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  1. I'm not that impressed with Cowher. The fact that Pittsburgh seems to be doing better without him this year isn't adding to his legacy, either. The rumor last year was Cowher to the Redskins, and I could still see that ond coming down the pike. Didn't his wife buy a house in the Virginia suburbs?
  2. It's still stupid to draft a kicker in the second round. That hasn't changed.
  3. Jones is looking stronger every week. I think we're just starting to see the real player now. The team definitely needs a 200 yard rushing day, they need to do everything they can to keep the defense off the field.
  4. Frankly he sucks as a CB, and Westoff can get close to 30 yards a return out of whoever they put back there. I like Justin as a return man, but this isn't a devasting blow. I was hoping it was Justin McCareins out for the year, that would've been addition by subtraction.
  5. Being offered -and refusing- a job is a little different than proving yourself in a position. Turning down opportunities does not make a man more qualified.
  6. In their defense, Jet fans caught onto Rich Kotite a lot quicker than Philly fans did. KC fans have the benefit of seeing Herm's work here, and seeing all his shortcomings continue. The man coaches out of fear. He doesn't coach to win the game, he coaches not to lose. That, and he's looked like an absolute fool on Hard Knocks. I'm sure he expected that show to make him a bigger star, but it may in fact wind up shortening his coaching career. What GM could hire him after that?
  7. I'm no Prisco fan, but middle of the pack seems like a fair ranking to me. That's only five spots out of the playoffs, and just out of the playoffs seems like a reasonable guess. Either that, or Mangini did an outstanding job of hiding the team's strengths this preseason.
  8. ecurb should make good, but that won't make you seem like any less of a vagina.
  9. He obviously failed to show enough in practice to get those reps. Marvin's a little short on LB's and he's taking a flier on a former thrid round pick. Can't blame him there. I can see you're a Boar Hunter fanboy, and that you're feeling a little defensive, but maybe we should wait & see if Schlegel ever sees the field in Cincinnati before getting too excited. And, yeah, I definitely think he's too slow to play MLB in the 4-3.
  10. Absolutely. If anything, the staff gave him more opportunities -not less- in an effort to justify something that looked like a bad pick the moment it was announced. I'm glad the Jets cut bait. Bradwards would've kept him around another couple years, easy, just to keep from looking bad. And if Schlegel can't play the 3-4, I don't know where he fits in the NFL. He's simply not quick enough to be a sideline-to-sideline type MLB. The 3-4 was his best hope.
  11. I'm surprised they kept Tui. I guess having Tutt double as backup FB/3rd RB makes up for that spot? Brad Smith also plays some tailback for them in his infinite "Slash" role. I agree that Ware's invited to the practice squad. I like him. I hope they find a spot for him. I'm sure the cuts aren't entirely done, either, as the Jets check out cuts from around the league.
  12. I agree 100%. One of the problems with the prevous regime -and, honestly, many NFL teams- was an unwillingness to admit they screwed up a pick. It happens. Cutting Schlegel is s strong indication that these guys are committed to getting the best players on the field. Kassel's no all-pro, but he's a vet who contributes on specials. He's probably faster than the boar hunter, too. It'll be interesting to see if Schlegel winds up anywhere. He should've been a good fit for the 3-4. He's too slow for the 4-3. Not many places for him to go.
  13. The coaching staff decided this a long time ago. Brad Smith will be the #2 QB on gamedays, saving them a precious roster spot. I'd think the Jets would be wise to find a QB to ride their taxi squad during the season in case of emergency, but it seems like there's always a couple old QB's watching TV waiting for a call when someone gets hurt. Good luck to Tui, but he may very well be that QB watching TV.
  14. JMac's "incentive" is to take the lowered salary from the Jets, or look at getting significantly less after he's cut. The Jets probably had trouble drumming up trade interest in him due to his salary. Next year, when he's behind Smith and Stucky in the rotation, he'll be a lot easier to move at $1.1M.
  15. I'm with you, 4H. Clarke, Jones, and Smith is a JAG list if I ever saw one. Kendall may not be great, but he's a starter in this league. D'Brick leaned heavily on him last year, now this year he's going to be the mentor to another rookie? The Jets had the money, they should've quietly given some to Kendall months ago. This "precident" thing is a bunch of BS, too. Watch them give Moore more money as soon as Kendall's out the door. I hope he's out of the conference, and the Jets get a decent pick for him.
  16. He must be livid about the latest achilles news, then.
  17. Since he's been with the Jets, they win a lot more often with him in there than when he's not. I get all the critism of Chad. The arm is not strong, and looked like the major culprit on his first int last week. I'd love for Kellen to step up and take the job, because that would demonstrate that we had an improvement at the position. From what I've seen, there's no reason to hand the job to Kellen, yet. So what do you do? Chad brings smarts to the job - like the quick snap that caught the Vikes with 12 men on the field - and that's nice to have. Hopefully the poor performance was just r
  18. I think I'd give to Michael Vick.
  19. Absolutely. Al Groh was in way over his head as an NFL head coach, and he knew it, too. That's why he bailed at the first opportunity. These players may gripe about the summer workload, but I bet there's not many coaches they'd rather have on their side come gameday. Coles may be the biggest complainer, but you can tell he has the utmost respect for Mangini, too. I don't think a single player had any respect for Groh as a head coach.
  20. I rooted for Cedric when he was here, especially with the whole thyroid thing. But I never though he was anything special. I like the looks of Danny Ware. I'd like to see him get more reps with the first team this week with Jones hurt. I mean, Houston was the third string here, nothing more. If our current UFA's can't cut it, I'd think someone else's late cut will.
  21. I guess maybe Chad should've thrown the ball a little bit in the opener. He'll get a lot of work next week, that's for sure. Hopefully with some zippier results. And Tui has no chance in hell of making this team. It's obvious that Kellen is #2, except on gamedays when Brad Smith will be listed as such.
  22. Yeah, that's how the league has tried to market him since before he was even drafted. I think that's a major reason why it's taking the league so long to at least ban him for the season. It's a major embarrassment for them, and they're having a hard time adjusting. If it was TO, he'd've already been banned for life.
  23. Doesn't matter what they name it, people will still be calling it "Giants Stadium." The Jets signed off on second-class status for life with this deal.
  24. Yeah, I disagree with labeling Brady as a bust, too. People forget that he left the Jets to become the highest paid TE in the league at the time. He's also still playing. Your average bust doesn't last 12 seasons. And, frankly, the whole article is BS. Once the preseason's over, Ryan will be lucky to catch 10 passes this year.
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