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  1. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    If Belichick were the Jets coach he would have cut Harris. He was a great Jet. "Nuff said.
  2. Marcus Maye

    Weeb was far and away the best Jets coach ever and he has a ring to prove it. I liked Rex. He's the best gameplanner the Jets ever had.
  3. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    Based on the evidence I have, Kaep is 10x better than any QB on the Jets roster. What I can't know is how much progress the two kids have made and how much the Jet's brass believe in them. If the Jets think that one of them can be the guy then I'm fine with no Kaep. If the Jets don't believe then not giving Kaep a look borders on malfeasance. I could care less about Kaep's political position. The issue is on the field.
  4. Who is your top choice at 6?

    QB - my pick is Watson but it's the position more than the player. Nothing will change until we find a leader.
  5. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan don't have arms stronger than Watson. Accuracy is more of a concern than arm strength for me. Take him at 6 and let him duke it out with Hack. And, take another one next year if neither one rises up.
  6. With the 6th pick

    Gets my vote. Kid knows how to win. Let him and Hack duke it out. Until we have a QB nothing else matters.
  7. Watson over Trubitsky otherwise works for me.
  8. More like our Shannon Sharp!
  9. Official Cuts Thread

    I predict we IR Devin Smith.
  10. NYG Observations

    Did our first round pick play last night? Didn't hear his name once!
  11. Jets Training Camp Weekend Wrap-Up

    thanks AFJF. Your hard work is appreciated!
  12. Would you...

    Rivers is a douchebag. I can't stand him. But I would do this deal in a heartbeat. No chance San Diego would however.
  13. And who can forget Birgitte!
  14. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    Based on his track record, agree that if the Jets are counting on him they better have a backup plan. Wouldn't write him off just yet though. Lots of talent and still a kid.
  15. Hands down, Freeman is my all-time favorite Jets RB. He was epic on many occasions. Curtis is close second for me. Both were great Jets.