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  1. I'm with @JiF, I want wins, but I'll play: I want/expect Sam Darnold to break the the NY Jets franchise records for yards and TDs in 2020. They improve the OL and weapons, and Sam plays >14 games, I don't see why that can't or won't happen. Like to see him in the neighborhood of 2:1 or 65%, and I see the latter as more likely. Sam's a gunslinger, so I suspect we're gonna see more ints than we'd like for a few years as a result, but I'm okay with that if he's also moving the ball and getting it into the endzone.
  2. Bumping your own thread with a poopy, lol. For those of you who don't know him, this is @SouthernJet in a nutshell.
  3. Here's the thing, though; top edge rushers and CBs are insanely expensive in free agency! These are positions you should be focusing on in the draft hoping to land elite players cheap for 4-5 years at these premium spots. The Jets have so many needs that my preference would be to not break the bank on any one fix, but instead spread the wealth around in an effort to fill as many holes as possible. I want OL and WRs in free agency so that they're freed up to take a CB or EDGE in the draft if the value presents itself. I'd let that first, expensive wave of free agency pass by while I focused on guys who fit my vision of a team at more reasonable prices. Also hoping they move Adams for assets and maybe trade down for even more picks. Jets need bodies everywhere but the DL, as far as I can see.
  4. No way I'm reading thru this thread. That said... 1.) I'm 100% in favor of trading Adams for the right package. I'd start at a first and a starting OL. He's a great player, but I don't think the Jets are in a position to have the highest paid safety in the NFL on their roster in a couple years, but... 2.) I couldn't give two ****s what his motivation is as long as he makes plays on the field for my football team. I don't care if he's a "phony," I don't care if he's only in it for the money (like most players), I don't care if he does it to massage his massive ego, and I don't understand this need to tear down the rare star players this team manages to stumble into. I just want good players who manage to be good citizens off the field (and Adams certainly fits that mold).
  5. I wonder what they're going to do with Rosen. Poor guy became a dinosaur the moment he was drafted.
  6. It’s not either/or. He could sign the tender and then negotiate a long term deal - knowing full well that the Jets would be very eager to pound out a deal with a much lower cap number in 2020. He’d hold all the cards. If the Jets were foolish enough to tag him, any agent worth his salt would tell him to sign immediately! The tag, by design, makes it harder to negotiate with other teams. Robby’s worst case scenario would be to go a few weeks without a deal and then having the Jets rescind the tag after all the big money’s been spent. No, he’d sign in a heartbeat and guarantee himself a minimum of $15.9M for 2020. No doubt. That’s 4x his current career earnings!
  7. Nope. If he signs that tender, you've just given Robby Anderson $15.9M guaranteed for the 2020 season. You can't do that and then expect to negotiate a deal for much -if any- less than that. This is why you rarely see the transition tag used. The value on it is too high for a guy you don't believe is a franchise player.
  8. The transition tag isn't an option for Robby. For WRs, that number is currently projected to be $15.9M. The Jets aren't opening negotiations from there with him. If they want to let him test the market before signing him, the best they can do is ask him to give them a last chance before he signs anywhere else.
  9. How do you play if you're not playing to win? If you're evaluating borderline players and they're not playing to win, you're probably going to evaluate that they're not very good. "Okay Son, I just wanna see what you've got, but not so much that we accidentally win today, know what I mean?" And who was left this year to evaluate? The Jets were already playing guys who were, at best, borderline. The whole season was an evaluation of borderline guys because of all the injuries. Turned out a couple of them could play. So that was nice. But who are you pulling from the lineup? Not Sam, he needs the work. But do you ask Sam Darnold to go out there and, "try to play well and all but keep us in the loss column, if you can." If you pull Bell, the Jets probably do even better, so that's out. You can't sit Jamal Adams without a social media BLEVE. This is the first season under a new head coach, trying to establish his program with the players. The owner providing cover doesn't do that, winning does. Gase had a horrific start with Sam's mono and all the other injuries. You gotta let the guy do everything he can to bounce back from that. I get that the Jets historically suck, and that the offseason is often the best part of the season, but the actual idea is that "winning the offseason" is supposed to lead to wins during the regular season. So many jaded Jet fans have it flipped where they need to tank the regular season to win the draft. It's craziness. The team isn't looking for a QB right now. That would be a different situation. They're probably looking at an OT in the first round and, as of today, there's supposed to be three or four worthy of the #11 spot. I'm happy the team managed to avoid double-digit losses for a fourth straight year, and they're still in position to draft a very good football player high.
  10. At what point in the year should they give up? At 1-7, should they've just packed it in right there? Or after they won a couple to get off the one-win schneid? "Okay guys, you've demonstrated that you can win a couple, but any more wins and you're gonna really start to effect our draft position next year!" I get being unhappy with that last game of the season win that moves them from the #1 pick to #3 or something like that, but this past season was nothing like that. It was a nice second half of the year that had our young QB playing well. And frankly, our young QB playing well is a lot more important, long and short term, than a spot or two in the draft, IMHO. I'm just tired of this annual whine that the Jets failed to lose enough the previous year. That you're either trying to make the playoffs or you're trying to get the highest pick in the draft that you can. There's middle ground. Hate Gase all you want, but the guy is the head coach and he needs to get the team to buy into his program. That's his job. He does that by demonstrating that his way can win games.
  11. Yes. The Jets should try to go 1-15 every year until they think they’re ready to go 15-1.
  12. Lol, you have no idea where you stand around here. That's cute.
  13. I'm seeing Mekhi Becton mentioned along with the standard top three OTs.
  14. Excuse my laziness, but were any members of last year's South team contributors on SF this year? Either team?
  15. Tennessee was the other '09 Jets, and the Chiefs took care of them. Should be a good Bowl.
  16. Everyone is aware of your opinion. You've repeated it often enough, now. It's when you continue to post the same opinion over and over about the Jets starting QB on a Jets message board, feeling the need to respond to multiple posts over multiple threads whether directed at you or not, that you've now descended into trolling. Either ease up, or expect to be treated like a troll. Pro tip: trolls generally eventually get banned.
  17. Of course I read that wrong. I'm sure Bill Belichick will be excited to work with the Jets towards a common goal, though.
  18. The Jets, Bills, and Pats all have both teams away (the fish have both at home... ?). I think they'd be wise to work together for once and make a blanket request to have them back-to-back.
  19. So, I'm not buying any of this. There have always been running QBs, and young QBs have always run more than more experienced QBs. What's the difference between these guys and Tarkenton, Elway, Cunningham, Steve Young, Vick, etc. They will all throw more and run less as they gain experience, or they will find themselves nowhere like RGIII, or in purgatory like Cam. Sure, these young guys are exciting to watch when they take off with the ball, but history tells us it's not sustainable - especially if they aren't protecting themselves. This is nothing new. There's been no seismic shift. The quality of athletes in the league have been evolving over the course of the century, and that includes the QB position. I'm very impressed with what John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson managed to achieve this year, but I'm also impressed with the way Mike Vrabel shut it down. Very interested to see what, "the offense no one has ever seen before," looks like, and how it's defended, next year. Mobile QBs a new thing? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual-threat_quarterback
  20. Black is the most common color used in NFL uniforms. And how many teams now have black alternates? Just a lazy, lame choice, IMHO.

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