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  1. With tongue firmly bitten, I must remind you, please, no religion, sir. Thanks.
  2. I’m impressed that you’ve had conversations with ChatGPT and it hasn’t killed itself.
  3. Yeah, I get that Watson’s talented, but he’s not exactly the type of person I wanna be cozying up to.
  4. How would he not be running to the Eagles? Meh, I’ll be pretty content if he chooses someone else.
  5. From PFT. Moore isn’t being too shy here, and he’s not wrong, but he doesn’t come across as the greatest teammate of all time, either. Elijah Moore excited to play with “a legit quarterback” in Deshaun Watson Posted by Myles Simmons on March 23, 2023, 2:25 PM EDT Elijah Moore is officially a Brown after the Jets traded him to Cleveland on Wednesday. That trade should put an end to the constant change at quarterback young receiver has played through since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2021. On Thursday, Moore told Cleveland reporters how much he’s looking forward to playing with Deshaun Watson. “He’s a legit quarterback,” Moore said, via Daryl Ruiter of 923TheFan.com. “It’s someone that has been doing some amazing things around the league. He has respect from everybody around the league. They talk really highly about him here and they believe in him, and man, with him being my quarterback, I believe in him too. “So, I’m just grateful to be one of his guys.” Ruiter noted Moore and Watson spoke on Wednesday after the trade was done and both were excited about playing together. “When someone who’s as mobile as him, people fear with his legs as well, it just adds another element just to the whole game,” Moore said. “And you’ve been seeing that with what he does already… the games that he’s already played in. So I’m just super excited to be part of someone that can run, throw, do pretty much everything.” Watson’s presence likely helps take the sting out of not being able to play with Aaron Rodgers, who has said he intends to play with the Jets in 2023. “All I know is I’m a Cleveland Brown and I’m super excited to be here,” Moore said. Moore admitted he may not have placed enough value on chemistry when he entered the league. But going through what he did in New York has changed his mind. “I grew up in Florida and I feel like we have the mindset of kind of it doesn’t matter who’s back there,” Moore said. “So I kind of had to shift that a little bit because it does as far as chemistry. But man, if you put yourself in a position to throw with anybody and just put your trust in them — ‘cause that’s initially what it is. It really is trust. So if you trust them and they trust you, you can get anything done. “Going through four quarterbacks I feel like was just a huge blessing for me because I got to see what that’s like, and now with being with someone like Deshaun, it’ll just make life way easier.” Moore 43 passes for 538 yards with five touchdowns as a rookie and 37 passes for 446 yards with one TD in 2022.
  6. I’ve always liked him and thought he wasn’t used enough. Happy to have him back at least competing for a roster spot.
  7. We could use a voice of reason, happy birthday!
  8. Once again the simple rule that no one can follow rears its ugly head.
  9. I didn’t see this one coming. I like Moore a lot, but this tells me there was still a good amount of bad blood between the two sides. I guess the Jets unload a disgruntled player and replace the pick they expect to give up for Rodgers. Acquiring Aaron Rodgers and still having first and second round picks? That’s pretty good. It’s not like JD has been knocking it out of the park in the third, either.
  10. Unlike Rodgers’ contract, Davis has no guaranteed money left. Jets would be foolish to take on a dime of his contract when they can simply cut him and save all of it. Green Bay can offer him a pay cut if he’s included in a trade, or bid for him on the open market if he’s not.
  11. It’s my opinion that they see him as the best option right now because the team might be very good, but the QBs have not been. They have a couple year window with some top talent on rookie deals and they want to open that window wider while not handcuffing what they can do at the position two years from now, and the former MVP gives them a better chance to do that than anyone that was/is available, including Carr and Jackson. I don’t know how much hope they’re holding out for Zach, but I suspect it’s more than zero. If/when he doesn’t work out, I imagine they’ll want another go at a draft pick. Obviously putting up a playoff year or two in the meantime helps their position to do that and, as a JD fan, I’m in favor of them figuring out how to keep their jobs. The change I’m looking for in this damn organization is some continuity.
  12. It could definitely be the Jets driving the hard bargain, but they should be; they hold the cards. The Packers have to move him, the Jets want him. If the Jets miss here, they keep their picks and their cap dollars and they move on. If the Jets called the Rams today, they’d have Stafford on a plane tonight. Five QBs will probably go in the first round this year, and another mini QB carousel will start spinning.
  13. The “acting like a New Yorker,” bit is cheese, I posted it as a daily reminder that the Jets hold the cards in this negotiation -as Florio clearly states- no matter how much the Packers want to pretend otherwise. I don’t agree about training camp as a deadline, and have been saying all along that I expect it to get done no later than during the draft. That’s a big line for the Packers. If they want to keep playing games, they get no 2023 draft pick. Simple as that. But this isn’t a pickle, lol, I doubt that there’s anything Douglas could do to get it done sooner other than to give them more, and I’m very happy that he’s holding firm. I’d like it done by OTAs but, as you imply, there’s no guarantee he’ll show up, anyway. There’s no rush to get it done outside of fan impatience, and **** that, who cares? All these articles and posts about what Joe Douglas should be doing are useless being that no one knows where they’re at. Everyone involved knows the implications of dragging it past the draft, or the opening of training camp, or the league’s opening day. I’m highly confident that it’s been discussed between the parties, and believe that it’s extremely likely that JD has already issued some terms with one of them being to tell the Packers to shut the **** up in the media about it, which they’ve done. Bottom line -just like yesterday, or the day before- it’s a done deal, it’s just a matter of when.
  14. In dealing with the Packers, it’s time for the Jets to act like New Yorkers Posted by Mike Florio on March 22, 2023, 10:24 AM EDT It’s been a week since quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a public plea for the Packers to be reasonable in their expectations from the Jets. In the past seven days, neither team has budged. The Packers, as Rodgers said, are digging in their heels. The Packers, as we have reported, are content to wait until the draftto do a deal. The Packers, as I personally believe, have allowed the situation to become petty, and personal. It’s not personal. It’s strictly business. And it’s time for the Jets to take a page from the Marty Lyons playbook and give the Packers the business. These are the New York Jets. Technically, the New Jersey Jets. They should start demonstrating some of the attitude that those in their fan base would exhibit when dealing with difficult people in challenging situations. The Jets need to go on the offensive. They perhaps need to be a little offensive. They need to tell the Packers how it’s going to be. Why do you think Packers CEO Mark Murphy has suddenly opted to zip it? They know they’re running a grift by acting like they have the upper hand. They don’t. They owe Rodgers nearly $60 million, fully guaranteed, for 2023. If they don’t trade him by Week One, his $58.3 million roster bonus becomes 2023 base salary — sending his cap number through the roof. Amazingly, there are smart (supposedly) people who think the Packers actually have the leverage here. Much of the media has fallen in line with that mindset. But the Jets don’t need Rodgers right now. They don’t need him for the early stages of the offseason program. They arguably don’t need him for OTAs, not when he: (1) knows the playbook like the back of his giant hand; and (2) probably doesn’t want to show up before training camp, anyway. It’s always critical, in a deadline-driven business, to get two negotiating parties to agree on the deadline. The Packers think the deadline is draft. The Jets should take the initiative and say, “No, it’s the start of training camp.” The Jets should make a non-negotiable offer that will remain open until the 2023 draft. They should tell the Packers that, after the 2023 draft, the non-negotiable offer will pivot to the 2024 draft — and possibly 2025, in the event Rodgers plays in 2024. They should tell the Packers the non-negotiable offer stays on the table until training camp opens. At the same time, Rodgers should tell the Packers that, if he’s not traded before the start of training camp, he’ll be showing up, just like Brett Favre did 15 years ago. Rodgers should tell the Packers that he’ll be there, and that he’ll stay there, until he’s traded. Rodgers also should tell the Packers that he fully expects to participate in practice (by rule, the team can’t put him on ice), creating the risk that he’ll suffer a season-ending injury that will put the Packers firmly on the hook for his full compensation package. It will take coordination and commitment from the Jets and Rodgers to pull this off. But the Packers have been punking the Jets in part because the Packers believe they can. The Jets need to punch back, aggressively, to make the Packers realize that they don’t hold the cards on this. Taking an aggressive stand with the Packers would have a collateral benefit. Rodgers clearly wants someone to take up his cause that the Packers are being prickly (or prick-y) about the situation. If the Jets tell the Packers to shove your feckin’ cheese up your ass, Rodgers will become even more determined to do everything he can to repay the Jets with a great performance in 2023. Hell, maybe he’ll even gather his future teammates in California or wherever to get acquainted with them, on and off the field, as he moves closer to inevitably becoming a member of the team. That’s the reality here. He will inevitably be a Jet. At the very absolute latest, it will happen just before Week One. The practical deadline is (or should be) the opening of camp. The sooner the Packers realize that, no, they don’t have the better of the leverage here, the sooner the deal will be done and everyone can move on. And the best way to make that happen will be for the Jets to start acting like they’re from the place where the state bird is the middle finger.
  15. You had me all excited, but this is a couple weeks from when I’ll be there.
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