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  1. slats

    Bell or draft?

    I'm not sure where I stand on not wanting him at any price. I might not. His teammates in Pittsburgh seem to have given him a collective good riddance. He's the rare diva who wants the ball less? His substance abuse suspensions are also troubling. I could quit weed for 30 years for a union job, he could do it for 10 for millions a year, I'd think. We'll see what happens. I don't think he'll want to sign with the Jets for reasons not dissimilar from Cousins or Suh choosing not to sign with the Jets. And as a fan of the Jets, he may even have more reasons not to sign here. But If I'm running the front office and have an interest in the player, I don't go chasing him at midnight Day One. I let the market set itself, first. Sitting out this year and the suspensions and the fact that he plays a low-value position in the NFL could all serve to bring his asking price much lower than he thinks it will be. I'd let him hear some reality from other teams before I got involved. Three high paying years guaranteed for a RB? Ugh, I'd really rather not.
  2. slats

    Notes and an article

    He's Rex Ryan, spewing bile about himself in an effort to gain sympathy.
  3. slats

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Mac doesn't want to tank. He has over $100M to spend in free agency and was humiliated in a high profile way last year when he offered top free agents the most money and they chose other teams for less money. Why? Because those players thought the Jets sucked. Darnold playing, playing well, and actually winning could go a long way towards attracting free agents who probably wouldn't be all that impressed with Davis Webb "developing" in a couple late season losses in a 4-12 season.
  4. slats

    Notes and an article

    These rumors didn't start at One Jets Drive, they all began at the keyboard of @T0mShane - the same guy who brings the Idzik and Bevell hype. Jet fans are quick to believe these rumors because they hate Mac and attributing any good moves to him disrupts their internal narrative. The reality is that Mac has made both good and bad moves but, overall, a guy who came from the scouting side who can't draft should ultimately be shown the door. Trades and contracts are things that can/should be delegated to underlings, the GM should be a talent recognizing savant.
  5. slats

    If there ever was a time to tank...

    Two types of teams sit their starting QB the last couple weeks of the season. One, a playoff team not concerned about their seeding and two, a losing team that is looking to move on from their starter. The Jets aren't either of those teams. Nothing is more important for the franchise than the development of Sam Darnold. Few things are less important than the development of Davis Webb. Darnold playing well in two Jets' wins to close out the season is probably the best thing that could happen - provided it doesn't save Bowles' job (and I don't think it would). Darnold playing well is its own reward, but the bonus is that Darnold looking good and the Jets showing the ability to win games is much more likely to attract a better head coach. And a better head coach >>>>>>>>> a slightly higher draft pick. Especially in a year like this one, where the draft is dominated by defensive players. If the Jets are picking in the 6-10 range, they can take the top OT or WR and claim they got their BAP. Probably can't do that at #3. Hoping for a high pick and a trade down is a lot of speculation. There's gonna have to be a QB who really rises to the top while the Jets are also picking directly in front of a QB hungry team to make a trade possible. That's a crap-shoot, not a likely scenario. Meanwhile, Darnold & Co. finishing strong makes the Jets a better destination for coaches and free agents alike.
  6. slats

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    Without fact-checking myself, I believe that Weeb is the only head coach to win NFL Championships with two different teams; the Colts before the Super Bowl era and then, of course, the Jets. If a coach is ever gonna win a championship with a second team, the Jets should be their choice.
  7. slats

    49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, and Falcons

    From the Jets, I just want more performances like yesterday: Darnold looks promising, and Bowles still looks like he's getting fired. Anything else is just gravy.
  8. slats


    If Darnold pans out to be the level of QB that even Eli Manning is, at that ten-year mark Barkley will be hitting the wall and Darnold will be in his prime. I get that the Giants were in a position with their two-time Super Bowl winning QB to try to put a team around him rather than replace him -and his numbers are up throwing to Barkley as often as he does!- but, as you say, RBs just aren't a fraction as valuable as QBs. If the Giants fail to adequately replace Manning in the draft over the next couple years, taking Barkley -however great he may be- could come back to bite them.
  9. slats

    Bell or draft?

    I get that, and if Bell was some straight-arrow kid coming off another strong season heading into free agency, I might be able to get on board, too. But this is a guy who's been suspended twice for substance abuse issues and decided to sit out this entire season rather than play for a perennial playoff contender -turning down $14M in the process- to save his body and get a big payday. As I've said many times, I support his right to do that, but I don't want the Jets to be the team that gives him that payday. Spending the year not under contract, he's also not subject to the league's drug testing policy. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that he's probably not pissing clean today. He's just not the guy I want to see the Jets spend 8% of their salary cap on. He's got a ton of talent, but I don't think he's entitled to that kind of trust.
  10. slats

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    This gets to the core of you reading the opinions of a select couple posters who are using words like "elite" and "franchise" and applying them to the entire board. The vast majority of fans here are exactly where you claim to be when you're not being an annoying troll - watching a young Jets QB who looks like he might be getting it. Interesting description from someone who feels the need to crap on anything anyone says positive about this team. There are always divisions on this board, but I think right now it's 100% united on firing Bowles, and about 98% united on firing Mac, too - this while you consistently refer to the majority of the board as "homers" (an expletive from your keyboard). Boo-hoo! Oh no, I don't anything about college football! I'm so embarrassed! I will happily cop to leaning towards the side of (the dreaded!) homer for the players drafted by this team. I want to see them be successful and root for them here rather than taking on some Oscar the sewer dweller grouchy troll motif. I'm enjoying Darnold's performance the last couple weeks. It's encouraging. I'm glad my glass is generally half-full (until I'm pretty sure it's just about empty). It's preferable to me, and, I think, to most people here than trying to be the guy who gets to say I hated Player X first, look at me! I'm so smart! Although you're not alone there, either, you're just the know-it-alliest and, by far, the least funny.
  11. slats

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    I think you're having a little trouble with your sarcasm meter.
  12. slats

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    Buttfumble retaliation ftw!
  13. If the Texans go on to take the #2 seed from the cheats. Good performance by Darnold, which is all I can ask for at this stage. The loss keeps them on the fire Fire Bowles track. It's all good.
  14. slats

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    Sam's having a solid game against a playoff team. I'm gonna crap all over it because I'm the only non-homer, realistic so-called fan on this entire site. Take that.
  15. slats

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    It ain't meaningless for Darnold or the Texans.

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