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  1. Again, this is where you are completely wrong. If the Jets were well run and successful, the "narrative" and the media wouldn't matter.Narrative would be this is a good football team. Win games, the media will write sonnets and "great chemistry" articles and other such nonsense. If you're 12-4 and looking at a NFCE title, you don't really care what Joe Benigno or Manish Mehta or anyone thinks anyway. In fact Bellichick goes on with Benigno and chats very amicably a few times every season, because if you're winning WGAF? Imagine being a twisted bastid he gets off on sticking it to the Maras and Francesa. Should the day come the Pats are 3-13 and having their best players show up late for meetings, imagine it might be very different. But if you are winning what's the big bad media gonna say;good job? There are a lot of Boston media people who hate Bellichick but nobody cares what they think as long as the winning keeps on going. Only kernel of truth in your rantings is sadly the Jets' ownership does give a f___ about what Manish Mehta thinks. That's pathetic. Which is why in no small part Marrone is coaching the Jags and not the Jets. Again, its' not the fans, nor the media nor the narrative, it's ownership.
  2. No fan of Bowles. And perhaps he could've handled things differently. But at a loss how it's his fault Wilkerson is an idiot.
  3. Don't care for Bowles. But if Wilkerson doesn't understand at this point how to act like an adult, not the coach's fault. There's only so much anyone can do. Imagine that the other players on the team who show up every day to work out, practice and go to meetings, while they may not be open about it and might even like Wilkerson, probably welcome this.
  4. Your ears would still be receiving more substantive data about NFL Football than had you listened to this supposed interview.
  5. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    Are you privy to the game plan? Find it very hard to understand how a coach that is not a lock to return gives up like last week , or doesn't do his level best to give Petty a chance. Doesn't speak very well of a coach at all.Petty is more mobile, less accurate but a bigger arm than his beloved McCown. Work with that.If it's run/run/3 yard dumpoff on 3rd and 8 all day, that's not doing that.
  6. Another reckoning

    Jets are going to face a coach in Westhoff who knows their personnel, scheme and tendencies as well as anyone at Florham Park. This Sunday has the potential to be an unprecedented embarrassment.
  7. The Walking Dead

    We could have secondary characters barely involved in the main plot drive straight to their planned destination or instead take a pointless detour into some unknown place which will lead to a confrontation with a whole other collection of people that are peripheral to the story; guess what happens? it's like the girl in the slasher movie walking further and further into the dark hallway. One minute, there are no bullets and barely any weapons. Next scene, it's the Battle of Hue complete with a helicopter gunship that nobody in the story talks about. And in such desperate times people also choose difficult to maintain odd haircuts and funny accents. A group of people who are barely existing choose to live in a garbage dump despite the entire countryside of the rural south to chose form. The Mrs.still loves this show, so I have no choice but to watch it. But even she is getting a bit annoyed about how dragged out it all is. The Talking Killer...what crap. If you had a zombie apocalypse a guy like Negan or Rick would survive and move up not because of witty repartee but because he dispatches his enemies as soon as possible. And Eugene should feature subtitles.
  8. The structure, if you could call it that, of having the GM and HC report to the owner is all on the Johnsons. By design they are not on the same page. And there is no indication despite that not working out for the Johnsons' entire time as owners that it will be changed.
  9. Worse, imagine Coach Westhoff knows the Jets' personnel, scheme and tendencies better than the Jets themselves.
  10. Well, Jack DelRio is still an NFL head coach, so...
  11. Don't get that at all. This team is not preserving their playoff berth. It's crappy team playing on the road playing behind; try. Why not show some balls and faith in your offense? Scared, pussified, disgraceful.
  12. This is defining overachievement down. Have to stop posting in these idiotic UWF threads, it only encourages him. Who was the better replacement stooge-Shemp or Curly Joe?
  13. Bowles is a bad coach and there are some bad people on this team. But this is as much of a typical outcome of a bad losing football team as it is anything else. Its' to be expected.