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  1. Crazy insane? or insane crazy? You decide.
  2. Please tell me you didn't go and mess everything up already? I liked GOB he was a good guy. Smizzy i can take or leave but you gotta get GOB back. What did i miss today?
  3. Hello Ms.Gang Green Girl It's nice to see such a great comminuty of posters.
  4. Honestly,after reading some of these JI horror stories,I'd rather not reveal it here in the open. Ill send you a PM Maxman.
  5. I'm very happy to see all the JI heavyweight's all in one place.I'm a longtime JI poster and from fear of unjust prosecution by the Guy's on JI ,I haven't posted here until it was safe. Thank you guy's very much for giving me a place to come and enjoy my beloved NY Jets again. Does anyone else find it funny the only new ideas JI has had in 3 years they stole from Max & Tom & then to read he's snooping through peoples mail I never thought a guy with over 3,000 posters would stoop so low. Oh well, id love to see this next generation of JI posters cough up as much m
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