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  1. Parcells always said that the best thing about rookie year was when it was over. Also said that the biggest performance jump was between year 2 and year 3.
  2. Remember what Lenny Briscoe said, you don't liver longer, it just seems that way!
  3. He’s the straw that stirs the drink...
  4. Jethead

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Yeah, he should have won a Super Bowl by now!
  5. Always fun to hear from Joe.
  6. Mayfield is a complete wannabe. Far closer to Manziel than Namath. Now, if you want to talk about Namathesque QB's, I give you Kenny "Snake" Stabler!
  7. My all time favorite player in any sport. Marino had the arm and release. Jim Kelley when he was first starting out had a lot of Namath's qualities including the swag (and an underrated arm).
  8. Jethead

    Jamal Adams ESPN Interview

    You can get decent anything in the middle and late rounds. It's 75% luck of the draw. Safety play is key to the Jets defensive schemes (and those of most good teams). We got a good player who should contribute for many years and appears to have leadership qualities. Shut up and enjoy the ride.
  9. I'm not a Woody fan but he doesn't belong in the Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones category. Hey, if it was my toy I'd want to play with it too.
  10. The Bank Dick, Blazing Saddles and Animal House are my top 3.
  11. Thanks for the extra effort.
  12. Jethead

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Remember Sudden Sam McDowell.
  13. Jethead

    Macc: Darnold will get a chance to start.

    Somewhere between Game 1 & Game 4, based 100% on how Sam is looking is the right answer. Very real possibility that MNF vs Baker is his debut.
  14. Not to mention, how much coin has he put in Arthur Blank's pocket!