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  1. Let's leave the red hats out of this. As soon as you get the answer you're fishing for here, the thread will be locked again. Probably for good.
  2. Bengals expect Jonah Williams to miss season Posted by Michael David Smith on June 25, 2019, 2:33 PM EDT Getty Images The Bengals are expected to lose their first-round draft pick for the entire 2019 season. Cincinnati announced today that rookie left tackle Jonah Williams had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and is likely to miss the year. He was injured during a practice this month. “We look forward to Jonah being a major contributor in the future, and know that he won’t let this injury deter him from still being an important part of this team,” Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said. “We’re confident in our offensive line personnel as we head into training camp, and we believe they can do their part in helping this team achieve its goals.” Williams was an All-American at Alabama last season and the Bengals took him with the 11th overall pick in the draft. Cincinnati was expecting Williams to be a starter from Day One, but now that will wait until Day One of the 2020 season.
  3. So, without listening to this video, it seems to me that black folks looking to take back this infamous slur and use it to empower themselves is dramatically different than if I let the word slip thru my lips. Love Tarantino, too, but I cringed pretty hard when he used it himself in Pulp Fiction. But yeah, rap artists and Samuel L. Jackson can have at it as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I really think that Enunwa, Crowder, and Herndon can all fill that well-rounded receiver role. Throw in Anderson and Bell and that's a lot of defending the other team has to do.
  5. You know who needs that true #1 WR type? Bad QBs. Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick are capable of thriving throwing the ball in the general direction of those guys and letting them do the rest. Tom Brady can make Julian Edelman look like one of the league's top receivers. Sam has that small window accuracy, and already has demonstrated the ability to read a defense and spread the ball around. That's what I want to see.
  6. I find the name to be a little racist, and if there are people who want to take on that fight, I welcome them to. It's not my fight, though.
  7. "Some people," are idiots and think all sorts of incorrect things. Some statues are fake history, put up at a time to intimidate. They can come down. People can choose to rename a town or road or building and should feel free to do so. If you're showing, Birth of a Nation, I'd prefer it be in the context of, "oh, look how racist this piece of early 20th century propaganda is." Some other people think that's the way things should still be today. We should learn lessons from history and teach those lessons and evolve as a result of our education. Some things that were okay 50-100 years ago are seen as wrong now, and that's a good thing, IMHO.
  8. I agree here for the most part, except that I don't think Wesco will be on the field in place of Herndon much outside of obvious running/short-yardage downs. It will be interesting to see how Sam spreads the ball around, especially with Bell and Crowder in the mix. Herndon looked like a viable weapon as a rookie. He's another guy who could make a big jump from his rookie to sophomore year. I think Wesco's primary job will be blocking from wherever they need him -TE, H-back, FB- with most of his touches coming on dump-offs. I could see them calling his number a few times over the course of the season, with maybe a couple carries at FB mixed in there, too.
  9. Looks like Chad Alexander, director of the mini-draft. With the title, "Senior Advisor," I'd tend to agree that he's there as a sounding board on everything.
  10. New coaches, new systems to be installed on both sides of ball. Let them keep things under wraps. Plus, it's in New Jersey so, I wasn't going anyway.
  11. Slurs against races, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations are the new obscenities. Maybe 50-60 years ago the n-word would be fine for use in public, mixed company while the f-word would be a serious no-no. Today, the opposite is true. Not sure this case is enough to uphold a nickname that some, or many, may find to be racist. The Redskin name was perfectly acceptable 70 years ago, but so was Song of the South which you're unlikely to ever see broadcast or screened again.
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