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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    Bosa is a beast. After an acrimonious holdout last year he's been one of if not the best pass rusher in the NFL.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    Somebody had to do this....
  3. Sunday Games Thread

    The Chragers' DB with the gold shoes is bad at football.
  4. Sunday Games Thread

    Strength of schedule tiebreaker.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    I've watched "Narcos". This Mexico City Raiders/Pats game is a bad idea.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    Yes, but the standings are important and stuff so....What color is the sky in your world?
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    The Coughlin/Marrone Jags are gonna be 7-3.
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Rex Ryan acted like his offense's only job was not committing a turnover. Bowles this past 2 safety draft was smiling ear to ear like he hit the lottery. Both have farmed out the entire offense to the OC. Silly me, I thought the head coach, like real NFL HCs do, had a role in the whole team. And perhaps being neither has a clue, that's a better idea anyway. Still the Jets by design have under Johnson had 3 head coaches (Edwards, Ryan, and Bowles) who have no freaking idea nor even an interest in how a pro passing offense works. And in each case Johnson was okay with that. None of them has ever contributed a goddamn single thing to the Jets' offense. Perhaps you should open your eyes and behold the wasteland.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    Yes, you have to wait for the perfect alignment of stars to pick offensive players. This happens once every 15 years or so.And listen to the idiot head coach who views offense generally and the forward pass specifically as evil. Defense, MORE OF THAT, and don't care if said defender is not a shutdown corner nor an edge rusher. Plus hard to have a decent OL when you don't pick any OL guys anyway.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    His stats are padded like crazy by a monster opening night vs. the Pats. 6-6. Judge with a grand slam, Hosmer with a 3 run homer.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Unless he can bring Kelce with him, looks pretty ordinary today against a crappy Giants defense.
  12. At a loss why they paid him a king's ransom since they could've signed him the day after the draft for pennies.Only other job McCown had been offered as far as we know was the Browns' QB coach; nobody else appears to have offered him a roster spot. Worse clear that the entire franchise, being braindead, treated this signing as one more reason to not pick Watson.
  13. None of whom is a shutdown corner nor an edge pass rusher. Williams is a very good player and Adams might be a good safety. But that's it.
  14. Think that Mangini/Favre firing has, while not much discussed, caused a lot of serious NFL people to avoid this franchise like the plague. Not the kind of thing you can ever live down. Mangini was a sharp guy but did not know how to deal with people. But no matter; he was promised he wouldn't be fired if he took on Favre, he was a good soldier about it, won 9 games and still got the axe after Favre got hurt and it went to hell. Kind of thing that is gonna follow the Johnsons around forever.
  15. Recall Ryan and Idzik celebrating a senseless Week 17 win in Miami not long ago like 2 sugared up 6 year olds on Halloween night. This franchise embraces, wallows in, celebrates and epitomizes mediocrity. And that has accelerated under the Johnson regime, which given how awful Hess was until the very end, is saying something. This great Todd Bowles-the one who blew 2 14 point leads in 2 games, or the one who had his offense shat themselves off the bye? Ah, that run, run, incomplete pass braindead worthless embarrassment-MORE OF THAT! And Maccagnan-the guy some deep in his "best available" nonsense he's ready to extend a 38 year old journeyman barely replacement value QB but who has yet to pick a QB, a shutdown corner, and edge pass rusher or a LT? Wish none of these guys ill, but if you burned Florham Park to the ground and fired everyone, that might be a great start. There is NOTHING worthy of extension in this steaming pile of wreaking dogsheet spare they might not be any sensible serious NFL people who will work with the Johnsons.