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  1. 3 first round picks, awesome! He's a good get at that spot, and they didn't give up too much
  2. This should be attached to an autoreply button.
  3. Can't believe nobody said this already but Zach is going to cost us $60M per year!
  4. The Bengals TD should've been called back, that was egregious. They tightened up the calls at the end which I thought evened it out. Yes, I had the Rams on the money line.
  5. 100% Also, and I may be in the minority here but the word "physicality" really bothers me. Just say he's f?cking physical and likes to hurt people.
  6. I had to read this stat a few times to believe it, unreal.
  7. Boomer generally sucked in the 4th quarter, had a very good first half but he played a major role in the phins comeback.
  8. I had to rewatch the game but Marino hit the td with like 30 seconds left to give the fins a 4 point lead. Boomer threw it out of the back of the endzone from like the 35 yd line so he still sucked at the end.
  9. I came back to this site just to remind everyone that we have never beaten the Eagles, 0-11 I believe.
  10. I always wanted to win post of the week and never did, I’d like another shot.
  11. If you see Leo toss one of your olineman and coming for you you may get rid of the ball earlier than you wanted to.
  12. the td throw to pryor was 3/4 of the way to pryor before he started his break. just beautiful.
  13. Pat Shurmur's record as a head coach to date: 11-28 That record includes a W as Eagles interim head coach in 2015.
  14. No doubt, but a young qb could step into a nice situation with him.
  15. Right when the pick 6 happened? I was worried Darnold was going to suck and we'd be looking for another qb in 2 years. I'm sorry but this team broke me a long time ago and I don't have positive feelings when things go bad.
  16. When the team comes out like that and dominates in all 3 phases then you have to give the game ball to Bowles. Flame away.
  17. Taylor looks like a legit QB in this league assuming he can stay healthy for a full season.
  18. Only the colts game is left, $75 per ticket and free parking pass.
  19. NFL needs to do something about the officiating, this game was clearly called to favor one team over the other. Was originally rooting for the Hawks but I found myself rooting for the Bills at the end, kind of like the Russian fans in Rocky IV (the Bills are Rocky in this analogy).
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