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  1. Before I leave this forum, I guess my original post makes even more sense. The level of hostility here is really sad. A lot of other forums deal with outsiders just fine, and don't chase people off. I know people like BZ & GreenMachine tried to explain it to me that it is in jest here, but today when I tried to 'get in on it' I was attacked beyond the jesting level. Anyway, just wanted to apologize to all I offended here in my short stay, and I'll try again down the road. Don't hold it against me. Best. DW
  2. Well, first off, I acknowledged the loss to both Denver and Indy. And second, I am not and do not troll. I am here to talk football. I am active in all the AFC East forums, and many other NFL ones as well. There is no need for the personal insults towards me. Most of the other posters here will vouch for me. Sorry for anything that may have set you off, not intended and I accept my role and apologize for it. I guess I just don't 'get' this forum. When I took exception to some of the stronger trash talk here, BZ and GreenMachine let me know that it was all in jest, so I play
  3. We're talking awesomness, not numbers. That was from the Court of Awesomness.
  4. Aww, did I touch a nerve? You really think the Patriots are a joke? C'mon, we're just having fun here guy. I don't even think the Jets are a joke, and they haven't won it since '69. We've beat you guys 7 straight games. If we're a joke then what are the Jets to you? And really, you're not some Vikings or Raiders fan, I assume you've been watching AFC East football for years. If so, you know that bandwagon talk is pure B.S. Did we pick up a lot of idiot-talking bandwagon fans along the way. ? Sure, but that doesn't negate the fan base that has suffered through the years, t
  5. Way to avoid the statement! As for your answer, they lost to a very good Broncos team, and kudos to Denver. They won fair and square. How did your post-season end last year? That's right. Try winning this Century, sargent.
  6. I think comparing the Jets to Denver is a very fair and logical equation.
  7. hahahaha, I remember when NY fans used to care about winning on the field!! Now it's a new low, to simply wanting to win off the field.
  8. I'm just kidding around. I'm happy it made you laugh, it isn't meant to start anything. All in good humor.
  9. Here is your trophy for being super-awesome!! .. and here is ours.
  10. Really, you can't see the difference? Hahaha, even funnier. At least with those arguments you used as an example, there is plenty of statistical analysis, as well as performances on the field. Fan Police!!
  11. Yeah, let's "argue" about something so subjective. Hahaha.
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