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  1. Expect Washington to apply the transition tag, prepared to match any offer. Any team investing a lot of time in trying to sign Cousins had better have a backup plan. I'd hate to waste time and miss out on other priority FAs just to do Washington's negotiating for them.
  2. It's quite disputable. What isn't disputable is that you're an incorrigible troll.
  3. Get back to me when Blake Bortles beats Tom Brady in NE.
  4. Upgraded to 4.2.7

    About time we let the inmates run the asylum.
  5. I'd never even consider signing Bell on a free agent deal. Way too much money for a RB. This is, however, why I'm generically on board with drafting a "franchise-type" RB in the first round. You've got the fifth-year option, and then an affordable RB franchise tag for a year or three before the player hits the so-called RB wall at age 30. The Steelers are doing it right, and I wouldn't be surprised if they franchise him again. It's the smart move.
  6. If You Were a GM...

    I get that this is your new tagline, but the NFL owners are already planning the lockout for when this contract is up. TV ratings are down, and the networks will be looking to pay the league accordingly. It's more likely than not that a cap hell adjustment is on the horizon.
  7. If You Were a GM...

    Largely agree all around, especially the bold. If I'm drafting in the second half of the round, the LTs definitely come into play for me, just don't love them super early. I prefer drafting OL projects, but understand supplementing that with earlier picks (I'd target OL in the second round this year). Jet fans are sick of it, but I still rate DL higher than LT.
  8. If You Were a GM...

    Have to go BAP weighted by positional value. Should a RB or safety or an ILB be a top ten pick, they'd have to be especially special. Guards would never make it that high on my board. QBs and pass rushers would be weighted the most heavily, followed by receivers and CBs. This league is all about passing and stopping the pass. LT is always discussed as a premium position, but with the quick passing most teams employ nowadays, I just don't think it's the cornerstone position it once was - but a truly premium LT would still potentially be a high pick on my board.
  9. Honestly, if he sucks so bad, I hope he misses on Cousins, gets exposed with his crappy QB pick, and gets canned. Probably the better move for the franchise than him saving his own ass with a $29.9M QB and a 9-7 record.
  10. When he finally puts pen to paper, Cousins will be the highest paid player in the league.
  11. None of this is happening. Cousins will get multi-year offers and accept one of them. The team that signs him will not draft a QB in the first round. They will be committed to Cousins as their starter, and build a team around him. They won't use their prime first rounder on a guy they hope doesn't see the field in five years. It'll be Barkley, Chubb, Key, etc.
  12. I expect Mac to go hard after Cousins, but I don't expect it to happen. Jets will have to bump their offer 9% just to cover his lack of SALT deductions.
  13. They're not going to make Cousins the highest paid player in the league, and then draft a QB in the first round. They sign him, they're committing to him to be the starter for the duration of his contract. The draft will be used to add players to help him succeed ASAP, and that will not mean adding a backup QB at #6 overall. Warfish's idea is to trade assets for one year of Alex Smith while simultaneously drafting a QB in the first round to groom behind him. Or extending Smith and letting that first rounder sit longer. I don't like that idea. No problem signing a mid-level free agent QB to hold the fort for that rookie to come on line, even if it's McCown, but trading for and paying a soon-to-be 34-year-old Smith makes no sense to me. I just don't see him as much of an upgrade.
  14. Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield?

    Voted strongly prefer Mayfield when what I mean is that I strongly prefer they draft the guy who they think is the best QB available to them. I think this board is a little Mayfield crazy.
  15. Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield?

    The Jets aren't signing Kirk Cousins to some sort of mega-deal that pays him in excess of $65M over its first two years (making it nearly impossible for Washington to match) just to turn around and take another QB at #6. Signing Cousins means going all in with him, and the next five picks will be all about building a stronger team around him. So yeah, maybe a QB in the fifth round. Jets then don't look to draft a QB high until Cousins implodes.