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  1. Machete. See it. Thank me later.

    1. Mandarinia


      Seeing it tomorrow morning!

    2. Greenranger


      That was one of the single worst movies I have ever seen

  2. Running IE7 on the at work computer. What a disaster!

    1. #27TheDominator


      You aren't kidding. I may have to start calling in sick when I want to post.

    2. rillo
  3. I'm recommending Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Funny comic book/video game fantasy flick with characters you can care about. Liked it much more than I expected.

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    2. Jbro22


      Wow, I didn't add those $$'s - I would never do something that gay...

    3. slats


      Kick a$$ was a funny action movie, Scott Pilgrim's a comedy with some action. Liked 'em both, like this better.

    4. slats


      And yeah, the $$ seems to be part of Max's new ghey filter. Puts an asterisk in sh*t too.

  4. Baseball sucks and really shouldn't be mentioned in this space.

    1. faba


      That is the reality of being a Mets fan

  5. Jet fans are much bigger whiners than the Jets' best CB.

  6. You should feel welcome here. Try not to let the emo footballers out-estrogen you! I won't be easy.

  7. Haha! I laughed. Beat being a retarded reindeer.

  8. slats

    Have you always lived in Phoenix? Or did you move there to help with the asthma? Hate to hear that you're still sick, but glad to hear you're coping. That's rough. It's gotta be really hard singing thru that. Funny that you mention the Beatles as the one group you don't like from the 60's. My avatar is John Lennon. Despite playing a lot of newer alternative stuff now, I'm a complete and total Beatle-head. My first album was a Beatle album (the Early Beatles, I was about 6 years old), and I had almost all of them before I ever really listened to the radio. But I definitely drifted towards punk as I got older. My ring-tone today is the Dead Kennedys' Halloween. I love Hendrix, and The Doors, and a lot of older stuff, but I try not to get to nostalgic with music. My 15 year old son is probably into more classic rock than I am. I like anything new and interesting.

  9. slats

    I'm picking music back up after years of marriage. Lol! Sounds like you're over your illness, and that's good to hear. Yeah, we're a little far apart on the musical tastes. I dated quite a few Pat Benatar fans in my day, though! She's from Long Island and was all the rage when I was a kid. I had a band back then with a girl singer doing her, Joan Jett, etc. I do like some alt country nowadays. Listen to the local public music station a lot, they play a weird mix of that, rhythm & blues, and soft(er) rock.

  10. slats

    I'm gonna drive. I've never been to Citi Field, but I do not hear good things about the parking situation. I'll pay to park, and suffer the consequences of trying to leave - I think. Depending on how I'm feeling, I might duck on the last encore and try to escape traffic.

  11. slats

    I'm out on the Island. I'm planning on leaving here around 2PM, hoping to be there by 3 or so. With the rain, I might head out a little later. Gotta finalize the plans with my brother.

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