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  1. If MRI is OK and Wilson will be back in e-4 games, I would sign Johnson and start him vs Bengals with White as backup. Hopefully CJ is back. Maybe Davis too.
  2. Dever absolutely sucked last night. Hard to comprehend losing to that team 28-0.
  3. Jets are going to try to establish the run. Beli will put 8 in the box, force Zach to beat him.
  4. UGA even with smurf QB looks capable of winning it all this year. 21 other starters are legit. 21 second stringers would be starters almost everywhere else.
  5. 1) None of Senior staff (GM, HC, OCs) get fired 2) The only trades we make are for more draft capital 3) Becton comes back and starts to play well, running game improves 4) Zach makes progress 5) Q gets long term deal
  6. And as along as we have cap room who cares how much of Woody's $ goes to the players who earn it.
  7. Great news! JD making exactly the right statement. J-E-T-S....!
  8. Seems like a pretty good team vibe these days. Really hoping for win #2 Sunday, by any means necessary!
  9. 2021 class is as good, if not better and we got Moore. Next year's class is also top level. Mims reminds me of N'Keal Harry who also never lived up to his promise. It's on him, not the coaches.
  10. Yes, except I think they will draft another WR with one of their top picks and Mims et al will have new competition. And that's a good thing!
  11. Concern is legit, Mikey gets a 'needs improvement" on his first marking period grade. But, he's a rookie too. Let's see where they all are after 17 games. We will have a good idea if any of the key pieces aren't up to the task. If they all grow together we have a chance for something really special.
  12. Hall is playing great. Sky's the limit.
  13. Have liked Crowder since we got him. Like Cole too. He's underrated imo. Also eager to get EMoore going. It's 100% on Mims to earn himself more playing time. TE will be high on next year's draft shopping list.
  14. I agree with this. I like JD and think he is making progress and I have confidence in him. Never expected smooth sailing. Got too optimistic and wham, was brought back to reality with a jolt. I think this year is much different that last.
  15. That's why they gave him a six year deal.
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