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  1. All of the Jets' hires since Parcells have been hotshots. It's been over 20 years since they hired an experienced head coach. Probably the two best in the franchise's history were retreads: Weeb and Tuna. Yeah, Nagy and McVay make the hotshot argument, but then you've got Reid making the experienced hand argument. The Jets are currently in a bad place. Nagy and McVay may be offensive geniuses, but they've each got a defensive superstar on their roster. The Jets don't have that. McCarthy isn't a perfect candidate, but he's a great candidate for the Jets. A guy who's won the Super Bowl. He'd bring legitimacy. I agree wholeheartedly, too, that it's about Darnold. McCarthy is a guy who understands that run-run-pass puts your QB in the worst situation. QBs heat up by throwing the football. Having coached improvisers, he'll let Sam improvise. The problem is that the Jets won't be getting their first choice. It's not the best opening. And McCarthy has already struggled with a weak roster and probably looks at Maccagnan's work and gags.
  2. Along with the black QB practice jerseys, there's been video of the Jets practicing in uniforms with an urban camo pattern on the numbers. I think a military theme is coming.
  3. slats

    Josh Rosen's best game

    Rosen doesn't move well, and doesn't throw well when he tries to move. It's a bad combination behind a bad OL. He and Sam have nearly identical comp/att, but Sam is throwing for more yards, more TDs, and, yes, more interceptions. More telling is the fact that the Jets are outscoring the Cards 270-178 (ouch!). Rosen's been sacked 8 more times for another 90 yards lost. They need to improve his protection and run more plays that get the ball out of his hand quickly. We have reason to complain, they probably have even more.
  4. slats

    Stop reporting posts

    Translation: you peons are lucky the Jets won today, otherwise I’d really be ranting!
  5. slats

    Stop reporting posts

    Shame, one of the joys of modding is banning people who report responses to their violations
  6. slats

    Pats lose on crazy miracle

    The fish are my least favorite team, but I loved this. F the Cheats.
  7. The remaining games will have more meaning once Darnold is back in the lineup. I want to see Darnold finish strong, finish up with more TDs than ints and have a few good games. If that means wins and a worse draft position, I'm okay with it as long as management heads still roll at the end of the season. And also, sorry to be the grammar nazi -and you're not the only culprit here- but, et cetera is abbreviated "etc.," not "ect." That one's been privately driving me nuts for some time.
  8. slats

    Trade for Bortles?

    If the Jets trade for him and keep him on the roster, he'll cost $16M against the Jets cap ($14M salary, $2M roster bonus). But only $6.5M of that is guaranteed, so that if the Jets were to do the same as the Browns and cut him before opening day, they would only be on the hook for that guaranteed $6.5M. The other $10M is the Jags problem. Any team trading for Bortles would not inherit the signing bonus cap debt.
  9. slats

    Trade for Bortles?

    This is inaccurate. The Browns had to eat the guaranteed portion of Osweiler's contract, which was $16M, that's true. But the Bortles contract only has $6.5M guaranteed left on it. I don't see them giving up any picks to clear $6.5M.
  10. slats

    Trade for Bortles?

    Yes, about $10M. So the question is, what would they give up to clear the extra $6.5M they'd be on the hook for if they just cut him? I wouldn't think much.
  11. slats

    Trade for Bortles?

    He only has $6.5M guaranteed left on his deal. Even a second-rounder alone would be a lot for that.
  12. slats

    Darnold Practiced Fully Today

    Sam Darnold working with the starters in practice Posted by Darin Gantt on December 5, 2018, 2:10 PM EST Getty Images Every indication as been that Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold would return to the lineup this week. Wednesday added another, even if there’s no official word. Via Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, Darnold was working with the first team during the portion of practice open to reporters. Jets coach Todd Bowles said Darnold was healthy enough to play last week (after missing the previous two games with a foot sprain), but worried more about rust and timing. That led to another Josh McCown start. Darnold was coming off a rough stretch of games prior to his injury, so getting him settled and getting some good work in down the stretch should help as he prepares for next season.
  13. I don't want the Jets to tank. I want them to try their hardest, put together their very best game plans, and lose anyway because they suck. Hopefully, they lose bad enough that even people with the last name Johnson can tell that the GM and head coach both need to be fired. That would be good. The high draft pick is a bonus. Cost the Jets three second rounders to move from #6 to 3, maybe this year they can move back and recoup some of those picks. A new regime will want as many picks as it can get to revamp this roster.
  14. slats

    Should they just IR Darnold?

    Thanks for the help.
  15. Tired of all these retread debates. Getting this kid back on the field is the only thing I care about until the pink slips get issued. Sam Darnold may not practice Wednesday | Why Jets can't afford for rookie QB to miss more games Updated Nov 26; Posted Nov 26 By Matt Stypulkoski NJ Advance Media for NJ.com The Jets' disastrous five-game losing streak has effectively killed all of the positivity that surrounded this team entering the season. Playoff dreams are long gone. A .500 record would require a miracle finish with five straight wins. Even the vague desire to see "progress" in year two of the rebuilding process seems like a serious stretch at this point. Really, just one purpose remains for these final five games: Watching rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. Why Jets' are sticking with Bates The New York Jets and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates lost to the New England Patriots, 27-13, in NFL Week 12 action on Sunday, November 25, 2018 (11/25/18) at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. At this point, the 21-year-old is about the only source of hope that remains in this dark season. The chance to see him develop down the stretch and start putting his rookie lessons to good use is intriguing. There's just one problem: It's still not clear when he'll return from his strained right foot. Head coach Todd Bowles said Monday that he's not sure whether Darnold will practice with the team on Wednesday. Darnold has not practiced since injuring his foot in Week 9 against the Dolphins. According to Bowles, Darnold is "getting better." But that's what Darnold spent all of last week saying, yet he still never touched the field during practice. Darnold said last week that the pain was gone and he had resumed jogging. Presumably, given Bowles' comment, Darnold has expanded on those activities a bit since then. How misguided is Jets' Jeremy Bates' approach? But apparently that still isn't enough to give the coach confidence that Darnold will be on the field when preparations begin for a Week 13 trip to visit the Titans. Frankly, that's terrible news for the Jets. No offense to Josh McCown, but it's useless for him to be under center at this point. Obviously, the Jets can't afford to rush Darnold back - there's no use turning a minor injury into a potentially bigger one. But Darnold is all that's left for the Jets this season. At this point, every game he misses is a game wasted.
  16. I certainly don't put it in the "pro" column, but I also don't think it's even a slightly big deal. See above. I just don't see the resonance here. As long as he gets back on the field this year and plays at a respectable level, this will all be a non-issue, IMHO. The "4 ints disaster" is severely overblown, especially considering that two of them were fourth down throws. I've said it before, I'd be a lot more concerned about Jamal Adams intercepting a pass downfield on fourth down than I am about Darnold throwing intereceptions in that situation.
  17. There isn't a universe where Teddy Bridgewater played the entire season for the Jets and played well enough for the team to sign him to an extension while Darnold sat for a few years. It's a completely absurd notion that, without even taking into account how healthy Teddy may've managed to be or how well he managed to play with this surrounding cast, just simply doesn't happen in today's NFL. Every rookie drafted in the first round this year has started games. I went back decades and failed to find a single QB drafted in the top three who didn't start games as a rookie (feel free to look, yourself). Bridgewater was one-and-done with the Jets as soon as Sam was selected, and that was confirmed when Sam demonstrated that he understood the offense and how to protect himself and his teammates in training camp. Your entire premise is nonsense and you should just stop.
  18. The only way the conspiracy theory works is if playing McCown wins games and potentially saves Bowles' job. That's clearly not the case. Darnold's injury may be minor -none of us really know what it is- but the Jets' season is lost, why expose him to further injury in a lost season? The headlines would be insane if the Jets played a gimpy Darnold and subjected him to more serious injury, and his value as the only asset they have would also diminish. The Packers and Titans are still mathematically in it, and I haven't heard about Rosen actually being injured. Not the same situations. The youngest rookie QB to ever start the season has publicly announced that he's ready and wants to play. I'm thinking his teammates know the deal and are unconcerned. Anyone interviewing for the head coach vacancy will be told that they were being extra cautious with their potential crown jewel, and that will probably be more than enough for them. There are much bigger concerns out there if you're thinking about taking the Jets' job. I don't believe Sam's season is over. He could easily play as soon as this week. As long as he gets back out there and plays at a reasonable level, this period of time where he sat will be an afterthought.
  19. I think as an organization, they're being overly careful with the only asset the team actually has. I don't buy into the injury-truther conspiracy at all. I don't think anyone, anywhere sees him as a malingering poof, uncoachable, or damaged goods, outside of the most emotional and/or drunk Jet fans. IMHO, he has something going on that can either be aggravated, or it could hinder him to the point where it affects his performance or he gets hurt in another way. I really hope he plays this week, but I also don't have an issue with them bubble-wrapping him until he's close to 100%.
  20. Thanks, man. From the outside looking in, Maccagnan looks like he's as bad or worse at his job as Bowles is at his. Based on that, I'd be looking to clean house and start over again. I'd be looking to attract a guy like Jim Harbaugh and let him hire personnel people to work under him. He's a volatile guy who probably doesn't work well with veterans, but this is a very young team and I think his particular shtick would work well for the Jets for the near term, at least. Barring that, I'd try to find some other "name guy" to lend some credence to this sorry franchise, and be the head of football operations and make his own hires with him atop a typical hierarchy with the head coach reporting to his GM. Like a Bill Cowher. I think a Bill Parcells-type reboot is where the franchise is at right now, with the Rex/Idzik/Bowles era being akin to Coslett/Carroll/Kotite in ineptitude. From the inside, though, who knows? If Chris is privy to Mac banging for Watson while Bowles demanded a pair of safeties, for instance. If Bowles was behind the Trumaine Johnson signing. Stuff like that. If he has insight into Maccagnan having the right idea in real time only to be overruled by or succumb to Bowles, then maybe you give him another chance... ? If you do that, though, you have to be right, and Maccagnan has to be able to sell the situation to potential head coaches. Personally, I think that's the hard way. Problem here is that both Mac and Bowles have two more guaranteed years on their deals, and they appear ready to eat Bowles'. That'll probably lead them to not eat Mac's contract, too. Which is a dumb, cheap, and short-sighted way to do business and typical of the Jets.
  21. Bell is flirting with the Colts and has already said there's not enough money to get him to sign with the Jets. We saw this last year when the Jets offered the most money and players passed it up for what they perceived to be better situations. There aren't going to be "a few" #1 WRs in the free agent market. There will probably be closer to zero. Jets have to tender Robby and resign Enunwa and hope for the best from there. There will be edge rushers with question marks that the Jets will be tempted to drop 20% of their $100M in cap room on, though. Problem is, the Jets have all that cap room because they have so few players under contract. That money isn't going as far as some fans seem to believe it will.
  22. It's true, this man would be an upgrade over Jeremy Bates. Yeah, weird article. Potential coaching candidates will basically be balancing how much they love Darnold vs. what little regard they have for Maccagnan. This article is saying that Mac should pick the next head coach, but questions whether that head coach should report to him. What? Maccagnan is the biggest obstacle to the Jets attracting the best candidates, by far.
  23. No one's trading a first round pick for Leo for the right to pay him his next contract. Especially this year, with such a defense-heavy draft. It's not like the guy has been a world-beater in the pros. Teams will find their own rookie DLs and pay them rookie contracts. I think it's fair to question Robby's actual abilities and worth, but I agree with you that the entire offense, especially the coaching, is largely to blame for his off year. His injuries have been another problem, and another fair complaint about such a skinny dude. Slapping a tender on him is the right way to go unless, as @Sperm Edwards suggested, they manage to sign him below market because he's publicly asking for a long-term deal coming off a poor year.
  24. Robby should consider having a really strong finish, then see what happens.

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