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  1. There's been no reporting of an organizational change. I don't even know how that would work. I'd imagine that Gase has it in his contract that he reports directly to the owner, not to the guy he just recruited to be the GM. Perhaps, if they decide to let Gase walk, they'll change the way they've been doing things for a long time and make Douglas the COO and let him hire a HC who works under him. And at that time, it would probably be the smart move. For now, though, I'd guess it's unchanged.
  2. Good post. It's really about getting your best players on the field and utilizing them from there. I just don't think Frank Gore is the guy to shift what the Jets do on offense. I really see him as more of an insurance policy at this point than anything else, that Bell is the Bell Cow, and if he gets hurt Gore and Perine would take over as a committee. The Jets' base will probably be Bell, Herndon, Crowder, Perriman, and Mims. I think they're well positioned to run a 12 personnel, too, taking any one of the WRs off the field and bringing in Griffin. They could do a lot from there, including flexing Bell out.
  3. Me repeating myself again: I expect a slow start. Maybe even ugly. Turning over half the offense, potentially including the entire OL and both outside receivers. Two of those new starters being rookies. Installing a new zone blocking scheme with their new athletic linemen, with no one locking down a position except McGovern. Becton will start, but will it be LT, RT, or even guard? (probably not). They're going to rush to get everything into place to start the year, but they'll be tinkering a lot the whole first month of the season, and more than likely then some. I'm not so concerned about overall rankings as I am a strong finish this year. Whether they're a playoff team or not (and I think they're not), I want them to look like a playoff team at the end of the year. I want them to be a team other teams don't want to play. That would make me feel like the franchise is on track. Hopefully they do better.
  4. He wasn’t a Day Two QB the day of the draft. That’s bull****.
  5. We definitely had some Rosen peeps here. They’ve either gone silent or became a little passive-aggressive.
  6. I’m confident that you have absolutely no idea how weak this argument is. The Jets took a SS at #6 overall in the same draft where the league’s MVP and Super Bowl MVP went four picks later, and that’s somehow okay? Whatever anyone else did, only one team did it right. It wasn’t the Jets. There were a number of people here who wanted Mahomes. It’s not like he was a completely out of the blue pick.
  7. I’m kinda with you, but I just think he’s a little less safe than you’re describing here. I think if the Jets are 7-9 or worse, he’s gonna -at the very least- have to face some questions about why the team’s record didn’t improve after Joe D did the things Gase was asking for with personnel. IMHO, the man gets judged on Darnold. Sam breaks out, Gase is safe. Sam struggles, Gase struggles to keep his job.
  8. Oh gee, Maccagnan showed no interest in Mahomes?!? No wonder he’s such a bust! On draft day, Mahomes was a pretty solid top half of the first round pick, iirc. I wanted to believe in the Hackenberg, but I also wanted Mahomes. Sadly, I knew it was gonna be whichever LSU guy it was that dropped.
  9. The Jets decided that they preferred the following year’s QBs, passed on Watson and Mahomes, and took Adams. To me, that was a major mistake. It cost them three second rounders just to be able to take their second favorite guy. They thought Darnold, Rosen, etc., would be better than Watson and Mahomes. And that was a common theme. Now we can only dream about Darnold being better than Mahomes. And I do. In the jints’ case, Darnold was generally considered to be the top QB in his class, and definitely far ahead of Jones and whoever else scheduled to come out the following year. IMHO, their mistake was far worse. If Jones works out, they got lucky. And good for them, then, I guess.
  10. As I already said, that’s not a good strategy. If it works out, it’s luck.
  11. Well then, let’s get back on topic! I think the jints passing on Darnold is the same level mistake the Jets made when they drafted Jamal Adams over Watson or Mahomes. You can’t be taking such a non-premium position that high when there’s a QB available right there and you need a QB. It’s gross mismanagement.
  12. For me to take a RB at #2, I’d need to have everything else in place. Like, I lost my QB for the season the previous year, and that’s why I had the #2 pick in the first place. If Jones works out, they got lucky. It wasn’t good strategy. But that’s me. I’ve been a RBBC guy for what feels like decades now. There are just a ton of 5’10”, 220 lb dudes who run a 4.55 who’ll produce just fine behind a solid OL.
  13. I see where you're going, but I really don't think it's generally going to be optimal to take Herndon, Mims, or Perriman off the field for a 35-year-old Frank Gore. Really, I'm hoping that someone else emerges from that WR group that they need to get on the field, rather than taking a receiver off.
  14. Again, I didn't say it was unreasonable for him to ask. He can ask away. The reason I don't think it's a good idea on his part lies within your question: it would be foolish for the Jets to pay him, I don't think they're even considering it, and he's just creating tension between himself and the team when it's completely unnecessary. Now, if his true goal is to get himself traded off of the Jets ASAP, he's doing what he needs to do. Jamal's a smart football player who's gonna have a very nice career for as long as he's healthy. Someone's gonna pay him. But I stick by the positional value thing. I'd rather have a $5M replacement SS than a $15M Jamal Adams. I just don't think he's doing enough to justify that kinda pay. I understand this hybrid case, the big nickel, how this defense is in the college ranks and making it to the pros, but at the end of the day he's still a 6'1", 215 lb guy who runs a 4.56 and doesn't catch the ball very well. That's not the guy I'm giving my big money deals to. The planet guys, the 6'5" 320 lb-ers who run under 5 second 40's, the 6'3" 200 lb WRs who run sub 4.4, those are the guys I'm paying before Jamal. Them and my QB, obviously. In my opinion, that's why RB and safety are two of the lowest valued positions on a football team. They're often plugged with these fire hydrants and their replacements are everywhere.
  15. Disagree here. He was taken #3 overall because he was seen as someone who could rush the passer from the inside. The Jets, Bills, and fish all took DTs that year, all looking to get pressure up the middle on Tom Brady - who's now gone to Tampa, lol. These QBs all get the ball out so fast nowadays that defenses have to be able to get interior pressure. There's not enough time most plays for your Edge to make it around the edge. I don't want QW to be a fat slob. I want him to be that slippery, quick 300 lb-er they thought they were getting.

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