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  1. Once while with the Cardinals, catching Bob Gibson, Gibson gave up a homer with Uecker behind the plate. Uecker got out of his crouch and started walking toward Gibson as if to give him some advice. Gibson quickly shut him down; "You're gonna give me advice, Uecker? Get your fat fvcking hungover ass back behind the plate .The only thing you know about pitching is you can't hit it". End of conference.
  2. I'm slightly to the right of...(end of politics). Watson isn't being political. Watson in fact at Clemson and with the Texans has been salt of the earth. It logically made sense for the Texans to interview Bienemy and Saleh. As the highest paid most important player and face of the franchise, the Texans should have at least had some discussions with Watson; that wasn't out of bounds, inmates running the asylum stupidity. it's how the NFL works in 2021. Watson (and Watt) are significant stakeholders here. It's abundantly clear the Texans have in the past few years traded away their best WR for a can of magic beans, fired the guy who did that (and also gave Maccagnan a thumbs up on Hackenberg, but I digress!) and then inexplicably empowered some Pats reject Jesus freak who doesn't appear to know nor much understand NFL football. JJ Watt is pretty much sounding the same alarm. Watson has so many years of having a shot. Having an idiot take a torch to that is not crazy, racial, political or anything like that. It's common sense. He has so many prime years before he's done. The Texans are setting about to waste several of them.
  3. Would think anyone who saw Pennington's last few post surgery seasons would have to be nuts to take Wilson with the 2nd pick.
  4. Still think is a misallocation, but I could understand it, but only if it's coupled with picking a QB later to compete with the beach bum QB. Say, Mac Jones or somebody like that. The Jets cannot go into 2021 with Darnold as their QB with no plausible real competition. Seen NOTHING during his tenure here that should allow for that. He's earned nothing. You can point fingers at Gase and before, but Darnold has been terrible.
  5. Seen too many big games where Rodgers lets inferior teams hang around to bite him in the end. In fairness after allowing a nobody QB almost beat them last week in DC, there is nothing to recommend Todd Bowles' weak ass defense being an impediment.
  6. Douglas is either going to pick a QB early in the draft to compete with Darnold, or blow things up for Watson. There's simply no way the Jets go into summer with Darnold as their only and top QB. If he's here at all. The empty talk about Lafleur liking what he sees is either a prelude to working with him in a competition with a shiny new drafted QB, or an attempt not to devalue trade bait. Let's work from the assumption Douglas has a handle either on Watson's value, or those QBs in the draft. On record that I've always like Watson; wanted him bad over Adams. The guy has been a winner and good teammate from Clemson until now. But the Texans want a lot for him. Question for Douglas is are the Jets better off staying with the picks they have, with Wilson or Fields early, or say Mac Jones later in the draft? Problem With taking Sewell is like taking safeties so early(i.e., how we got here, instead of taking Watson back in 2017!), it's inevitably going to end up with a misallocation of cap resources. Your cap gets disfigured paying 2 tackles LT money, and more likely either Becton or Sewell leaves via free agency. Simply not plausible you could give both the kind of $ they will be looking for once their ELC runs out, unless you want to franchise one for a bunch of years while paying the other top dollar. And that would really piss off the franchised player.
  7. "Some thought he was the favorite for the job with the Detroit Lions, especially since he was a native of Dearborn, Mich." Still shocked the Lions didn't make Saleh their priority. Really makes no sense for them not to have done so.
  8. Smith's speed and hands are Pro Bowl. But his size has to be a concern. Doesn't mean he won't be a great WR but it's a concern.
  9. From Brooklyn or Rockaway, an easy ride to CBB and New Park.
  10. Whether Douglas, Lafleur and Saleh are totally 100% sold on Darnold or want to move on from him, right now there's no point to badmouthing the guy either way. If you want to trade him, you don't want to hurt his value. Remember when Parcells signed Curtis Martin and for a time kept Johnnie Johnson around and pretended he was going to have a 2 back attack, until he got the deal he liked; same thing. This is how it's done. This is alien to a franchise that's being doing dumb stuff for a decade plus.
  11. Easterby is arguably and justifiably the one guy Bellichick hates more than Eric Mangini. And now he's threatening to sue SI and Bob Kraft. This is total craziness. If their ownership doesn't fire him and soon, the Texans are going to be the biggest joke of a franchise in NFL history. Again, Watt and Watson are salt of the earth guys; these are guys you want being the face of your franchise, and this guy has gone about alienating them. That's nuts. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3258068/jack-easterby-takes-a-break-from-embarrassing-the-texans-to-talk-about-suing-si-and-the-kraft-family-for-defamation Jack Easterby Takes a Break From Embarrassing the Texans to Talk About Suing SI and the Kraft Family for Defamation Jerry Thornton1/16/2021 1:31 PM 19 If you're not totally familiar with Jack Easterby, the man who started his NFL career as team chaplain for the Patriots before landing a job with the Texans, then quickly seized power, got Bill O'Brien (who'd hired him) fired, alienated everyone, pilfered Nick Caserio away from New England, made Deshaun Watson demand a trade and whose only defender seems to be one Twitter account that may or may not be his own burner, let me bring you up to speed here, here and here. You might think that's a lot for a guy who only arrived in Houston this time last year. But as with anyone on TV who tries to get the public to buy his bullsh1t no one asked for or needs, this bulb-headed phony with the insincere grin is now saying, "But wait! There's more!" And as if shamelessly sucking up to Watson, ignoring the million pound elephant in the room that is all the chaos he himself has created, and generally humiliating himself wasn’t enough, Easterby chimes in with this bit of, "Now how much would you pay? But wait! There's still more!" It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. The irony here is off the charts. This is a guy who spent his last several years of his time in New England trying to embarrass the very organization that gave a Theology major an unlikely career in pro football. Easterby was the “multiple sources“ in pretty much every hatchet piece you read about the Patriots. That’s just my speculation, but it’s shared by many inside the building at One Patriot Place. And if you have any doubts, ask yourself when was the last time you read a really nasty article about turmoil in the Patriots front office that quotes anonymous sources? If there has been a single one since this jug-eared dork left for Houston, I definitely missed it. And so here is this good Christian that is willing to bear false witness against his neighbors, claiming that his neighbors a bearing false witness against him. And responding just like Jesus would. By threatening a lawsuit. I mean, we all remember that passage in the New Testament when Christ complained that people were saying bad things about him and threatened to take the Pharisees to Pontius Pilate court. Just one thing though. When you’re the VP in charge of a pro team and a sports journal writes negative stuff about you and your response is to sue them and your old employer for defamation, that’s probably a pretty good indication you’re not cut out for this line of work. But I’m sure Sports Illustrated and the Kraft family would love the opportunity. Depositions in a civil suit go both ways. And it’d be a great chance to hear what Easterby has to say under oath about the sh*t he pulled in Foxboro. Bring it on. LAWSUIT+ 6 TAGS Jerry Thornton1/16/2021 1:31 PM
  12. I know his record every year is great. But he falls on his face every season spare one. Had him in fantasy a few times, and has the annoying and bad habit of not putting away lesser teams when he has a chance and then blowing games. Suspect part of it was Mccarthy is a doofus, but people get all over Favre and Peyton Manning and they're better over their careers in the playoffs than Rodgers. Now if he wins today and 2 more games, I'll readily amend that.
  13. Neither a search firm nor Charlie Casserly nor interrupting Peyton Manning on a golf course were involved. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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