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  1. I’m more ****ed up than that right now and I still have the wherewithal to lock this thread. Not interested in blaming the victim here. Whatever the circumstance, it was a tragedy.
  2. Crusher was the laziest mod right up until Max came up with these incentives. Now he’s top dog.
  3. If you guys can’t keep the hot talking points out of this thread, the lock will come quickly.
  4. Unrelated, but we’ve got @T0mShane interviewing Mekhi Becton on the next JetNation pod. Be sure to tune in.
  5. What’s the word for sexually attracted to people on the spectrum? Because I think that’s a little closer to the truth.
  6. It must be compelling if he can spin a voluntary practice in May to mean that the team won’t be physically able to compete in September. I guess that’s what you have to do to get people to listen to your NFL pod this time of year.
  7. This particular narrative, based solely on a collection of tweeters tweeting a lot about the same few plays - not anything anyone here actually saw, has really run its course.
  8. If you look at the game logs down the stretch, he never had a full compliment of skill guys. Tevin Coleman was his leading RB and Berrios his best receiver for much of that time. And they had no TEs at all.
  9. I love that @T0mShane upvoted this post when he cuddles up to the faux tough talkers more than anyone else here. I wonder how Westoff might’ve faired as a head coach, though. Without the cancer, he might’ve gotten a shot. If not on the Jets, somewhere.
  10. In a game where he didn’t have Elijah Moore and his running game did absolutely nothing (66 yards in 25 attempts). People are free to tear him down or prop up Noodle Arm II, it doesn’t matter. It’s up to Zach to show out. It looks like Douglas has surrounded him with quality depth at all the skill positions this year, hopefully removing the entirely valid excuse that he had nothing to throw to at the end of last year.
  11. This is an American disease. In Europe, paid paternity leave is the norm. I got none from my company, and was forced to use my vacation time, instead. It was not enough. As for making money, though, these are voluntary practices. He gets paid weekly during the season. He stayed home -working with a trainer- while his wife was in the late stages of pregnancy and now with a newborn. And people want to make that a bad thing? Talk to me when he misses a mandatory practice.
  12. What level of proof do you feel the league should need to punish Watson? Criminal level proof in these types of cases is extremely difficult to put together without DNA evidence. If a civil jury finds him guilty, you don’t think the league should get involved? I would have to strongly disagree there. The nature of the offenses, the number of the accusers, and the female problems the league has recently had to endure all would point to a rather significant suspension, IMHO. A slap on the wrist would be a bad look, even though it won’t effect Watson monetarily one little bit. What’s half a million when you have 230 of them fully guaranteed?
  13. Almost as if the league went out of their way to do the Browns a solid on their way to pretending that they’re going to issue some sort of appropriate sentence. Then, of course, his base salary this year is $1M (as to opposed the $46M it is the next four years) so the suspension won’t hurt him in the pocketbook, either. The whole thing is a little gross.
  14. I doubt the Pats’ offense changes at all this year. Rumor is that Belichick might be his own offensive coordinator, and probably his own QB coach, too. They didn’t do much to improve on offense, though. It’s the fish who have a new head coach and will be installing a new offense that’s getting absolutely no attention that I’ve seen. The Jets actually have the most continuity in the division right now, which is extremely odd. It’ll be a disappointment if they finish last again. No, not a disappointment; demoralizing. There’s some ripeness there ready for slaughtering.
  15. Ooh, if Conn0r said it! Wouldn’t this be the stupidest time to push these guys and wind up getting someone hurt? Looks like they’re doing more installation stuff, getting a look at where everyone is at. Take your playbooks home, work and study hard, and we’ll see you at the mandatory camp. I mean, what is the actual complaint?
  16. Towards the end, that shot where MC1 is standing there, uninvolved, and someone throws a football his way out of the frame and he just sticks one hand up and grabs it? That was damn cool.
  17. And just like that, all the wind is out of my sails…
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