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  1. If the Jets are mathematically still in the running when they play the Jags on 12/222, the season will have been a success.
  2. Having TEs that get lost in the seams and underneath when the play breaks down is crucial. Thoe dumpoffs to the TE turn into 3-5 yard completions that get you critical 1st downs instead of 3 and outs. And it's something the Jets haven't had forever.
  3. Jets may actaully pass to a TE during real NFL: games, plus the defense will now practice against an offense that throws the ball to the TE; A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!! Ruckert is a great story. Rooting for this kid .
  4. Or Green Bay. Sense that both of those teams are looking at QBs with few weapons right now. Pakcers especially with a 38 year old Rodgers.
  5. Was staying at Hard Rock back in January. Layout is really huge; the diagram makes it look like these places are right next to each other, but reality is that is a huge area. Looks like there' one stage over the Bellagio fountains and another behind the hotels by The Wheel; that's hundreds of yards away form each other. Next time I go would stay at the Linq.
  6. Lisetning to Mike Greenberg for more than 30 seconds , plus the spectre of Screaming A Smith probably jumping in for no reason makes ESPN a total nonstarter. Apparently Spencer Haywood did roughly that .
  7. No need. The Jets will find a way to make you collapse in a heap, weeping, probably by pick #10.
  8. Brian Flores will pontificate about Draft Day for food. But think he went to South Shore.
  9. Let me stop you right there; in fact Maccagnan could f__ this up. We have receipts, evidence, LEGION empty DnD cups, FACTS. This post could be grounds for a permanent banning. or paying SARS's monthly nut.
  10. The chances of any American college athlete not using marijuana on occasion are around zero point zero.
  11. Having watched this team have a popgun offense forever, sincerely hope that somehow they walk away with Deebo and either an edge or a corner when this evening is done. Gotta score points and have a dangerous passing attack. Samuel would be a huge step toward that. Hearing lots of chatter that Jets are not at all happy with Becton and he may never waer green again. Do not pick a safety do not pick a safety do not pick a safety do not pick a safety......
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