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  1. Me too. In fact, I doubt it because I believe that Pioli will be a strong voice against the move. Someone probably will, but I wouldn't want it to be my team. Looking at that list of FA QB's, I could imagine most of them performing at least as well as Cassel given the same circumstances - years to learn the system, Moss and Welker to throw to, Belichick tutoring him, a team that went 18-1* the previous year - with an even easier schedule in '08. J.P. Losman couldn't've won 11 games in that situation? C'mon. I think someone'll pony up, and that someone'll be making a mistake. But it only takes one.
  2. Batch is already 34, and everything about Leftwich is slow. I'd throw Losman and Grossman into the mix, though, and expect one of them to be tapped by the Jets for the scenario you describe.
  3. Vinny was hungry when he came to the Jets. He never won a championship, and despite a couple good years with Cleveland was still considered barely more than a bust. Plus, he was playing for the team that he grew up rooting for. He had something to prove, and a place to prove it. Favre was revered as a God in Green Bay, and won his championship a dozen years ago. His ego out paces his current talent level. He's got nothing to prove, and really never wanted to be in NY in the first place. And as noted, he's five years older than Vinny was in '98. F* him.
  4. Favre in a Jets uniform = Namath in a Rams uniform One year was more than enough for each of these experiments.
  5. He's old and broken now. He had more to do with the Jets 1-4 finish than he did their 8-3 start. Hopefully Pecker King is right, and Favre finally realizes he's done, too.
  6. Yeah. A player who represents the Jets' core values.
  7. I guess it's punishment enough that he now has no friends... ?
  8. That date would be the date free agency starts. It's just the top 50 (or so?) players at this time of year that count, though. Still, no way they could have Favre on the roster and sign a free agent. Favre's not off their cap until he files his retirement papers or gets cut. That's why the Jets need an answer from him before the end of the month.
  9. Good. I can't imagine the Jets being able to afford both of them - and I could do without them both.
  10. I don't think there is a cutoff date. For as long as the Jets retain his rights, I believe he has the right to say he'd like to come back and get paid.
  11. A lot of players in the past have waited to sign so that can miss out on all the fun and frivolity that is training camp. If you know the team won't rescind the tag, that's not a bad play. I think the big concern with the tag is the possibility of getting injured in that one year, and missing out on the big money as a result. Cassel's really not in that position. If the Pats have trouble moving him, and Brady's looking healthy, they could easily opt to simply pull the tag back if it's not signed. Cassel could work with the team in an effort to work out a deal that's favorable to both parties, but he'd be a fool not to sign it if he's not moved before the draft. By then, all the big money will be gone.
  12. Or gets canned. But either way, this is Ryan installing his own man on the offensive staff.
  13. Hey, you're free to not like the guy. I'm just saying that it wasn't a money decision that kept him on board. Ryan might actually really like him. Who knows? I think the Jets have had some serious deficiencies as far as offensive talent is concerned over Brian's tenure here. QB problems, OL problems, TE problems, no go to guy at WR, etc. Last year it looked like it was finally coming together before Favre's arm fell apart. Jets were #9 in the league in scoring this year, which ain't bad for a team that failed to make the playoffs. Take away Favre's turnovers, and you probably have a much better number there.
  14. Gotta wonder if that was all on Schottie, or if that was a top down decision. They could've been limiting his carries because he handled all their returns. I'd like to see a new punt returner next year, with Leon getting more touches on offense.
  15. If the Jets did indeed force Schottenheimer on Ryan, it wasn't a money saving maneuver. With his raise and contract extension, he'll cost the Jets a lot more money if he fails and gets canned at the end of '09. They were very high on him. They feel he's a bright, talented coach. There's some disagreement about that in here, I gather. Personally, I don't think it's a bad move for a defensive coach to hold onto the offensive staff from the previous regime. I haven't been following things too closely, but I'm hoping that Ryan's installed someone at QB coach (or other position) that he thinks highly of, who can get a foothold in to take over the offense should the time arise. I also wouldn't take much from this fluff piece of an article. The most telling line in the whole thing might be: "Schottenheimer... hasn't spoken to the 39-year-old quarterback since a late-season slump contributed to the Jets missing the playoffs."
  16. Hey SAR! I remember you from my old usenet days. Has age mellowed you? I hope not.
  17. slats


    Kellen Clemens 2007 preseason: 41 att 30 comp 364 yds 4 td 2 int 112.2 rating Ratliff's 2008 preseason: 47 att 32 comp 499 yds 4 td 1 int 122.6 rating Not a world of difference. Clemens did his work with a team that went 4-12. Ratliff did his with an underachieving 9-7 team. I came away from his performance more intrigued with David Clowney than anyone else. We certainly didn't have anyone like him in '07. I'd expect the staff to put them on a level playing field, and make a decision about them. Their previous preseason exploits won't come into play.
  18. slats


    That's about it. The Ratliff Fan Club in here cracks me up. I wish him all the best, and hope has enough going on that the new staff wants to take a long look at him this summer. That can only be a good thing for the team. But the guy was playing catch at the end of a couple preseason games. No defensive gameplans. Not a lot of guys who made NFL rosters, probably. What do you think Schottenheimer thinks of him? He never had a shot at the starting job last year, and the Jets chose to carry a fourth QB. I don't know.
  19. Haha! I took a little grief when I asked about this a couple days ago. Gotta hope his promotion to DC was the peter principle in action, and he's back to where he can be effective. Ryan and Pettine both rose thru the ranks as LB coaches, you'd think they'd have a good idea about how they want that unit run.
  20. I'd hold onto Ahmad Carroll. Former first rounder, proved to have some value on special teams. Maybe with better coaching he can contribute in the secondary, too. God knows we could use the help, there.
  21. Some Jet fans never wanted Favre in the first place, so no flip flopping was necessary.
  22. If Favre retires, the Jets get the Packers' 7th round pick. A nice consolation prize, but hardly worth playing hardball over. The $13M in cap space probably does more for them. Be nice to have both, but I think if Favre starts playing games they'll just cut him.
  23. Hopefully Peter Princess is onto something for once... PETER KING BELIEVES FAVRE WANTS TO BE A VIKING Posted by Josh Alper on January 26, 2009, 7:04 p.m. Sports Illustrated and NBC
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