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  1. Uh, nope. You haven't noticed a rather feverish anti-Gase group here, folks -outside of yourself- who have become particularly vocal since Maccagnan has been fired? If yes, do you think those folks are feeling, I don't know, positive?
  2. Man has a wingspan. Gotta be at least 2-4" longer than his height.
  3. Yeah, it's tough to find those never-Gase folks here. It's almost like they're wearing camouflage. Practically no one has complained about him being named interim GM.
  4. Yeah, That's JN in a nutshell. Might as well throw that up on the banner.
  5. Lol, oh, you mean that time you were telling me what my opinion was about Peyton Manning?
  6. The bold, that was a provocative Mehta article, almost certainly sourced by Maccagnan. On it's surface, it's Gase being something between passive-aggressive and a spoiled brat. Not a good look, but I definitely take that single report with quite a few grains of salt. Part of the reason he's out in Miami is because it was his intention to continue to try to win there while the owner has an interest in tanking for Tua. There were clashes between the two men, no doubt, but if the fish were in position to acquire Josh Rosen days after the season, they might've wanted to keep Gase around to coach him. Ross thought that Gase was the head coach he was looking for, the man who was single-handedly changing the culture of mediocrity in Miami not long before they decided to part ways. I'm aware of the Gase's red flags, but he's the Jets head coach now. I want him to be the guy who's purging the losing out of One Jets Drive. I want the team to go all in with him, get him the perfect GM fit, and give him everything he says he needs to succeed. No more half-assed, bet-hedging shotgun weddings. Give him everything and watch him either take off or fail spectacularly and start again. I'm just sick of the dysfunction by design here.
  7. One of my favorite things about Gase is that he has NFL head coaching experience. Since Parcells stepped down, the Jets have had a series of head coaches without that that experience. Mostly the "hot coordinator," and in the cases of Edwards and Groh, not even coordinator experience. Mangini had one year with a defensive coordinator title under Belichick, so how much did he really coordinate? All these coaches over these last 20 years stepped into the head coach office and had to learn on the job. It didn't work. Gase hits the ground running here. He's stated that he doesn't want the GM responsibilities, and I believe him. He will need a GM he knows and trusts who is also on the same page as him, that's for sure, but not a yes man. I think Gase, with the benefit of hindsight, knows he made mistakes in the GM chair and will welcome a qualified man to bounce ideas off. These moves he's made so far in the interim role have all been minor. Basically business as usual in May, nothing to see here stuff. I agree with you, I think he wants to streamline his responsibilities in comparison to what he was doing in Miami. He wants a GM to run personnel and a DC to run the defense and he'll assert his influence as he sees fit - but his focus is Darnold and the offense.
  8. Revisionist history. Many fans here, myself included, were adamantly against signing Cousins in real time. Recognizing that while he puts up nice looking numbers, he's simply not a winner. He takes too many sacks and fumbles a lot. He's not the QB that's gonna get you over the hump and Minnesota is learning that the hard way. Somewhere in his head, Cousins probably realizes this, too, taking less money from the Vikings with idea of winning games with a good roster and cashing in again three years later. Something he knew he couldn't accomplish with the Jets. The idea of giving him $90M guaranteed was a very bad one, and Maccagnan's ass horseshoe served him well there. I don't know if Darnold is the answer yet, but I like the idea of finding out while he's signed for four years for about the same amount the Jets were willing to give Cousins for one.
  9. slats

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Yes, all we Jet fans hold Bowles player evaluations in high regard.
  10. slats


    Mehta got completely pwned by the Mac firing and has been flailing ever since. I enjoyed his draft room article, but took it with a grain of salt because his obvious source was Maccagnan, himself. Looks like Gase is giving him zero access.
  11. slats

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    "Adopted in 2003, the Rooney Rule is an NFL policy requiring every team with a head coaching vacancy to interview at least one or more diverse candidates. In 2009, the Rooney Rule was expanded to include general manager jobs and equivalent front office positions. The Rooney Rule is named after the late former Pittsburgh Steelers owner and chairman of the league's diversity committee, Dan Rooney." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000999110/article/nfl-expands-rooney-rule-requirements-to-strengthen-diversity
  12. slats

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Have you warmed up since you've learned that he's not a British Theater Director? Or does it not matter because you're really a jint fan here just to stir the pot?
  13. slats

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Could be. It's all speculation. Could also be that they thought convincing JD to leave the Eagles might be an uphill battle, and they didn't want to lose out on their second choice while other teams were looking to fill their GM vacancies. The "bad timing" of the Jets opening gives them the luxury of taking their sweet ass time.
  14. slats

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    They agreed to sign Anthony Barr and it blew up in their faces. I have no idea where the Jets might be in negotiations with Douglas, or even if they're in negotiations at all, but it seems wise to keep a lid on it until pen meets paper if they are.
  15. slats

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Similar to how the Cardinals described Josh Rosen's status before the draft.
  16. slats

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Just came into the thread to say the same thing. What's funny is that even the Eagles wikipedia page links their Joe Douglas to that dude.
  17. slats

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    This is pretty much it in a nutshell. Gase definitely has a couple of his own red flags, but he's the Jets head coach and I'd like to see the Jets' head coach succeed. Best (maybe the only) way that happens is if he's teamed up with someone he knows and trusts. Douglas comes with a pedigree. He'd be a good hire with or without Gase. Texans tried to interview him in January, but the Eagles blocked the move - which they could do as long as they were in the playoffs. Texans moved on rather than lose their next best guy waiting. It's possible that they've already quietly had this interview.
  18. Don't know if you guys heard, but Maccagnan was fired. I mean, the timing wasn't the best, but he's gone.
  19. slats

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Grooved brain, presumably.
  20. slats

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    The only way the Jets can hire Douglas is if they contractually give him control over the 53 man roster. You're making this assumption that Gase needs to be the Supreme Leader of the New York Jets. There's been no word that the power Structure at One Jets Drive is changing. Gase isn't in a position to hire someone under him or over him, they'll be separate equals each reporting to the owner. Gase and Mac clashed, largely -if reports are to be believed- because Mac froze the coaching staff away from the scouting department and didn't accept much input from him. On top of that were the indecisiveness issues. If Gase wants Douglas, maybe it's because he knows him, shares team building philosophies, and works well with him. Maybe he doesn't have to be in charge of him because he trusts him. If Gase is gonna have any chance of success here, he's going to need a GM who's on the same page as him, but not necessarily subservient.
  21. slats

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    You'll have to ask @Warfish. He's the expert at reading outside the lines.

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