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  1. Ass hole kid. Rest in peace. Terrible. 58 is nothing. Used to ride my bike a lot, but as traffic has gotten worse, do so much less. Feels much more dangerous.
  2. MY uncle had an episode,; was in a coma for 3 months. Was given last rights 3 times. Woke up, did some rehab, like it never happened. Miracles happen; may the Knapp family experience that,and way sooner.
  3. Rather bizarre we are going from cable providers charging the living sheet out of you for your TV needs, to a bunch of streaming services charging you even more for roughly the same exact stuff. Progress? DirecTv is an awful company, and satellite transmission in an internet world is really dumb. Got rid of DTV after roughly the 4th or 5th time of the next repair guy telling me the last repair guy had no idea what he was doing. A very stupid business model; buy our system,and good luck getting somebody competent to install it. If you live out of market, might not have another option
  4. Adams is never getting much more than a 1-2 year deal. His ego won't allow him to get long term job security because he will always be looking for more money. Personally I hate the cap system, but it's a reality. Also he's a safety. Pro Bowl safeties are available every March. If a team is loading up for a run, makes more sense only to write that check for a season or 2 There' no reason for a team to lock up that position long term . And he only rushed the passer here because the Jets' defense was bereft of DE/OLB/edge pass rush. And a well-rounded defense, he would not be asked to do that but
  5. Done. May Lauren return to full health .
  6. When you consider the opportunity cost and postional value of picking Adams over Mahomes and Watson, it's the Adams pick. And it's not close. Sanchez managed to be okay enough to get a run first offense to 2 AFC title games. Taking any safety over either of those 2 QBs was a CATASTROPHE. Once again, the draftniks want to talk about nonsense.
  7. I haven't left. But as I start getting older, getting a southern escape abode appeals to me. We have discussed NC or SC, but hanve't really done much beyond talking about it. NYC right now is stupid and expensive. There is no understanding that doing business here is a complete pain in the ass, a daily hassle.There's no sense anyone in charge cares. One son is just out of college and may be leaving for Boston depending on a job opportunity. And really Massachussets is much more livable than here. The other has a good union job and 2 tykes and a wife, so he isn't going anywhere. Bu
  8. In my misspent youth ENY cops were fond of saying “You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you a homicide”. If you’ve seen the doc “The 75”, you get a sense how bad it was. It’s almost as bad now. Frankly somebody should grab Moore and tell him to stay away. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. Seen Springsteen and U2 both bunch of times. And every band to some degree falls back and the thing they do. It's an easy living. But both kind of the same thing; both got ridiculously famous at a young age and ever since pretty much do the same stuff over and over and over and over. Saw Eric Church a few years back and got into a conversation with some super fan who chewed my ear off how Eric Church was "the Springsteen of country" because he plays 3+ hours every night . Is that really always a good thing?
  10. Gone to every game they've played in Carolina, but first week of the season doesn't work. Worst concert,and it isn't close-the Cars, MSG, December 1980. Felt like they had an appointment to bang supermodels after the show, may have played 80 minutes, no banter, didn't even bother to fake any excitement about playing the world's most famous arena. And boring as hell.
  11. Would expect things with evolve with the big conferences getting stronger in basketball and football. And some colleges making the decision rather than get their asses beat by the big boys, better to downgrade.- be that D1AA or D2 or 3.
  12. There have always been drunks and morons at these games. Did notice the first couple years of MetLife it seemed to get worse. I don’t know why that is but it is.But those people are few and far between.I’ve never had a problem taking my kids to the game.
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