. If you only want 1 game I'm asking $90 per ticket and will still throw in the parking pass. Willing to entertain reasonable offers as we can't attend these games. Tickets can be emailed through the Jets site. Thanks!
  12. I don't think we keep tompkins