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  1. Great game! Sell high, Joe Douglas!
  2. This is what the butt-fumble is for.
  3. This is a good point. Have to figure Joe Douglas will be more of a buyer than seller in next year's free agent market.
  4. Drafting him instead of Pat Mahomes might be exactly the reason.
  5. If another team believes this hype, I'd be happy to hear what they have to offer for him.
  6. I'm not a hater, but I'm surprised Jamal Adams isn't part of the speculation here.
  7. That's no guarantee. And at best, it would be something like the last pick in the third round in 2021 vs. a higher third round pick in 2020. A third would definitely be on the table.
  8. Even the Browns recognize that Mayfield is generally disliked. Browns OL knows opponents “want a piece of” Baker Mayfield Posted by Darin Gantt on October 10, 2019, 6:45 AM EDT Getty Images The Browns are coming to realize that Baker Mayfield brings this out of people. Which is fine and part of their personality. But there are still people who have to try to keep him upright against motivated foes. Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns guard Joel Bitonio said he knows he has to prepare for extra effort at times. “It’s one of those things that people, they see Baker’s name, they see him the media, they see some of his quotes and things of that nature, and they want a piece of him,’’ Bitonio said. “And it’s one of those things that we’re going to expect and we’re ready for. “If that’s the way they motivate themselves to play, I just don’t know how someone can play harder. From my perspective, I don’t know how I could go out on the field and be like, ‘This Baker Mayfield guy did something, so I’m going to play harder today.’” Monday’s loss to the 49ers provided a coupe of examples, from Nick Bosa planting an imaginary flag after a sack, as payback from a two-year-old college snub. Then came the Richard Sherman handshake-gate, in which a perceived slight became a massive story for a day. “I feel like you’re already at a point as a professional where you’re playing your hardest, at least I hope so,’’ Bitonio said. “But maybe some guys aren’t at that level. Maybe some guys need it for motivation or to inspire them to do that, but as a professional, I feel like you should be motivated to go out and play. But obviously some guys are using it because we’ve heard it multiple times where teams are saying, ‘Yeah, we want to be motivated by this.’ And that’s what they’re using, so we’ve got to step up to the plate ourselves.” Mayfield’s on his side, so Bitonio doesn’t mind. But the fact other guys are bringing their best because of Mayfield’s big personality makes his job harder sometimes, as well.
  9. A 6-10 finish would mean this crappy team managed to tread .500 the rest of the way, and that alone would be encouraging. Ask Jim Mora about the playoffs.
  10. Richie Anderson was also a great receiver, actually leading the team with 88 catches in Groh's one season. That's an extreme, but he was generally in the 40s with Herm, and that's a nice weapon to have. As a couple guys have mentioned, I thought Wesco, with his FB-like number 47, might see some action there - but he hasn't even been able get on the field with Herndon side-lined. It's discouraging. But, yeah, if I'm employing a FB, he needs to be able to rush and catch the football as well as be an extra OL on the field. No John Connors. You can take a skill position player off the field for an extra blocker in certain situations, but an every down FB needs to be able to do a lot more. And I think if you have a guy who can do that, you should incorporate him into your offense. Especially if your WR or TE group is sub-par.
  11. Why are some Jet fans so obsessed with the idea of other Jet fans actually rooting for the team?
  12. The Jets roster is still terrible even with a healthy Sam Darnold. The hope here is that Sam makes them suck less, and Adam Gase manages to grow a set with an NFL caliber QB under center for the first time in a month. Gase's job the rest of the way is keeping the team together and playing hard. His job isn't on the line unless and until the team completely gives up on him.
  13. My kids think football is stupid. They’re smart. I raised them well. Had it been up to my parents, I’d’ve been a Giant fan. I’m not nearly as smart as my kids.
  14. I think they gave him all those reps without having any idea whether Darnold would be back in the lineup or not, but he was cleared for practice so they gave him all the reps they could. Darnold getting most of the reps and sitting again on Sunday is better for the long term goals of the team than sitting Sam in practice because he won't be available to play. I don't care if Luke Falk sucks, he probably won't be on the practice squad next year. But if Sam is getting sharper a week or two before he returns to the field, that's only good.

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