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  1. Lol, you’re all over the map. Jamal Adams is gonna be out of the league at @ 30. He knows it, you don’t. But that’s why he’s desperately trying to cash in, because this is his only chance. Also, this anus shot his way off the Jets under the guise of needing to get paid (he still hasn’t a year later) so, “as a Jet fan,” why do you feel the need to continue to defend him? No one here would mind if you tossed your Zach Thomas jersey for a Russell Wilson.
  2. Richard Sherman was a fifth round pick. This defense looks for different traits than traditional press/man CBs, and they drafted a few and want to see what they have in a foundational year. It’s the smart move in a year when you’re not expecting to contend. Develop what you have by getting them on the field, supplement next year when you have a better idea of what you have and where you’re going.
  3. Your lists bore me to tears. Your conclusion is bull****. You’re fighting to compare a former UDFA to a #6 overall pick. Go for it. Some players deserve to be drafted that high, some don’t. Taking a safety that high was pure stupidity. Getting two first rounders back for him from some other dummies? Brilliant. Adams is nothing special as an athlete. He plays the lowest valued position on defense. He’s imminently replaceable, which is why his position is valued so poorly. The world is littered with guys who are 6’, 210, and run a 4.55. What he brings is motor and intelligence, but when y
  4. The Jets are building a whole new thing. It’s not a rebuild, it’s foundational. They’re gonna get the kids on the field at CB, LB, WR and see what they have. They’re not in the rush some fans are, they’re trying to do it the right way. In this defense, that means a different breed of CB.
  5. It was Bob Jensen who introduced me to the Fab Faux on those Usenet boards back in 1998. Still one of my favorite acts, by far. The only reason I’d go to NY over the holidays would be to see them again on NYE.
  6. Green was an UDFA and had more interceptions at this stage of their careers than the #6 overall pick. Green earned his way onto the field, Adams was handed it. Pro bowls and all pros are political, and Adams singular greatest strength is as a self-promoter. It’s easy when you’re a high pick. When low valued positions are drafted high, they get an outsized amount of attention. Adams is a blowhard, and if Seattle does wind up paying him, it will just add to their regret.
  7. Training camp is opening. I don’t think we need to avoid talking about Knapp’s loss and its effect on the team. There’s no doubt he was a big part of their plans. He was the most experienced coach on the roster was was going to be a major sounding board for LaFluer. I don’t see them bringing anyone in, I think it’ll be a rally the troops/all hands on deck kinda thing. The assistants on the offensive side of the ball are all gonna have to pick it up some slack, but LaFluer’s job got a lot harder. He’ll probably lean on the WR and QB coaches a bit, but he’s the passing game specialist now.
  8. It’s a no brainer to not do it, and Joe Douglas won’t - no matter how many lists you make. The Bills added Diggs in Allen’s third year, and it was probably something of a desperation move as Allen’s passing numbers were in Darnold territory his first two seasons. If Wilson is the QB we hope he is, he’s not going to need a $25M WR. He’ll make stars out of the WRs he has. Big trades like that rarely work out, and JD is still building thru the draft. He’ll have both his firsts and seconds on hand next year.
  9. Your link is making the case to acquire Adams (or another top WR) in free agency next year, not -as you would like- trading away a first round pick (or more) for the privilege of working out a deal that pays him $25M/year. Your link makes the far better case: See what the rookie HC/OC/QB/WR all have this season, and reassess next winter.
  10. If Joe Douglas expresses any interest, it’ll be because the Bears are offering draft pick compensation along with Foles to eat his very stupid contract. Something like the Jets sending a sixth, and getting back Foles and a fourth. Foles will always have that Super Bowl, but otherwise he really hasn’t been very good. The Bears didn’t add two QBs to put ahead of him on their depth chart this offseason because they believe he’s a viable option. Also think JD would just prefer to roll with Morgan and/or White.
  11. Lol, talk about seeing ghosts! You’re obsessed with people who don’t exist.
  12. I think the true #1 WR thing is largely a myth. How many of those guys are there out there? And how many of them win Super Bowls? I’d much rather have a stable of starting caliber WRs and a QB who’s capable of spreading the ball around than one alleged #1 guy. Same reason a prefer a RB by committee to a bell cow. If the offense is gonna run thru one guy, it has to be the QB. I like the way Joe D is building this thing, and in everyone’s rookie year -a year where I really don’t expect a winning season- I’d rather see what the team has in Davis, Mims, and Moore and address the WRs again next yea
  13. You’re way more confident than you should be, and she’s clearly part of the problem.
  14. My opinion? I think JD sticking and picking Moore this year was a direct reaction to his move last year to trade down with multiple WRs on the board. I loved Mims in last year’s draft, and still think he can be a very good pro. Looking forward to seeing him in this system. But I also suspect that Mims might’ve been his consolation prize. This year, he wasn’t gonna miss on his top guy.
  15. Yeah, Mosley still has another $8M guaranteed next year. Hopefully he makes it look like he’s worth that this year.
  16. Don’t recall me ever suggesting the Jets should pay Maye. In fact, I’ve referred to the franchise tag for him to be an affordable one year overpayment. It’s also about 50% less than Adams is hoping to average per year for a safety who can actually cover.
  17. This is nonsense. Your SS is supposed to be able to cover a TE (you know, lined up on the strong side and all that), as well as be a last line of defense at the LoS. It’s not a pass rushing position unless you’re Jamal Adams and suck at the other facets of your job. Safety is lowest valued position on defense in the league, and SSs are valued less than those ball hawking FSs who actually alter games by creating turnovers. To make a glorified, undersized, wannabe Edge the highest paid player at such an undervalued position is just dumb. Plain and simple.
  18. I think he definitely values the position, but is also probably done after all that spending (and Cole, too). Davis signed for @ $12.5M/year, Adams could come close to doubling that with his next contract. That’s not a move I see JD making, and that’s if Adams would even agree to come here.
  19. It’s $15.9M this year, projected to be $19.1M next year.
  20. For a fourth round draft pick, Morgan gets a ****load of bandwidth around here. I agree with you, though, in that he’s an unknown quantity. We have no idea as fans; there was no preseason, he didn’t play in the regular season. What we do know is that JD and this staff have. JD live for the last two years, and you know these coaches have gone over all the in house tape on him. They’re not not signing a vet blindly. Between him and White, they see enough that they’ve had no urgency at all to bring a veteran QB into the room. That’s good enough for me until I see failure on the field.
  21. Following this thread like, “maybe he can survive… ?” Just so tragic.
  22. I was a huge fan of Mims in last year’s draft, and was psyched when the Jets drafted him. The injuries were really frustrating, and I was really hoping for more than the 40 yards a game he managed when he finally got in there. He flashed, but… Really hoping last year was a Gase/Darnold issue and that this year is a clean slate. It’s a little concerning that he seemed to be in the doghouse this spring. He’s just got incredible size and athletic ability. His potential is thru the roof. This is just a player I think every Jet fan should be rooting for. He really has star potential. If Zach
  23. Do people read these diatribes? I mean, he could slip in, “and slats can go **** his mother,” and I’d never know.
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