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  1. Understand both signings but disappointed none the less. Hope that by the end of camp our roster has improved enough that both get cut.
  2. Major reservations: He seems like a real "me" guy. All that counts are his stats. Can he stay on the field? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer Sure doesn't seem like he ought to be the first overall pick in the draft.
  3. Jethead

    Update on Justin Houston

    Sounds like it won't be us. Maybe Ziggy on a prove it deal?
  4. To be honest, Bosa scares me the most. Poor man’s Clay Matthews and injury prone. High bust factor. Hate the thought of another interior DL. I will be surprised if anybody offers enough value to trade out. Right now, I take Allen but reserve the right to change my mind 50 times between now and draft day.
  5. Well said. We also seem to finally have a QB. This is everything. Nothing is as it was. If Sam year 2 validates the promise shown in year 1, Macc and Co. will get to keep playing whether any of you like it or not.
  6. Agree. The last thing we should want is for the Jets to sign some retread the don't think is the answer because they freaked out like some of the denizens of this board.
  7. Jethead

    Justin Houston

    I’m sold. How much of woodys $ do we need?
  8. Light years better than last year at the same point in time. Thanks for doing this.
  9. Jethead

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Art Schlister, Blaine Gabbert. Shirley, you can't be serious!
  10. That's the point isn't it. Mangini was a smart evaluator of talent, but no GM bats 1.000. The "best" GM in history won his award because of a 6th round pick, pure dumb luck. If Darnold has a big year I guarantee you Mac isn't going anywhere.
  11. Mac is the architect of the plan that got us our QB. He gets 10 get out of jail free cards and a reset for any past mistakes. There can be no plan without this piece and we now have one. And Bell is the perfect player for him. Who cares if Mac got lucky. What do you call it when your effing QB is a 6th round pick?
  12. Jethead

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    This, or Wisniewski and no hurry.
  13. It may be a low bar but he cleared it with ease. Great first impression! Non-sequitur but did anybody see David Njoku on NFL Network. Now there's a sharp guy!
  14. Jethead

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    But not at 10M guaranteed. Wisniewski at vet minimum or thereabouts.
  15. Jethead

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Gambling a bit on Leo having a good year would be a smart GM move to me if the price is right. I think he's going to have a big year. Good use of cap space. I don't think we're done yet. Still believe we might have a go at Houston.

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