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  1. Really want to believe that , while every word of this could be true, Wilson was strictly a football decision. And my nightmare remains that the NFL collectively discounted Mac Jones right in the Pats' lap. Yes, he was surrounded by a great cast, but he was doing it against SEC and BCS competition. Things Wilson dealt with once or twice, and not especially well. Jones physcially looks like cigars and scotch have been his steady diet, but there's no significant injury history,and he is a big boy.
  2. Big Dick Nick is the move for Year #1. Only problem; he's gonna want a 2 year deal and probably a 3rd year option. And scary for Saleh and Douglas; what if he not only beats out the kid, but pulls a Fitz-like solid season?
  3. Would like to think after experiening Sam Darnold not having the internal 2.5 second clock of getting rid of the ball, they scouted that as to Wilson. This kid is about to see an NFL pass rush of 300+ monsters that bench press Hondas and run like cats. The OL is going to be very important. I don't know. As Mike Tyson says, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
  4. Hey, now you're all star...etc. etc. etc.
  5. Carton did a lot of "compromising" in the can.
  6. So he was going to wake up from surgery and throw 50 passes vs. Boise State that very day? It's a significant risk.
  7. So he squeezed 9 months of rehab into an offseason. Splitting hairs, are ya?
  8. Sparky; use google once in a while. Despite Lincoln's warnings about the internet, has some truthful stuff out there right at your fingertips. "Wilson explained in an interview before the 2019 season that he initially injured his shoulder in high school. He underwent surgery after his freshman season as a Cougar to repair the labrum in his right shoulder. Wilson has played 21 games the past two seasons, throwing for 6,074 yards with 44 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in that span." Wilson throws righthanded. Having had that surgery as an old guy, it's not fun; 18
  9. Jones had better stats vs. superior competition than Wilson. Even if you grant he isn't as mobile and he had a better cast, think Pats did very well and Jets bought the hype. WOuld love to be wrong.
  10. Watched everyone including the Jets overthink it, and wound up with arguably the 2nd best QB on the board. Was beyond pissed last night,but hope I'm wrong.
  11. The Jets are gonna need a QB once Zack Wilson goes down with a bum shoulder AGAIN, so...
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