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  1. No way the Jets fire Bowles after a win which is what i am expecting today. Jets by 10+ baby.
  2. Jethead

    Le'Veon Bell, Yes Or No?

    All he costs is money. Who cares how much, we can’t spend all we have and it’s not mine. think about what LT brought to the team and imagine if we got him when he was 3 years younger. its a no brained. Instantly elevates the Jets to the middle of the pack and climbing.
  3. Agree, but did you read Manish's column this morning. Sounds like yesterday was a bad day for Sam.
  4. Agree Bowles and Bates have to go. It’s an offense driven game today and they just don’t get it. But, at the core, it’s more of a talent problem than a coaching problem. It all starts at QB. Look at Brees, Rodgers, Brady. I believe We finally have one but he’s not there yet. Look at the skill players on the Saints, Chiefs,Rams, Steelers, etc. We must spend every dime in our piggy bank upgrading the offense this off season. Forget the Mack’s, Fowler’s they just don’t matter.
  5. NYJ priorities: 1) Beat the fish 2) spend 100M wisely on skill position assets to support Sam 3) Rinse, repeat
  6. Please, Bart is about as sharp a knife as Donnie Jr.
  7. Jethead

    Sam was really bad

    As Tiger used to say, "Sam sure didn't have his a game today." But, Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelsey vs. Jets motley crew, give me a break. We need to spend 100million on offense next year.
  8. Good find. Thanks. Seems like those awful Jet coaches might have a plan after all.
  9. Jethead

    Darnold's throwing mechanics

    I hope nobody decides to "fix" Sam other than to help him refine his technique. See Philip Rivers as the perfect example. Leave him alone!
  10. Jethead

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    No compensation to the Steelers just Woody's money for Bell. Who cares how much, it's Woody's money and he can afford it. Why wouldn't we do that.
  11. Jethead

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Reminds me of Braylon. Hope the resemblance is physical not mental.
  12. Jethead

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Not for 1 yr but for a multi year deal, I'd rather have Bell than Mack. He has plenty of gas in the tank. Keep Crowell too.
  13. I disagree. Adams is the leader of what will soon be the best defense in the AFC. We are lucky to have him. The ultimate differentiator of greatness is between the ears. He and Sam are the goods but wait and see who the informal kingpin is. My money's on Adams. His drive is in the 100th percentile.
  14. Jethead

    Monday night announcers

    ESPN clearly made a choice about which game to feature. Not surprised. Won't be long until we're on the good end of such a choice given the bright future ahead!

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