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  1. Still think that an OT and LB who are not currently in the mix will be part of the final 53. Fischer and Alexander are two names we've heard. Suspect Saleh wants to see how the kiddos look in training camp. He would far rather endure growing pains from a young player he believes in if somebody like Mitchell or Sherwood flashes.
  2. huff vs Curry for the final spot. Zuniga in the running as well. If they can trade Huff for anything they might.
  3. Do not think the Jets are even looking for a big, fat run stopper. Such a player would not fit their system. Ogunjobi who they took a run at was a similar player to Rankins. He just had better credentials. Curry is an interesting challenge. He's one of Saleh's locker room guys and if he can perform like Philadelphia Curry, I think Saleh would find a way to keep him. Training camp is going to be where this all gets sorted. Too soon and too close to call right now. Our swing tackle is not yet on the team and the kid LBs are a total wild card.
  4. I think it's possible. Much like the role Ray Lewis played on the Ravens. JD is very aware of the impact a respected veteran can have in the locker room. There's a deal to be made if circumstances warrant.
  5. Great pick. No Scotty McKnight in this draft. No better position to double dip than Edge.
  6. Becton is too talented to not try to make things work. The minute the Jets have a viable option he's toast.
  7. Gonna be interesting. A good problem, the kind we haven't had for a long time. To make things even more interesting, I'll bet that at least 2 players not on this list are on the final roster. Edoga is toast but he will be replaced by a new OT (Reiff or Fischer).
  8. Only bad news/things happen between now and training camp. Silence is golden.
  9. $50,000 for a Jersey #. $60,000 for a 30-second introduction of a speaker. Why is this worse?
  10. CJ is the Alpha. Especially important on a young team. Time will change that but we are lucky to have him. His contract is indeed a bad one but it hasn't and won't stop the Jets from making any move they want
  11. Throwback. Maybe he will remind us of Deacon Jones inventor of the head slap.
  12. No knee brace. Good sign.
  13. "Detached from reality", a lot of that going around these days!
  14. Way too soon for this kind of pronouncement. Ok to say Conklin is off to good start. Good news, no need for hype.
  15. Fits right in Miami. The more he's a "me" guy, the less effective he will be. Keep it up. Good for the Jets.
  16. Becton won't practice. Lawson won't practice. Fant won't practice. Saleh has already said he's pointing toward training camp.
  17. Can't be goat with today's equipment. Different position. Like hitting with a metal bat.
  18. No quit in either team. Should be a good one tonight. Go Blues, take more shots!
  19. Both, I think. Jets process seems more deliberate and many players use the Jets for leverage like Tyreek did.
  20. Harbaugh is overrated. Staley over Tomlin GTFO.
  21. JD has certainly done a good job of assuring cap flexibility going forward. Jets can go in many directions to find funds. I'm expecting CJ to have a good year and aalso be willing to work with the Jets to restructure and stick around. Lawson is boom or bust. If he plays up to the hype, he's a bargain. If he's a promise unfulfilled for another year, I bet the Jets move on. Same with Davis.
  22. Hobie Landreth from Giants.
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