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  1. Friend of mine down here has a similarly chubby cat with the same situation. Former rescue, no real explanation for all the weight. Also a sweetheart. Kinda like @The Crusher
  2. Don’t care, but JJ was my least favorite pick this year. The Jets clearly thought otherwise, and I hope they see something about him as a fit for their system that’s gonna work.
  3. Johnson is the biggest question mark to me but they allegedly loved him, with rumors of him going as high as #4 right before the draft. As a fellow fan of the process, I see this year as something of an outlier. I feel he was very aggressive in adding pieces to help Zach and the offense to succeed, and also that this was the time and the place to do it. If he keeps trading up, I’ll start liking it less, but all reports were that he was smart to move up ahead of the Texans to grab the draft’s #1 RB, because they were ready to pounce. RBs are generally NFL ready, and establishing a solid rushing attack takes a lot of pressure off your QB and let’s you run all the play action that you want to. I think Wilson and Ruckert are probably the only guys with a decent chance to see a second contract from the Jets. If Sauce is great, he’ll probably be over budget. JJ is old. Second contracts for RBs are dumb. TEs are cheap, though, so potentially a good long term investment there. This draft was about stabilizing and improving the talent for the next 4-5 years while the depth gets built up behind them in future drafts, building that pipeline to let good players go and having their replacements ready to step in. That’s the plan as I see it, anyway. It’s pretty clear that they see JJ and Hall as valuable foundational pieces right now, and that having those guys is more valuable than a couple fifth rounders in a weak draft class. The Jets have added 26 players thru the draft over three years as it is, and will likely be the youngest team in the league again this year. I don’t know how many more draft picks they could’ve absorbed this season. Next year, I expect a much more conventional draft. Start filling that pipeline. I like the attempt to add star power this year, though. That’s what the team has been lacking. Their top five picks all have some level of that kind of potential, which is pretty crazy for a Jets draft.
  4. slats

    USFL Players

    If the Jets add any sort of help there, it will probably be players currently on other NFL rosters.
  5. We talk about the AFC being a powerhouse but, even though the Bengals went to the Super Bowl this year, it’s not like the AFCn is really representative of that power. Ravens are a matchup problem for the Jets, but it’ll be a good test out of the gate to see how they plan to scheme their newly installed pass defense to stop the run. Will Watson play week #2? That’s a major issue. Pittsburgh is always a tough place to win and I can’t recall the last time the Jets won there, but they look fairly ripe right now. And the Jets beat Cincy last year (<~cue the Mike White supremacists). Every team in the league is working out the kinks in the first month of the season. Two of those teams are starting new QBs, and neither is certain who that QB will be right now. As I said when the schedule came out, I’m just glad the Jets are working out their kinks against the AFCn rather than the AFCe. No matter how the games were going to be ordered, the Jets were always gonna have a tough time early just because of the number of new starters and major contributors this season, many of whom are rookies. I’m really not worried about their opponents, I just wanna see what the Jets do.
  6. Not watching this video, and power rankings don’t mean much, either. For some reason, us Jet fans are passionate, and these guys love riling us up. I’m excited about this young Jets team, but it is really young. All the enthusiasm surrounding them is the potential horsepower of a handful of first and second year year players who haven’t proven anything yet, so I get these kinds of takes. The Jets have sucked for a long time, the national media expecting them to continue to suck is no surprise. It’s up to the Jets to do the surprising. Gonna be a long 3-4 months, lol. We’re gonna hear a lot of this sorta crap until they get to do something on the field that changes some minds.
  7. Yeah, maybe we should see how Zach looks before we throw ourselves off of any hypothetical bridges.
  8. Yeah, I get that. I just have a difficult time imagining it. All of our crappy rookies have improved in their second seasons. Without any off field nonsense, I can’t see Zach being the first one. And he has no off field stuff. It looks as if he’s been putting in the work, I just don’t see a regression with all the tools he’ll have to work with. Really, I’m just hoping he makes this talk go away.
  9. It’s difficult to imagine what sort of disaster would have to occur for the Jets to make the decision to draft another QB next year. I’d put the odds roughly at < .5%. If Zach doesn’t show them enough -whatever that may be- I’d expect a marginal starting caliber QB (think: Mariota, Trunisky) to be brought in to push him from behind or take over if need be. These guys would not be in position to take another rookie QB in such a situation, they’d be looking to either salvage Zach or demonstrate (thru the backup) that the team they’re building is capable of winning, and that their jobs are worth preserving.
  10. JD was having a fine offseason, aside from the swings & misses for a high end, established WR, and then appeared to knock the draft out of the park. The last two drafts look very good and if Becton comes back strong and Mims does anything, that first draft won’t be looking so bad, either. My personal opinion is that they treated the 2021 season as little more than 20 exhibition games. That it was all about installation and evaluation. And I think that’s why this offseason looks so good so far, because they identified their issues and found solutions for most of them. On defense, their new top pass rusher never made it onto the field, so this year they added at least four more. CB not important? How about adding quality new corners now penciled in at #1 & 2. The QB needs some more seasoning? Let’s add three TEs better than anything on the roster last season and the draft’s #1 RB, that oughta help. I suspect that missing on that WR might prove to be an issue this year. The flip side of that is that those guys all came at a seriously high cost, and maybe it turns out to be a blessing that those deals never happened. A lot riding on Moore and GWilson this year, though.
  11. T0m and @bitonti should get a room with tin foil wall paper and see if they can’t get to the bottom of it.
  12. Let me know if you stop in Cozumel. We’ll grab a drink.
  13. I guess I still just don’t get your point. Every one of these high profile guys has an entourage of sorts in his (and often his team’s) ear. I suspect the struggles on the coaching staff were largely because they were completely green. When Knapp died, it’s not like there were a lot of guys they could just bring in at that point, so they just didn’t. Who knows if any Beck talk started back then? Regardless of the hows or whys, I think it was a sneaky clever move. Steve Young may have things to say, but I strongly doubt that he “tells” anyone associated with the team to do anything, outside of maybe Zach, himself. For his part, Zach appears to be all in with this damned franchise, so I don’t know how much SY’s hatred is effecting him. Also pretty sure Joe Douglas isn’t entrusting his career to anyone’s advisement outside of maybe Ozzie Newsome.
  14. Hall of Famer Mike White was available to every team in the league for the pittance of a fifth round pick and an offer sheet. No one called. Maybe we should let that one go at some point.
  15. I mean, no offense, but all I have for that is a big, so what? I know Young wanted Wilson on the 49ers, but the 49ers never approached the Jets about the second pick in the draft. They made their move to the #3 spot when it was already fairly apparent that Zach was going to be the Jets’ guy. There was no forcing anybody’s hand at that point, unless Wilson was willing to refuse to play for the Jets - a thing that could’ve happened! It didn’t. If Joe Douglas gives two ****s about what Steve Young has to say about anything, he should be fired right now. He holds no power. He’s a goofy mouthpiece. John Beck was already Zach’s private coach, Zach was struggling immensely, so they brought in his private coach. The BYU connection isn’t shocking there, either, but Beck coaches a lot of other guys, too. And then, of course, John Beck is no longer on the Jets payroll… As conspiracy theories go, this one is extremely weak sauce. The Jets were desperate to help Zach succeed and their solution coincided with something Steve Young liked? Wow, okay. We all liked the Gregg Knapp hire. I agree that these coaches probably thought this job was going to be easier than it turned out to be, which is also not a shock. And Saleh, notorious obfuscator? Just lol. I appreciate that you don’t keep your agendas hidden.
  16. Wait, you actually believe this? The 49ers trade up was announced while the Jets were at Zach Wilson’s pro day, falling deeply in love. I know Steve Young was advocating for the kid from his grandpa’s school to go to his favorite pro team, too, but who the **** is he to tell anyone anything? How were they going to force the Jets’ hand, outside of some Elway/Manning deal where he refuses to play for the team who drafted him (spoiler alert: they didn’t do that)? The NFL draft conscripts players to the teams who chose them. The Jets don’t have to make any concessions, they bought the player for $35M or so fully guaranteed. The Beck hire was certainly unusual, but I think that move was the result of the Knapp tragedy and LaFluer wanting to sit up in the booth, not next to Zach. I doubt I have to tell you that Zach had a horrendous start, and that Beck was brought in to settle down his yipcoughs. The timing worked, because Beck’s private business is pretty slow during the NFL season, and with a weak QB class coming up, it wasn’t going to get too busy that December, either. Honestly, I think this has the makings of a pretty genius move, the kind you’d be praising Belichick for up and down. They bring in Zach’s private teacher, he’s now on the inside seeing exactly what the Jets are looking for from the player, his contract with the Jets finishes up and Zach goes back to spend the offseason with his newly tutored tutor. If you weren’t trying to rip everything they do, you might be able to see it. Against CBA rules, they pretty much get to coach Zach all year. That’s lil’ Bill loophole magic right there.
  17. Mims is the only one with any catchees, so he must be the best.
  18. I was only gonna post in the thread because I saw the comments and was going to reply that I’m glad the only one around here who cares about this blowhard’s opinions is T0m - only to see that you not only agreed with this windbag, but felt the need to amplify further. He’s a perfect example of the fake tough guys you love. Watch me yell over this caller then hang up on him, I’m so badass! Off the top of my head, Tomlinson, Thomas, and Reed all cited Saleh as a major reason to come to this godforsaken franchise, and there were probably others. One of the things that pissed off your guy, Deshaun Watson, was that the Texans were the only team with an opening that year that didn’t schedule an interview with him. This was the hottest coach of that cycle and he came here because of Joe Douglas. You can credit Gase with bringing JD if you like, I don’t care, I’m just happy with the resulting coaching change. And as for camps for poofs, I’m pretty sure that exact language was written into the current CBA, something of which I know you’re aware. Voluntary camps are voluntary, nothing the coaches can do about it. Not having his draft picks bang heads with 50 tryout guys looking to make any impression they can? I think that’s probably not the worst idea. Time will tell with Becton. They seem to feel they’ve pressed the right buttons with both him and Mims. I look forward to seeing. Saleh just needs five wins to match Gase’s stellar run here, and even Vegas thinks that’s likely.
  19. I was gonna say something like this. I don’t see Sauce matched up with the other team’s #1 WR every week a la Revis. They may get there eventually, if he’s what we all hope he is, but I doubt it happens his rookie year. Could see them trying to have Gardner on the taller receivers and Reed on the smaller ones, though.
  20. ^ Mangenius fan. Talk about the king of phonies… Saleh’s a phony now? I don’t get that. In a league where no one wants to play for the Jets, the players who know Saleh were the ones who signed in free agency. Dude comes across as legitimately sincere. Don’t really think he has many insecurity issues, either. Takes an ego to take on this job. This wasn’t some scrub at the bottom of the barrel that the Jets signed, this is a guy that every team in the league with an opening wanted to interview. Sorry he’s not some fake tough guy, I know you like those the best.
  21. We’re all excited, largely because of the last two drafts. That’s what I think is the biggest variable. How well do Elijah and MC1 perform in their second years? How good will Sauce, GW, JJ, and Breece be right out of the gate? What’s the learning curve gonna look like on the youngest team in the league for the second year in a row? And, of course, do Zack and Saleh take a giant step forward? It could all go either way, but I suspect it’ll be somewhere in between. Not all of these guys are gonna hit these ceilings we have in our imaginations right off the bat. There’s gonna be some growing pains, still.
  22. As a fan, I’m very excited about the potential this team currently has. As a bettor, I’d need to realize that it’s all still potential at this point. A lot of good vibes around the team, but those good feelings are all about a handful of first and second year players tapping that potential. In reality, that’s probably a pretty tall order. By all means, I love the enthusiasm, but I wouldn’t put the mortgage down on this “easy money” bet just yet.
  23. I can’t believe that the NFL even plays games on John Lennon’s birthday. Seems wrong.
  24. Two out of three at home. Gotta do what you can there. Hopefully there’s some sort of Watson suspension, but who knows with this league.
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