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  1. Mixon is a good, hard-nosed running back. Hall has the potential to be just a valuable to the Jets as Mixon is to the Bengals. Carter is a bonus. Jets RB room is now a team strength.
  2. Really going to be interesting to see what kind of teaching chops the Jets coaches have. They certainly have the raw materials. Has always been a pet peeve of mine that Jets players did not seem to develop at the same rate as players in other organizations. I think it will be different this time around.
  3. Just two of us. Really psyched. Jets are going to turn some heads.
  4. I grew up in Chatham Twp. Hickory Tree Deli, best sloppy joes on the planet!
  5. So, do you tailgate for every game? I'm coming to the 11/6 victory over the Bills and would appreciate any info on how to find you guys, and any other useful info. Many thanks.
  6. I like Collinsworth. Collinsworth/Michaels team was way better than Romo/Nantz or Aikman/Buck. Could be because Michaels is 100x better than Nantz (worst in sports, Pats ballwasher) or Buck. But Romo's mojo has worn off and Troy seems tired. Maybe he will do better with a change of network
  7. Hey Fish...you inspired me! Flying up from Atlanta to watch us shock the NFL world on 11/6. Will be staying with friends in Summit area. Current plan is to use Uber to and from. Does anybody know if there is a westbound Meadowlands express train (Summit-Secaucus) on game days? Definitely want to join the JN tailgate. Would appreciate any directions, timing tips, etc. Can't wait!
  8. Agree keep 6. 4 are locks, last 2 TBD. Smith is 5 imo at the moment as he plays special teams.
  9. Great list, but no Animal House or Caddyshack? I'm a huge Marx Bros fan, also WC Fields (It's a Gift, Tillie & Gus)
  10. Better slip Justin Tucker a mickey while we're at it. He's the Raven I fear most. GOAT.
  11. When we travel to NJ for Jets we stay in NYC. There is a Game Day express train from Penn. Station to the Meadowlands that is idiot proof, and Sat night in NYC is way more fun than East Rutherford NJ. Plenty of hotels (Hilton, Marriott, etc.) within easy walk of Penn. Stn. Alka is right though. Used to work in Newark, NJ and Spanish/Portugese restaurants in the Ironbound are outstanding.
  12. Starting SEC DE. Not exactly scouting the hinterlands. But a great pick in round 4 no doubt. 7 promising players all drafted at or before their forecasted pick. Has a chance to be the best Jets draft ever.
  13. Press the bar, get an electric shock. It's hard to believe when you are promised cheese. Keep being our version of Tug McGraw dude: "You gotta believe!"
  14. Win or go. Reality for any coach. No sign that Saleh would want it any other way and JD has his back. Trending up! Francesca is old and tired and facts have never gotten in his way.
  15. Good to get Ravens week one. They are tough out anytime. Good to get Clev. likely w/o Watson. I'd say we got as good as we could have hoped for. Playoff contenders in December. Let's GOOOOO!
  16. Very well done story. Just the right amount of schmaltz.
  17. Play like the #2 pick in the draft. Why should expectations be any lower?
  18. Haven't seen any of these. Cimini's podcast is pretty good. He's has a lot of firsthand knowledge and a decent network for guests. Can be grumpy but generally fair.
  19. I hope Mims blossoms. The Jets WR corps would have enormous depth. Davis would be the guy on the bubble which would represent a sea change. I think this summer is crucial for him. If he doesn't flash in camp or pre-season he won't make the team and rightfully so.
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