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  1. Like I said, that's my floor. I set the value at a fourth because a fourth-rounder, for argument's sake, in the middle of the round in 2019 would generally be considered more valuable than the last pick of the third round in 2020. And you get the added bonus of an additional $5.5M in cap room. And the Jets getting a comp pick in 2020 is no lock. Far from it. I recognize that they have a lot of players whose contracts expire at the end of the season, but they will be resigning some of them and replacing others in free agency. With over $80M in cap space, they could easily sign more FAs than they lose. They could also get creative with those signings (like by focusing on cut players who don't count in the formula), but I wouldn't count on it.
  2. Happy for Leggett taking advantage of his opportunity.
  3. They can carry over that $5.5M to next year, so it retains its value. I don't disagree on McCown, and yet I'd put the odds at better than 50-50 that he's back next year as Sam's backup on a smaller contract. And I recognize that my opinion on Teddy may be lower than others, but I think if the league thought of him as a top 10 type QB that he would've gotten a more favorable offer than to compete with McCown (who'd already been named the starter) and the QB the Jets were certain to draft in the first round.
  4. I hear you, this is what I think... I think the Jets are doing everything they can to get Darnold ready to be the Day One starter, and that so far Darnold has been very much up to the challenge. I expect him to start the rest of the preseason and, barring a collapse or injury, I expect him to start opening day. I don't have high hopes for this season. The team still has too many holes. There's a lot of depth at some spots, but not enough great players. If this team is going to exceed expectations and contend for a playoff spot, I think the only possible way that happens is if Darnold exceeds all expectations, plays lights out, and carries the team on his shoulders. I don't have a particularly high opinion of Bridgewater, who I see as more of a game manager, and I don't see him filling in and carrying this team to contention. I also don't have as low an opinion of McCown as many here. While I don't want him in the starting lineup, I think he's just fine in the backup role. And again, I think that's where the organization is at, too. Darnold just surpassed McCown for starting reps this week in practice, but Josh is still ahead of Teddy in that regard. Part of that, undoubtedly, is that Bridgewater has trade value and McCown doesn't, but -despite any depth chart released by the team- the pecking order now looks like Darnold/McCown/Bridgewater. So all that said, yeah, I still trade Teddy for a fourth-rounder. Of course, I'd like to get more but that would be my floor. He's not going to be on the team next year, and I don't see him as particularly valuable for one season as long as Darnold is the starting QB. He was a good signing as a hedge against whatever QB they drafted not being ready to start, but that doesn't appear to be the case. If Darnold was swimming, or they drafted a different QB who wasn't ready or flat-out sucked, and Teddy looked like he was working himself into the starting lineup, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But that's not happening. So by trading him, they'd basically be buying a fourth-round pick (or, hopefully, better) for the $500K guarantee they gave him. To me, that's a good deal on its own, and saving his $5.5M salary is a nice bonus.
  5. The Jets once traded a fourth-rounder for Tim Tebow. Anyone trading for Bridgewater would want him as a potential starter.
  6. This year, Case Keenum signed for two years, $36M, Sam Bradford (talk about injury concerns!) one year, $20M, and Tyrod Taylor got a one year, $16M deal. There will most likely be opportunities like that for Bridgewater next year. He's been a starter in this league and has been in the playoffs. People gush about him as a person. QBs are in short supply. He will never sign a four-year backup deal. That simply isn't happening. There's a tiny chance that no one wants to give him a shot at a starting job and he comes back as a backup on another one year deal, but, again, it's highly unlikely. A two-year, $30+M contract is probably what he's looking at if he continues to perform well this preseason and makes it thru the year healthy.
  7. @The Crusher Looking good!
  8. I hear you. The Falcons effectively shot themselves in the foot with all their penalties. I don't think they had an incomplete pass for the team until their third-stringer finally hit the turf with one after 8 or 9 completions, himself. These guys shouldn't be getting cocky, and I kinda think it's good for them to have Washington blowing right thru them today. They need the wakeup call.
  9. I haven't been ****ed like that since grade school!
  10. He was out there on Friday behind the backups to our crappy OL and demonstrated that he could protect himself by sliding in the pocket or scrambling out of it to extend the play. He seems to think this reading defenses thing is pretty easy. He showed that he can make a read and get the ball out of his hand, accurately, very quickly. I think as long as he can protect himself, that's the most important thing. I think item #3 is the most important, and he seems to be doing well with that. #2 is gonna be hard for a 21-year-old, but the players seem to be respecting his play and responding to him. He's had no trouble communicating in the huddle and getting to the line quickly. Doesn't matter, it's pretty obvious the Jets are fast-tracking him.
  11. slats

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    I agree with the early BAP philosophy. It can be controversial, but I'd rather have the stud at a position I don't necessarily need than a lesser player at a position of need. Studs will get on the field and make your team better. I like what the Jets have been doing the last couple years by drafting exceptional athletes late. Guys like Derrick Jones and Trenton Cannon who both look like genuine contributors this year. Jones looks like a guy who could eventually step into a starting role. Not bad for a couple sixth-rounders. For the OL, I'd like to see it addressed in free agency so they're freed up to do the BAP thing with their first-round pick. I prefer a be true to your board approach, but there's nothing wrong with prioritizing OL now that they have something to protect. What I'd really like to see is them looking for those athletic gems at OL late that could be developed rather quickly. Really, I hope (and expect) that they're not done with the OL, yet, this year.
  12. slats

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    Dude, I'm done. You can rationalize two early years on the offensive side before Belichick moved him to the defensive side of the ball for the next ten years as some kind of well-roundedness all you like. I'm out.
  13. slats

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    Here: I was wrong about his tenure as a TE coach eight years after the Jets drafted two OL in the first round. It was two years. Everything else is gobbledygook. I never said anything about Rex or Bowles, just said that Mangini was a DC just like them when he was hired, contrary to your original post. Care to offer up your own admission of refusing to admit the truth? I've done my part.
  14. I was all over the place pre-draft and probably looked the most superficially at Darnold because I didn't think the Jets had any shot at him. Very happy to have been wrong there. I've said many times and I'll say it again for you: I don't watch college ball and I don't pretend to be an expert on the draft. Where do I wish for an injury to another team's QB there? Acknowledging that an injury to another team's starter is the most obvious play is different than wishing for such a thing. Do you deny that an injury to another team's starter would improve the Jets chances of getting something more substantial for Bridgewater? I'm clearly talking about other options to trade Teddy than just injury to another QB. Weird post for you to quote to try to prove I'm rooting for an injury. He played well in his preseason debut and I'm happy about it, it increases his trade value. Again, not sure where you're going here. The fact that I'm not high on him doesn't mean that I don't think someone else can be high on him. Anyway, I appreciate all the attention and effort you put in to dig up quotes from me from as far back as April or more. Shows how much you really care!