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  1. It's low for old bastards and chicks at your local gym. But again, he's an Adonis, so Todd Bowles is very impressed by that.
  2. They'd rather wait until Darnold gets blindsided to bemoan not addressing the OL as they lavish cap room and roster spots on this sh*tbag nonpassrushing defense.
  3. 4.6 40 plus no pass rush would be bad. But Todd Bowles LOVES DBs above all else and the guy is named Adonis so...
  4. Bugg

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    Winston may be blessed because there's no video like Ray Rice.
  5. Jets under this crew can always find cap room for marginal DBs. In fact it's been like a DB retirement funding scheme. Hey, c'mon by for a few dollars on the way out of the NFL. And really it's not like any of these guys spare Cro the Fertile have made things much better. OL guys, not so much.
  6. Stability matters until it doesn't. Rich guys do not like being laughed at. Another garbage season featuring an empty stadium and no playoffs means some big time HC chomping at the bit to work with Sam Darnold is going to be the HC in 2019. By all means, Todd, punt on 4th down 2 scores late in the game. And keep lining up your brainless crap 3-4 defense you and Kacy Rodgers pretend is any good.
  7. Don't know an NFL coach down 2 scores late in the 4th quarter around midffield does not go for it on 4th down. Bowles did that twice last season. That's somewhere between cowardly and pathetic.
  8. I'd rather have Darnold. But you make it sound like that was a choice when they picked Adams and it wasn't. And that doesn't make the Adams pick look any better.
  9. Think Williams has the talent to be a force. Line him up in the same spot every down as the Jets have so far makes him very easy to defend. But don't expect the braintrust of Kacy Rodgers and Todd Bowles to figure it out. Mike Westhoff and Willie Colon both did, but...
  10. You don't pick Adams over a QB to stop the run, you pick him because presumably he would be a disruptive force vs. the pass, get turnovers and be able to cover primo TEs. He may very well be a servicable safety, but that's not a good reason to have picked any safety so high over positions of need like QB or edge.
  11. Issue is the guy is no offensive genius. In fact he does really nothing with the offense other than pick the OC. He could've picked anyone in the pro or college ranks with a rep for a serious pass offense. And he picks first he picked a retired guy who wanted to run the 1975 Steelers ground and pound offense. Followed by another guy that he said "passed too much" when 1. by any measure it wasn't so and 2. pass offense is what wins NFL games. Now, I was no fan of Rex Ryan. But for a while at least the guy in his chosen end of the pool had some good defenses. Bowles' defenses have been uniformly crap. This guy as of today objectively adds nothing. He's no brilliant strategist. There are too many games where this team has looked woefully unprepared. On defense he lines up his 3-4, nickel and dimes on passing downs and that's it. He has no idea how the clock and timeouts work. As with a lot of bad coaches, he calls plays and that's about it.
  12. Lil'Bosa is probably 1 or 2. Unless they totally suck would probably have to give up #1s in 2019 and 2020.
  13. Yes, wouldn't trust Bowles to get much more out of him, nor to move him around like Coughlin or any real coach would. And Coughlin was probably all over him like he was with a Strahan, and that was a guy who was a real player. Keeps coming back to a defense first head coach who doesn't add anything. The players don't get better, the schemes don't much change. Lines everyone up in his 3-4 and nickel and dime on passing downs and that's it. There's no innovation, no wrinkles. And doesn't hold anyone accountable. Wilkerson and Richardson might still be douchenozzles but looks like Bowles did little to change things up, to push them. Hard seeing how things would be any different with Fowler.
  14. Stats also reflect he played in all 16 games, which begs a bunch of questions that I don't have complete answers for. Did he get spelled like a lot of big DL guys do? Was he out of shape such they didn't play him except on passing downs? Or was he known to take non pass downs off such they didn't play him then? It's intriguing, simply not sure you want to get back in bed with a possible nonhacker after you rightly got rid of 2 of those. But Fowler was at least productive when he did play. And pass rushers are hard to come by.
  15. So Darnold can help the team overcome the Jets' greatest weakness, but this article doesn't mention anything about imbecile HC Todd Bowles.