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  1. Well I got most right. Thank god for Cro's return.
  2. 1. Pass rush- Up middle pass rush and flush out Manning, move him around and not let him step up into pocket. No sense blitzing on edges continiously for Manning to step up and still be able to pass. Lets get him side to side where he is a totally different QB. Jets got to Manning first drive in last years game which set the tone for first half. Blitz linebackers thru middle pick and use blitzed fromoutside with corners sparingly. The key here is up the middle and get him moving. 2. Short zone coverage and tackling- The way I would go against jets defense would be to spread the jets out with 4 5 receiver sets. Deek and dunk the short passes and hope for receiver yards after catch. Jet defense needs to make tackles off these sets and allow Manning to complete these short gain passes without going the distance. Our LB coverage off RBS and slot coverages will be key in this game. Let Manning deek and dunk all day but dont give up big play. In doing so the deek and dunk will eat alot of time and keep Colts drives long and game close enough for the jets to have a winning chance. 3. Time of possession- RUN RUN RUN. if ever a game its this one. Ball control, chunks of yards on ground keep clock running. I truely believe if Greene was available in the second half of last years game we would have won.Greene is a major key here. Run aggressive, ground and pound and set up play action. Schotty can not get away from the run game as he has. Run to set up pass. If Greene goes over a 100 I feel we will win this game. Jets cannot get fancy, stop the end arounds.If we are able to sustain 6,7,8 minute drives it will be benefit the jets. Keep the ball out of Mannings hands by running the ball. I believe jets offense will put up points against this colts defense but if we start out passing and find out the pass game is not there, it will be hard to get into the running game. 4. Special Teams- Any additional points would put pressure on Manning. Another Smith return would be nice. Field position is going to be key. Manning has to start his offense on their side of the field every drive. Hopefully Weatherford can keep dropping those punts inside the 20 and create long fields for Manning and create long drives which will take time off clock even when Colts have the ball. 5. Coaching- I believe if we lose this game coaching will be the cause of it. I am very worried about how Rex insists this is personal. If Rex can coach this game from a team aspect and not from his heart meaning him against Manning we will win. If Rex starts a blitz crazy scenario just to show Manning we are a touch Defense then we are doomed. He needs to pick and choose blitzes strategically. Confusing Manning will be tough, however keeping him guessing from quater to quater with a different gameplan each quater may be the way to sorta keep Manning guessing. Rex needs to be calm here, smart with time management and not go over the top with any outrageous calls.
  3. Need pass for game have tickets already. email AZONE@OPTONLINE.NET Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. an hr ago its 137 over 77 . Low number good. anyway i think its white coat syndrome. I freak at docs offices .
  5. Went to docs for CDL physical failed me for high blood pressure of 154 over 89. So after week have been eating right no soda or bad food . Gym everyday going 2 miles on treadmill lost 2 lbs in week. Now at 198 lbs. So I went and bought a digital omron BP home monitoring kit. 2 days now blood pressure readings are 143 over 77 and 137 over 76 in afternoon. Anyoen know how reliable these home kits are? are they accurate?
  6. yes I have beent o Montreal. Its a bit pricey but there is a lot to do out there. :) What would you like to do?

  7. Hi LJ , How ru? I noticed your from Canada. Even been to Montreal? I am askign you cause im going to go there for a Ranger game this year .

  8. Today is my daughter's 8th B day so we will have her Bday party for her . Im glad it fell on a Sunday when we are playing Monday night. Although my Giant fan friends who are coming are a bit upset. My son who is 11 is pissed cause he wants the jets to pplay today and cant stay up late tomorrowe nigfht cause its a school nite.
  9. What I was trying to say was Bruschi is bitching and complaining about a flag at the end of the game meanwhile he has 2 IMO roughing the passers Doesnt anyone agree that take down on Favre was incredibly late??????
  10. With 29 seconds left in game Ellis apparently threw his helmet to the ground. A sideline camera shows Bruschi yelling to the ref "throw the f'en flag" clear as day. Frantically , the f'en game is over Teddy! You want to talk about flags Ted? THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN 2 ON YOU F'ER 1st quater 11:00 on clock late hit on Favre and This one is fuming about still even more so watching it on dvr today. with 10:07 3rd the ball is out I mean out of Favres hands he takes him down with one arm oround his back and drives Farve to the floor. How do the refs let that one go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also 3rd quater 11:12 on clock Vrabel hit Favre after the ball is completely out of his hands. Those of you who have DVR CHECK IT OUT. 3 penalties all game and 1 on the final play. Tell me there is no conspiracy Pats fans go ahead.
  11. When the other 5% affects the outcome of a game it is NOT good enough. Just think of how many plays 5% is. I t could be a crucial 3rd down in the first quater, it still affects the game . Humans yea, but this is their job. Listen the Pats forever get the benefit of all calls all the time. Go back to the Raider game.
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