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  1. They were unimpeded at the line; game over. If that's man, not any man that works.
  2. Guy had some success at Army and here. But big moments are his worst. No great secrets to the Pats; you need to get to Brady, even if that opens up some underneath things. And it has to be man to man. Edlemann, Gronk and Hogan are sure-handed but not fast, they can be covered . But if you don't get in their face at the line, they kill you. Instead he rushes 3 or 4, and sits in a soft zone looking to cut off the underneath stuff. Only later in the game did he bring 5, and never really got out of the zone.
  3. Perhaps the biggest unforced stupid penalty in NFL history, and zero sacks. Wouldn't give this guy $10 to walk my dog for fear he'd eff that up.
  4. How many Pats' games do you have to watch to understand you either put the old guy on the ground a bunch or you lose.
  5. Sutton and Reid decided to sit back and play zone and not get after the old man. Fvkcin inevitable.
  6. Too much time for Brady.
  7. Stentatore called Hogan Edelmann 3 X. Jeez...
  8. Rushing 4 , playing zone WTF
  9. Bellichick whining about the pick play is rich. Been they're bread&butter forever.
  11. NFL officials are by virtue of experience older guys. At a loss more of them aren't off the field.
  12. Gilmore is again getting away with tackling and blocking receivers every passing down. Why have rules at all. Nantz is rooting like crazy.

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