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  1. Growing up my dad liked to bet football more than he should have. And he was always convinced there were games that how ever you look at it got decided by things other than the players and coaches. Tim Donaghy was not a lone wolf. Don't think it happens every week nor every game nor even every season. May be way easier for an NBA ref to fix a game, but an odd holding or PI on a big play is huge. Recall Ravens/Jints Super Bowl; a phantom defensive holding gets called on a Giants' 1st quarter pick 6, game totally turns around. Heard George Young and Ernie Accorsi were losing their sheet, but other than that kind of groaning, what can anyone really do. Refs are human and the money is rightthere. With the expansion of legal sports gambling we are going to see more Donaghys. And most of them are not going to get caught; it will look like a few bad calls. Even if a major league sports league found refs betting, the league would be more likely to cover it up than root it out.
  2. Trying to win NFL games 13-10 every week is like trying to hold back the tide with a broomstick. Under these rules offenses and especially passing offense is going to beat you a few times every game. Instead of trying to pitch a shutout, throw the ball and score some points yourself.
  3. All true. But this was a running offense. Tebow could have been effective as an h back if you got him the ball on the otuside in space, which is where he did damage with the Broncos. It wasn't a completely bad idea for a team that was bad at passing. Instead though every time Tebow got in the game he ran straight up the middle.
  4. Bugg

    NFL Draft Location Question

    James Dolan and MSG own Radio City. Dolan and the NFL didn't care that his bid to buy the Jets was rejected (which was more money than the Johnsons' bid) , But his opposition to the West Side stadium means he will never have one of his properties host the draft again. If it will ever be in NY, has to be someplace else.
  5. My niece's pal did this for a while. It doesn't pay well at all. F___in' Johnsons!!!
  6. Bugg

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Lee wasn't going to play much and he wasn't being re-signed. His value is what it is and won't go up any. Nobody was going to pay anything more for a guy that, if they value him(which is really doubtful, but if they did) , all they have to do is sign him next March for $.Nobody looks at this guy as the last piece they need, he's a JAG. As to Legett this franchise has been looking for a possession TE forever(MIckey Shuler? Kyle Brady? the 5 minutes when Johnny Mitchell wasn't a self-absorbed toolbag? we NEVER have that guy) , and he was given ample chance to be that guy. He didn't step up. You don't get any brownie nor Pokemon points for hanging onto players that don't contribute simply because you drafted them. Maccagnan simply not being here is major progress. This firing and it's aftermath are a much-needed ripping off the bandaid and starting the healing. Would like to see Douglas get here, and worry with the Johnson ALWAYS is they get cheap on important things when they should simply write the check.
  7. Would wager 2 things are holding this up -the Rooney Rule (would think they would call Floyd Reese for about 30 seconds or take him out to Rutts Hut for lunch to so comply) and the Johnsons' perpetual cheapness. There isn't a salary cap for GMs, but now they decide to get cute, these spoiled brats.
  8. Part of taking such a job is when the wheel turns and your boy gets his walking papers, you're probably done too. Time to either find a new slot in another organization or move on to another line of work. Lil'Manish acting like they got rid of Tom Greenway or Hal Newhouse who found that guy in the sticks is a bit absurd; who was the great find Dekraker had? Also the Jets' late round picks have been terrible, though whether that's the scouts, or Maccagnan, no idea, but doesn't make much of an argument to retain anyone. There's nothing substantive to Mehta other than he hates Gase and has lost his sources.
  9. If Charlie with the Bowl Of Soup Haircut says it's a bad idea, then, LET'S DO THAT.
  10. Bugg

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    Comes down to Leo has to perform to get paid. If his agent thought a big ass long term contract was a given with the guy who drafted him running the Jets, that's gone. Leo is also to his credit not a guy who's going to cause a GM to worry every time he goes out for a few pops. But still comes down to production. No sensible GM is overpaying Suh nor Wilkerson. Figure their careers are going to be year to year propositions going forward. And they could get paid handsomely as long as they produce; pretty much what Michael Bennett is going to be or was. NOBODY is writing those 3 big ass long term deals. Rams have a lot of guys they will have to lock up coming off a Super Bowl berth. Hard to see why they would overpay SUh when he's a knucklehead. Wilkerson is even a bigger moron.Now if Leo is off the charts getting to the passer, even if it's as the result of having a better surrounding cast and an aggressive DC, may be he changes that.
  11. Bugg

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Had occasion to read Mehta's article this morning. Not sure he grasps a lot of what he says makes Gase's perspective sensible. Maccagnan did not like Gase talking to scouts, rather wanted Gase to talk to him in private. Yes, Gase intentionally moved himself from the draft, but did so in response to a GM who did not want nor value his input at all. Basically Gase gets hired to clean up a toxic waste site spare Darnold on the offensive side of the ball(Maccagnan's handiwork) , and yet his input isn't even considered? All we really know about the Bell signing is Gase liked the player, but wasn't crazy about the contract. Newsflash-most long term deals do go to sheet in the out years. You either have a player on your roster who is past his prime or dead cap money. Bell is an interesting case; he will be over 30 at the end, but does the year off extend his useful life(something that happened with John Riggins and almost nobody else!) , or will this heavy workload make him typical of backs falling off the earth production wise after their 30th birthday? If anyone is so inclined we beat this to death at the end of Curtis Martin's career. Typically once backs turn 29/30 and/or have 300+ carries in a given year, they cease being very good. Bell is going to get a lot of touches this season. Gase is going to use Bell a whole bunch in no small part because the awfulness of the OL and other receivers (again, Maccagnan's doing) means a lot of delay passes, misdirections, bubble screens and dumpoffs will be going to Bell. Bell is going to be the guy who gets the pass when the play goes to hell. Iif you play fantasy, Bell is going to have a lot of carries, perhaps among the league leaders, and lead the NFL backs in receptions.
  12. Rex Ryan and Bowles both had introductory press conferences babbling about toughness and not being intimidated, and all that nonsense. In fact not one coach he has hired, not even Gase, has come in and said something sensible for the 2019 NFL (and going back pretty much the entire time the Johnson owned the team) like you need to pass effectively and score points. Pretty clear this is the kind of gibberish Woody Johnson wanted to hear in interviews and he got it in those guys. Looking at roster construction under first Rex Ryan through Idizik and then Maccagnan, the overemphasis on defense may have been a reaction to what the owner appears to value, even if it went against NFL trends and how the rules work in favor of offense. Personally draft day 2017, when they took 1 safety with Mahomes and Watson (my choice) still on the board and then ANOTHER safety with their 2nd pick, was the point this franchise went off the rails completely. To do that when your offense was practically nonexistent was a disaster. And yet Maccagnan and Bowles were smiling ear to ear.
  13. Jose Wales, or Ron Mexico.
  14. Bugg

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Agreeable but pointed disagreement-they aren't trading Bell. His answer should have been NO to a dumb question like that. Anything else is click bait nonsense.
  15. Like taking a corner with 2 bad knees or special teams projects when there are still viable OL guys on the board. Think the world of Darnold, but passing on Mahomes or Watson for a safety was terrible. Hackenberg was a classic case of scout Maccagnan talking to a an old buddy O'Brien like it's 1972 and ignoring gobs and piles of data. EVERYBODY associated with PSU and the Big 10 knew this guy was dog, which really is an insult to dogs.

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