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  1. I'm not sure what upsets me more here. Is it your low bar for a player's moral character? Or is it your grammar? I just can't decide.
  2. You answered your own question. It can't happen, at least not officially, until St. Patrick's Day. Should probably try to relax between now and then.
  3. We're all speculating and projecting, and we'll all get to see what happens. My opinion is that he won't break the bank. If Tanny was still here, I'd already have my Watson jersey on order. I continue to think that come training camp, it'll be Darnold on a short leash with a veteran backup ready to step in at a moment's notice. They'll trade back from the #2 and add another first in 2022 (and maybe 2023, too), and address the position then if nothing they threw at the wall this year managed to stick.
  4. No comparison between Wentz, who looked like a league MVP at one point, and Darnold. If he, "rolls it back with Sam," I fully expect another starting-caliber option on the roster. And I'm really not talking about Darnold, anyway. They have the second pick of the draft. They could draft their favorite non-Lawrence QB, and that player's entire contract will cost less than Watson will in 2022. I was quite happy with the draft, his approach, and the number of picks he seemed to hit on. But I'm not talking about what I think he should or shouldn't do, I'm talking about what I think he will or won't do. If he can acquire Watson for Seattle's firsts and Darnold -as a few people here have suggested- then he should, and probably will, pull the trigger on that. But I don't think Watson's gonna come that cheap. I think if there's a bidding war, and the price has risen to the #2 pick and a couple more firsts, that he'll then bow out. I don't think Joe Douglas is particularly worried about his job security. He's got five more years guaranteed, and just hired his new head coach to a five year guaranteed contract. Not uncommon at all for a new coach to come in and establish his program without the QB position being completely settled, then trying to settle it the following year. Drafting positions like QB and WR should be a priority, because Watson plus a premium WR will run you about $55M against the cap in 2022. And then I guess we're passing on Thuney? Or we'll just sign him, too? Again, I think JD and Saleh had a plan in place before Watson became potentially available. I think they liked that plan, which is why they hit it off immediately, and instantly wanted to work together. I'm sure trading for Watson is, and will continue to be, a topic of discussion at One Jets Drive, but also that Joe Douglas seems to put a pretty hard value on things and that he won't go over whatever he's determined to be the price he's willing to pay. I think there will be other teams more than willing to spend more than he will be. That's all I'm saying.
  5. Even if Watson becomes available, and JD wants to get involved, I just have a hard time seeing him being the high bidder. I think he values draft picks very highly. I don’t think he gives two ****s about the Gholstons and Lam Joneses of Jets’ past, nor should he. Watson is a distraction right now, but I think in the end he’s gonna look to build the team thru the draft like he always planned to.
  6. I continue to find it hard to believe that Watson would prefer to join a 2-14 team with the added pleasure of paying NJ income tax.
  7. I think a lot of people are getting their hopes up for something that isn't going to happen.
  8. Good question, I don’t know. Good news is that no trades can be done until the start of the new league year, anyway, so I have plenty of time to think about it. The salary is a huge deal because it would represent about 18% of your total cap. That’s a LOT for a QB who just had a fantastic statistical season while his team went 4-12. Do I wanna blow two of my first three picks along with $15M in cap this year, $35M in cap and first rounders the next two years for that guy? Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think so right now.
  9. Are you hearing this, you dopey Mangini-ites? This is an admission! Don’t fall for this nonsense just because of the charismatic way in which it’s presented. He just enjoys controlling your simple minds! That goes for you Idzik and Gase guys, too, btw.
  10. Along with $35M/year? Yeah, just about. They won’t be able to get away with giving up “just” the #2 for this year, though. Cost -at the very least- the second rounder.
  11. This is where I’m at. If Watson wants to come here that much, and Joe Douglas can drive a hard (lowball) bargain to get it done, then by all means, he should go for it. But I don’t want him mortgaging everything for just one player, even this one. I don’t think that was Douglas and Saleh’s plan, either. If they discussed Watson in their interviews, it was hypothetical at best. And they probably didn’t. What they did talk about was all the draft picks and cap room the Jets have this year. Will they change course and give up a massive chunk of all those assets just for Watson? I continue to think they won’t.
  12. They just want a trade done, and the Jets have the ammo to do it. Really don’t think it’s any special love for the Jets. I know Watson wanted Saleh, but this is still a 2-14 team that would have to give up a lot to land him. Probably too much to build a team around him this year.
  13. Should we change it to, “talk about Eric Mangini”? That nonsense remains popular.

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