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  1. Elba getting the part makes sense.Big, strong, smart, handsome. IT'LL MAKE HIM A STAR! IDRIS ELBA NEVER GETS THIS PART! HE MADE ME LOOK RIDICULOUS, AND A MAN IN MY POSITION CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOK RIDICULOUS! Oh, ooops... Movie executives are now falling all over themselves to make ANOTHER PC movie where some 5 foot nothing 100 lb. chick beats the crap out of 150 evil guys. I'm not watching "John Wick" ; nothing personal, simply don't get the whole genre from Jason Bourne to Jack Reacher or superhero movies, no insult to anyone , not my thing. But the ridiculous idea that Scarlett Johanson or Charlize Theron or this tiny girl are going to plausibly kick ass for 2 hours of a movie pushes things into a complete cartoon. James Bond has been a cartoon forever anyway, but you're tearing the veneer off completely. The film makers may think their series is exhausted anyway and this is their last ditch effort to milk 1 more movie.
  2. Jesus will get mad at you sinners and send you all to hell if anyone buys some $14.99 Old Navy jeans on the sabbath. But you could cross the parking lo and go to the track t to gamble on Sunday.
  3. Ultimate ownage. All bow.
  4. Used to bike all the time on the whole boardwalk, but did it maybe once last year. You do not hear English spoken-Spanish, Russian, sure. But not English.It's still a much more pleasant place than when I was a tyke. The Cyclones, the only thing the Wilpons did right, had a lot to do with that. My nephew's prep hockey team plays their home games there at Abe Stark. It's goddamn cold in January. The Ford Ampitheatre is a nice venue. But they only seem to get acts on the downside who cannot sell enough tickets to play Jones Beach. Was a time that looked like the Cyclones' stadium would compete-Phish, Def Leppard. But that kind of died.
  5. Maye doesn't even have his shoes tied in this photo. No wonder he's always hurt.
  6. Long term if half these prospects pan out, in 3-4 years down the line Panarin ( a great player) making $12 million is going to be really hard on their cap. After Luongo retired opened some cap space and with Quenneville already there, expect the Panthers will sign him and Boborowsky.
  7. Saw Windwood open for Tom Petty a while back; best opener ever. Had no idea there was an opening act. Usually blow them off for pregaming, in that case glad I didn't. The Doobie Brothers in their dotage have Mcdonald drop in from time to time and are coy about it to keep ticket sales up. Obviously selling their music benefits his bottom line. If not, they have a younger keyboardist who looks and sounds very much like Michael McDonald. Mcdonald wrote a lot of songs for other artists and is probably one of the wealthier guys in the music industry. Among them; when Eddie Van Halen started living on cigs and other substances they stopped writing songs, and recorded McDonald's "I'll Wait". Mcdonald can do a Vegas residency any time he wants.
  8. The contract negotiations with Phil Regan got very testy over the Mets refusing to pick up his Medicare Part B copayment, offered him $1 million deferred until 2087 and some old stock certificates they had in the bottom of a Jeff's linen closet instead. If they were serious, Buck Showalter and Roger McDowell are not working right now. Not saying they would be World Series worthy the next day, but either would bring a serious dose of much-needed professionalism to their rinky dink operation.
  9. Emmit was a very durable back. Thomas wasn't. Good for Thomas. You hear a lot of stories about players being down on their luck or having a rough go. Sounds like he has his head together and is doing good for himself and his school's students. And his statements ring true; in the northeast anyway while football is a fall sport and lax is a spring one, a lot of parents prefer their sons play lax. There was no lax when I was a tyke, now it's exploded around here.
  10. Having the Secret Service background your whores is a good deal. Thanks, American taxpayer!
  11. By the Idiot Insurance Company of America. "Bob, we have this claim for $1million for jewelry you sold to some NFL guy. Did you run this through underwriting?"
  12. None of the above. Of those, the Jets. The Hughes-Devils/Kakko-Rangers thing is going to huge.
  13. If he has a good year and stabilizes the OL, this will be a very good offense.

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