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  1. Let's trade our two best players so we can get better. After all, the draft is easy to figure out. Would be classically stupid if you ask me More and more evidence is piling up that Gase is toxic and must go.
  2. Jets would be crazy to let Bell go. He's one of the best players on the team. They need to be filling holes not creating them. Montgomery is a much bigger disappointment and a definite goner.
  3. Darnold is getting better. He's streaky but so is any QB not named Brees. He tries too hard at times. He needs more seasoning and a better supporting cast. I'm excited to watch him develop and optimistic for the future.
  4. Someone is going to pay Leo you can make book on it. And rightfully so. I'd love to have him back but we have higher priorities.
  5. Revis was mediocre as a rookie. Look how he turned out. Patience please.
  6. Biggest surprises are Falcons, Rams, Bears in that order. Not surprised that Browns underachieved (no heart) and Philip Rivers is on the all-time chokers list so Chargers are as expected.
  7. If the Mets could trade Tom Seaver, no player is safe. Very glad Bell and Adams are still Jets. Robby too. Sorry to see Leo go but understand why. Gase is on very thin ice. Mehta is a twat!
  8. He's 22, playing in his 16th game. The new NFL requires young QBs to play through their learning curve. He certainly has the physical tools. The key will be his mental toughness (and his OL). That's what sets Brady apart.
  9. This was great fun to listen to. Agree we should do whatever is necessary to keep him.
  10. Bet his teammates loved it! Go Sam.
  11. Hollywood Henderson: “Bradshaw couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the c and the a.”
  12. So he wants $. The salary cap is a joke. Don't get why anybody cares about spending Woody's money. He's like the Fed. Just print more.

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