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  1. It’s slow in the lounge all the time, this forum needs some love, too.
  2. We have a forum where posts like this aren’t OT. Here it goes…
  3. Agreed with the whole post right up until here. I don’t think history says he has a good chance. As far as this team is concerned, though, he’s got the best chance of any rookie QB the Jets have brought in since Pennington. I like the fact that they kept the coaches and QB room exactly the same. No new offense, no new position coach telling him something different. Just continue working on the same things he’s been working on since he was first drafted. Consistency has been lacking with this franchise for a long time. I wanted that veteran presence in the WR room, but there’s no denying that the only big change around Zach has been an influx of talent. The TE overhaul, itself, could be huge. The Jets are giving him every opportunity, and that’s all I can really ask for.
  4. Ugh, it’s comments like this that will make me listen to the stupid thing. No one twists a narrative to fit their worldview quite the way you do. Braxton Berrios was his #1 receiver that day with 8 catches, 65 yards, and a TD. #2? Ty Johnson with 3 catches, and then Yeboah, Cole, and Brown all tied with 2. Dan Feeney was the starting center and Jeff Smith was on the field for 97% of the offensive snaps and managed to catch a pass. Give it a little context, and he did a pretty good job that week.
  5. That’s an interesting idea. Would Darnold move ahead of Brissett? Darnold on the Browns vs. Wilson in week two?
  6. Mayfield seems to be in that gray zone where any upside of his talent isn’t right now worth more than the difficulty of his personality. That $18M price tag doesn’t help. Browns should’ve done him a solid already and let him go.
  7. Lol, my high school basement band was playing that song over and over (because it was easy and hilarious) until my friend’s mom came down the stairs waving her arms going, “Enough, enough! What if I ran around singing, ‘I’ve got big tits!?!’” Suffice to say, literally, very close to wetting myself there.
  8. Meet the new Covid thread, same as the old Covid thread. Get well soon, @Warfish
  9. I like Wilson. I would’ve liked Williams, too, but I like the fact that they wanted to bring in a WR who was ready to work right now as opposed to waiting out his recovery. Still, outside of maybe a couple of inches, I think Moore is still the better prospect. Jets could have something special if Zach can get them the ball this year.
  10. I have no idea how many times I saw The Ramones, could be 20, 50, I don’t know. They first “hit” when I was about 13. Living on Long Island, and them being based in Queens, they’d come out and play the roller rink in the town next door. They played the colleges all the time. I wish I had the opportunity to go to CBGB’s back in that crazy heyday, but, unfortunately, I’m a bit too young. I still put on Rocket to Russia or Road to Ruin every now and again. Just fun music. Perfect antidote to the disco, art rock, and adult contemporary dominating radio at that time.
  11. I’m really sorry you’re going thru this. I went thru a very bitter divorce that lasted way too long. My agreement was to sell the house in three years and it wound up taking over six, and she got credit for paying the mortgage with my spousal and child support, lol. The best advice you’re getting here is to distance yourself and your emotions as far away from the situation as possible. I know, I did the opposite. Cost me money, pain, and heartache, and none of it was remotely worth it. If she’s completely unreasonable, you should have your lawyers working towards a trial. With your kids grown, and her having her own money, the court shouldn’t be as tilted towards the woman as they generally are. Take care of yourself, that’s the important thing. Good luck, you’ll need it. I know how hard it is, I really do, but do everything you can to keep the emotions in check. They’ll **** you up.
  12. Yeah, people seem to forget that they lost Crowder and Cole, and then only added Wilson. Jets will carry a minimum of five WRs, and Mims’ only possible competition for that fifth spot is probably Jeff Smith or maybe Tarik Black, unless one of these kids has an amazing camp. Not exactly an uphill battle. If he can play to some sort of showcasing level this summer, he’s not going anywhere. If there’s a team in the NFL that needs depth everywhere, it’s the Jets.
  13. She has a look on her face that suggests one should always choose their words very carefully when addressing her, pregnant or not.
  14. He was absolutely horrible to start the season and, even though he got better, he still wasn’t good. He needs to take a major step forward. I feel that he’s got natural ability, brains, and a solid work ethic, so that’s a decent start. I’m very happy that we have a regime in place that understands the value and importance of offensive weapons, and have surrounded him as best as they could. It’s obvious that he’s put some time in at the gym, and we know he trained with Beck and his teammates over the offseason. It’s up to him now. I believe he’s been put in a position to succeed.
  15. This is a rather sizable couple putting this baby together. It might take a month just for her to dilate to the necessary circumference.
  16. Really? Cool. Did not know that. I think the pressure is on the coaching staff. JD did his job bringing in talent, now they have to incorporate 12+ new starters/major contributors. And they have Zach on their hands, too. Big job to get this very young team together in a hurry. This is why I’m glad we go a month without a divisional game.
  17. I suspect that the hints are right there that the clean up crew did its job.
  18. I got the J&J shot in ‘20. Got what I assume was the Delta variety earlier this year. I got off pretty easy, basically a week long cold with some bad headaches. Nothing lingering, though. Like @TheNuuFaaolaExperience, I consider that to be my booster, too. Coming up to NY next month, I’m hoping that booster works. Hearing about friends and acquaintances getting it there recently.
  19. Take care of yourself. Looking forward to hearing about your full recovery.
  20. I think this might be the team’s most consequential draft pick. They tried very hard to find a star caliber vet at WR, and were willing to pay thru the nose to get it done. GW is something of a consolation prize in that regard. They wanted an immediate, sure-fire #1, and for good reason - Zach needed help. Instead, they have a highly regarded rookie. A lot riding on how fast he develops and how good he can be.
  21. Just stop it. They drafted the guy to replace Corey Davis over the course of the year and to upgrade the entire position. Garrett Wilson moves Berrios from the #3 to #4 WR, that’s all I was saying. Any one of the top three guys can play in the slot.
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