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  1. I think abreham will be gone the day before the draft or on draft day itself
  2. Thanks for the avatar max. that was fast.
  3. thank you max I emailed you the avatar I want.
  4. can you help me with an avatar ?
  5. Hi everyone. I signed up for an account on jetsinsider.com last week. the other day I got a pm from ganggreengirl telling me about this site. I responded to the pm and told her that I liked the insider board. I was new there and had no problems, had only mad a few posts. when I tried logging on last night my password had been changed. I reset it back but noticed the Pm's form ganggreengirl were deleted. i messaged the admin and a mod. the admin never responded. I told the mod I believe someone hacked into my account. I went to log in just now to check on the mock draft that I signed up for. I got this message sorry you are not permitted to use this board I was banned for getting pm ed ?
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