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  1. Depends on many factors. How well he plays. How well Sam plays. If we are becoming serious contenders Jamal's personality and drive become even more valuable. If Sam sh*ts the bed and we are also rans again, that's another story altogeather.
  2. I like Jamal a lot. I think most of you underestimate his value with the premium position bs. Guys like him are exactly who we should be looking for. But, we hold all the cards and if it were me I would tell Jamal he is a key guy in our long term plans who we really value and not give him another dime this year. (Pretty much how I think JD is playing it!) Next year, different story. Let's wait and see what happens. Who knows what the future holds. It's nice to have a competent GM.
  3. I have zero expectations that he will add value. Any contribution will be a bonus. Talk about a bust
  4. Tony Mandarich, Vernon Gholston, Ryan Leaf.....not Bryan Thomas. Like porn, you know it when you see it.
  5. Chris Herndon has done less to earn his spot. His ice should be thinner than Edoga's
  6. Scouting was much less thorough (more racist) at that time. Even further back, teams like the KC Chiefs had a huge edge because they would scout the southern black colleges for talent that many other, mostly NFC, teams would ignore.
  7. Surprised he didn't have more of an impact. Won't miss him.
  8. Yes, but he told Joe he had a big one for him any time he needed it.
  9. Just win baby!.....wait, did somebody already say that.
  10. Trust JD to take hard look. I'm fine with whatever he decides.

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