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  1. So....just win baby!
  2. Nice summary. Finally, it's still all about Sam. If he's got "it" and delivers everything else is noise.
  3. Bingo, we have bingo!!!
  4. Everybody....but no parade (yet).
  5. Jethead

    Adam Gase press conference

    So far so good. Sounds like a Head Coach who is eager to get rolling. Since the future is all about Sam, for Gates, it's all about his ability to bring out the best in Sam. We shall see.
  6. Next to Snyder, Woody looks like Art Rooney.
  7. Jethead

    Rank the players on the Jets Defense

    Can't rank the rookies yet. All the have is potential. As Tuna says, defined as "haven't done anything yet". I'd put Greg Williams on the list too! Going to be a fun year.
  8. I'll never forget his first preseason pass, a bomb up the right side. I literally came out of my chair. I'd rank Kenny O, Vinnie and Chad in front of him but he gave us a fun ride until the wheels came off. He's a Jet for life.
  9. I'll buy that for a dollar!
  10. Yes. If Sam is a worthy successor to St. Joe we are in for a fun year. I guess I'm a homer because I believe he is!
  11. Jethead

    Bilal Powell

    I'd keep him in my rolodex. It's a long season and if he's healthy, Bilal can definitely contribute.
  12. This is spot on. Count me among those who "saw it" and hope it wasn't a mirage. I haven't been this optimistic since Vinnie & Co. If Sam takes the hoped for step we're in the mix and it will be fun to tune in on Sundays. Can't wait!
  13. Jethead

    Le'veon mistake?

    Ridiculous post. There is no basis for any of this drivel.

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