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  1. So you're saying there's a chance....
  2. Seem to me that Saleh's style and personality is a perfect fit for this young, inexperienced but talented bunch of kids. He has really made a good impression so far. If his team plays with passion and energy, I don't care what their record is next year but I wouldn't sleep on them.
  3. The Mets won both games in a double header that summer 1-0 and the pitcher drove in the winning run in both games! I was in the bleachers for a twi-nighter against Montreal when the Mets moved into first place over the Cubs. The stands were shaking! My brother and I loved to go to banner day and walk on the field between games. Double headers were our value buy, lol!
  4. One of the most interesting things about the pre-draft preparation was when JD talked about the profiles Saleh and his staff presented to the scouts including the position by position attributes they valued most. The Jets truly have done a 180!
  5. That draft was awesome, no doubt about it. Reset the Jets trajectory as a team. Wow. Crazy. Epic. This draft could belong in the same conversation. Won't know for while but the fact that we're talking about it is amazing. JD is proving he knows how to do much more than tear the team down.
  6. Douglas gets a solid B for his performance to date with the promise of higher grades if he keeps it up. Glad to have him at the helm.Feel justified in raising the bar. High expectations JD.
  7. I hear nfl live is hiring. savvy guy like Ryan should fit right in.
  8. If the Jets didn't think Clark had the potential to grow into a viable starter at Guard and Tackle I don't think they would have drafted him. I have not seen any information about his development, only speculation and inference. Have to think he's the one with the hightest ceiling so hope he can win the job.
  9. For some reason, the model I have in my head for Zach Wilson is Jordan Speith. I think Zach's "team" will have a plan for him that optimizes his opportunity and will integrate with Saleh's operating plan for the Jets. Given Saleh's comments this past weekend that each player is CEO of his own mind and body I think he will be 100% aligned with this. Unless he gets hurt Wilson will be the opening day starter for the Jets and the Wilson era will begin and I think he will exceed expectations.
  10. I live it Atlanta so for totally selfish reasons I want the game to be here. Plan B will be a trek to NJ. Overseas (UK) travel is still going to suck this fall.
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