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  1. Jethead

    Gerald McCoy- Possible Bucs cap casualty

    Dude can ball. Has some Dawg in him too. how old is he?
  2. Jethead


    Agree 100%. It's all about Sam. Let's get him some new toys! How about Bell and Brown? Think they might make a difference?
  3. I could get behind Del Rio. Not sure we need all the drama that comes with Williams.
  4. Would still prefer Pagano but this would be ok as second choice..
  5. This could actually be a lucky break for the Jets. Don't know how well Gase and Kubiak get along (roles would be upside down) but they had success together in Denver.
  6. Jethead

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Tessitore is worse! Even worse than Nantz which I didn't think was possible.
  7. Jethead

    Matt Rhule speaks as per Cimini.

    Of course, he should have his proposal but there is no way Rhule has the credibility to demand that his choice be the one. If that's how he thinks, glad he did not get the job.
  8. I voted for Joseph because of my respect for Denver's defense. Pagano would also seem like an ok choice. Williams seems like a first class a$$hole but maybe that doesn't matter.
  9. Jethead

    Elite positions with #1 pick

    Anybody know anything about Arcega-Whiteside from Stanford? Just declared and compared to Mike Evans.
  10. Jethead

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    Proven professional with QB savvy! Fingers crossed!
  11. Agree, but easier said than done!

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