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  1. I’m all for BAP, especially early, but it has to be weighed by positional value. Jamal Adams may’ve been the BAP, but taking him ahead of Mahommes or Watson looks criminal in retrospect (and to many, in real time). There are positions the Jets just have to take off the board in the early rounds, and DT and S probably apply. They should be choosing between a LT, WR, and EDGE in the first, and OL, WR, and EDGE the next two. Maybe CB.
  2. Merged a few of these. Don't need them after every game, definitely don't need more than one. @Philc1- bump this thread instead of starting a new one that says the exact same thing every week. Thanks.
  3. I'd hope for a third, but you may be right. Mac bid against only himself when he paid Bell.
  4. Anderson is the only one I really want back, but that's before I see how much it's gonna cost. One of the few bright spots on a crap roster. I didn't want Bell, then was pretty satisfied with the contract he signed, and now I just don't want him here again. His hesitant waiting-for-his-blockers style is a terrible fit in this offense, and I think in most offenses. Watching Bilal Powell getting rushing yards behind this line when Bell can't is telling. I'm hoping that contract of his is reasonable enough for someone to take it off the Jets' hands but, then again, the Jets pretty much bid against themselves to sign him last year. Would a team give the Jets a third-rounder for him? I'd take it. We might be stuck with Enunwa, whose 2020 contract could be guaranteed for injury, and I'll root for him if we are, but I'd rather go in another direction at WR. Beachum is in decline. No reason to even dignify the last guy mentioned in the OP by using his name.
  5. The schedule looked treacherous before the season. Once they lost on opening day, they were ****ed. After that, losing Darnold to mono was essentially an insurmountable obstacle. I would've hoped that winning four of their last five games would've raised the spirits around here a little bit, but I guess I've come to know better.
  6. I think it's about situational awareness. He has to take the sure first down when it's right in front of him. He's also still making dangerous throws on 1st & 10, which he can't afford to do. I don't want to see him lose his gunslinger mentality, but it has to be driven into his head that sometimes you just have to make the safe play. Run for three yards, get the first, regroup. Everyone covered on 1st down? It's okay to throw the ball away. I don't want to make any excuses for him, but I think it's probably pretty likely that he's not fully recovered and probably doesn't realize it himself. As for the spleen, if there's really a genuine risk of serious injury there as a result of the illness, he shouldn't be on the field. I really hope the Jets aren't sending him out there telling him to be careful about being hit (any more than any other QB).
  7. How the defense performs will be interesting. Big test for Gregg Williams, who's passed most of the tests that he's been presented so far. I don't know if he gets past this, though. He's had Adams all over the field. He's gonna have to try to replace that from many different players. There's no one player he can plug in to replace what Adams does. So it's kinda two-fold. Yeah, if the defense performs well, Douglas may be more inclined to trade him. But if the defense implodes without him, Adams' value probably goes up - leading JD to be more inclined to trade him. I think the rumors at the trade deadline suggest that JD will be looking for a pro bowl caliber player at a position of need (OL, CB - they're not getting a pro bowl edge rusher for him), along with a pick. If it's just picks, I think a #1 & #3 is about the best that you could hope to get.
  8. Lol. $10M for Fitz was plain dumb. His production was the result of Decker and Marshall completely balling out for 26 of his 31 TDs. He completed less than 60% of his throws for less than 7ypc. The receivers were great that year, Fitz was not. And there were other QBs out there to sign, but they didn't because they hitched their wagon to Fitz while he was a free agent, and he subsequently robbed them. Don't blame him, I would've, too. It was the Jets who were stupid.
  9. We had people in here before last year's draft calling for the Jets to take a QB in the first round.
  10. There were no Geno fans. There were people who thought it was stupid to name Fitzpatrick the starter when he wasn't under contract, and then give him $10M. Those people were right.
  11. Why? Was Eli creating his own situation? One of those rare greats who also led the NFL in interceptions a few seasons? If you think Eli is a great QB, then you've effectively destroyed your own argument that good QBs make their own situations (the statement that started this conversation). In a 15-year career, Eli got his team to double-digit wins exactly five times. He didn't complete over 60% of his passes until his fifth year in the league. People already done with Darnold would've dumped Eli as a rookie.

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