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  1. This looks very much like a player and his agent trying to get other clubs interested rather than genuine. First it was the Cowboys, now it's the Ravens, it will be somebody else next week. But how do you sell devoting this kind of cap space to a safety? Jets can keep him cost controlled 3 seasons. And the new collective bargaining agreement makes holding out a very bad choice. Think he's a very good safety, but that's been the point with Adams since the day he was drafted. His position and production are way out of balance with these contract demands. It's unlikely the Jets or any team is likely to meet them.
  2. No. He s so f___ing done. Igor earned it.
  3. Saw a Scorcese exhibit here a few years ago, at some point when they re-open will hopefully still have a Kubrick exhibit- http://www.movingimage.us/exhibitions/
  4. My brother went, sorry I missed it.
  5. When you look at this, Dallas and Las Vegas, it is very disappointing what an utter dump MetLife is comparatively.
  6. Visited the Gardner Museum last summer. Inexplicably they have followed this old bat's will to the letter such every item is displayed the way she wanted, all on top of each other. More remarkable; the story of the heist, still unsolved. If you are going to commit a museum of art robbery, pick a day; in Boston; the day after ST. Patrick's Day; which was a Saturday night. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7686201/Suspect-infamous-Isabella-Stewart-Gardner-Museum-art-heist-released-prison-21-years.html
  7. Kind of a similar experience to that of playing NHL94 with NY Ranger Alexei Kovalev-a talented player but better in the game than real like. If you played a season he won the scoring trophy and best defensive forward award. Rangers GM Neil Smith picked up some easy coin being a "consultant" for EA when they designed the game, and he drafted Kovalev. Kovalev had a great career, even being the captain of the Candiens for a bit. But you could not account for him being a knucklehead. oN one occasion, Coach Mike Keenan grew so exasperated with the mercurial Kovalev ignoreing getting off the ice as was cusotmary after 90 seconds, left him out there for more than a 7 minute shift. Kovalev was so clueless he thought Keenan merely thought he was having a good shift rather than furious. This guy figured out how to make Oakland Raider DL Pickel an all time great in a video game. Again, very good player, but nowhere near real life. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/05/22/quest-to-beat-tecmo-bowl-with-help-from-expert
  8. Estimates are we will be at $33 trillion in debt when all of this is said and done. And we have had EVERYONE in DC roughly for 3 decades holding fast to the argument that we can never become Weimar Germany, Galtieri's Argentina nor ZImbabwe because....WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Recall the SEC and IRS being all over crypto currency investments because that is not really backed up by anything. Yet our currency in that regard is really no different since we left the gold standard. It's backed by nothing but, again, we are the US. Plausible as reparations we might be able the get Red China to drop some of the debt they hold. But at some point you have to pay up or you are insolvent. Things matter- until they don't. Shocking it's gone this far.
  9. Really don't understand baseball's economics. MLBPA is not wrong to ask the owners, if you want to cut salaries, fine, show us the books. This is essentially a partnership. NFLPA is badly run, but since Green Bay is a public trust, the NFL numbers are pretty much transparent. That's a reasonable request. And this is at a time interest in MLB is waning some. MLB is blessed it provides live sports during summertime were there isn;t much else on TV. To have a fight over this is ridiculous. They could and should be printing money this weekend. But when you allow criminal scum like the WIlpons to keep their franchise and run it into the ground, one more nail in their coffin.
  10. Original vinyl only had 6 tracks, but later versions on cassette and CD had 14. I've only owned the 14 cut version; it's fantastic hard rock.
  11. Emergen-C (C,D, Zinc, some other goodies)is about $15 over the counter for 30 doses you dissolve in water. Have been taking it for 2 months. Was a bit is short supply in March, but appears they've ramped up production since.

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