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  1. The guy Joe Burrow compares to is Mac Jones. Wilson had nowhere near the college career nor size nor ability of Burrow. The Jets f___ed up this pick, very badly.
  2. CBS broadcasts suck. That's a very strange penalty to call, and instead of showing a replay of what the refs claim was a penalty, the broadcast is hellbent on showing uss BS graphics and promos for "Diabetic Equalizer" and "NCIS; Recycling Squad" .
  3. Comparing Zach Wilson to Pat Mahomes and Brett Favre is such a stretch.
  4. Geno Smith's pocket presence is still that of a 12 year old on his very first day of playing Madden; if I keep backing up, they cannot tackle me, 4th and 28 be damned. I'm throwing a 67 yard pass that gains 10 yards.
  5. Thought on draft day Jones was the pick, and Wilson looks like a tiny WAC guy with some nice game day tape against Boise State or Fresno State. Totally overthinking it.
  6. This last 10 minutes with Brees has been way better, because it's about football. And the unsaid thing is these QBs are terrible and the coaches are trying to work around that,
  7. Matter of time until they catch a dirty ref betting calling RTP and PI. Not tonight because these QBs are terrible and it;s raining, but give me 2 decent ones on a dry day and crooked ref and the over bet is an easy fix.
  8. Would rather hear he reamed the daylights out of the whole team and completely lost it on the bus home.
  9. This is a bum fight. Think the Saints have more plausible offensive talent to stitch it together enough, but who knows.
  10. "Look, you are Geno Smith, Run the play we sent in and SHUT THE F___ UP!"
  11. Geno Smith trying briefly to sell that they got a 1st down nowhere near the stick, But he's Geno Smith so..
  12. They finally wised up and signed a.,,,yeah what ever....
  13. I do not understand how you call 2 draw plays followed by a desperate 3rd and long sack. Off 2 weeks of prep, that you come out like that is beyond embarrassing. This is Saleh and Lafleur's livelihoods and careers. And like so many before them, they don't seem smart enough to get they're contributing to their own demise.
  14. When it might have been a game, and you might get the Pats a bit off theirs, huddle up. Down 41 points, that's the time for no huddle. All turd, covered in gas, set on fire.
  15. When it might have been a game, and you might get the Pats a bit off theirs, huddle up. Down 41 points, that's the time for no huddle. All turd, covered in gas, set on fire.
  16. Down 41 points, Coach Saleh goes hurry up. Is he trying to get people killed? Pats should call timeout and kick a FG.
  17. There is no salary cap on coaches. Somehow the Johnsons always go to the bargain bin. Bill Cowler has been out there , forever, and you simply had to pay him a fortune . Heck, his wife is even a Jets fan. Or more likely, was Now he's old enough that may be he wouldn't do it.. But no, go hire the next shiny new guy who talks about toughness but also works cheap.
  18. "Hey, man, we gotta get a defensive stop or we'll be as bogus as the Jets. "
  19. Nothing says action hero like a fat diabetic 50+ woman. She's ...sassy...and she's gonna kick ass on a bunch of guys who bench press Hondas all day. Very realistic. Pats are still pouring it on. Total disrespect.
  20. What has been the problem for the Johsnon Error: voaches go into the interview babbling about toughness and other such nonsense, ans the Johnsons get totally erect. The NFL during this time has exploded with offensive scoring . Passing is off the charts. The msot dominant team in your division scores like a pinball machine on tilt. Defense is important, but you need to be abe to score points. Now for the coaches ever since Mangini, this team treats passing and scoring like unimportant? Why is it not a given this team passes effectively and scores points? It's as if they completely ignor
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