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  1. 11 Tristan Wirfs , OT Iowa 48 Terrell Lewis , EDGE Alabama 68 Jaylon Johnson , CB Utah 79 Solomon Kindley , IOL Georgia 110 Devin Duvernay , WR Texas 140 Bryan Edwards , WR South Carolina 171 Denzel Mims , WR Baylor 202 Naquan Jones , IDL Michigan State
  2. I want one of the top 3 OTs, Preferably Thomas. If your scenario comes to pass I would absolutely try to trade down. My fall back is Simmons. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin!
  3. He's my favorite as well but no chance he's there at 11. Zip. Zero.
  4. I think he will be long gone before the Jets pick but if not he merits serious consideration. There are plenty of OL and WR prospects in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
  5. 11 Jerry Jeudy , WR Alabama 48 Lucas Niang , OT TCU 68 Netane Muti , IOL Fresno State 79 Darrell Taylor , EDGE Tennessee 110 Clyde Edwards-Helaire , RB LSU
  6. Jeudy, Lamb and Simmons all fall to us 80% of the time when I run the simulator. Very tough to pass up Simmons even if I know we should pick an offensive player. Also, Etienne regularly seems to be there for our 2nd pick. He looked great last night. How would you all feel if we went Simmons, Etienne with our first 2 picks?
  7. We have no salary cap issues. Woody has plenty of money. We need to build on the talent we have. All draft picks are gambles. We are closer to competing than many think. As Sam goes, so go the Jets.
  8. Adams and Jenkins aren’t going anywhere if Douglas does what all his training under Ozzie Newsom points to. Jets have plenty of money and picks so Robbie and Bell aren’t too expensive. Just keep building and be glad we have a solid base.
  9. Gates, Williams and Boyer all deserve kudos for their coaching job this year. Adams, McLendon, Bell and other team leaders also get props for keeping the team together thru tough circumstances. Eager to see the Jets add to the nicely developing core group they have. Lots to be said for continuity. Next year could be fun!
  10. Mannish is whiny little biatch. No sympathy for Gase however.
  11. I hope not. He's one of our best players. Dont see how it upgrades us to get rid of him.
  12. Agree 100%. Adam's is a potential ring of honor guy. Would be idiotic to gamble him away for a draft pick that could bust. Sign Cooper or Scherff and draft well and we're on our way.
  13. Q certainly came up big today. Happy for him and excited that he is part of our young corps of players. Expect big jump in 2nd year under GW’s tutelage.
  14. I go back to the Titans as well. Joe Willie's Jets are still my favorite era, (as a Jets, Mets, Knicks fan 1969 was the absolute peak!) But, I have plenty of fond Jets memories since and expect more to come. Sam and Jamal are easy kids to root for and I don't think we're as far away as some here do. Lets beat Pittsburg and Buffalo and build from there!
  15. Let's trade our two best players so we can get better. After all, the draft is easy to figure out. Would be classically stupid if you ask me More and more evidence is piling up that Gase is toxic and must go.
  16. Jets would be crazy to let Bell go. He's one of the best players on the team. They need to be filling holes not creating them. Montgomery is a much bigger disappointment and a definite goner.
  17. Darnold is getting better. He's streaky but so is any QB not named Brees. He tries too hard at times. He needs more seasoning and a better supporting cast. I'm excited to watch him develop and optimistic for the future.
  18. Someone is going to pay Leo you can make book on it. And rightfully so. I'd love to have him back but we have higher priorities.
  19. Revis was mediocre as a rookie. Look how he turned out. Patience please.
  20. Biggest surprises are Falcons, Rams, Bears in that order. Not surprised that Browns underachieved (no heart) and Philip Rivers is on the all-time chokers list so Chargers are as expected.
  21. If the Mets could trade Tom Seaver, no player is safe. Very glad Bell and Adams are still Jets. Robby too. Sorry to see Leo go but understand why. Gase is on very thin ice. Mehta is a twat!

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