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  1. Usually we're just the worst team in the division. It was exciting enough just to be the worst team in the league this year. But to be the worst of all time? This is something of which, I believe, we can all be proud.
  2. Haven’t had cable since I moved to Mexico. I use that nflbite site with decent results for games.
  3. He also has an extra third next year and whatever he gets when he trades Darnold. I'd expect no less than a second round pick, but seeing some of his trades so far, I could also imagine him landing much more. And he's demonstrated a willingness and ability to trade down and add still more picks. All my hope is in the JD basket right now. Once again as a Jet fan, the offseason will be more entertaining than the regular season. I've sorta forgotten what the postseason even is. Just looking quickly, next year his entire $6M salary in guaranteed, but that's still the cheapest year on the contract (probably had visions of extending Sam this year). But at that number, it makes sense for the Jets to hold onto him or makes him semi-tradeable. They won't get a lot for him, but they could get out from under his contract. If they don't, he has $8M guaranteed in 2022. If Mosley is still on the team, but hasn't produced at an elite level, Joe Douglas has demonstrated having no qualms about eating Mac's guarantees and moving forward. The Jets have $49M(!) in dead money this year. $8M in dead money in 2022 would be a drop in the bucket.
  4. The Grateful Dead produced country music for people who like acid.
  5. So you think the Jets have done a good job developing Darnold? They built a team around him? You like the Jets' receivers? Their OL? Their coaching? How, exactly, is the guy supposed to show anything running for his life, trying to execute a **** play throwing to scrap heap receivers? Football players don't play in a vacuum, football is the ultimate team game. Except Sam. Sam's probably been playing in a vacuum. If the Jets decide to move on, and I expect they will, I also expect at least a second round pick+ for him. We'll see what happens. There will be a market for him, because there are definitely people in the league who recognize that the Jets ****ed this up.
  6. I'm feeling like you're way out over your skis with this thread.
  7. Gase has a relationship with Gore, and is also probably thinking about what he needs to do to salvage his career. He has no incentive to just play the young guys. Without being told to do so by CJ, I don't see it happening. I also don't want the owners telling the head coach what to do, even in instances where I might agree with the owner over the coach. Bit of a dilemma.
  8. Jets will probably get another high pick or two over the next two drafts for Darnold. There will be a market for him. They have one of the better salary cap positions in the league. Depending on the hit next year's cap takes, they could be in prime position to snap up players other teams can't afford to pay. Won't be many Mac guys on the roster next year. If there's gonna be a real turnaround, though, they're gonna need to get the head coach right. Hopefully all of their offseason assets attracts someone worthy.
  9. I knew that my first football season in Mexico would probably prove to be a challenge to my fandom. The fact that the team is absolutely terrible and looks to've destroyed the nation's top QB prospect from 2018 in the process has me less than interested to even tune in. I'll probably be at the beach this Sunday rather than watching the game. Although, if they were to announce that Morgan was gonna start at QB they might pique my curiosity. The idea of bringing in the next great QB prospect with the #1 pick of the draft has also lost quite a bit of luster for me after seeing what's happened with Darnold. I feel no enthusiasm at all about the alleged tank, and even less interest in watching it unfold. I'll pay attention again in the offseason. I always do. I recognize that Joe Douglas has put himself in a position to get himself a massive, franchise-altering type of haul from both free agency and the draft. All that cap room and draft picks should help to attract a better head coach, and hopefully that head coach can convince whoever the first player to be picked is to come to the Jets instead of staying in school or pulling an Elway/Eli type move (which seems almost likely). If you were Trevor Lawrence's dad, what would you be advising your kid about the Jets? We'll see how it plays out. I'll probably have some optimism by next summer. I'm a sucker that way.
  10. Like you, Sam's probably on the way out. Your schtick hasn't gotten any fresher.
  11. So the guy who paid Mark Sanchez thinks...
  12. I'll at least say that I'll be watching. More than I offered them Sunday.
  13. I only opened this thread to check out the rep situation. Saw the one down vote on the OP, and was really, really hoping that it was @kevinc855, but I can't say that I'm entirely disappointed that it's @Gastineau Lives.
  14. Hope you're well, Henry. Darnold (feeding the) Duck's... I like it.
  15. This scares me a bit. The Jets overpay in free agency, and get guys who do nothing well but cash their checks. Getting sent to the Jets in a trade? Yeah, I bet that's pretty high on every vet's wish list right about now. I get the frustration, but if Morgan is even just a decent backup beginning next year -a guy who you can trust to come in and manage the game- it's a good pick. If he shows starter capability or has trade value, it's a great pick. And @KRL, I appreciate your optimism, man. I'm more checked out than Bradley McDougald at this point.
  16. Ordinarily, anything to help you out, amigo. Unfortunately, on this one, @Maxman won’t let me.
  17. You start way too many threads and, as you noted in your OP here, this one is completely pointless.
  18. I think Darnold’s value right now is at its low point. Now is not the time to trade him. I’d keep playing him and hope for the best for both him and the team, and reevaluate after the year. If they’re in a #1 overall type position and decide to make the change at QB, they need to move Darnold before the draft, though, and not do it the way Arizona traded Rosen.
  19. Bell was a horrendous signing, and Gase misused him, too. He’ll do better somewhere else, that’s pretty much a given, but people thinking he’s still a star-quality RB based on what he looked like three years ago are probably gonna be disappointed.
  20. I imagine I’ll always root for the team to do well, but I’ve become numb to the sucking. I watch the games and laugh at my favorite team. It’s not worth the time or energy to get upset about them at this stage. If I was gonna have a breaking point, I’d be there now. I don’t have any real faith in anyone associated with the team today. All I wanted this season was to see JD’s draft class do well, but they can’t even get well. I find myself watching a lot of NFL games, though, and the difference between the Jets and what seems like the rest of the league is depressingly stunning.

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