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  1. All the Jets rookies off to a promising start. Looks like Zack dodged a bullet. Everybody take a Valium.
  2. he will never break Steve O'Neal's record!
  3. Good first outing for the rookies. They all contributed more than Mims. If the Jets have to choose between Smith and Mims tomorrow, Smith clearly deserves the nod.
  4. Wonderful news. And you are spot on about perspective.
  5. DT Jonathan Marshall: A second-year interior defensive lineman, Marshall has freakish athleticism. He spent last season on the bench with just a handful of reps. However, his skill set in this defense makes him a candidate to be a significant contributor. LB’s Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood: A pair of converted safeties, both linebackers had nightmare rookie seasons for different reasons. Nasirildeen was basically handed the starting job out of camp and found himself on the bench for the rest of the season by the middle of week two. Meanwhile, Sherwood suffered a season-ending injury just a couple of plays in to his first NFL start. Both will look to make an impression tonight and should see plenty of reps to do so. S Will Parks: Parks played well in a couple of starts to close out the 2021 season and has had his name called several times throughout camp. If he can impress on the back end, the safety room could turn out to be much deeper than previously thought. Perfectly timed play here by Jets safety Will Parks who reads the route and breaks on the ball to knock it loose for an incomplete pass. Parks impressed in just a handful of games last season. pic.twitter.com/c1MumW4Dlf — Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) May 16, 2022 S Jason Pinnock: Like Parks, Pinnock finished the season nicely after he was moved from cornerback to safety. If Pinnock can manage to develop in to a quality defender, it would only make the 2020 draft class look that much better. The post Jets Kick off Pre-Season Schedule; Players to Watch appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... Good list. Also Davis.
  6. Would mean 5 WR, 2 QB. Ok with me.
  7. Rankins is only 28. $ really isn't significant. Would keep him before Sheppard.
  8. I think they can get White to the P Squad. That's my expectation. 2 QBs on the 53-man
  9. Not a bad idea to give Mitchell a long look if he has flashed in camp. Chiefs started 2 rookie OL last year and their line drew raves. Still expect they will sign a vet though.
  10. I will be very surprised if they let go of Marshall, Huff or Zuniga even if it takes some creative maneuvering to keep all three. Zuniga is probably the most vulnerable but it sounds as if he's shown enough to keep him around. I think Curry could make it to the PS given his age, price tag and medical history. I would also roll the dice on 2 vs 3 QBs if I needed another slot. So great to have tough choices. Thanks JD.
  11. One doesn't deny the other. Players are engaged and committed.
  12. Max you ought to get a group prescription for Xanax!
  13. Becton and Mims are the square pegs on this team. Both have NFL level ability, even elite potential. Both also appear to be introverted, sensitive and defensive, even angry. If the Jets can find a way to bring them along with all the other pieces that seem to fit so well together, we will be a much stronger team. I think they are getting there with Becton and starting to show progress with Mims. Fingers crossed.
  14. Cimini took a shot at him last week that was over the top, click bait. He knew it and was evening the scale.
  15. In 1969, Steve Carlton two-hit the Mets and lost 4-2. Both hits were 2-run HRs by Ron Swoboda. Good times.
  16. Jamarr Chase dropped so many balls in preseason last year that he should have had to return his signing bonus. How did that work out. It's a scrimmage for Pete's sake.
  17. I think you could get Smith onto the PS so agree give WR 6 to a kid with real upside. l like the big boy.
  18. Mims reminds me of "angry" Doug Baldwin. Carved out a meaningful role for himself in Seattle but always felt wronged by someone or some thing. Nevertheless he was a good player and still found a way to add value. Looks to me like a keeper.
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