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  1. Look at the hole in the photo; Bell would never see that here. He has been replaced and the Steelers haven't missed a beat.The key is a solid OL. Backs age in dog years. Now may be he in fact has a Riggins-like post holdout spark, or keep on trucking like Frank Gore. But reality is sinking lots of cap room on an older aging back is not well spent unless you have a decent OL. Typical Mehta-doesn't know sheet about how football teams succeed, he's now playing for access with Maccagnan as his beloved Bowles stares down looming unemployment.
  2. Bugg

    John Harbaugh

    For John Harbaugh to come here would almost certainly mean Maccagnan if retained becomes something like scouting/personnel director, no matter what his title is.
  3. Bugg

    John Harbaugh

    Jim Harbaugh is kinda like Billy Martin, Buck Showalter or John Torterella; he's gonna straighten things out very quickly. But after that the players are going to get tired of the browbeating, He has a limited shelf life, which is why college still makes more sense with a 4 year turnover. Now if you made him the GM/coach with a personnel guy, might be a different story if he could modify his behavior. Still way better than what is here right now.
  4. So now it comes out. Adams is a very good player,but taking him over Mahomes or Watson was criminal. And then to draft Maye (again a decent starter when he has been healthy) with this OL is simply disgraceful. And on that draft day Ol'Todd was smiling ear to ear.
  5. So the same guy who cried to Woody Johnson that Doug Marrone was a meanie thinks Jets fans are silly to want Bowles fired. If ownership cares what Mehta thinks about anything they are fools; based on the Marrone thing, that is in fact true. Having said that though, this broken clock is right to the point that there is nothing accomplished by dumping him now rather than at 10AM on December 31st, 2018. We don't need a dead cat bounce or a candidate getting a leg up for winning a few meaningless games.
  6. It's about 11 months too late, typical Jets.
  7. Also 2 other things in Johnson's past are clouding anyone sensible taking a job here. 1. Eric Mangini in camp gets approached about acquiring Favre. He is told by Johnson, go along, no matter what you will not be fired no matter how it turns out. Mangini with Spygate took one for the team big time; you would think despite a gruff manner, that would buy him some good faith. And the Favre gambit almost worked until he hurt his throwing elbow (jerking off to Jen Sterger? who knows but I digress). Mangini finds himself unemployed. 2. Doug Marrone exercises an opt out clause with the Bills after via winks and nods he is told through channels he has the Jets job in the bag. All indications are this is so. until evil mite Manish Mehta starts spreading nasty rumors that Marrone doesn't brush his teeth in the AM, doesn't tip at Dunkin Donuts and eats pizza with a knife and fork. Johnson, being a quivering pile of overindulged scared Jello, drops the offer. We wind up with Bowles, AGAIN, the next big career NFL assistant; like Edwards, Ryan, Groh before him.In sum, our owner inexplicably was spooked by a beat writer that had nothing substantive bad to say about Marrone other than he did not personally like him. Don't care what industry you are in, management that habitually effs over their most important employees is not spoken well of. Also, the coach and GM still are not lined up in a unified organization, but report to the owner independently; a recipe for not being on the same page and office politics over success. In short, to echo Bit; The Johnsons are as big a problem as anything else. And while owning an NFL team is like being the owner of a printing press of legal C notes, there is something very amiss with this ownership on so many levels, be it financial or how they run things.
  8. Saying your team passes too much in 2018 was the final sign the guy is an idiot. Passing is how you score and win. Being afraid to throw a pass, running every 1st down, setting up 3rd and longs is death. it's how you get any QB, much less a rookie, scared, confused and hurt. Pats have a coaCH in the booth in Bellichick's ear if there is a reason to throw the red flag to get a replay, or a chance the other team might and they need to run a play ASAP. it's called delegating.This is not some great rocket science, it's how the NFL works, if competently coached, in 2018, nd really for a while. They trust that guy, he knows his sheet, he does that job. Bowles, like rex Ryan, doesn't delegate that task. Instead he has to look at the Jumbotron like every other drunk ass fan in the stadium. Despite a lifetime in football, has no idea how the clock and timeouts work, things 12 year olds playing Madden understand immediately. Like most bad coaches, he calls plays. There's no strategy or plan beyond that. Like Rex Ryan, he has his own pet incompetent buddy defensive coach like Jeff Weeks, Kacey Rodgers. Again, ideally they need a Director of Football Ops to run the show and send the Johnsons sveral big steps back to their box to count money. Bill Cowher or Jerry Reese(would he not love to stick it to the co-tenants?) or a Harbaugh would do very well with that. Failing in that they need a real NFL or college coach that has an idea how to run an NFL passing offense. There are a bunch of young hungry guys in college; they will not be found with THE NEXT BIG TIME SEARCH BY BILL POLIAN AND CHARLEY CASERLY. That will AGAIN result in the next least objectionable career NFL assistant, almost certainly a defensive guy who will babble about toughness and manliness and blah blah blah... which appeals to the Lucky Sperm Club Less Nessman lookalike owner. Dirty secret Matt Bitonti has pointed out often; the Johnsons somehow despite there not being any cap for front office and coaching personnel never seem to get that marquee guy. In fact since day 1 of their ownership, said Big Time Football Guy has avoided this franchise like the plague. That has to do with 1. Johnsons not being willing to pay(not really being able to pay?) and as important 2. not being willing to sit in their owners' box and STFU.
  9. Recall they relaxed the blackout rules to the point that as long as roughly 60% of the tickets are sold, it gets broadcast.
  10. He defrauded people . He is a sick gambler, which explains, doesn't excuse, his actions. While I didn't listen to his show, my son got to play in the Boomer Esiason game a few years back, and same thing, Carton was very pleasant and gracious with the players, their families and everyone in attendance. Locally he also helped the Downtown Giants and Brooklyn Hurricanes. local Pop Warner programs, a great deal. Managed to get their games played at MetLife, which was a thrill for those kids. As it happens, through no fault of Carton, both programs are folding this year as fewer and fewer parents let their kids play Pop Warner. Which brings it back to what he has done to his kids. The real shame is how he has upended the lives of those he loves the most.
  11. Problem is ALL OF THIS WAS PREDICTABLE LAST JANUARY. Having Bowles come back, with his moronic ideas about offense, was a TOTAL WASTE of ANOTHER SEASON. He firet the OC for "passing too much" and then babbles about how under the rules as enforced someday soon the 3 yards and a cloud of fieldturf pellets is the wave of the future. Crazy idea-this time DO NOT HIRE THE NEXT LEAST OBJECTIONABLE CAREER DC. Ge somebody who thinks the forward pass is important. Have no idea if Bates is terrible or handcuffed. Do know Bowles still has NO IDEA how the clock, timeouts or replay works, which is at this point ridiculous. Doesn't appear the Jets ever look at matchups with other teams; the Dolphins defense and especially their pass defense and secondary have been getting torched, but Jets didn't bother to try. The Jets' offense does not have any run/pass options. In fact the sets they run are totally predictable, as are the constant runs up the gut every 1st down. If you take the run/pass guessing game out of things, defense is way easier for opponents. SOMEBODY is telling the OC that's what he wants and the person is Todd Bowles.
  12. Jon Corzine walks the earth a free man. Doesn't excuse Carton, but if you can plausibly claim you are a Wall Street guy, you can get away with defrauding people. Replace "borrow $500K from a strip club manager/loanshark" with "foolishly betting your client's money on the stability of Greek economy".
  13. Whole point; Woody Johnson is not going to hire a Sean McVay. His Next Big Search ALWAYS ends with a middling career assistant. That is not going to cut it any more. The Monkens happen to be cousins- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Monken Throw out this year's record, know this guy is going to be special https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Chesney Same idea; got on The Next Guy before another retread DC; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Moorhead
  14. Woody Johnson does care, but he cares about being the center of attention at Knicks games or when he's waking through the parking lot.It's a rich guy's plaything. But either he doesn't have the money to hire a serious club president like Cowher to run the whole show. Of he's too stupid to realize he is the impediment who is holding back this franchise. Look at the Eagles or the Pats; the owners might not even like the guys the have running the show, but they're smart enough to take a giant step back. When we have here is a spoiled lucky sperm club jerkoff that's Jerry Jones wanabee with manners but not as much money.

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