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  1. Nerd boners are weird. I'm excited about Darnold. They seemed to have the shackles on him against the Browns, and now they seem to be completely gone with positive results. All I wanted was for them to let Darnold play -for better or worse- and right now it looks to be for the better. The wins are exciting and you can see Sam's confidence building week to week. I'm sure @RutgersJetFan is right that six games generally sets the mark, but in the case of Darnold and the Jets, I really feel like the Jets numbers actually should improve. Crazy feeling.
  2. Long might be an improvement over Johnson, but he's still a weak link. If the Jets are done with him, they can cut him next winter with absolutely no cap ramifications. They probably won't do that, and pay him a $3.5M roster bonus instead. That and his $3M salary isn't back-breaking. But they should be looking to groom a replacement for him during 2019 (Falah?). Beachum has been a very good signing but I would wait to extend him. Shell, OTOH, has been a great value and should be rewarded (and locked up) with an extension before next season. But Mac sucks at that. I agree that the Jets probably won't go OL in the first round, but they should be looking for athletic OL they feel they can develop after that. Don't want to be locked into big money extensions for a guy like Winters.
  3. Use it as fire out the back of a new Jet logo, then sparingly as an accent color. It would give them a lot more marketing options, which is the goal of this whole uniform changing exercise. Adding black doesn't do that, as every team -including the Jets- already has black t-shirts and hats. Adding orange would allow for orange merch, which would be fun. I like, for instance, the Giants' ny logo on a red hat. It's a cool, alternate look. Or how the Seahawks use their green. Having just green and white, or adding black, doesn't add anything like that.
  4. slats

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    How long have you guys been out of the area? Winter sucks here (I'm on LI). Might be wise to rent thru a winter before buying something, just to make sure it's a move you both really think is worth it. You'll make a lot more money here, true, but your expenses will also be much higher. The key to living here is to save as much of the money you make here, then move back to somewhere warm. If you have electrical skills, you should look for union work. Better pay, with health care and retirement benefits.
  5. slats

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

  6. Firing Idzik was a good move, regardless of his replacement.
  7. This thread feels like a 15-year-old Jet fan home alone with the hottest girl in school.
  8. Jets are on a two-game winning "streak," so the Vikes probably won't be taking them too lightly. That won't be the issue. As others have said, the Jets have been up and down this season so far. They have a couple guys hurt in Crowell and Enunwa that will alter what they want to do on offense. Darnold seems to be on the upswing, though, and is definitely an X-factor. Something of a shootout where the defense gets a couple takeaways is probably NY's best hope. All of the team's wins so far have involved some big plays. They're not good enough to just execute long drives or make a stop on third down and are prone to shoot themselves in the foot with penalties.
  9. College football doesn't produce as many NFL-ready OL as it used to. The Jets could pick a couple more, but I have no problem at all with the strategy of drafting third-day prospects and developing them while supplementing the line with free agents.
  10. Jet fans at the draft can, indeed, be brutal, but even the worst of the worst of us, I think, recognized that Sam Darnold was a guy who should've gone in the top two picks. We did have a few people in here complaining about Darnold's play in his third and fourth career pro starts, but they were the minority and seem to've been quieted by the two-game winning streak and Sam's performance in those games. I mean, they'll be back, but a surprising number of us can actually be reasonable.
  11. It has the place of honor next to Joe Namath in pantyhose.
  12. The people who wanted Sam to sit generally wanted to keep Bridgewater and play him, instead. Thru six games, Darnold is playing, statistically, as well as Bridgewater ever has (with a better TD% and YPA). And he appears to be on the upswing from there. And the Jets got a third-round pick for Teddy. All in all, playing Sam and trading Teddy were clearly the right moves.
  13. Lol, yes. I opted not to name names.
  14. Really not a ton of support for Gruden in that thread. Shane basically presents the idea as the least of all evils.
  15. slats

    classless cousins

    Again, I don't begrudge the guy making all the money he can, and he's clearly all about making all the money he can. He refused to sign anywhere for more than three years (when teams were trying to sign him to five or more) because he wants to cash in at least one more time for bigger money. He signed with the winner for less because he saw that as his best chance to sign anywhere for another three-year blockbuster deal. You don't like the word, "mercenary?" That's fine. I'm glad he turned the Jets down and is making all his money elsewhere.

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