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  1. Fun to rewatch that game. Forgot how bad Dennis Miller was. Fouts was pretty poor too. And AL Michaels is older than dirt.
  2. Compared to Hightower, CJ is a world class sprinter. Beware of what you wish for. IMO, CJ is a key ingredient on this roster.
  3. "Santino was a bad Don, may he rest in peace."
  4. Cure can't be worse than the disease. Baker is toxic. JDs contingency plan is to finish building out the roster and then, if necessary, do a Goff for Stafford type flip. I'm ok with that.
  5. JDs remake of the Jets roster is the really big story in NY. Need the QB to reach the ultimate goal but without the team QB alone can't do it. Jets should be 100% committed to Zach until they're not. Way too soon for that discussion.
  6. Pre-training camp, my guess is between 8-10 wins. Meaningful games in December.
  7. I agree with this. I think Jamal is a good comp for Baker attitude and personality wise. I'm also not sorry we missed out on Tyreek and "settled" for Garrett Wison. All gas, no divas!
  8. The Jets have earned the pessimism that most experts show towards them. They are on their way to resetting the bar. I'm in!
  9. Rae Carruth if we're really talking about psychos.
  10. Geno, Sam, Carson can all be counted on to sh*tthe bed in the big moments.
  11. If our TDs score 17+ TDs we're making the playoffs. From your lips....
  12. Same could have been (and was) said about Stafford before last year.
  13. Same size and speed. Wilson is clearly WR1 caliber. Agree with Nut.
  14. I didn't realize Pats duo had 17 tds. Impressive. If we can come close we be ballin'.
  15. Might keep them all if they clear waivers. Don't see any of the three on another team's 53 man.
  16. Still think that an OT and LB who are not currently in the mix will be part of the final 53. Fischer and Alexander are two names we've heard. Suspect Saleh wants to see how the kiddos look in training camp. He would far rather endure growing pains from a young player he believes in if somebody like Mitchell or Sherwood flashes.
  17. huff vs Curry for the final spot. Zuniga in the running as well. If they can trade Huff for anything they might.
  18. Do not think the Jets are even looking for a big, fat run stopper. Such a player would not fit their system. Ogunjobi who they took a run at was a similar player to Rankins. He just had better credentials. Curry is an interesting challenge. He's one of Saleh's locker room guys and if he can perform like Philadelphia Curry, I think Saleh would find a way to keep him. Training camp is going to be where this all gets sorted. Too soon and too close to call right now. Our swing tackle is not yet on the team and the kid LBs are a total wild card.
  19. I think it's possible. Much like the role Ray Lewis played on the Ravens. JD is very aware of the impact a respected veteran can have in the locker room. There's a deal to be made if circumstances warrant.
  20. Great pick. No Scotty McKnight in this draft. No better position to double dip than Edge.
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