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  1. slats

    Cowherd Mock

    Mac's been a consensus guy with his high picks every year. Williams or Allen would be his more likely choices. Oliver would represent a shift to listening more to the analytics guys that high, of which I would approve.
  2. I'm enjoying this shifting narrative... Kyler Murray not at charity appearance in Nashville this morning Posted by Darin Gantt on April 24, 2019, 11:32 AM EDT Getty Images As we’ve noted several times in recent weeks, the one sure way to know Kyler Murray’s probably going to the Cardinals with the first overall pick will be if he’s in the green room as the draft begins. As far as we know now, he’s still heading that direction. But he’s not there yet. Accordng to Jenny Vrentas of SI.com, 21 prospects were at Nissan Stadium this morning to assemble kits for a local food bank, but Murray was not in attendance. He was originally scheduled to be at the appearance. The Oklahoma quarterback is reportedly set to arrive in Nashville later today, so it’s possible there was a mix-up in scheduling for either the charity appearance, his flight, or some other complication. And it’s entirely possible that his absence this morning means nothing. Unless it doesn’t. The league initially invited 23 players to Nashville for the first round, and after Montez Sweat pulled out, that would mean Murray’s the only original invitee not on hand this morning.
  3. slats

    Cowherd Mock

    In that scenario, unable to trade, I'd hope they go Oliver.
  4. Kyler Murray still favored to go first, but odds dipping Posted by Darin Gantt on April 24, 2019, 12:13 PM EDT Getty Images Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is still favored to go first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. He’s just not as favored as he used to be. According to David Purdum of ESPN.com, the odds have dipped on bets for Murray to go first overall to the Cardinals. In previous weeks at FanDuel’s New Jersey sportsbook, Murray’s odds were -1200 (meaning you’d have to bet $1,200 to win $100), but they were down to -400 this morning. Ohio State Nick Bosa‘s second on the list at +350, so Murray remains a significant favorite. But whether it’s doubts planted by Antonio Bryant, of Murray not arriving in Nashville this morning as scheduled, or just cold feet on the part of the gambling public, the movement this close to the draft is interesting.
  5. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Yes. Big, strong, and stiff as a board. Perfect analogy.
  6. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Lol, I don't listen to that douche-bag.
  7. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    When you post stuff like this, it helps if you name your source.
  8. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Metcalf probably scares me more than anyone else scheduled to go in the first round.
  9. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I'm in favor of trading down if the team gets fair or better compensation. I'm not in favor of selling the pick low. So I'm not doing it just for the all-you-can-eat sushi, but I am if they throw in a couple signature cocktails and some of that green tea ice cream.
  10. I'd be disappointed if the Jets traded Anderson for a third. For all the people here (myself included, to a degree) who feel that the most important thing the Jets can do is to continue to develop Darnold, how does a third round pick help him more than Anderson? As you say, the Jets are suddenly loaded with short range targets. Herndon, Crowder, Bell, Montgomery, Burnett, even Enunwa, while Anderson is the only guy who can get deep with consistency. By all means take a WR between the third and fourth rounds, but get everything you can out of Anderson this year. One argument for trading him in this thread is an unwillingness to pay him $12M/year. If you think he's gonna get that on the open market in 2020, then get the season out of him that's gonna pay him that money and accept your 3rd-4th round comp in 2021 if you don't wanna be the team who pays him.
  11. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The Jets overpaid last year by a second round pick. I'm suggesting less than the chart, already. Nothing crazy, perfectly fair. If you're talking less than that, you shouldn't trade. Take the guy you like best at #3 and don't look back. And I think this rumor is based on the possibility that the Cards don't take Murray. Don't think it's happening if Murray goes #1.
  12. slats

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Washington's first, second, third, and next year's first is pretty close to the classic chart's value of the trade. If they're taking less than that, then I'd hope it would just be a lower valued pick than that third rounder. Like a fourth this year or a third next year. Trading from #3 to #15 is a big drop and needs to be compensated properly.
  13. I opened this thread thinking the title referred to Henry Anderson, not Robby, which would make more sense given the players available that high in the draft. Trading Robby would be dumb, so I hope they don't do it. This is not a great WR draft.
  14. slats

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    Hmmm... I suddenly realized that I pretty much never enjoy the draft.
  15. slats

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    He can't wait to get started... Le’Veon Bell not at Jets voluntary minicamp Posted by Josh Alper on April 23, 2019, 10:30 AM EDT Getty Images Running back Le'Veon Bell never reported to the Steelers after being given the franchise tag last season and sat out the year before signing with the Jets as a free agent last month. Getting the long-term deal he was looking for while still in Pittsburgh hasn’t led him to perfect attendance at offseason work this time around. The Jets started a three-day minicamp on Tuesday morning and multiple reporters on hand sent word that Bell was not on the field with the rest of the team. Attendance at the minicamp is voluntary, so there’s no requirement that Bell be with the team right now. There’s also no word about whether he’ll be missing the entire week of work or if Tuesday’s absence is a one-day thing. Head coach Adam Gase and General Manager Mike Maccagnan are both scheduled to speak to reporters later in the day and they may shed light on that question during their time with the media.

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