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  1. The Jets got two firsts for that prick. If one of them is the 31st pick, I’m fine with that.
  2. I know you're shooting for a personal attack here with this SORE I thing, but it's so absolutely lame that you're missing the mark.
  3. That time crunch is the one thing that gives fuel to the Fire Gase! crowd right now. Put Williams in charge of the team and Cooter in charge of the offense and see if that lights a spark under someone's ass. If the Jets still look this ugly and are sitting at 0-4 after TNF with Denver, that might be a good time to pull that trigger. Gives them a couple extra days if not a bye week to get everything in order. Agreed. Football is the ultimate team game, and Darnold didn't come into the season with much of a team around him. We were hoping that Perriman, Crowder, Mims, and Vyncint Smith would be an adequate group of WRs heading into the year, by the second quarter of their second game, all of those guys - and Jeff Smith, too- were out. Hard to properly assess the QB when you're trotting out the likes of Josh Malone and Braxton Berrios (questionable) in your starting lineup, especially when you have the most chicken**** offensive minded head coach in the league.
  4. It's been less distracting than I expected it to be. But the fakeness of it was ridiculous when they played some polite, supportive applause when the Jets trotted off the field at halftime down 21-3. The real crowd noise, I suspect, would've been dramatically different.
  5. He'll get plenty of chances. He's the only RB on this year's roster that'll still be here next year.
  6. I've been kinda happy with JD's insistence on winning just about every trade he's been involved in so far.
  7. The Jets suck once again, and you're obviously here in all your glory to troll the pitiful team's fans. I'm fully aware. Don't troll me, though, okay?
  8. Darnold will wind up being a better QB than Allen, but probably on another team. And I liked Allen. Would've drafted him ahead of Rosen, that's for sure.
  9. No it’s the opposite. The Bills built around an inferior prospect in Allen, and that’s resulted in better results.
  10. James Morgan could've been the inexpensive placeholder, then. Or Mike White. They're not going to hold onto Darnold and drive his trade value down for another year just for a scapegoat and a little cap savings. No way. Douglas would've gotten a first round pick plus this year, easily. He wouldn't pass that up. Joe Douglas has five years left on his deal, Adam Gase most likely has two. They're not tied at the hip.
  11. If JD had already given up on Darnold, he would've traded him away and signed one of the many veteran QBs available on the market this year. Instead what we heard from One Jets Drive all offseason was that Darnold was the only thing in the building not for sale. You're just wrong on this particular take, no matter how often you repeat it. Doesn't mean he won't be done with him after this year, but there's still a lot of football to play before that decision is made.

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