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  1. Not a lock that Curry make the cut. He's older, coming off injury. Don't forget Zuniga who could probably also play specials which I doubt Curry could/would do.
  2. Yes! Agree 100%. Coupled with Saleh's scheme which frees them to play fast. I am very high on our defense. Best friend a rookie QB could have.
  3. Mosely is the best player on the Jets. He's a bona fide, proven all-pro talent. He's in top shape, motivated and ready to roll. I expect him to have an all-pro season and to be one of two first team defensive all-pro Jets along with The Mighty Quinn!
  4. Nice job. Glad to see you back on the case. And, more than glad about what you saw. These kids are going to be special. By the way, the Jets website has an awesome collection of videos including one of yesterday's practice and some great interviews. Choice quality stuff!
  5. This really sounds like last year's Q debate. Way too soon to say what we got here but the talent is unmistakable. Still very optimistic.
  6. If wearing a mask on the podium means he's not vaccinated he's a candidate for a Darwin award not ROY. Yikes!
  7. Good news. He will definitely push Bec and Moses.
  8. Our version of N'keal Harry. At least he wasn't a first rounder. If you can't play for Saleh, good luck succeeding somewhere else. Prognosis: guarded
  9. Agree the defense is usually ahead of the offense this time of year. But Jets defense is being underestimated around the league. It's the best in the AFC East and is going to give Zack a nice cushion for his rookie season.
  10. I think the Jets defense is going to be one of the surprise stories of the 2021 season. Definitely the best in the AFC East. Hope all the experts keep sleeping on them.
  11. So I just watched interviews with Mosley, Van Roten and Lawson in that order. I was impressed, more impressed and blown away! Every year I find a way to rationalize my optimism for the season to come. This year there are signs everywhere that point to a bright future. IMO, we are at the start of an amazing run. Sooo excited!!!
  12. Same issue with Sam. Same issue with Q. This is on Woody, not JD.
  13. Irritating, not catastrophic. Woody's always been tone deaf.
  14. Eager for a Bechton sighting!
  15. Just like Rex with Bart Scott and Jim Leonard. Saleh knows the player firsthand, KJ knows the defense and what his role would be. Forget the stats, last year in Seattle was an aberration.
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