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  1. Looks like groupthink plus confirmation bias. They wanted to believe in Wilson. So much so they disregarded the red flags. Quick eyes and feet; really? Was this some other QB?
  2. Bucs let Browns hang around all day. Once again, behold the supposed defensive genius that is not Todd Bowles.
  3. Bears are missing 3/4s of their starting 2ndary but this offense looks great.
  4. Bears from here on out down 2 scores are gonna have to throw. Between the Jets defense and this monsoon, that's a tough order. Offense; RUN, RUN RUN!
  5. Can ruin a player that simply isn't very good in the first place? There is so much about Wilson that screamed red flag. Were some very unique circumstances like COVID and a down year for QBs that propelled Wilson to the #2 pick. It still doesn't change who and what he is. Douglas took a shot,and it looks like it didn't work out. I understand that it was the proverbial swing for the fences. Mac Jones would have been a workman-like high floor pick, but picking him 2nd was probably against his view of the draft as a scout. Jones' best case scenario is probably something like Chad Pennington pre injury; kind of a hard sell as the #2 pick. We don't know what was said between the Niners and the Jets. We do know Steve Young has connections with the Niners and the Wilson family. And you wonder if the parties might talk again after all this mess. Are they sold on Lance, or do they want some competition for him? We'll probably revisit all this in March. Simply not plausible if you put Wilson on another team, or benched him for a season, or any other variable in the program, he somehow becomes a productive NFL starting QB. He's small, he panics in the face of a rush, he can't process things fast enough and he can't read defenses. There's not much that's gonna change in those key areas no matter what might be different.
  6. Can't fire 22 guys so... Not sure what's more embarrassing baout yesterday; this is total disrespect
  7. Good things, like is Justin Fields playing? Any word on that yet?
  8. IRS is about to break everyone's balls about failing to file a 1099 if you pay a vendor more than $600. This kid despite defrauding people of billions is right now not only free but scheduled to speak at some BS New York Times conference this week. It's like the rules don't apply if you're connected with the powers that be. Especially so if you line the right pockets. After all, it's a free market, right?
  9. 345th thread with the theme of "QB(insert random bad QB here who improved from a rough start , in this case, only marginally) got better, so therefore, Sanchez/Smith/Darnold and now Wilson will get better too. " Yeah, no.
  10. Bugg

    Great tweets

    If I could go back to 1986 and bet the exacta that Darryl Strawberry will become the nicest human on earth,and Lenny Dykstra will be the biggest sleazebag a-hole....
  11. Lots of posters bitching about the OL; it's not the best, but these guys are good enough. A successful NFL QB has a mental clock -take a 2-3 step drop while getting your reads, get set, and the ball is out. The speed of the recievers is 4.5 40s; in 2-3 seconds, they're 20-30 yards into their pattern. Those plays that get extended and break down and QB finds the receiver can be spectacular, but they're the exceptions, not every passing play.
  12. This 1975 model like it's the Tex Schramm Cowboys stockpiling talent and paying them dirt saving them for the day the old player is done and the young one can step in is long gone. The whole idea now is every player in the early rounds is going to contribute ASAP. Under the cap, you are killing it if your young guys are performing before you have to write them a big ass 2nd contract. If theya ren't, they're gonna be gone. It's why Leonard WIlliams , Sam Darnold, and Jamal Adams are no longer here. And as a player, you want to get paid. Nobody is sticking around if the plan is they aren't playing.
  13. This OL thing simply isn't valid. He's getting the typical 2.6 seconds a typical NFL QB gets to go through his reads. Not saying the OL is all world, but it's not a jailbreak mess; it's satisfactory. Problem is he cannot process that. There are open receivers who aren't getting the ball. He effs up even simple throws; screens and dumpoffs are adventures. And Wilson's reaction to any rush isn't to step up, but to panic. There have also been very disturbing instances of him acting like The Job is to throw the ball away. Suspect they've drilled that into him so much in practice he thinks merely doing the sensible thing in a specific situation is the whole idea.
  14. Don't divorce work any more; simply not fun legal work. Everyone is pissed and angry. But the advice about kids is huge. That bitterness and anger subside. Key is to keep an open hand out for the day they reach out. Been a number of clients, family and friends who had roughly the same experience;at some point kids stop listening to only one side and take a hard look at what really happened. Along the same lines, as awful a person as the ex is, kids are not going to appreciate dwelling on that negative stuff, no matter how true it is. Have to be ready to move forward, not backward, with your childen. Update; talking with a family member who went through a bad one. Kids didn't talk to him for years. But gradually things softened. His kids took his hand, 2 pretty quickly. And finally, this weekend, the 3rd kid who was most angry with him is gonna go over to his new house for Thanksgiving. Again, point is, keep your hand extended; it will happen. May be not right away but it will.
  15. Eli Manning; https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MannEl00.htm 2007 23 TDs, 20 INTs, over 3300 +yards passing, 209 yard per game, 60% completion. Also, son of an almost HoFer, brother of perhaps one of the best 2 or 3 guys to ever play NFL QB;played college in the SEC. The Giants' braintrust had a good idea this kid knew what he was doing.His dad and brother were running the biggest QB prep camp in the country. Ints are a bit high but that was so his entire career. Also, 6'5". Zach Wilson: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WilsZa00.htm 4 TD, 5 INTs, 1200 yards in 7 games, 55% completion, 182 yards per game, completion % has been consistently that rate both of his seasons.Listed at 6"2", which must be in these shoes In short, by every measure, HORRIBLE. His experience, backgorund and pedigree-insert laughter here. In short, these 2 QBs and their seasons as cited by you, and really their entire careers have NOTHING in common but exit 16W. "The fan base"; who cares? If Giants fans didn't like him, they weren't burning down the stadium. Manning was Coughlin's QB. Who were they gonna play; the fat kid from Kentucky? Sometimes we think this board matters. It doesn't. It's entertaining and fun. Nobody is making decisions based on psots here. media guys getting ideas, totally different, and that does happen. Derek Carr; not crazy to think that with this defense, a replacement level QB with a decent Breece Hall running game can make noise . Nicke Foles did it. Yeah, brah, I missed your point. Because ...there....isn't....one....?
  16. Dense? What is your point? First, it's the "so so, specifically Eli Manning, sucked, so therefore, Zach will improve"When it's explained Eli Manning is an outlier, and that we had throughly (exahustively, never endingly) discussed the data as to QBs' career arcs on 2 prior occasions you then shift to Eli was a QB in NY. But again ELi is a very different guy with a different background and more challenging and impressive college career than Zach Wilson. Look, tired of posters grasping at thin reeds because we went through it twice already. You have eyeballs. Wilson stinks. He was a reach. it's not getting better. No hard feelings.
  17. So your argument is NY specific; even more ridiculous. Eli Manning , rich kid he may have been, is not Zach Wilson. His dad had been an NFL QB (since it wasn't an official stat, Archie Manning was arguably the most sacked QB in NFL historY). Again, Eli Manning and Zach Wilson have not a thing to do with each other. Eli had played in a real conference against NFL talent every week in the SEC, not some Mickey Mouse zero conference. Keep digging. What is your point? Other than WRONG!
  18. No, I didn't. Eli Manning was one of the very few QBs who got off to a rough start and ultimately turned it around. He is an outlier. We went through all this, twice in the past 2 decades. Have no idea how long you have been posting, but we heard the same stuff RE; Sanchez and then Darnold. And we looked at the data. The overwhelming trend is if a QB doesn't figure it out in the first few years, it's not gonna happen. Your only argument is somehow one day very soon Wilson,like Eli will turn it around. AGAIN though the trend is like those QBs who never got better, he will continiue to suck. And frankly I'm tired of anyone trotting out a wrong-headed argument. Essentiall you're saying The Suck is indicia that he'll get better. Data says that is not the case at all.
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