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  1. Yeah, you just have to look at Mangini’s body of work since he left the Jets to see the genius pouring out of him. Probably more embarrassing than letting Belichick go to the Pats.
  2. Pretty sure the actual saying is that a fish rots from the head down.
  3. You might be right. Just seems that a trade would put the spotlight on it once again, and then when he steps foot on the field, one more time. Or a few times, as he plays on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday and all the networks take their piece of flesh. I guess Miami’s real bet would be on Watson not doing it again. Or not getting caught again.
  4. How many NFL teams have black on black as an option, though? I hate it mostly because it’s lazy. Bruce Coslet added the black to make the team look, “tougher.” Yeah, that worked. In fact, I don’t know if the team has been to the playoffs with black as one of their official colors.
  5. The franchise tag number for a safety this year is $10.6M, estimated to go up to $13.5M next year, the lowest paid position on defense. That’s based on the top five salaries at the position. Is Maye a top five safety in the NFL? Because $60M over four years is more than that. Personally, I don’t think you pay a safety that kinda money unless he’s the ball-hawking type who’s getting you a ton of PDs and a handful of ints every year. Maye’s a good player, but he’s not that player. Just like Jamal Adams isn’t worth $72M, whether Seattle paid him that much or not. QB, Edge, WR, LT… those ar
  6. Pretty sure JD offered less per year than the $10M he’s making this year. I really don’t see Maye making much more than that. He’s a good or better safety. That’s not worth eight figures unless he also really hypes himself aggressively at every opportunity.
  7. The punishment will be proportional to the negative publicity and public outrage. It’s quiet right now but, if there is ever a trial, it could get very seriously ugly. I don’t think Goodell is currently in a position where he could honestly say what’s gonna happen. Also, the Texans are voluntarily keeping him inactive. I find it odd that he’s not already on the commissioner’s list, and suspect that might be a handshake deal with the league, the team, and the player - and that if he’s traded he’d have to continue his inactive streak. Watson stepping on the field would certainly ramp up t
  8. How many of your favorite vegetables are wrapped in bacon?
  9. The Jets need to score opening drive points this week, preferably a TD. Being the only team in the league with no first quarter points is concerning. They’re putting their rookie QB in a bad situation every week. I’m most concerned that LaFluer is simply in over his head. With this extra week to prepare, he needs to have something prepared.
  10. The most hilarious thing about this post is that you don’t realize that this is exactly what the Jets are doing right now. They fired their coach, then the new staff decided to trade their current highly drafted QB for picks and take a new QB high. The only difference is that Arizona is in Year Three of the plan, and the Jets are just getting started. First five games in Arizona? 1-3-1. If you were a Cards fan back then, you would’ve been crying for everyone’s head. You know, like you do here. And it wouldn’t’ve let up, because they only won five games that year. And then you still woul
  11. What else am I gonna be doing? I’d like the NFL to move to pure prime time now that I’ve moved to Mexico. 1:00 on a Sunday? I’ve got women in one or two articles of clothing to talk to.
  12. I’d think that was funny if my phone didn’t have 68,000 unread emails.
  13. I get that it’s not the popular opinion. To me, Geno was overly sensitive, immature, and introverted. I can understand that. I can empathize. Jamal, on the other hand, is something of a sociopath. I wish him failure.
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