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  1. Jimmy Football Leonhard is Wisconsin's DC. That bears watching long term. Fully expect OSU to pull this out, but they have to be crapping their pants at halftime.
  2. There's no point to have people get all crazy about politics on a football site. Adds nothing. One of the smartest things Max has done here.
  3. Highly respected? Ryan was a good DC, but even here, once teams had a few years of tape on him, his defense wasn't so wonderful. He never grasped you have to score points to win. Witness his end here and in Buffalo. So the fact the Ravens knew as well as anyone Ryan treated the offense like red-headed stepchildren, punched out a neighbor and had some rather ...odd....videos with the Mrs. played no role over them picking Harbaugh, a specials team coach, over Ryan, their DC? Sure! Having said all that, I would not put it past the Johnsons to bring back their personal Billy Martin. Know though Ryan has been out of football for a long time. Better idea, if it comes to firing Gase- get a real young and hungry guy who runs and aggressive offense. They're out there in the college ranks and among NFL assistants.
  4. I like Thai food. But Indian food, don't get it. Never liked curry, and everything is too spicy. Not even hot necessarily, more that you cannot taste the actual protein or vegetable.
  5. People wear wedding dresses and tuxes to NFL games? Did they get married that morning?
  6. You should charge him money to come back, say, $55. And donate it to charity. Or throw it into a slot at the Borgata... Can posters request a official designation as an Antagonistic JN A-Hole?
  7. Then you aren't making it correctly. Blue crabs are way too much work. Oysters are gross. They're clams (delicious) putting on airs.
  8. Ones who do not spend their days bench pressing Hondas never amount to anything. The specific example of a DT who "took a while"-Leo Williams?
  9. Every DL guy in the NFL is part of a rotation. It's how things are ; almost nobody plays every down. What was shocking Sunday was Q was not part of the jets' short yard/goalline package.
  10. Problem is Coffee Boy sold him as the impact DT along the lines of Ngata and Donald. He isn't that strong nor fast. I don't put much stock in the combine, but he begged off the bench; that should have been a huge red flag. He's getting singled most plays by a center who is coming out of his crouch. To repeat; he's being singled by a lineman who by position is at a disadvantage for a split second starting every play. If you're going to be top end DT, you have to live in the weight room, and by eyeballs , and Q does not. He was a good college guy playing on a superior defense which was ahead a lot in most games; wasn't like he much worried about nor developed any technique. The guys he's going against now are bigger and stronger, and he has no answer. Q appears to be a nice kid, but if he wants to have an NFL career he needs to start lifting, a lot, right now. And how this doesn't appear to have happened, hold out or not. That's on him and on the organization.
  11. Yesterday anyway running straight at the Bengals' 2 best defenders did not make a lot of sense.

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