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  1. Gates called a great game today. So did Greg Williams! Both deserve major props.
  2. Baker is a douchbag - no doubt Baker is a franchise QB - jury’s out. $100 arm, 10 cent head so far.
  3. Winners win and losers lose. Guys like Jamal are the key. I hope Sam is cut from the same cloth. TBD. Jury’s out on Gase.
  4. Did you watch the Saints after Brees went down. Same OL mess and their OL is deemed one of the best. We need to keep upgrading but these guys are adequate if scheme and communications are addressed.
  5. LOL. Its what happens when you stop the 'roids man.
  6. Booger is bad. The guy next to him is awful.
  7. Manish makes Steve Serby look good. No redeeming value whatsoever.
  8. I still think the Jets can beat the Browns next week but we really need Mosley. Browns, from their necks down, are a very talented team but it's headcase city over there. If they keep struggling, the meltdown could be epic! Would like to have Q as well but would be careful not to rush him back.
  9. If we win, there's more than a decent chance we start 2-0.
  10. If this game is about "can the Jets execute their offense effectively", I have high hopes. I see 27-35 points for the Jets. To me its about can we stop Allen and the Bills? If we don't let him beat us deep and force him to play a march down the field game we should be fine. Jets 31-17.
  11. Hilton Garden Inn on 28th St, especially if you’re a Hilton member.

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