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  1. Russell Wilson is under contract for two more years with a significant amount of dead money involved if they decide to trade him. He may want out, but it’s no guarantee. Far from it.
  2. I completely understand, but still disagree. Zach should be getting more first and second down throws. That’s how a QB gets into a rhythm, connecting on those low pressure passes. Too many times they ran on first and second down putting the continue the drive or punt pressure squarely on Zach with his first throw of any given drive. There are going to be mistakes, but they need to help get him more comfortable and confident. That’s the only way you’re gonna be able to properly develop and evaluate him, not by keeping him in bubble wrap.
  3. They’re a safe distance from being a finished product, but you can see improvement. Getting all these kids all this experience this year will pay dividends going forward.
  4. I get that this is the big new joke now, but also the play calling was more conservative with Zach in the lineup once again. I’m sure there’s more than one factor, such as the running game actually being effective, but it does seem like he’s not trusting Wilson as much as the other QBs. And that’s also understandable, but I think he’s doing the rookie a disservice. Rather than trying to protect him with the running game, he should try to get him into a more comfortable rhythm throwing the ball. It’s the only way he’s gonna learn.
  5. Waaaaaaay too early for any judgement on defense. First year converting from a 3-4 to a 4-3, primarily man coverage to zone, starting not just rookies, but late rounders and UDFAs, and getting some good play out of them! This is the installation and evaluation year. If nothing else, they’ve established some depth on the DL and at CB. Second year in the system should be a different story. It’s already been a little different story the last couple weeks.
  6. We’ll see what they eventually do, but teams running this defense generally put a premium on size, length, and tackling ability at CB over pure coverage skills. An Aaron Glenn would be wasted in this system.
  7. This is one of the reasons why the RB position has been devalued league-wide. There’s no need for one complete back when you can rotate 2, 3, 4 guys who each bring something a little different to the table. The position suffers a high injury rate, so you need to carry four of them, anyway, why not have four guys who you want on the field? Fresher legs for the fourth quarter of the game and the season. RB also has the shortest career of any position in the game, and second contracts for RBs rarely work out. Even if you nail the pick, you’re looking at franchising the guy once or twice and then
  8. They didn’t work on the knee when he came off the field looking gimpy, they just talked to him and he went right back in the game. Like everything else with Zach, it was probably mental.
  9. You don’t spend a first round pick on a short yardage back, though. You build the line and hand it to your UDFA, 240lb FB.
  10. Ty Johnson is under contract for 2022 and an RFA after that. I'd resign Coleman and Berrios. Fant is signed thru next year, I’d extend him, too. They have some players to work with.
  11. Terrell Davis is the only guy on that list that matters, a sixth round pick turned into a superstar in the Shanahan offense. A thing that happens in this offense with regularity. And these guys understand that.
  12. Yes, we’re going to have to agree to disagree because I’m all about the RB by committee. I would never use a premium pick on a RB when 5’10”-210lb dudes who run a 4.5 40 are endlessly available. The offense the Jets are running regularly makes stars out of late picks and UDFAs, like that Walter guy this week.
  13. Taking premium positions with premium picks is not bull****. It’s a necessity. You just don’t take RBs or Safeties or Guards that high. I’d consider a TE, but only if that TE appears to be a true #1 WR type like Pitts. The reason you don’t take those other positions is because they’re easily replaceable. Up that high, it’s QB, Edge, LT, WR, and maybe a man CB or beast M/SLB. This draft should give them that Edge. LB and WR would be the other premium needs, but this draft doesn’t look like it’s going to have those positions in the top ten.
  14. Yeah, like I said, I haven’t looked at next year’s draft yet. I think what you’re describing is what might lead JD to try to trade the lower first back for a package that includes a 2023 first.
  15. The Church of the Holy Offensive Line is, as always, piously devout on this site, but I suspect the only way they draft one in the first round for the third year in a row is if they’ve decided that Becton isn’t going to cut it. The basic philosophy of this defense is pressure first with the secondary cleaning up. They’re highly unlikely to draft CB or S in the first two rounds. Joe Douglas gets the premium positions with premium picks concept. Edge is a need. Edge looks to be well represented in this draft. He’s almost certain to take one with his first pick. After the Edg
  16. This year he drafted Michael Carter, Michael Carter, and Brandon Echols in those rounds.
  17. In JD’s first draft, he slid back in the second round with a number of WRs available and Mims was the only one left when it was finally his turn to pick. I loved it at the time, but it obviously hasn’t worked out so far. So JD follows up the next year by trading up in the first and sticking & picking with his next two picks (I was borderline shocked when he didn’t trade down in the second to recoup one of the thirds he lost in the trade up). Just given that brief history -it looks like he nailed those two picks- my guess is that he sticks & picks once again unless he’s just completely
  18. Coming back from that Achilles, Lawson’s no lock to be 100% next season. The Jets absolutely need to make Edge a priority in the offseason. If they can draft a stud, all the better. It was nice to see JFM wake up this week, too.
  19. I’d enjoy this a lot more if I thought for a second that Jamal’s enormous ego would allow him to understand that he sucks. But no chance. Best in the nation!
  20. This reply reminds me of the guy who pulled Zach’s helmet off yesterday and then raised his hands to the ref as if to say, “wasn’t me!”
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