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  1. The Walking Dead

    Garbage Lady pops up out of nowhere. Basically you have Rick/Negan(how long are they going to string this out; when is Negan's backstory 2 episode arc coming?), Darryl and the Co-Darryl with the burned face, Eugene and...yeah, the rest of the cast is a waste of your time. Which they do every week. Add in a subplot with Bob's wife from "24" who has access to a good shower and dry cleaned clothes, that goes nowhere, your hour is over (40 odd minutes with commercials). As an aside, why in hot and humid as hell Georgia are these people wearing leather jackets? Did the Zombie Apocalypse drop the temperature? Might have to pull rank on the Mrs. to watch "Billions"' next Sunday,a show where stuff actually happens.
  2. 2 teams called "Rough Riders" causes mass confusion. Other than that, all true. Didn't hurt Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and many others at several positions. If Manziel wants to play if the NFL he has to demonstrate he can act like an adult for a full season.
  3. Doesn't really matter; who ever the pick is going to be deigned to be Da Man. And really that's how it should be. If they pick the guy they think less of, doesn't help anyone to cry about the guy you didn't get.
  4. At the point there isn't much more to say until the draft actually happens. Media is repeating each other and the same kinds of things over and over.
  5. Josh Allen

    Offense consisted of Dan Reeves jerking off for 3 quarters,and then telling Elway to do what ever the f__ he could to win.
  6. Josh Allen

    Best case scenario-either Browns or Jints take Barkley, one or the other gets wowed by Rosen, Jets get Darnold. Worst-Darnold, Rosen, Jets get Allen or Mayfield. Don't see any of that even being bad.Quite the contrary. The fun and games portion of the program with the idiot HC then begins. Who ever this kid is and who ever the starter is, this kid gets sheetload of practice snaps or WEDONTRUNTHEBALLENOUGH Bowles is sent packing. NOBODY cares about your precious career or 5 wins in 2018, this season is getting the young QB ready.
  7. Josh Allen

    The obvious comparison is Carson Wentz. And barring injury Allen wouldn't see the field until Halloween anyway.
  8. Josh Allen

    In my nightmares, Kyle Lauletta, #11 for the New England Patriots, drafted in the 2nd round of the 2018 draft, wins the 2020 Super Bowl MVP.
  9. Josh Allen

    And OL that could get any QB playing for the Jets killed.
  10. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Living in the gym...not.
  11. Mentor-bridging a rookie QB

    Only instance you could say it worked was Kurt Warner and Elie Manning. Basic idea; vet starts most of the early season and then the rookie gets the job later. Everyone knows that's the plan, coach doesn't obsess over "best chance to win" nonsense. Think the reason this may be a mess is Bowles. Maccagnan bought himself another 2-4 years with this move. But Bowles doesn't answer to Maccagnan, and another 5 win season and he's rightly out on his ass. And he adds NOTHING to this team so far. His defense sucks, and he gives you nothing offensively other than pussified crappy strategy. So his interests do not coincide with playing QB picked at 3 over Best Chance to Win McCown. But there's a big curveball here; McCown is not hiding the fact he wants to be an NFL HC. This franchise has lavished serious cash on him and given him these chances already. You have an influx of former QBs in the coaching ranks; Jim Harbaugh, DOug Pederson, Frank Reich. McCown fits in that scheme; not at all a star, but a long career and a student of the game. Replacing a HC with the QB is unheard of. But And a player in any sport moving from the lockerroom down to hall is a tough transition. But if McCown is looking to be part of the jets' CS going forward, not crazy to see a situation where the HC is overrruled not only by the GM but by the old QB he wants to play instead of the rookie. Not saying this is going to happen, but it might. Also very plausible either Bridgwater or McCown are trade bait at the trade deadline. And despite this wonderful development, still have zero faith Bowles ever gets it. Very concerned not so much about Cousins but the failure to land any OL and WR help is a direct result of the entire NFL viewing him as a clown. And they aren't wrong.
  12. This is not crazy. Won't happen tomorrow, but perhaps sometime very soon.
  13. That would would be a disaster. You're doing this for a QB or not at all.
  14. Either Rosen, Allen or Darnold is gonna be there. Mike, I taking every word back, you f___in' genius. Bowles, still a moron. But Big Picture, he's here for another season at most. And then any coach who's worth a damn available next January is gonna WANT TO BE HERE.