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    The War Room
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    Sodium Cobalt G, Mine Shafts, The Doomsday Device, Computers
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    Captured **** Scientist
  1. We like GOB better than you Max. Good Bye.
  2. Looks like someone else forgot to change their tampon this morning.
  3. I have a steady diet of Sodium Cobalt-G and other chemicals approved by the furher himself.
  4. Smizzy finally scheduled his sex change operation?
  5. Faba has a history like that. One time, he snuck up on me at a tailgate and pinched my ass. When I complained, he told me that my ass was too soft and I need to life weights instead of apologizing.
  6. is that like saying the drapes have to match the carpet?
  7. What happen to retention control points?
  8. Alk, will you tell us some funny outhouse stories from Kansas?
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