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  1. FL or Bama QB with 23rd pick then. It's a crapshoot for any of these kids. None of them are locks.
  2. I don't know. Seahawks had just signed Matt Flynn who was supposed to be their QB. Drafted Russell Wilson and he won the job. Never looked back. Don't see why Jets couldn't do the same with Sam and a rookie QB like Lance. Can't tell me Seahawks knew Wilson was the answer or they would have never waited until round 3 to pick him.
  3. Former 1st rounder, two major injuries. Very physical player. eleventeenth priority.
  4. High on my list of targets. Saints are in cap jail. Also, Hendrickson to DL.
  5. Sign Chris Godwin and Trey Hendrickson. Draft D. Smith and best CB, Edge, IOL available at #23 Trade Sam and one of next year's 1's for Stafford Win division next year
  6. If Houston wasn't a sh*tshow with dumbness on both sides this wouldn't even be an option. Maybe we get really lucky. I give it 20%, too good to not try but plan B much more likely.
  7. Watson - First choice, and would pursue aggressively Stafford - Underrated, would be a good get at a fair price. 3-5 years of high level play left in the tank. We would be playoff contenders. Keep Sam, try to trade down, probably draft Smith at #2. Keep building.... Put all my money on Red or Black and pray (QB at 2), not recommended
  8. Happy for him. Tampa's DL could be big trouble vs depleted KC OLine. Happy for Todd Bowles too.
  9. Nice post. A bit too serious but very thoughtful. I liked the draft at the time. Still like it now. Still ripening.
  10. Why. Fresh legs. He didn’t forget how to play. Was never a speed guy. I think he will be a big contributor.
  11. One of the best no doubt. RIP Hammerin' Hank!
  12. Not loving this draft. I prefer Smith/Chase followed by OL at 23 or Sewell followed by BAP at 23 (WR,CB, Edge, IOL)

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