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  1. 10 hours ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    Offensive line, receivers, tight ends, and edge rushers. 

    The blueprint is clear. 

    Flip Edge and OL. The OL isn’t the problem anymore. Resign Moses, either resign LDT or sign a better replacement (James Daniels would be nice), and you’re basically done there. Draft a guy or two from the fourth round down to put into development. 
    The team needs a new #1 WR in free agency, and then they need to draft a guy with more upside than that before they’re done in the second round (and I’d love it if they took one in the first). Repeat at TE: sign your starter in free agency, then draft a guy with a higher ceiling. The Jets have nothing like the receivers and TEs we’ve been watching in the playoffs. This is how you develop a QB, you give him the tools to work with. 
    And then take the best Edge at #4. Scout the **** out of them and find the gem who’s gonna be a better pro than Thibs or Hutch. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

    And just so ya know Mike White is not a weak armed QB where did you get that from ? He has a good arm, it's not elite but he certainly can make every throw.  

    Every throw within 15 yards of where he’s standing, provided it doesn’t need too much zip on it, sure. Otherwise, no. It’s not an NFL caliber arm. 

    8 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

    If the Jets are smart they let White and Zach compete for the starting Job not just to prove White can do it but to light a fire under Zach's ass where Zach has proven to rise up in the past when under pressure for his job a job he almost lost in college.

    No team in the league is “smart” enough to have Mike White compete for their starting job, and Zach Wilson will not be in a competition for the starting job with anyone. I’d like to see them bring in better backups than White and Flacco, though, in an effort to light that fire you’re talking about. A competition with White would barely light the pilot. Mariota, Winston, Trubisky, someone like that. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Shelbyblue said:

    1. Best available pass rusher

    2.Treylon burka WR ( he’s Deebo like)

    3. Best TE available

    If the Jets are building this team in the image of SF these 3 are first priority.

    Jets really need to scout the **** out of these Edge rushers and, should they love one who’s there at #4, they need to pull the trigger. Edge is where value meets need in this draft. The only other option up high is OL, but they don’t need a third first round OL in a row. 
    Love Deebo, but I wouldn’t be looking for the next one. Just the best WR. 
    Pass rush and pass receivers. That should be the team’s priority this offseason. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Greatly enjoying reading these retroactive (if entirely hypocritical and embarrassing) apologies to Eric Mangini and Adam Gase, both of whom showed infinitely more promise in their first years as HC of the NYJ than Bob Saleh did.

    Both of whom dream about having Rex Ryan’s success. But they can only dream, because neither man will ever be a head coach in the NFL ever again. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Big_Slick said:

    Great - a simple difference of opinion.

    I think Becton was a huge gamble for JD to take with highly valuable draft capitol and it looks like he's going to be a bust. He *can* turn it around and be an All-Pro but I don't see it happening.

    If you can't recall reading about Becton's pre-draft issues (red flags) then that's your problem.

    Do you still think Becton is/was the right pick?

    I’d’ve taken Wirfs, and said so at the time. But I can’t fault JD for swinging for Becton’s HoF type ceiling. The good news is that he seems to’ve figured that out, too, being that he followed that up in his second draft by trading up for maybe the safest OL prospect in the whole process. 
    I’m still really hoping he gets on track between now and next September, but right this second it doesn’t look so great. 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    QB's a Fan Likes:  3 years minimum to evaluate them, how can we possibly know before that!

    QB's a Fan Doesn't Like:  1 Game, Seen Enough, Cut Him Now!

    If only we'd taken that second tack with Darnold, Geno, Hackenberg, etc. too.

    Mike White was drafted in the fifth round of the 2018 draft. He’s had plenty of time to prove himself. 

  7. 3 hours ago, varjet said:

    but the key to the article is “hired as a team.”    The best way for the Jets to approach their organization is to view JD and Saleh hired as a team in 2021.   They obviously draft together.  If they do a bad job this off season and next season they could be fired in January 2023.  It would be aggressive but it is possible.  But I think the 2023 season is the telling one.  

    People don’t want to hear it, but that’s probably how it’s being seen internally. Joe Douglas sold them on the long view, and now his hand picked head coach is only one year in. Barring a mutiny in another lost season, they will almost certainly get 2023, too. I do expect some more urgency this offseason than we saw last year, but…

    1 hour ago, Matt39 said:

    Saleh not sure. But if the Jets arent in the playoff hunt in December Douglas will be fired.

    I don’t expect any playoff mandates. I think the bare minimum will be avoiding double digit losses. That 7-9-1 will drag them across the finish line, but 6-11 will either get them both fired, or put them both on a very hot seat in 2023. 
    Jets have enough money and draft capital to significantly improve the roster this year. They won’t be rookie coaches anymore, and the systems will be in place. They will still likely be one of, if not the, youngest teams in the league again next season. Last year their first four picks over four rounds all wound up being starters. This year there will be seven players taken in the first four rounds. A Parcells-ism is that you can figure on one loss for every rookie starter you have on your team. It probably means another slower start, unfortunately. If Wilson plays at the level he finished last year, they should be able to parlay that into an 8 or so win season, anyway. What they need is for Wilson to take a bigger step. He managed some games down the stretch, but you don’t draft a QB at #2 to manage some games: you draft him to make big plays in big spots. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, OtherwiseHappyinLife said:

    Hmmm, curious to understand more of your rationale here.  I thought outside of his durability and the politics playing first round pick Wilson, White showed really well against the Bengals and first couple drives against the Colts before his 4 interception game soured views on him.  Maybe the answer is somewhere in between.

    Lots of QB needy teams at least looking for a shot in the dark in the middle rounds of the draft for a quality backup or someone who could develop further.  White has flashes of quality film against real NFL competition.

    My feeling is that Joe D sees an asset who likely won’t re-up with the Jets next offseason due to his high self confidence and their investment in Wilson.  He’ll signal the Jets want something in return via a 2nd or third round tender — a couple million investment the Jets can afford and leverage.

    If teams don’t bite before the draft, he’ll make a bet that White shows well in preseason at which point he’ll look to get a  maximum return likely in the 3rd round.


    That four interception game displayed the weaknesses of the weak armed QB. His absolute ceiling is game managing backup. Having been knocked out of two of the three games he started last year is also problematic. 
    There is no third round tender. The second round tender will be close to $4M this year, while the right of first refusal will be around $2.5M. The Jets aren’t going to offer even the bottom tender, largely because no one around the league has any plans of paying Mike White close to $2.5M next year. If he and the Jets decide he’s a good fit here, he’ll sign for something close to the league minimum. If not, he’ll sign for something close to the league minimum somewhere else. 
    No one’s trading a third round pick for him, either, unless @T0mShane or @Smashmouth become GMs in the next couple of days. 

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  9. 4 hours ago, Dunnie said:

    Im not saying as a replacement for Wilson ... im sayin as insurance and capital. Be a good backup ... and also could be developed for trade or to take over if Wilson flames out after 3 years.

    .... Richard Todd, Ken OBrien, Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, Genope, Sam Darnold ...


    Joe Douglas isn’t going to spend a second round pick on a QB this year, he’s going to draft players who he’ll expect to contribute immediately. 

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  10. 7 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    The jets should absolutely hang onto mike white and he earned the right to the backup here and should have never been playing behind Flacco. 

    on the other hand, it’s not like any of the QBs we get rid of ever go onto to do anything 

    The Jets need a better solution at backup QB this year than either White or Flacco. Whether it’s a Mariota, Trubisky, or whoever; but they need a backup who can come in and win games if they need him to. The honeymoon is pretty much over for these guys. They need a minimum of 8 wins to keep the angry masses at bay. They can’t trust that to Mike White. They learned that last year. 

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  11. 17 hours ago, Saul Goodman said:

    A cornerback is definitely in play with one of our first two picks.

    Douglas hasn’t had enough drafts to identify tendencies so I don't think we can say that he absolutely doesn’t draft corners high. And Saleh had Richard Sherman in SF so I don’t agree that good corners aren’t necessary for his system. 

    Last, our cornerbacks outside of Hall sucked last year. They were not even close to adequate. 

    I’ll believe it when I see it but, for now, I don’t. Sherman, himself, was a fifth round pick. This system relies heavily on getting a pass rush from the front four. A CB disrupts one WR while a quality Edge disrupts the QB (read: the entire play). The Jets didn’t have that pass rush last year. Once they do, the CBs will look a lot better when the QB no longer has all day to throw. The plan last year was to give those kids real experience and a baptism by fire -and there definitely was some burning going on- and next year they come back seasoned and knowing what to expect. Hall, MC2, and Echols isn’t a terrible group. I could maybe see them taking Hamilton as a BAP type pick at #10, maybe, just because he is an unusual talent at the position, but not a CB. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

    Not sure why we would take an offensive lineman when we only need a RG and we should grab one in free agency. What we do need are defensive playmakers. Stingley is definitely one. Drafting another OL with pick 4 is a terrible waste of resources

    Agree wholeheartedly that taking another OL in the first round is a bad idea. Disagree just as adamantly that Stingley should be an option. 

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