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  1. Exactly. if you don't hurry or sack him, he's gonna kill you anyway. Besides you cannot cover worth a damn anyway, press, man, zone, no difference, he finds guys if you give him time.
  2. Couldn't even stay up to watch the end of the game, much less this. No great secrets; if you cannot keep your QB clean, and you cannot get to Tom Brady, you have no shot. I do not understand this, watching this Pats' run; Brady only screws up when he's on his ass all game. So what do moronic teams do, but worry about the underneath stuff, which he completes anyway, by only sending 4 guys. F___ your vaunted coverage, send 6 or 7 every play and knock him down all night. Because you cannot cover for sheet anyway. But what do the Jets (and most other teams) do , but a standard 4 man rush that gets nowhere, while he connects underneath all night. WHAT IS THE F___ING POINT OF THAT? Also, iNStead of drafting the next fat slow nonworkout warrior interior lineman(oh, he stops the run!-BFD) , crazy idea, get some Khalil Mack/JJ Watt/Bosa beast sometime soon, a guy that caN get to the QB a few times by himself.
  3. Pats still throwing the ball playing with fire. Jets are noncombatants, run the ball, run the clock, end this nonsense.
  4. Sure part of bringing in a vet center in Khalil (not in on the last series) was he would direct the blocking scheme presnap. Tonight pretty clear the jets and Darnold see those blitzers on the line and simply crap their pants, no sense they've got any response to that.
  5. Darnold sees all those defenders at the line, knows his OL is terrible, is scared sheetless, mechanics and the play goes to hell.
  6. One thing the Jets could do tomorrow; send Trumaine Johnson home and tell him not to come back.
  7. That's not saying much. "He doesn't suck as much as...TOTAL suck!"
  8. Simply an observation; this awfulness has led to an outbreak of sodomy references in this thread this evening.
  9. Q is hurt. Again. Bigger surprise is he was playing, who knew?
  10. Look, bitching about the refs is pointless. If you cannot rush the QB and cannot protect your own QB, you're gonna lose.
  11. We obviously need to take the next best fat defensive line guy who doesn't work out nor get anywhere near the QB named Williams. 3rd time is the charm.
  12. Memo to Leonard Williams; your agent has cancelled the G6 for your free agent tour this offseason. Also called to tell you he's dropping you as a client. As good as Bell is, he has to be trade bait at the deadline,

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