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  1. https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Lawrence&l=Cager&i=30045 Like me, a full inch smaller than league average.
  2. Doesn’t change mine. I’ve been saying there’s no need for another first round OL since last year.
  3. He’s 6’5” with hands the size of Danny DeVito’s. The Jets need better receivers than they currently have, not more bottom of the roster types. I mean, good luck to him and all, but…
  4. Absolutely. I know a lot of people wanted to draft this guy seven years ago, but now it’s time to let go. Joe Douglas isn’t going to make any 30-something the highest paid anything in the league. It makes no sense for the Jets. There are other younger, cheaper, healthier options available in free agency.
  5. This happens organically. When you replace starters with better players, last year’s starters become next year’s backups. That was a big part of the plan to give more rookies playing time than any other team in the league.
  6. I don’t think anyone is suggesting the Jets should pay Berrios $10M/year or anything, but your unwillingness to acknowledge that he does indeed have quite a bit of value is frustrating. He’s proven to be a great returner, both kicks and punts, he’s a solid slot receiver -especially as the backup in that role- and also fills a niche as a ball carrier on offense. We really haven’t had a player like him since Brad Smith or Leon Washington, and he’s a better receiver than either of those guys. He’s a guy I want on the field in four WR sets on third & long, because he’s a guy who’ll get you tha
  7. I believe the Jets are open to trading draft assets for an established vet, but I doubt that they’d do it for a player much older than 26. This isn’t a win now team, it’s a win sometime soon team. They need players who will continue to be foundational in 2-3 years, not players they need to replace in that timeframe.
  8. Recently fired fish coaches always work out well in NY.
  9. I think it would’ve sold out all the time.
  10. We’re skirting bannable posts here, Kev. Just so you know.
  11. Man, I’d strongly disagree. I’d’ve become a season ticket holder had that WSS actually happened. I will agree about building anything in Queens being far less than ideal, though.
  12. The only way I’m on board with yet another first round pick spent on the OL is if they’re done with Becton. If they’re not done, if they plan to start him on either side, then no. No first round OL. It’s not necessary, and is far down the list when it comes to team needs.
  13. The dude came from behind in the last game of the season to blow the #1 pick. He would get death threats from this fan base.
  14. I really like the idea of aggressively going after a top WR. I hate the idea of yet another first round OL, and will continue to feel that way for the next four months. Edge is an absolute necessity. WR and TE are the primary holes on offense that need to be addressed, and I’d like to see the both addressed in both free agency and the draft (one surer thing, and one swing). The one thing I took from the end of the season press conference was the way JD seemed to light up a bit when (I believe) Conner Hughes asked about the possibility of trading draft assets for a proven vet. He was ver
  15. John Idzik may be looking for another chance.
  16. I suspect that they’re purposely trying to keep expectations low, but that there will be some urgency to get to that magical 9th win next year. We really won’t start to know until we see who they target and land in free agency but, I agree, 6-11 would smell like failure. They’re already feeling the heat of the NY media, and will try to adjust their slow roll plan just enough to fend off the masses. It’s an important psychological block to get past, imho, to not finish the year with double digit losses. Getting to 9-8, I think, would have a solid majority of the fan base feeling pretty good (an
  17. It was one game with an OL completely decimated by injury facing the league’s best defense in a game they needed to win. The OL was playing very well for weeks prior to yesterday’s game. But if you’d like to focus on just yesterday’s game, the Jets had zero sacks to Buffalo’s nine, and Zach Wilson was throwing to guys like Tarik Black. Edge and WR are serious needs. Much bigger need than the OL, which already had two first rounders and multiple free agents thrown at it.
  18. I’d’ve taken Wirfs over Becton, I’ve said it a number of times, but I can’t really fault JD going for the potential Becton offered there. Those best available players need to be graded on the curve of premium positions, though. If you don’t do that, you wind up with Jamal Adams at #6 overall, Saquan Barkley at #2, etc. It’s just poor team building and roster management at that point. You find starting caliber S, TE, RB, IOL, LB in the third round or later every year. If you’re spending a top ten pick on those positions, that player needs to be a superstar to justify taking him over an Edge or
  19. Don’t know if it’ll quite be make or break, but I expect some urgency this offseason. They need to be hovering in the .500 range next year, with some very clear improvement from Zach. I’m hoping that the main difference between the 2020 and ‘21 drafts was the coaching staff he was working with. Just seems like JD and Saleh were on the same page, and brought in players that they could work with and develop. If that continues for a second straight year, they should have no problem being much more competitive.
  20. Then extend three or four first round OL over the next three-five years? Because that’s the only way you’ve fixed it for a decade, by pouring close to $100M a year into the group. At some point, it’s just not a good use of assets. They should only draft an OL in the first round if they’re done with Becton. Otherwise, shore it up in free agency and with later picks and focus on the Edge and weapons needs. Yesterday aside, the line isn’t the problem anymore.
  21. White might’ve had more interceptions than passing yards, too.
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