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  1. Bob Kraft math: A young blonde hottie who pretends to be your girl but really cucks you and empties your bank account < 50 something dishrag whore who gives you a quick handy for some loose greenbacks. Didn't even invite his driver in for a little. What a guy.
  2. Assuming I can give them 2019 nutrition and training, Jim Brown, Bubba Smith or Earl Campbell.
  3. Passing on Bosa would be a huge mistake. Pats figured out a scheme to limit his brother but that doesn't mean you don't take him. As to the injury thing, he stopped playing mostly because Ohio State was done. If they go to the BCS, he would'v played. You cannot pass on an edge like this guy. Allen has a Mamulian/Gholstonian whiff of chemical enhancement. Yes, people can add weight and muscle from frosh to senior by working like a demon. But his growth is....amazing. Having said that,s suspect a lot of college and NFL players enjoy better living through cutting edge chemistry. And the line between what is a supplement or vitamin and a PED is blurred. Nutrition and working out get more advanced every day. Simply think with Allen I've seen that kind of player do the combine prep thing and it doesn't end well. And as to the combine; these guys have been weighed, measured and lifted and run in front of coaches since probably junior year of high school. There are no secrets. The college prep guys and then the NFL tracks EVERYBODY who puts on pads in HS. The concept that the combine is suddenly grounds to undervalue how a guy actually played in real NCAA games is really dumb. Bosa was f__ing great. If Bosa is not there, trade down and bolster the OL.
  4. Bugg

    Fat Mike Fran

    Problem with this is every pro sports league now has a salary cap to artificially suppress player salaries. It's why the NBA is basically a soap opera until the conference finals. It's why we just saw the Machado/Harper fiasco, of good players not getting contracts. It's why I as a NY Rangers fan have seen a Cup contender but 2 years ago be dismantled because of the cap. And why in the NFL and all sports the players believe rightly they have to fight foe every dime. Average career is less than 3 years, and they don't count PS time toward a pension nor health care vesting. NFL is also the only league that doesn't guarantee salaries. No North American pro sports franchise in the 4 major leagues has gone bankrupt since the NHL Cleveland Barons in 1976. The entire country has been homogenized and in some ways like taxes and cost of living big markets is no longer attractive. Why should any fan care about salaries? Do you care what an entertainer makes when you watch a movie or a concert? The owners did this to themselves.They made it all about salaries. If you make it all about money, don't be shocked if the players think it's all about money too.
  5. Bugg

    Fat Mike Fran

    Francesa was wrong about Giants trading Beckham and Jets signing Bell. Listened for about 15 minutes of this idiocy today. This guy does not get the internet has made him an old babbling fool pretending he knows some inside "data" , though he woul never use the word "data'. Proceeded to whine about sports being about "stats and highlights" and how young people are basically fool s for thinking stats matter. Now Beckham is unquestionably a tremendous a-hole, but that kind of talent and production isn't something you can easily replace. You can put up with some a-holishness for that. Babbled about "Beckham is like Shockey and he nevah won anythin'", but Shockey was definitely on the roster if not a big part of 2 Super Bowl-winning teams. Ironic that the exact things he claims make Beckham such an awful guy are traits he possesses in abundance. And why someday soon FAN management will tell him to stay home altogether. Personally 15 minutes was too much. Will never bother again. There's nothing worthwhile to Francesa.
  6. Logic-because 2 teams overpaid ridiculously for roster filler safeties based on foolish reps for a position that has marginal impact, therefore, the Jets should overpay the living sh1t out of Adams' next contract, despite the street being filled with safeties. One of those teams is the decades-long dumpster fire known as the Deadskins. Adams is very good at his position, but his position isn't very important. Because other teams are dumb doesn't change that.
  7. The Future is NOW. Downside; Adam Gase cannot come in here and have a sputtering offense through Columbus Day and babble about "installing the offense"(a Jet tradition!). He's got a rested versatile beast mode back, a QB who got his feet wet and has to be ready to go from crawling to running, some decent WRs and improved OL. There is no honeymoon here. Think Bell in addition to being a 1000+ yard guy can be the go to dumpoff target when the play breaks down. That's a good thing for Darnold. As to Bell; only historic comparable of a guy taking a year off is Riggins. Not sure given how long ago that was it has much application, but you hope that precedent holds. . Questions become has Bell stayed in football shape, and is he going to be able to get used to getting hit after a year away from it. You hope but nobody knows but Bell.
  8. Bugg

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Mayfield so far has been a very cool customer, and it's his team. If Beckham pulls some of the sh!t he did with the Jints, it will not go over well.
  9. Bugg

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    If they're trading for Rosen they're putting him in a very rough spot. There will be no honeymoon. Because every week they're gonna see Mayfield/Beckham racking up yards and points.
  10. Bugg

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Obviously the Maras wanted this. Beckham for all his talent is a pain in the ass, and Barkley is a great centerpiece .But thee is still that talent tye'e dumping that's off the charts. Not sure they understand the freakout of their fan base.
  11. A reasonably aware Jets fan with a working internet connection and a moderately aware capologist at his side would have drafted better and signed better free agents than either of the past 2 Jets GMs even if said fan was on a 3 day bender on each such occasion. Oh, there are talented QBs on the board? SAFETIES MAN!
  12. We still talk about because it was an historically colossal mismanagement of roster and resources that in a well-run organization either never comes close to happening or gets everyone fired.
  13. Injury history is a bit much. Bosa shut it down once OSU was not going to the BCS. Other than that, there's nothing scary about him. If he's there at 3 and you do not pick him , you are making a Not Taking Mahomes at 6 Level Overthinking It Phvck Up.
  14. Adams is a good safety. But "safety" is key; it's roster fodder, not how you build a team. There isn't much difference on the field between Adams and a free agent. There has not been a game where Adams had 3 game-breaking plays and carried the day. Brady beats this team like a drum twice a year with a PSU lax guy and Gronk. Jets' defense still looks like they remain steadfastly unaware TEs are eligible receivers. To take Adams with Mahomes and Watson still on the board, and Lil'Watt too, should have gotten the entire staff at Florham Park fired. If that's your scout staff's idea of "best available player" they need to seek new employment in a field not related to football talent evaluation. I get the fury; they stood there smiling ear to ear about picking 2 safeties when the Jets did not have an offense nor a pass rush. It was infuriating and stupid. And somehow Mac is still here. But it's done, and that's that. We're stuck with idiot ownership and a moron GM, and we can hope he, like a blind squirrel, finds a few decent nuts.

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