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  1. RE;Woody as a cop; Woody is more like the water pistol that shoots jelly. That's the core problem; even if he fires Bowles or Maccagnan in January (and right now both deserve that), the Johnsons have no idea what's next. So they'll convene another focus group of old guys to pick the least objectionable career assistant instead of a guy with actual balls. Give you 3-Army's Jeff Monken, Holy Cross's Bob Chesney, Missippi State's Joe Moorhead. None of their records are going to blow you away, but these are young guys who know how to coach, turned things around every where they go and are close to making the jump. But problem is they won't even get a sniff under this ownership.
  2. Not happening. Once again the Jets have ridiculously overpaid for the great white whale known as a shutdown corner. Rams wanted nothing to do with him. Should have been a clue.
  3. To give up serious assets for such a player would be insane. Want to talk about Crowell and a 5th rounder, fine. But really if the Steelers want anything more, no thanks. You cannot sign him now, he isn't in game shape and he hasn't practiced in 10 months. The Jets are not a back away. And since he hasn't played nor practiced in 10 months, practically when would he even be close to effective-week 8? He also would be more likely to get hurt. Again giving up anything serious like a #1 in this situation would be a bad mistake,
  4. Bugg

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    Ridiculous. Not sure what they expect a defender to do there. The QB is a runner on the field, if you try to get cute you're more likely to get one or both of you hurt or the QB to get away.
  5. Bugg

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    Watson is not having a great day, but the guy competes and doesn't give up. Can chew bubblegum and walk; love and support Darnold, Adams may be a very good safety. But really have no idea what the hell these guys were thinking in the 2017 draft.
  6. Bugg


    There are going to be a lot of knockout pool entries lost on this game. Mine is one.
  7. Bugg

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    Vontae Davis, Orchard Park, tomorrow morning-
  8. Bugg

    ENJOY this football Sunday.

    Kirk Cameron, Kirk Douglas, not Captain Kirk.
  9. Bugg

    Any given Sunday

    Vontae Davis, somewhere, calling Buffalo to say IT WAS ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING. May be he can pull a George Costanza tomorrow and pretend he didn't quit.
  10. Let's see-no pass rush, terrible corners, stupid penalties, a possibly healthy Fornette...yeah, Bortles is gonna put some point on the board.
  11. If only he spent the offseason holding some barbells instead of bongs. There's good reason he went undrafted.
  12. Bugg

    Kevin green

    Problem is the interim guy becomes a candidate, and a dead cat bounce few wins could cloud the decision. Let Bowles take a beating and be done with him.
  13. The Jets have FOREVER given DBs that last big contract-Lott, Atwater, Law, Damien Robinson, Revis the 2nd time, now Clairborne and Johnson. And spare the one occasion they signed Cro, it has never worked. You look at Clairborne and Johnson's contracts and their complete lack of production, and you have to wonder what the hell is going on here. Nickerson is going to make mistakes, but they aren't winning anything this season, he's athletic as hell, play the kid. JAG level FA corner would not be any worse than Clairborne and Johnson. Johnson, damn his contract, should not have been let on the plane Thursday night. It's beyond bad, it's a disaster on so many levels. They have also signed some OL guys that worked-Jumbo, Szott, Faneca, Kendall. But for reasons only known to themselves either no decent OL will take their money or it's not a priority to this crew. This is not happening in a vacuum. Somebody-the HC-is asking for corners. And since we've rolled through 3 OCs in 3 seasons and the rookie QB is not yet a franchise QB, the OL has no advocate. Not sure how they looked at this OL at the start of camp and could believe it's even mediocre. And with a rookie franchise QB, that's a disgrace.
  14. No idea what the methodology is. But by eyeballs Nickerson even if he's a step down wouldn't be falling off the cliff. And the lack of a pass rush most of the 2nd half meant who ever was out there was going to have a rough night. Again, the Jets and a lot of people persist in this belief that there is such a thing as a shutdown corner, and as the rules are enforced it's like believing in Santa. Jets are paying top dollar for a collection of JAG corners. If a guy is going to make catastrophic stupid mistakes, really boggles the mind what the hell they were thinking with these signings. And somehow year after year, they do exactly this. OL, not so much, ever.
  15. Difference between winning and losing NFL games is in attention to details. Cannot keep telling us "It will be addressed" and the same dumb stuff keeps happening.

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