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  1. Adams will be a good player, but he will never live up to being the #6 pick in the draft. That's not where you draft jack-of-all-trades safeties. That's where you draft impact players. Adams has average athletic ability for an NFL safety. He'll improve by the force of his will, which is impressive, but only so much. He'll never be that rangey centerfielder who changes the outcome of football games, he's a guy who tackles people.
  2. slats

    My prediction..your guess.

    That was a good read. I like the functional mobility emphasis. That's what I liked about Mayfield and didn't like about Rosen. Seems like they massaged their rating on Rosen because of scouts' belief in his passing abilities. Will be interesting to see behind Arizona's OL. Being unable to move with a concussion history seems like a bad combination. Going to the Browns being a predictor of less success is funny/sad. I'd've liked to've seen Mayfield land somewhere where he at least had a chance. The Jets have the best QB prospect. It's weird.
  3. There are plenty of reasons not to like Bowles, but none of them are in this post. Hack wasn't developed because he wasn't developable. He was given more opportunities than his talent level deserved. He's probably retired right now. Bowles is listing his QBs in seniority order, which is fine and means little. Darnold got the most reps this spring and a ton more work with the starters than Teddy. I agree with @Drums in that I'd prefer Darnold doesn't start those opening weeks of the schedule, and it's entirely possible that the coaches have also come to that same conclusion - barring Sam blowing everyone out of the water in the preseason. Sam's a great prospect, but no rookie QB should have short weeks to prepare for his second and third career starts.
  4. slats

    Happy Father's Day

    Traveled to Pennsylvania on Saturday to meet my biological half-sister for the very first time and attend her wedding. My daughter came with me just to help with all the emotions. On Sunday, she gave me a Jets beach towel. I ****ing love that kid.
  5. Herm: Vinny & Chad Mangini: Chad & Favre Rex: Sanchez & Geno
  6. Reading Hackenberg's comments after being "traded," I get the feeling that besides sucking he also has a crap attitude. Without that, they might've held onto him as a fourth camp arm/guy to play the fourth preseason game/practice squad candidate. I think they just didn't want him moping around Sam.
  7. My rather strong opinion is that they took a flier on Bridgewater as an insurance policy against a McCown injury, or the rookie they wound up with taking his time getting up to speed (or just sucking). Most of our pre-draft conversations were about which of Mayfield or Allen they would wind up taking. No one expected Darnold there, and so far Darnold has been living up to the hype. As a result, I just don't think Bridgewater is in their plans at all. I think they're fast-tracking Darnold, and whether that means week one or four or five as we've discussed I believe they'll want to get him in there ASAP. Bridgewater will be gone next year, and McCown is probably the odds-on favorite to be Darnold's backup next year. I think they'll actively be shopping Teddy.
  8. I agree with your timeline and your reasoning. I also believe he can learn some things from the sidelines, but that there's a point where the learning ends and you're just wasting time. The fact that the Jets have a new offense and zone blocking scheme also lead me to want someone other than the savior under center while the OL and offense get up to speed. That three games in 11 days thing, also, is a deterrent. No rookie QB, no matter how promising, should have short weeks to prepare for their second and third career starts. So week four, with extra time to prepare for a road game, or week five to start a three-game home stretch, would be my preference. But the opening day starter is either gonna be McCown or Darnold, Bridgewater is not in the picture. If Darnold opens the season on the bench, he'll be getting his coaching from his coaches, and from talking to McCown between offensive series.
  9. Why would defenses ever stack the box against Cleveland? I'd think he'd be running draw plays against the prevent.
  10. slats


    Happy birthday, Larz!
  11. I honestly believe that the Jets traded up to #3 content that they would get Mayfield at a minimum, were shocked when he went #1, and then were ecstatic when Darnold dropped to them. Mac's previous QB picks were physical prototypes, seems off that Baker would've been his first choice overall.
  12. All their high draft picks have started. Hack and Petty sucked, Fitz and McCown were, sadly, the best QBs in the room these last few years. I get hating on these guys, but I expect Darnold to be starting the first half of the season, at a minimum. Probably sooner (if not opening day).
  13. Yeah, don't get me wrong. I thought the Giants were gonna take Darnold there and, if I were them, that's what I would've done. But the in-house politics of having a two-time Super Bowl MVP at the end of his career on the roster is something that escapes me as a Jets fan.
  14. I don't mind the RB pick there if you believe that you're a world-class RB away from a championship. Even if you franchise him for a couple years after that initial five, then let him go and collect your 3rd round comp pick when he's 28-years-old.
  15. That is something. I'm not a big Bridgewater fan, but I do think he's better than Taylor. And while Teddy is getting praise from some reporters, I can't recall anyone saying that he looks better than Darnold. Mayfield was supposed to be just about as NFL-ready as Josh Rosen. He's also supposed to be this super-fast learner with a photographic memory. These were some of his major plusses. Struggling to take the job from Tyrod Taylor can't be a good sign. Conversely, if Barkley can help get the jints another championship before Eli is done, it'll be hard to disparage the pick - and that's coming from someone who really couldn't believe they passed on Darnold. I never thought they would. Once Mayfield went first, I was really concerned about which of Rosen or Allen the Jets were gonna wind up with.