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  1. Anyone else like all 4?

    I guess I'm in the similar boat that I don't love any of them, but I don't hate any of them, either. I'll support whoever they pick longer than most people here. For instance, I'd love to see Hackenberg play so well in the preseason that we question why the Jets even decided to draft a QB this year, and I'm looking forward to Geno taking over for Philip Rivers and getting the Chargers to the Super Bowl.
  2. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Not to help @T0mShane troll the hell out of you guys with all the Allen talk, but when I read this I immediately saw that another reason for the Jets to project Mayfield love is because they actually have Allen love. Think about it. Cleveland is rumored to like Allen the best, but also probably have a non-QB rated higher than all the other non-QBs, too, that they'd like to get between picks #1 & 4. Giants are also heavily rumored to be debating between the same two guys, Barkley and Chubb. Now if the Browns can be convinced that the Giants are deciding between Darnold, Chubb, and Barkley, and the Jets are choosing between Darnold and Mayfield, Allen would be guaranteed to be there at #4 should Cleveland take their favorite non-QB #1 - a player who would not be guaranteed to be there at #4 if they went QB first. For the Jets, if Cleveland goes non-QB #1, Allen and his big beautiful hands will be there at #3. Mission accomplished.
  3. I'll be out to dinner in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, checking the draft on my phone, and literally laughing out loud when the pick comes in at the people here who I know are losing their minds.
  4. A lot of misdirection going on out there. The Browns haven't met with Barkley or Chubb, but I don't think that takes either guy off the board at #1 or #4. I have no problem with the Jets doing some straight up due diligence. I also won't freak out if Allen is the pick. Mac is gonna live or die by this selection, I hope he does so on his #1 choice.
  5. Would anyone be surprised to learn that the Jets also had private workouts with Mayfield and Rosen, but that Allen was the only one who let the cat out of the bag?
  6. First overall pick is...

    I agree. Get the draft's best overall prospect, and give yourself a little cover when selecting the biggest project of the QBs. Allen has the highest upside of the QBs, and you gotta love those huge mitts playing outdoors in Cleveland. If Barkley is as advertised and Taylor is serviceable, they'll be able to take their time with Allen.
  7. My plan going into the season would be to start McCown for the first three games (because three games in ten days would be brutal for anyone), then use the extra time after Browns game to get the rookie ready to start against the Jags.
  8. This pick lost a lot of value once the Jets moved. It's more likely that a team trades up for one of Chubb/Barkley/Nelson in that slot than (maybe) the one remaining QB. Next team that might be interested in a QB is Miami at #11. Buffalo would be wise to sit and wait, then just try to move ahead of the them.
  9. I'm not arguing for or against Mayfield, but when you say that Ryan Leaf's college stats were just as good as his, you're either lying or ill-informed.
  10. I want McCown replaced ASAP, but let's be honest. He completed 67% of his passes for over 2900 yards at 7.4 yards per attempt with an 18:9 TD:int ratio. Better than Teddy Bridgewater ever did before he almost had his leg amputated. Teddy is here on a flier. He's a hedge against whoever they take at #3. McCown got 10x the guarantee that Bridgewater got. Bridgewater isn't a lock to make the team, McCown is pretty close to a lock to start the season. Pride has nothing to do with it, that's where we're at.
  11. Was just talking the other day about how much MNF sucks nowadays...
  12. If their top two doesn't include Darnold, it's a very safe bet. And it would not surprise me if their top two doesn't include Darnold.
  13. That chart has been outdated since the new CBA with the rookie salary cap. Now that the top guys in draft get paid significantly less than they used to, the value of those picks has gone up. And their value goes up again when you're talking QBs. Still, by the charts I've seen, the Jets only overpaid by that 2019 2nd rounder. As you said, pretty insignificant if they get a franchise signal caller.
  14. Zero guarantee that Baker (or whatever QB they actually do like) is there at #6. Two of the top five picks are definitely taking a QB: the Browns, and whoever traded into the #3 spot. Rumors are that the Giants could take Darnold if he's there, or trade out to a team who wants a QB. That's three gone in the first three picks. With Denver sitting at #5 and the Jets at #6 both needing QBs, Cleveland could easily get a bundle for pick #4 from a QB hungry team and -just like that- the big four are gone in the first four picks. By trading up to #3 early, the Jets guaranteed themselves a shot at -at least- their choice between two of the top four QBs. Very possibly 3/4 if the Giants neither take a QB nor get a trade offer they're willing to accept. The trade was a smart move that needs to be followed up now with a smart pick.