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  1. It's been reported by a few people that the Jets will have a black alternate uniform, so I expect black accents on their primary uniforms, but I wouldn't expect black jerseys or a black helmet. Also, black is the most boring choice they could make. It's used by more NFL teams than any other color. It lacks all imagination, and I'm not gonna like it. I didn't like it in the Coslet/Kotite days, either.
  2. slats

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    The other teams I mentioned have their own RFA/ERFAs not listed, too. The Jets have let a few inexpensive players walk that I didn't expect, same thing could happen with those free agents. We don't know. They are behind the teams I mentioned in plain numbers by 15-20 players at the starting line. But the thing is, of course, that the Jets have been a bad football team for a number of years now, going 14-34 over the last three years. So the Jets not only have fewer players, they have fewer good ones. There's talk Crowell will be cut. The team needs a couple or a few new starters on the OL, do they continue to pay Winters $6M/year after that? Or is that a new hole? They're losing two starting OL and a starting WR to free agency. They need to be replaced with better (read: probably more expensive) players. They need a starting caliber RB or two depending on what they do with Crowell and Powell. On defense, which no one wants to talk about, 2/3s of their starting DL and Morris Claiborne are free agents. Jason Myers and Andre Roberts are free agents. Is anyone in the pipe to replace these guys? Not really. That's eight starters they need to replace. That's before they start to make improvements to their other weak starters. And then they have to fill out depth because they're still not up to 53 players when teams bring 90 to training camp. That $102M isn't as much -and won't do as much- as people seem to believe.
  3. slats

    Are the Jets an expansion team?

    According to Over The Cap, the Jets have 39 players currently under contract (the bottom eight or so are all "futures" guys who are unlikely to make the final roster) and about $102M in cap space. IMHO, the Jets need to add at least 20 NFL caliber players just to fill out the roster. This is why the Jets' cap space is completely overblown, it's because the roster is completely depleted. By comparison, the Colts have 59 players under contract and $108M in cap space. The Bills have 53 players under contract and $79M in cap space. The Browns 60 players and $79M. The Texans have 52 players and $78M. The Jets really don't have an advantage over of any of those teams, having so many holes on what was a four-win team.
  4. While I’m also pretty sure that not “every” player has seen or tried on the uniforms, I’m sure they’ve all been warned -potentially with fines or other discipline- about just how secret they’re being with this reveal. Players probably weren’t permitted to take pics in them, too.
  5. I generally see him getting mocked in the 15-20 range, not top five. Jawaan Taylor is consistently rated higher.
  6. Bortles only has $6.5M guaranteed left on his deal. It's not the Osweiler situation. Jax isn't going to give up something extra just to get out of his contract, they'll just cut him before his roster bonus is due.
  7. I’m very happy and drunk in Mexico and really feel like banning you. Please, keep it up. Or, maybe, don’t.
  8. I’m just locking this. Continue, and you can have a genuine reflections post in a month or so.
  9. I like Glenn and think it's kinda dickish of the Saints to not allow him to interview for a promotion.
  10. I think the logo gets completely revamped. Some sad hybrid of the 60s and 80s logos would disappoint nearly everyone. I think the QB practice jerseys tell us a lot. A black jersey is likely, the green a little brighter but nowhere near lime green. Blueish grey? If you mean like gunmetal, I could see that, especially on the helmet. 0% chance of blue being added, IMHO. Black and/or grey most likely will be, though.
  11. At the time of the trade, people were talking about Bridgewater as a franchise QB. A year later, and I think it's questionable whether or not he gets an offer to more than just compete for a starting job. I'm curious to see what his next contract looks like and who it's with. Last year, the trade was discussed as a bird in the hand vs. the potential comp pick they might get in 2020. That pick being a third-rounder being bandied about. Instead, I don't expect him to garner a deal that registers above the fifth round comp pick level. I was very vocally in favor of the trade and am glad the Jets have that extra, albeit very late, third rounder this year. Especially, as you say, with Darnold looking good and the Jets missing their second-round pick this year because of him.
  12. I don’t buy any of the hype about Kingsbury and Murray. I really can’t imagine that the Cardinals hired their new offensive genius coach for any other purpose than to get the most out of Rosen. Sure, they’ll listen to offers, but they would have to be blown away by a trade offer (and the jints aren’t the team to make that offer). The combine is going to tell us a lot about Murray. His actual size and how he performs in interviews are going to be critical. If he doesn’t get drafted high enough, I could see him changing his mind and playing baseball. Drafting him outside the top ten/fifteen could turn out to be a gamble.
  13. And we’re aggressively working on it behind the scenes.
  14. slats

    Jets make a move for ...... Kap?

    My humble opinion: the Jets aren’t signing a $9M backup QB this year, especially not one with the baggage Kaep is carrying. And Kaep isn’t signing anywhere to be a backup, either.
  15. The importance of the running game in the NFL has been on the decline for the last 25 years. All the rules are geared towards protecting the QB and "defenseless" receivers. Pass interference is a strategy. The FB went out of vogue because you simply don't need another guy like that on the field. Basically, another OL who can run and catch, a little. The way to go is to add another 6'5" TE who can line up at flanker and help with blocking but also (primarily) be a huge target in the passing game. If you need a FB in the red zone, you can always throw Leo Williams back there. I'm a big fan of Bilal Powell, and would happily take two as part of a committee. Guys who can run, catch, and block efficiently, not tipping the playcall when they're in the lineup. I'm also a huge proponent of the RB by committe in general. Putting all your offensive eggs in the RB basket is highly risky, as the Rams learned this year. Give me three or four interchangeable guys on light contracts, please. Bell won't be signing a two or three year deal. He'll want four (at a minimum) or five years with the signing bonus that goes with it.

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