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  1. I doubt Zach would want a contract with the majority of the compensation coming in the form of roster bonuses. That wording suggests that the Jags could get out of most of the contract if they cut him before his first roster bonus was due. It’s obviously unlikely, but that’s a lot better for the team than offset language could ever be.
  2. 1.) I’m not sure if he’s canned if Wilson busts as long as everything else looks pretty good and… 2.) Even if it’s the Johnson’s pushing the offset money/bonus payment crap, @Sonny Werblin has a point. It’s a negotiating stance from management, JD is just delivering that news. Until it lasts more than a couple days, I’m not too concerned. If it does last longer than that, I’m sure we’ll be getting leaks that help us all really take sides.
  3. Zach has a clean slate here, at least with me. Just like Revis did as a rookie when the Johnsons were trying to shove some bull**** contract his way way back when. Jamal Adams, on the other hand, shot his way out of town and burned every bridge behind him on the way out. **** that overrated ****. I hope Seattle lets him play out the fifth year option this year, and slaps him with the franchise tag next year. That’s what they’d do if they decided not to throw good money after a bad decision.
  4. For the record, I was also very strongly in defense of Revis getting anything and everything that he possibly could. If you decide to go back and search for your posts on the subject, you’ll find mine. That said, Jamal is an ass and there’s no similarity to Zach in either scenario.
  5. Are we still curious as to why these discussions don’t last on the main board?
  6. If we were able to keep it to the illness and the NFL’s rules regarding it these threads would never be moved or locked. But, again, this group has not demonstrated that ability.
  7. Honestly? This is a little insulting. I think we all do our best to keep the conversations going and keep to the couple of rules that we have here. We want no politics here on the main board. It’s pretty simple to enforce without any bias.
  8. The pressure’s on the front four by design. That’s where they spent their money on defense by design. The expectation is that they’ll disrupt the passer enough that the pressure will be off the young CBs. Teams that run this defense generally don’t put the big resources in the secondary. They look for these bigger, longer guys who they then coach up in their primarily zone system. I think you’ll see more of the same next year. I could see them drafting an Edge and/or a S/MLB in the first couple rounds, but the secondary will continue to be secondary. Especially if they hit on a couple of these
  9. This one’s still up, but who really thinks that’s gonna last? We don’t have many rules here and we’re very clear on them and yet people constantly need to make their political opinions known here. The real shame is that the disease has been politicized at all because, if it hadn’t, the country would probably have high enough levels of vaccination for it not to be the issue it’s probably going to be.
  10. This community has repeatedly shown that it’s incapable of discussing the subject without quickly devolving into politics. This thread and probably every one that follows will eventually end up either locked or moved off the main board to the clubs.
  11. Because it would take reps and playing time away from the kids they’re trying to coach up. They want to build thru the draft, and part of that requires developing the players you’ve drafted. I think, also, that they have a lot of confidence in the system that they’re installing, and believe the guys they have can handle the job. The biggest concern here is a lack of experience, but the only way they’re going to get experience is by getting on the field. It’s gonna be baptism by fire for these guys and that’s okay because they’re building for the future. Next year, if they feel they can compete
  12. Lol, you’re all over the map. Jamal Adams is gonna be out of the league at @ 30. He knows it, you don’t. But that’s why he’s desperately trying to cash in, because this is his only chance. Also, this anus shot his way off the Jets under the guise of needing to get paid (he still hasn’t a year later) so, “as a Jet fan,” why do you feel the need to continue to defend him? No one here would mind if you tossed your Zach Thomas jersey for a Russell Wilson.
  13. Richard Sherman was a fifth round pick. This defense looks for different traits than traditional press/man CBs, and they drafted a few and want to see what they have in a foundational year. It’s the smart move in a year when you’re not expecting to contend. Develop what you have by getting them on the field, supplement next year when you have a better idea of what you have and where you’re going.
  14. Your lists bore me to tears. Your conclusion is bull****. You’re fighting to compare a former UDFA to a #6 overall pick. Go for it. Some players deserve to be drafted that high, some don’t. Taking a safety that high was pure stupidity. Getting two first rounders back for him from some other dummies? Brilliant. Adams is nothing special as an athlete. He plays the lowest valued position on defense. He’s imminently replaceable, which is why his position is valued so poorly. The world is littered with guys who are 6’, 210, and run a 4.55. What he brings is motor and intelligence, but when y
  15. The Jets are building a whole new thing. It’s not a rebuild, it’s foundational. They’re gonna get the kids on the field at CB, LB, WR and see what they have. They’re not in the rush some fans are, they’re trying to do it the right way. In this defense, that means a different breed of CB.
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