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  1. 1998. IT WAS RIGHT THERE. And then it went to total sheet in about 20 minutes of total hell. Sadly there are so many to choose. Was at the Fake Spike Game. Only other time I can recall a crowd going from Concord taking off loud to pin drop quiet is Rangers/Pens 1992 playoff game when Kevin Stevens scored a joke goal against Mike Richter from 65 feet when he was only dumping the puck and Richter totally flubbed it.
  2. Recall one episode where Tarik had erected a wall, and she said."I hate it. Tale it down". He responded 'THAT'S $15,000!". And she said, "So what. I hate it. Take it down."
  3. With as crappy passing attack as the Jets had, at a loss why they aren't putting a TE or an H-back on his side and road grading the crap out of Becton's side every running play. And really they cannot stop that for 3-6 yards a clip. Dare them to stop you and see if that opens play action. He is that good. He looks a lot like Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones. I don't say that lightly.
  4. Barely sat down before it was 7-0. And pretty much barely watched the 2nd half. This team is noncompetitive. There are lots of other options to watch sports and other things. Why should anyone put on the Jets to be miserable. Things matter, until they don't. Sensible ownership would look at this as a serious issue. Once the TV contract starts going down due to less eyeballs, the whole "The NFL can print money without ever selling a ticket!" thing goes away. A running daily sheetshow in the biggest TV market is a very bad thing for the NFL. But the Johnsons have shown repeatedly they are not very sensible.
  5. One thing, making me nuts; Becton is a monster. Why are they so cute running garbage into the middle of the line when Big Ticket is pancaking the living sheet out of whom ever is in front of him. It doesn't need to be complicated. Those between the tackle plays are a waste of a down. Run behind the LT you drafted to do exactly that and keep doing it until they stop you or you play action off of it.
  6. Gase is a control freak, running HIS PLAYS. This is a problenm. The idea is to get your team downfield and score. if that means you trust your QB to audible there, that's the play, not what ever POS Gase called. Worry also is you're beating down Darnold. Is he that bad, or is this offense by Gase's design so bad that you can't tell. The Ryan Tannehill thing right now is scary. There's a decision that will have to be made about Darnold and this may not be any useful data because it's all so f__ed up.
  7. Cannot be said enough; Maccagnan's drafts were catastrophic mismanagement. His free agent signings were little better. Complete lack of understanding of positional value, need to have a functioning offense, spending high picks on non premium positions. That doesn't excuse Gase, but Gase at least got the owner to recognize how f___in' stupid this was.
  8. After an awful loss, hard to fault any player for not being shiny and happy.
  9. A defense predicated on blitzing DBs is not going to work very well over the course of a season.
  10. Despite the stat sheet, he still doesn't dominate anywhere near what we were told. Still after another horrible loss, have a hard time getting crazy about a player getting a mike shoved in his face responding like this. It was a rough day; was he supposed to blow sunshine up media pieholes?
  11. Special teams gave up a TD on the kickoff, so Scott is grading on a curve?
  12. If I am Joe Douglas, I'm very pissed I drafted a total beast LT to have the offensive genius head coach call delayed handoffs up the gut over and over rather than simply run behind the Big Ticket. Not saying that solves all the problems, but there's a tool in the toolbox here that is not being used.
  13. There is no reason Gase still has a job tomorrow morning. We're marking time until Gregg Williams is the interim HC and Joe Bob Cooter is the OC.
  14. No, it can be way faster with the right coach. Not saying a Lombardi is a lock in a year , but you have a LT at least. With an actual coach with an sensible plan, no reason you couldn't compete.

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