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  1. They’d be better off targeting a guard in free agency. Save the premium picks for premium positions.
  2. He had nowhere to go yesterday behind a makeshift line. Every time he turned around, he had another defender in his face. The worst one was when he ran out of bounds for a nine yard “sack,” but Piñiero bailed him out. Otherwise, for the most part, he at least managed to safely get rid of the ball. It’s to his credit, considering what he faced yesterday, that he managed to finish the season with five straight games without a pick. That’s good stuff.
  3. I don’t disagree, was just interpreting KRL’s post. Free agency will go a ways towards determining what they want/need to do in the draft. Like I said, right now I’m Edge and WR, in that order - unless something drastically changes.
  4. I think that’s based on signing a star WR in free agency. Right now, I’m looking for Edge and WR in the first, but that changes if they sign a Robinson or Williams for me. But a safety with even a traded down first rounder? No thanks. I’ll take the LB, though.
  5. So you admit that you’re a knee-jerk reactionary? What about the entire WR corps that was also out or bad? Or the non-existent TEs or pass rush? The OL was playing very well for a good stretch, then got hit by injuries. It happens. It’s not something you overreact to. They need to shore the line up, but there’s no need for triage. They have much bigger needs.
  6. Premium positions with premium picks. That’s where you kinda need to swing for the fences a little bit. You think about an Edge who gives you decent production, say something like 8 or 9 sacks a year. Those aren’t star level numbers, but that’s still much more valuable than if you take a center or LB who also winds up in the, “solid starter,” camp. For the lesser position to work out, you really need to be certain you found a superstar. And if the draft has proven anything over its history it’s that there are no sure things. So you go for the dynamic Edge, WR, LT, and, of course, QB, up top, b
  7. There’s no such thing as an impenetrable offensive line. The line improved over the course of the year as they learned and gained experience in the system. Either upgrade the doctor in free agency or resign him, make an offer to Moses as well, get Becton back, and start drafting developmental guys in the third round or later. The OL isn’t the primary problem on offense anymore, they need a new best WR and a couple starting caliber TEs. Oh, and they need an Edge desperately, whether you care or not. A defense that can stop the opposition helps the offense a lot, too.
  8. What? Ozzie Newsome had losing seasons in his first three years, followed by a .500 season, then a Super Bowl championship…. and went on to have some other successes, too.
  9. Wow, I disagree completely. OL is very far from being the team’s biggest need. That honor goes to Edge, easily. They do need a LB, but probably a Sam more than a Mike. TE is a clear need that I hope gets addressed in free agency and the draft, but it’s not a position that needs to be taken too high. CB is another position where the Jets are in decent shape. Fix the pass rush, and those guys will look dramatically better. And WR is a huge need. Cole didn’t work out, Davis isn’t really working out, and Crowder’s on his way out. Moore is their best WR, and they need someone who coul
  10. He’s had two drafts. He traded back from the second in one, and then traded up in the first round of the second. He’ll do what he feels gives him the most value. I expected him to trade back in the second last year, but he stuck and picked Elijah Moore, and probably feels pretty good about that. It should be a very fun offseason. That said, I could see some lower trades for a few later picks (they currently have none after the fifth round).
  11. Really, without just about any of his weapons. I want to see another smart game. Be great if he could keep his 0 int streak alive heading into next year, but I don’t want him playing from inside a shell, either. Just tough when your #5 WR will be lining up as your #1 WR today. Watching the Cowboys last night had me salivating for weapons. Lamb, Cooper, Wilson, Shultz, Gallup… then throw in Elliot and Pollard in the backfield. Geez. Dak didn’t make those weapons. Those weapons helped to make Dak. Moore and Carter could (should?) be a start, but the Jets need players who can make plays wi
  12. If the Bills can’t beat the Jets at home in ****ty Buffalo weather, they don’t deserve the division. I’d love to see the team play spoiler today.* * subject to change should the Texans win at 1.
  13. Really looking forward to the two months of bitching before free agency even begins.
  14. It’s way early, a QB or two will definitely rise. Jags are no lock to take one of the Edge rushers, either, having gone defense in the three first rounds prior to last season (netting Josh Allen in the process). If they’re stuck at that pick, I could see them going with their favorite OT.
  15. I’ll continue saying that these guys won’t take a CB high until they prove me wrong. The Edge and LB? Sure. Is Dean currently projected as a potential top ten pick? Edge/WR would be my preferred first round, but there’s no doubt that the defense needs work. Just don’t see CB as nearly as pressing a need if they can fix the pass rush this offseason. Like to find a ball hawking Safety after the second round, too.
  16. Zero desire for an OL in the first round for the third year in a row, unless they’ve decided to give up on Becton. And even then I don’t really want it. At some point, it’s just not good business. WR and S/MLB are the premium positions of need that I’d be hoping to target with the second first rounder. It could wind up being a BAP type pick, though, especially if he can’t find a trading partner. I think if he trades, it’ll be to get another extra first in 2023. Second round is when I’d start looking at TEs, but I’m hoping he finds a starter in free agency, first. Jets need two starting
  17. I was surprised when he joined the staff, being that he had a pretty lucrative business as a private coach. I never expected him back. I’m sure he’ll be back to doing what he was doing the day after the season. Probably counting to work with Zach, too. He should be better for Zach after working with the staff for much of the season, as well.
  18. Sad but, likely, true. He’s a rookie, too.
  19. He’s my favorite of Saleh’s buddies. The offense this year has become more fun than anything we’ve seen around here in a long, long time. We’re lucky the head coach made acquaintances like this when he was younger. The running game is borderline dominant, the trick plays fun, and the rookie QB actually seems to be developing. And yes, taking the bullet for Zach -true or false- is just simply the smart/right thing to do.
  20. White had Davis, Moore, and Crowder available, and yet Wilson will still put up better numbers.
  21. I never would’ve cut Amendola. I’d bring Piñiero back and have him and Amendola battle it out. I’d even consider keeping both, with Amendola handling KOs and longer attempts if he can’t win the job outright.
  22. Joe Douglas should get Fant extended this offseason. Now is the time.
  23. I hope not. I want him to quintuple down and keep that thread alive.
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