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  1. And what a glorious history it ...oh right.
  2. Ruined may be a bit strong. But have no doubt there's a Tim Donaghy out there in the NFL's future. Call PI or RTP every chance on both teams, and the over bet is a given. Amazing turned on a dime from being totally opposed to gambling to jumping in with both arms and both legs for the $.
  3. HT; EdDogg"Adams pretty much single handedly destroyed the future of this team for the next 5 years. I wish I was being over dramatic."
  4. Chirs Hansen: "The Jags players have been GRINDING for months!" Well played sir.
  5. Darnold just hit some chick in the 1st row right between the yabos. Incomplete, again!
  6. Darnold just hit some chick in the 1st row right between the yabos. Incomplete, again!
  7. Do these sports leagues ever get tired of whining about and trying to cut their labor costs? Open the books already or end this cap nonsense. Competitive balance my ass.
  8. Darnold, sack plus fumble. Someday -soon- when he's between Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez on the Pac12 pregame show, he'll have a chuckle about this NFL stuff.
  9. 2nd and 10; draw play, huddle up. 3rd down pass short of the stick. Playing for a not gimme FG down 2 scores. Make it on 4th barely. Someone should give this coaching staff stun guns and enemas at half. Urban Meyer probably would like that as long as the Mrs, didn't know.
  10. Brian Schottenheimer, your Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How does he keep getting jobs? Jags cannot fire Meyer because no sensible person would trust Schotty with a coffee order. They're potentially wrecking Lawrence's career before it even gets started.
  11. Disinclined to blame Revis for a system that is designed to supress player salaries. They have short careers. Don't set up a system that protects the owners and then get mad at the palyers for treating it like a business. Why do I as a fan care even for 10 seconds about how much money a millionaire pays his athletes? No pro sports franchise in the US's 4 major sports has gone out of business in almost 50 years(NHL's Cleveland Barons). No NFL team has, since the 1920s. Why do I need to worry about whether the Johnson brothers or the Wilpons get silly with their checkbooks? If it's that bad, se
  12. "they've been to ten Super Bowls. You see the hustle and the grind of it, but at the end of the day, there's other philosophies to win and it doesn't have to be that way.” " The other philosophies who have had that kind of 10 Super Bowl appearance type success? Take all the time you want, Darelle. We'll wait.
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